Prompt for Anonymous: Meg/Dean  “I lost my little brother at the grocery store and you found him and now it seems like you two are best friends and he doesn’t wanna lose contact with you so it seems like i’ll have to get your number - at least your hella cute” AU.

Dean swore he only let him out of his sight for two seconds. Sam had been dead-set in getting his Lucky Charms, so Dean had sighed and told him to wait by the cart. When he returned with the cereal boxes, Sam was nowhere to be seen.

Dean’s first reaction, of course, was to panic. He looked around the aisle, calling out his name and already picturing all the worst case scenarios. He could already hear his father’s screaming when he returned home Sam-less. He imagined his little brother’s picture with his missing-teeth smile in carton milks and “Have You Seen Me?” signs on telephone posts, and oh, God, oh, God, what if somebody had snatched him? What if they had taken him away? People who just stole ten-year-olds couldn’t be any good. What if he never saw his little brother again?!

“Sammy, come on!” he shouted, as he ran up and down the aisles. “This isn’t funny! Where are you?”

He was a heartbeat away from asking the grocery store’s guard for help, but after he passed down an aisle he swore had been empty a second before, he saw Sam sitting by a black-haired girl. She must have been Dean’s age, fourteen or fifteen tops, but she had red strands in her hair and a nose ring.

“Are you sure this is okay?” Sam asked her.

“Yeah,” the girl replied. “They don’t have cameras pointing this way, see?”

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anonymous asked:

Dean can remember the first time he actually noticed how beautiful Meg was. He'd been knocked out by some werewolf trying to escape from him and when he came to, she was standing over him, mocking him. The light shone from behind, darkening her features and casting a hazy halo around her, the brown hair framing her face while drawing his attention to her plump, scarlet lips. How had he not noticed them before? He feigned injury to hide his distraction but all he could think of was kissing her.

She had discarded the gag a long time ago, preferring everyone hear the sweet noises coming from his mouth. If she had known Dean was this noisy of a slut she would have fucked him a long time ago.

Instead she’s got him in her lap now, his panties pushed aside as he bounces on the silicone cock. Low, throaty moans keep leaving him, head thrown back, and she bets that his eyes are blown wide behind the blindfold she has on him.

He keeps struggling in the binds the has on him, arms tied behind his back so he can not fight her. He wanted this though, the both did, a quick hate fuck to let out pent up frustrations. Meg laughs internally, knowing he will hate himself for this later, throw some stupid threats, claim she coerced him into this when they know he had been begging her for it.

Whining and needy as she had wrapped her hand around his pretty little throat and kissed him until his lips were swollen and raw. Had him eating at her cunt till his face was covered in her juices. Here he was now, begging her to let him come and she would not let him. Not until she had her fill of him. Until she was done teasing him, and marking him up so even Sam and Castiel knew just what had happened and how much Dean had wanted it.

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He didn't like to think about it. That nagging in the back of his head, the tightness in his chest. When he peeled off the road outside Lucifer's crypt, he hadn't given her a 2nd thought,the hell beast. After all she had once been their biggest enemy but the truth was that now that she was gone he felt her absence like an ache. A cold, ocean of darkness that surrounded him. It's not that he hadn't told Cas about Meg's death b/c he didn't care but b/c he couldn't deal with it & he didn't know why

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