it’s laughable when some klainers actually think that people ship kurt with other characters that aren’t blaine only because they aren’t blaine

i ship kurtbastian because the chemistry between chris and grant is amazing. i ship kurtbastian because they’re a perfect representation of how you could go from mutual dislike to friendship and love

i ship kadam because they could be a mature adult relationship and i liked how nice adam was to kurt

i ship puckurt because i love the possibility of them becoming friends and puck realizing that even though he never considered dating guys he somehow fell for kurt

i ship kurtofsky because in the hands of amazing writers the two of them could truly be a groundbreaking relationship so many young gay men could relate to. they would go from bully and his victim to slowly becoming friends if the writers actually let kurt to help david and let them become friends

so don’t tell me i ship kurt with other men because i hate blaine. i don’t like blaine. i don’t like his relationship with kurt but me liking other kurt ships has nothing to do with blaine

it has everything to do with kurt. kurt and the chemistry and possibility between him and other characters

Kadam Week 2014: Shut Up and Kiss Me + Start Again, 1900+words

Santana and Mercedes combine forces with the Apples to stage a re-connection. Set post-season 6.

“Listen up losers, I am not here to play Madam Matchmaker to a pair of sad singing gay boys. What I do care about is getting my hands back on that Doctor Who boxset.” Santana stares them down. “I haven’t finished Eleven yet.”

(Sorry that this took forever! I kind of missed the proper post days but not the entire week!)

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I used to love them hardcore, but now I think that klaine and brittana brought out the worst in one another. Kurt became inconsiderate and heartless, Blaine became clingy and insecure, Santana became 100x more needlessly cruel and self inclined, and Brittany basically learned that it’s okay to bully and manipulate if you’re cute about it. They all learned from their partners, but… Kadam, Seblaine, Dantana, and Bram endgames would’ve been healthier conclusions to these characters’ love lives.

FIC: Right Now

Title: Right Now

Pair: Kadam (yay)

Summary: Adam is spending Valentine’s Day in the bar when Kurt comes in wearing a white suit, fresh from ditching his wedding.

For Kadamtines and AU Kadam Saturday (long awaited reunion).

Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day was just a jot pathetic. Being alone in a bar on Valentine’s Day because your date had stood you up was wildly pathetic.

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