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utaiteism  asked:

OMG I'm so proud of bipo and Jinyoung, they are always coming back with a refreshing unique, but still B1A4-style quality content. I love their new album, I'm rolllinnn~ Please tell us your top three songs of this cb ^^ *lalala I'm rollin in the deep

It’s good! It’s not gonna be in my top fave albums (although then again it just came out, so time may change that–!!) But I think it’s cohesive, and I love how they experiment with their sounds and musical choices/genres.

  1. Rollin’ : Love how it’s more than your typical tropical house song. Love the layers of instrumentals that Jinyoung adds, and I think the end leaves and impact. I think it’s also super catchy, and will definitely be a song I’ll listen to often.
  2. You Need Me :  I think the choruses of this song (especially the 1st and 2nd) are a little on the ‘heavy’ side (as in I think there’s a little too much going on to appreciate) but I love the verses and refrains. I think having all those sounds for the 3rd and final chorus is alright though, it’s meant to be impactful.
  3. Like A Child : Partly because I’m just so happy and impressed with Sandeul for taking part in composing, but it is a nice song! I appreciate it being the most ‘chill’ and calm song of the album. It’s a good song to end the mini on, kinda tying up all the faster paced songs that came before it.

What’s everyone else’s top songs~?


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