In relation to a post about not getting why Sam was a leader in S4, as much as I love Blaine, he was a little too self oriented to be a proper leader in season 4. He was never pushed as leader of ND, he was pushed as lead vocalist. He was the New Rachel, who was never the leader, Finn was. Sam was more concerned about the group which Sam was and Sam and Blaine being a friendly version of Finchel made even more sense that Sam was the leader while Blaine was the lead.

we can never really move on

the difference between our fandom and others is that we will not fully and completely move on because there are 800 songs of every genre and decade out there that glee has covered and we are bound to hear a song every day and it will remind us of the characters that sang it and remember the storyline from the song. Don’t Stop, Faithfully, Teenage Dream, Valerie, the memories will flood back every time, leaving us looking something like this

*20 years from now*

My child: “Mom, I was going through your old stuff and I found this.” *shows me Glee DVD’s*
Me: *smiles*
My child: “What’s Glee?”
Me: “Well… It’s an amazing show. A part of my childhood. It helped me grow a lot as a person, I don’t know where I’d be without it.”
My child: “Oh, cool.” *observes the DVDs* “But mom?”
Me: “Yes?”
My child: “Where’s the fourth season?”
Me: *dramatic music starts playing* *stops doing whatever I was doing* *stares into the distance* *whispers* “There is no fourth season.”