ship: you dropped your dead bear

Little Secrets | Yondu/Reader SFW

Request: (AU where everything’s fine) can I request a fic or headcanons where Yondu finds out that the shy reader has a bit of a crush on him after Mantis tries out her empathy powers on the reader? also I love your blog omg thank you for existing





You really couldn’t believe everything that had happened. Ego was gone, almost all of Yondu’s crew was dead, the Sovereign was pretty pissed at the guardians…but everyone was alive, and that’s all you cared about. You hadn’t been down inside the planet when the fight with Ego went down, but you had been on the ship with Kraglin, and it was terrifying the entire time. When everyone except Quill and Yondu had come back and Rocket gave the order to go…you had felt your heart drop faster than the speed of light. You were absolutely terrified, but not for Peter like most of the others. The thought of losing Yondu was more than you could bear, and when he and Quill were both picked up, alive and only a little beat up, you had hugged the Ravager captain harder than you had ever hugged anyone else before.

The thing was, nobody else knew how much you liked Yondu. You didn’t want to talk about it with anyone, and the thought of anybody else knowing your deepest secret made you more anxious than the entire Ego ordeal ever could. You were shy, and you always had been, so most of the time you kept to yourself, even while the others were on what was left of the Eclector. Sometimes, though, you would join them when they sat and talked or drank together, and this was one such night.

Everyone was clustered around, sitting on couches or the floor, a few bottles of various kinds of alcohol sitting around. Mantis was doing her empath thing, sensing emotions by touching everyone’s arms or face, and while you wanted none of that, you were glad to be with everyone now that things were starting to go back to normal again.

You were sitting next to Yondu, a drink in your hand, trying to stay cool next to the man you liked and admired so much, while Mantis knocked Drax out. It was quickly becoming their favorite parlor trick, and they did it almost every day at least once, so you weren’t really paying attention to them; instead, you were thinking about Yondu, and desperately trying not to do anything stupid.

“You next!” Mantis exclaimed excitedly, pointing at you and rushing forward.

Your eyes widened. “N-no, I don’t think–”

But before you could shove her away or even run, she had grabbed your wrist. The antennae on top of her head began glowing softly, and you realized with horror that she could immediately tell what you had just been thinking about.

“Oh,” she said thoughtfully, looking at you. “You’re in love!”

You paled. “No!” You said immediately, too quickly.

“Yes!” She looked around at everyone happily. “Love–with…” her eyes finally settled on the Ravager sitting next to you. “Yondu!”

Yondu was taking a swig from the bottle he held, seemingly oblivious to how much of an absolute nightmare this was for you. You were stammering frantically, anything to get Mantis off the scent, but she only nodded enthusiastically while Quill and Rocket hooted with laughter.

This was it, this was going to give you a heart attack. And no, you were NOT being over dramatic.

Yondu looked at you out of the corner of his eye, and you felt yourself blushing madly, still trying to play it off or deny it or SOMETHING, but the blue Ravager only grinned slyly.

“’S that right?” He asked, slurring only a tiny bit.

Before you knew how to respond, he grabbed your shoulder, pulled you close, and landed the biggest, drunkest, sloppiest kiss right on your lips.

Your heart was going about a million miles a second as he leaned back, took another drink, and winked at you while Mantis went on to bother Gamora.

“I always knew anyways,” Yondu would say later that night, in his quarters or yours, it didn’t really matter. “Just glad she didn’t get to me first an’ spill my secret ‘bout you instead.”