ship: you're everything

Why do I still love you. Why are you always on my mind. You hurt me so badly. I should hate you, but it’s completely the opposite. I will always love you. I can never stop loving you.
—  you’re the reason I can’t start anything new
A List Of Good Daves

-Daves who love Karkat
-Daves who love John
-Daves who love Terezi
-Daves who love Jade
-Daves who love Tavros
-Daves who love anyone they love
-Daves with PTSD
-Daves who had a good life
-Daves who are Knight of Time
-Daves who had other classpects
-Daves who are human
-Daves who are troll
-Daves who cry a lot
-Daves who laugh a lot
-Daves who love themself
-Daves who hate themself
-Daves who are Trickster
-Daves who are other AUs
-Daves who love rapping
-Daves who understand quadrants
-Daves who don’t understand quadrants
-Daves who love being kin
-Daves who hate being kin
-Daves who don’t feel accepted as kin
-Daves who question their kin
-Daves with memories
-Daves without memories
-Daves who smile
-Daves who frown
-Daves who are tall
-Daves who are short
-Daves who have full lips
-Daves who have big noses
-Daves who arent “conventionally” attractive
-Daves who *are*
-Daves who are Asian
-Daves who are Hispanic
-Daves who are POC
-Daves who are white
-Daves who are tan
-Daves who are pale
-Daves with naturally white hair
-Daves with naturally blonde hair
-Daves who dye their hair
-Daves who *dont* die their hair
-Daves who are cis
-Daves who are trans
-Daves who are nonbinary
-Daves who are godtier
-Daves who aren’t godtier
-Daves who died
-Daves who didnt
-All Daves
-Every single Dave is good
-Every single one of you
-Don’t forget that
-I love you

I would walk through fire just to be with you, there’s nothing in the world that I wouldn’t do.
—  (via electricaldreams)
I do not love you for the way you kiss; though your lips, they can put me at ease. 
I do not love you for you sweet green eyes; though I love when they’re looking at me.
I do not love you for the way your hands can touch me and quiet my soul.
I love you for all of this, and so much more.
I do not love you for the way you dress; though you do look so lovely tonight.
And I do not love you for the things you know; though I’ve always admired your mind.
And I do not love you for the way I feel that first moment you walk through the door.
I love you for all of this, and so much more.

i do not love you

ron pope

The way Han’s gaze drops onto Luke’s lips when Luke says that Han’ll get his reward ♡^▽^♡


“ Just promise me one thing , never think of helping me. The pain of you entering a dangerous situation is even worse than death.” - Wang Yoo (insp.)

yummyto  asked:

{{ I just wanted to say I miss you and I hope you're doing okay. I hope school is going alright and remember to not over work yourself. I'll be happy to see you when you get back *kiss kiss* Hang in there Nova sweetie you can do it c;

 Thank you Sango-ppi~! *Gives her a bear hug*

In my case, is most likely I don’t have to overwork my mind, but I get it ;w;~ I really feel loved when someone says they miss me, and well… I’m not so active here, nor I’m roleplaying with all of you as much as I would’ve want, and sometimes I feel like if I’m not here, it wouldn’t be a big difference for y’all [a roleplayer more… a roleplayer less… what’s the big deal, huh? Specially when she roleplays a character like Shion/Shiori, who has the social skills of a piece of wood (?)], but is comforting for me to see there are some people who notices me and worries about my wellbeing -I’m also talking to you @arrogantragingstar nee-san <3-

I expect to pop up in Skype on this week, so we’ll have all the hugs and fluffy things haha~ Love ya, Sango-ppi <3」