ship: you were the best distraction

One of the reasons I love late night hosts so much is because after every horrific, disturbing, disgusting and awful thing that happens in the world, they can make it seem bearable. They make it seem like there’s hope. They have to report about it that night and they share in our disbelief. If it is too soon or just too terrible to make jokes about, they can at least make it feel okay, they make it seem like we can get through it. It reminds me of in Titanic when the strings players kept going after the ship started to sink, they were bringing a little comfort and a little distraction to people during the worst part of their life. Our hosts are that for us. The fear will unite us and they will be able to bring light to us when we don’t think we can see it. They will make us feel safer and less scared, Colbert said it best with “You cannot laugh and be afraid at the same time”.

I should've been there: Anakin x reader

Anon: You’re Anakin’s Padawan and he’s your protector. you’re on a mission and risk your life for him and the clones and you make a distraction while they escape. You are taken into separatist arms and are taken prisoner. Anakin comes to rescue you and when he finds you you are beaten and starved. When you get back to the ship he blames himself until you wake up and reassure him.

A/N: yeet

Warnings: none

Prompt: your Anakin’s Padawan and go on a mission with him. The Jedi and clones get in a sticky situation and you risk your life making a distraction so they can escape but you get captured. Anakin quickly comes to your rescue and then blames himself for your capture. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You’re a Jedi Padawan. Your master was Anakin Skywalker, the chosen one. He was a great master and an even better friend. You two were very close.

Today you had a mission. Go save Princess Amidala from the hands of the separatists.

“Come on Y/N! We need to go” Anakin said to you.

“Comming!” You shouted running to the ship.

Once you were on board, Anakin, the best Pilot in the galaxy, flew you two to Geonosis, where Padme was captured.

After a while, you reach the planet and land. You soon find out that Padme was sneaking into a droid factory and was caught. Her punishment was public torture. They wouldn’t necessarily kill her, but she’d need serious medical treatment. Your job was to keep that from happening. You found her location and went there with Anakin.

“So what’s the plan?” You ask Anakin.

“Master Yoda says a few fleets of clones are on the way to help. They won’t attack until ordered. The only problem is the Darth Plagues will be right by where we need to be to free Padme. We’ll need him to move in order for the princess to survive.” He said.

You thought about what to do. You already knew you were going to be the distraction but you knew if you told Anakin he would decline the idea immediately but you were set on it. “I see” you responded trying to hide your idea.

Soon after your quick conversation, the fleet of clones showed up. There was two ships, so about 30 clones which was more than enough.

“Ok so here’s my plan” Anakin said quietly to the group of clones and you “We need to all split up and gather around the public area. Someone will need to make a first distraction to get the crowd focused on y/n and I. Then, me and y/n will go free the princess. However, out job won’t be easy. Darth Plagues will be right by where we will be to free the princess, so another distraction will be needed. Once the princess is free, we’ll need at least one fleet to stay hidden by the ships to fight off any guards trying to take back the princess. Once everyone’s back to the ships, we’ll leave. Does everyone understand?”

Hmm… That was a good idea. But Anakin still doesn’t suspect that you’ll be the second distraction. While you thought to yourself, you forgot Anakin asked a question and tuned out.

“Y/n! Do you understand?” Anakin repeated, snapping you out of your daze.

“Oh yeah. Sorry” you said, brushing off the daze, hopping he wouldn’t question you.

“Ok, let’s move out.” Anakin said.

From there on out you followed through with the plan. Everyone split up, surrounding the crowd closely, but spread out enough that no one suspected anything. Then the first distraction, a clone ‘accidentally’ fired his gun, startling the crowd for a few moments. That was your signal to run up with Anakin to free the princess.

'Nows your time y/n’ you thought to yourself. Mentally, you prepared yourself for what might happen to you.

You rushed into the stage with Anakin and while he ran off to free Princess Amidala, he ordered you to stand guard. You were so nervous about what might happen you held off on a distraction to see if it was needed or not. While standing guard, you started pacing backwards. Not paying any attention, you accidentally bumped straight into Darth Plagues himself!

'Oh no! This wasn’t part of the plan! This wasn’t the distraction I was planning for!’ You though guy as you turned around and brought up your lightsaber quick.

But you were too late. Plagues already used the force to freeze you in your tracks. You couldn’t move. You tried to hard to move anything at all but it was as if your mind went blank and couldn’t order your body to do anything at all.

Mean while, Anakin had already freed Princess Amidala and hadn’t noticed you were trapped by Plagues. You tried to scream for help but was silenced by the force-hold you were in.

Anakin was leaving for the ship now. It wasn’t until he was climbing in that he noticed the position you were in.

“Y/N!! NOOOO!” He yelled, pushing past clones to try and get to you but he was pulled into the ship by Captain Rex.

“Remember your plan!” Rex said. “You have a mission to complete. Y/n will be fine!” He reassured Anakin but he didn’t care. Ani was already in tears and though you couldn’t hear him, you could tell he was saying “it’s all my fault. I could have saved her. It’s all my fault. ”

But you couldn’t worry about him right now. You were stuck and just when you started to remember the position you were in, Darth Plagues used the force to make you go unconscious.

You woke up hours later, with a splitting headache from God knows what.

“Wha- Where am I?” You asked, forgetting what had happened.

You didn’t get a reply at first. Just sinister laughter.

“If I told you, I’d have to kill you. Oh wait, I’m already going to do that!” You heard Plagues say.

“Give it up Plagues. Anakin is on his way here now. I can sense him.” You said through gritted teeth.

“Oh I know. You’re the bait sweetheart.” He said but this time he started walking towards you.

You were scared. There was no reason for you to live. Anakin was the one he wanted. He was the chosen one, he wanted to try and seduce him to the dark side. But anakin was too strong. He’d never turn.

“Why do you need my anymore than? He’s already on the way here!” you said trying to convince him to let you go.

“Because you’ll be the reason I get answers.”

He didn’t have to explain. You knew exactly what he meant. He’d torture you until Anakin spilled. You hoped he wasn’t close. You hoped maybe he wouldn’t come for you. But deep down, you knew he would. He wouldn’t just leave you to be tortured. It would torture him too.

You sensed him. But stronger than before. He was very close. Plagues felt him too. He was so angry it was hard to not feel him. Plagues smirked.

“Time to start working I guess” he smirked at you and walked over.

You didn’t say anything. You were scared. But you tried to hide it. You have him the nastiest glare you could give. He saw it and started force choking you. He would be lifting you in mid air but you were in restraints holding you down.

'Oh my god. This pain… It’s unbearable… I feel like my heads going to explode…’ You thought to yourself. You tried your hardest to hold in the pain but you couldn’t. You screamed high pitched and let out a sob.

“STOP PLEASE! STOP!” You yelled out, hoping he’d listen but knowing he wouldn’t. But is ok. You could dance that Anakin heard you and he was running after you now.

“HELP! PLEASE! ANAKIN HELP ME!” You cried out, trying to lead him to you using your voice.

Just then, Plagues called in storm troopers who began to punch you. One after another, into your stomach, face… You could feel the blood trickle out of your nose, down your face. You needed Anakin. And fast.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, the storm troopers grabbed whips and hit you with them, while another tightened the restraints so you couldn’t move.

You cried as loud as you could. You didn’t care if you seemed weak. And this time, you weren’t yelling to lead Anakin to you, although you did.

He bursts into the room, running straight towards you with his lightsaber out.

“PLAGUES!! LET HER GO!” He shouted, taking out the two storm troopers with rage.

Plagues laughed, taking out his lightsaber.

“My plan is working, young Jedi!”

There was an epic battle between the two. Anakin was striking hard and fast, furious at the sight of you. You on the other hand tried hard to watch but soon passed out from blood loss and exhaustion. You didn’t know how the rest of the battle went, you you woke up in Anakin’s arms, with a dead Plagues on the ground.

“Ani…” You whimpered. You looked up at him. He was crying. “Ani, what’s wrong?” You said worried about him.

“Look at you y/n. This is all my fault. I was so worried about the mission, I forgot to worry about you. And now…” He looked down at you. The two of you were in the ship now. He sat down, you in his lap and he hugged you. He hugged so tight in fear of losing you that it hurt. You hissed in pain and he apologized so much it made you laugh.

“Ani look at me” you smiled. He looked down and still had tears in his eyes. You grabbed his cheek and kissed him, reassuring him that you were fine.

“Thank you for saving me” you smiled, earning one back from him.

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Prompt:  First I love your works! They are truely amazing! What about Bones watching the person he has had been in love with since the moment they walked onto the ship, dying, his legendary hands not able to do a thing. It’s slow and painful, but there is nothing he can do except tell them he loves them over and over hoping some how that lessens the pain. Thanks so much! :)
Word Count: 1433
Warnings: Bleeding, death
Author’s Note: I’m not crying, you’re crying. (We may both be crying)

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Part of Your World - Part 1

Prompt/Summary: An adaptation of The Little Mermaid. Characters/Character profiles can be found here. I don’t know what else to say other than it’s based around the Little Mermaid.
Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Warnings:  blood, mentions of death, fire…. uhm I think that’s it.
Word Count: 1,508
Author’s Note: Considering it’s my birthday now. I wanted to give you guys a treat. That makes sense right? First part and everything’s already going up in flames! I’m so punny. Also there is a lot of descrpition in this but this is mainly to set it all up and get the ball rolling I hope you enjoy! {GIFS ARE NOT MINE} 


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Worrying Too Much

Fandom: Star Wars

Character: Poe Dameron

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: You’re worried sick that your boyfriend hasn’t come back yet, but you try not to assume the worst. 

Warnings: None!

Word Count: 702

Author’s Note: Poe is a beautiful man, the movie started and I instantly fell in love, he is so good and so pure and such a beauty. Also, I assumed that everyone just kind of lived mostly on base like military style? I only watched the movie once so forgive me if I just start making shit up. 

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anonymous asked:

For your 1k celebration, can I ask a Steve/Reader on that's not on your choice of prompts? I was thinking of giving one myself: 'It was only when he lost her that he realized that he loved her' and 'It's when the heart waits, when it refuses to let go, that it knows it has found something real.' Angsty then fluffy? I hope it's okay. But I understand if it isn't. Congratulations on your 1k! 😊

Word Count: 1, 743 (IT’S SO LONG SORRY)

Pairing: Skinny!Steve x Reader

Genre: Angst/Romance

A/N: This got real angsty real quick. I hope you enjoy, I know you wanted fluff (hopefully there was enough) but I really wanted to take it in this direction. P.S. HOPE YOU DON’T MIND SKINNY STEVE BECAUSE I’M ADDICTED.

December 1941,

Paint covered the lemon material of your dress as you elegantly moved the brushes bristles against the canvas. Steve and Bucky were either side of you and all three of you were quietly painting the vase of flowers placed for the whole art class to see. The old radio crackled in the background as if trying to drown out the dull voice of your teacher. Though, Steve completely adored the ageing man that ran the class, you and Bucky, however, found him irritating.


“What was that?” Steve snapped his head up, his brush dropping in his murky brown water pot. “Can you please turn that up, sir?”

The teacher whose name you never bothered to learn smiled graciously at his favourite student and increased the volume. You knew Steve heard this time. His jaw was hanging open and he was staring at Bucky. Steve started wiping his hands on his slacks and Bucky was slamming shut the watercolour palette in front of him. You followed suit, cleaning your brush and drying your paint covered hands.

“Where are you going?” You called to the two men who were already at the door and bidding their goodbyes to the class.

Steve’s scrawny body hurried over to you, his knees knocking together and his face a grinning mess, “I’ll meet you back at our place doll, I can finally do what I was made for.”

You sighed at the blonde man that was now inching himself up to kiss your cheek. He always spoke about how he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps- fight for his country and all that business. You loved Steve, but you weren’t sure if being on the front lines was the right place for him. After all, he was tiny, underweight and had more medical problems than anyone you knew.

But nobody could stop Steve. That’s why when Bucky had gone to bed, Steve finally went to your shared room, peeled the covers back and sobbed quietly into your chest. They had rejected him. You knew he was hiding it, and he fooled Bucky, but he knew he didn’t have to hide it with you.

“At least I’ve got you, Y/N,” Steve whispered once the sobbing had ceased.

February 1942,

You stood next to the train that was overflowing with the 107th. Steve’s bony hand was clinging to yours as Bucky stood checking through his case for the sixth time. Your eyes were brimming with tears as you stared at the brunette that was ready to be shipped off in uniform- he had always looked out for you, and he was, surprisingly, the first person you went to for advice.

Bucky dropped the pack in his hand and marched over to Steve who was staring at your shoes. “Come here, Rogers.” Bucky mumbled as he grabbed Steve in an embrace. You walked over to the other side of the platform and stared at the intricate map, to distract yourself from the thought that your best friend was leaving. After a few minutes a large hand grabbed your shoulder and pressed you into their chest.

“Don’t let that punk do anything stupid while I’m gone,” He laughed into your hair. You inhaled his scent and replied,

“Nobody is going to stop Steve, not even me.”

April 1942,

Tears poured down your face as you found yourself back at the same train station you were at two months prior. But this time, you were saying goodbye to the man who had stolen your heart all those years ago at your Art School. Back then everything felt so simple. The tiny boy would bring you flowers every afternoon after you had finished class and you’d spend hours on end sitting in your car with Glenn Miller playing in the background. Of course, you knew things weren’t always going to stay the same, but you didn’t expect him to ship himself off as soon as he could.

His case was in your right hand and his body engulfed yours as you stood next to the train- again. You knew Steve was crying because his chest was rising and falling quicker than it usually did, and his tiny hands were sweating extreme amounts. You lifted your tear stained face to meet his bloodshot eyes, he offered you a small smile before you leaned your face towards his and joined your lips for what would be the last time in a long while. The kiss was shorter than either of you wanted and full of tears and short sobs- meaningful nonetheless.

A brown haired woman walked over to where you were standing and pressed a hand to your arm, “Hi ma’am, I’m Agent Margaret Carter. I’m just letting you know that all recruits must start boarding now.” And she entered the train, leaving you and a few other couples standing on the platform.

“Steven Grant Rogers, I swear to you, if you do not come back here alive I’m going to kill you myself,” You sniffled, wiping away the few stray tears that clung to your face.

“So you’ll wait for me?” He asked, his tiny body rocking back and forth on his tiptoes.

“As long as you want me, I’m yours.”

February 1943,

Your heels clacked against the brown tiled floor of a bar in the centre of France. The dark skinned man named Gabe led you through, rather quietly, to the back room, purposely missing out the main floor where all the soldiers were.

A letter had come in the post a few weeks prior. Of course it was a shock to see Bucky’s messy handwriting sprawled across the cream parchment addressed to you. It’s contents was a plane ticket for the 4th and exact instructions- you even had your own little ‘servant’ that would follow you around because Bucky had ordered them to. And under no circumstances was Steve allowed to know. Speaking of Steve, Bucky had written that you were in for the thrill of your life- something along the lines of ‘huge and pure muscle’ which you struggled to believe.

Gabe led you into a narrow room that had clippings covering the faded orange paint. Though you weren’t interested in the clippings or the bottles of liquor stacked in perfect rows. The only thing you could see was Bucky. He was there and he was real. With the biggest smile you’ve ever seen and a crooked military hat was placed over his messy hair.

He ran over to you, pushing a large bearded man out of the way in the process, and grabbed your dainty hand so that he could twirl you around. “My, my, Y/N, Steve is one lucky fella,”

“Oh please, you flatter me!” You giggled into his chest as he wrapped his broad arms around your body. “But, I must say, you look very handsome in your uniform, I really have missed you.”

He grabbed your hand as soon as you left his embrace only to wrap his arm around your shoulder, “Well, you’ve got all week to see me, I suppose I better take you to your prince charmin’. I haven’t seen him tonight though, doll, so we might wait around a bit.”

You lifted your head slightly and smiled in return as Bucky began escorting you out of the room and into the brightly lit bar. He ushered you into a booth straight away and was shortly followed by a huge clan of men. You recognised one of them as Dum Dum from a picture Bucky had mailed you- Steve had stopped sending letters after he started travelling more with the Howling Commandos.

“Gentlemen, this is Y/N Y/L/N, one day will be Mrs. Rogers,” Bucky said coolly, his arm still wrapped around your shoulder, “And the best friend a guy could ask for.”

“I didn’t know Rogers had a lady waiting for him,” A man with a strong French accent uttered, looking you up and down.

“Well he definitely does and you’re looking at her. I wasn’t going’t let go of that gem,” You replied as you took the cup from Bucky’s hand and took a swig.

“Speaking of ol’ Stevey boy, here he comes now!” The man who you thought was named Jim said.

You craned your neck around, the blood rushing through your veins in excitement. Bucky hoisted both of you up from the cracked leather chair so that you could get a better look at him. If they hadn’t told you it was Steve, you never would have guessed- he was no longer the short and scrawny boy, he was tall and muscular with perfectly chiselled features, and you were transfixed. He was what your Steve wanted to be but never could.  

“Uh, Y/N, why don’t we go someplace else to get a drink, huh? Steve looks tired, let’s do this tomorrow,” Bucky rushed, grabbing onto your wrist and yanking your body in the opposite direction.

“Why would we d-” You began, your words falling short as you witnessed what Bucky was trying so hard to protect you from.

The woman that had escorted Steve onto the train that day long ago was now strolling into the bar, wearing a beautiful red dress that you could never pull off,  Steve’s brown leather jacket hanging loosely on her shoulders and Steve’s hand encased in her palm. She looked beautiful. Every part of her was polished to perfection and Steve was looking at her with the same eyes he once had only for you.

Steve turned towards the rest of the bar with the proudest look on his face and began moving him and Margaret- if you remembered correctly- through the bodies. Although, his body seemed to stop moving completely as his dancing blue eyes locked with yours. You could see the complete shock on his face as he stared at you- the girl he had left at home.

Years spent together all for the sight you were seeing. You didn’t know if you were more upset or angry but all you knew was that you didn’t want to be anywhere near Steve or his new found love.

“Bucky would you please just get me outta here.”

Star Wars Headcanons: Luke Being Affecionate

(For @violin-cat I hope you enjoy it and hope you have a great day!!)

* Luke loved being affectionate with you and loved intertwining his fingers with yours.

* Get ready to have your haired played with and play with his hair.

* He loved watching you when you would be drawing pictures and tell you how amazing they were. He wasn’t very artistic but he thought you skills were wonderful.

* You two would always try and bake together but would end up distracting each other. That’s when you would either buy some already cooked food or sneak some from the base’s kitchen at night.

* You two always loved exploring around planets together. You would find your favorite rocks and take them back with you to your room. Every time you looked at them you could remember the story behind each rock.

* He loved hearing you sing but didn’t get to hear it often. You didn’t think you were very good so never sung in public. He loved when he was walking by and get to hear some of it. It was usually in his head all day.

* Lots of compliments. Especially about things he knows you are self-conscious about.

* If you ever had had bad anxiety he would try and comfort you the best he could. He would try and get you away from whatever was upsetting you. And he would cuddle you until you wanted to talk about it.

* Also if he thought you were feeling down but didn’t want to talk about it he would try and distract by maybe flying you in his ship or going exploring with him.

- don’t think about how much sherlock means for jim.
- don’t think about a little jim finding out that he’s not alone in the world because there is someone like him and he never has to be alone again
- don’t think about a sucidal and depressed jim deciding to not kill himself because he hasn’t met sherlock yet

thebusylilbee answered: Daredevil, Hannibal, Fringe, Fx Fargo, Parks and recreation ! 

  sherlockislikeadrug answered: i just finished watching House MD and it’s amazing!! also Elementary, Broadchurch, Orphan Black, need more? 

  you-were-the-best-distraction answered: Daredevil

DAREDEVIL WAS AMAZING! Also omg hannibal’s current season in amazing I just watched the last episode ;u; I’ve heard of Fringe but it’s never come up so I never ended up watching that! But yes Fargo, and I’ll need to finish PAR!

House is so great! I had to stop to the fourth season some years ago when my needle phobia was at it’s worst, but I could maybe continue it now that that’s better c: I’ve seen Elementary’s first season and whole of Broadchurch and Orphan black, ahh amazing shows eep eep ;u;; I need more Orphan Black, especially.

So things to watch: Fringe, Fargo, Parks and rec, House, Elementary :3

Sherlolly fan fic

This is my first fan fic….Please don’t hurt me.

Takes place directly after Moriarty comes back, AKA the “did you miss me?” Scene, and when Sherlock shot Magnussen.

Sherlock threw down his coat in John’s old chair and sat down hard with his face in his hands. He rubbed his face with his hands and resumed his natural mind palace pose. John walked in slowly, and moved Sherlock’s coat from his chair and sat down. He picked up his paper and tried to distract himself from the situation by reading, but failed, and decided it would be best to clear the air.



“Sherlock, we need to discuss-”

“I’m thinking.”

John rolled his eyes and looked down. This was going nowhere. Like every time John tried to talk about anything while Sherlock was in his mind palace. With a sigh, John looked up again.

“So I told everyone what happened.”

Sherlock was silent. He remained with his eyes closed.

“They needed to know, you almost were shipped out of the country for it.”

Sherlock remained silent.

“Mrs. Hudson was fairly shocked but she handled it fairly well, and Mary smirked a bit saying you shot him for me. Although, Molly was-”

Sherlock turned to look at John quickly.

“You… Told Molly?”

“Well of course. She needed to know, Sherlock, she’s our friend.”

“I don’t have friends. I told you, I’ve only got one; that’s you.”

“Yeah well maybe she’s not a friend, but she’s definitely something to you- Something important- and she needed to know.”

Sherlock studied John for a few seconds.

“If you’re suggesting that Molly-”

“I am suggesting that.”

Sherlock looked at John. His face showed defiance and arrogance, but there was something in his eyes that told John that he was right. To some extent.

“You’re wrong.”

John scoffed.

“Yeah,” he said with a sarcastic laugh, “ok. I’m wrong then.”

“You’re being sarcastic. Why?”

It was more of a command than a question. John knew that even though Sherlock was able to read basically anything about anyone by seeing the way they tie their shoelaces, he found it difficult to understand human emotion.

“Sherlock, you may be…. You. But, I know that somewhere under that emotionless mask, there’s something trying to escape. You’re aware of it. You don’t want to accept it. But it’s there.”

Sherlock studied John for another moment before returning back to his mind palace for the rest of the night.

i might write more, idk. This is my first fan fic, so regardless, it probably won’t be that long. I take constructive criticism! Emphasize constructive!!