ship: you don't have faith in me


To all writers, artists and creators in general: even if your ship doesn’t get to be canon, don’t let it die. Don’t let the journey disappear. Don’t let the interactions that you loved so much go and perish.

If you still enjoy it, keep drawing. If you didn’t like that ending, perhaps you can write yours. And someone else will like it. Believe me, they will.

Remember when the Calculator made Barbara dream to get into her head and discover all Oracle’s secret and in her perfect dream she’s with Dick and they call each other honey and they’re literally mom and dad with proud Grandpa!Jim and Tim and Damian being adorable to the side?


Also her subconscious is hilarious.

- I don’t think [Bruce] is gonna make it.

- Have a little faith, huh?

aka Red Robin: a summary

Damian pls, no birds pun while we eat the turkey.

(I’m just gonna ignore that neither are you because I’m trying not to cry here)

Jim and Damian are about to start a food fight, don’t even try convince me otherwise.

Batgirl (2009) Issue #11

anonymous asked:

Not hating on the ship, but sometimes I get annoyed at how much Eruri I see around the fandom. Cute fanart and stuff is alright, but then there are those people who shove it down your throats and say ERURI IS CANON!1!1!1 YOU HAVE TO SHIP IT!1!1!1!1 Almost as if you're OBLIGED to ship it. I don't really ship anything in SNK, but it honestly annoys the hell out of me and made me hate the ship a bit. Do you think this is a stupid reason to hate a ship? I just can't seem to like Eruri bc of this

I confess that I’m struggling to take your ask in good faith Anon.  It seems a little disingenuous to begin by saying that you’re “not hating on the ship” and end by saying that the ship “annoys the hell out of you” and that you “hate it a bit”.  Given that this is quite clearly an Eruri blog, there’s a danger of your intentions being misconstrued. However, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and answer your ask as reasonably as I can.

I’m sorry that you’ve had such a negative experience of the SnK fandom Anon. The whole beauty of fandom should be that you can ship whomsoever you want, regardless of whether or not they’re canon. Similarly, you can ignore canon ships, or disregard shipping altogether if that’s what floats your boat, it’s entirely your prerogative.    Of course that doesn’t make certain ships any less canon, but you’re still free to ignore them as you choose.  So although Eruri is canon, and nothing will change that, you’re entirely entitled to ignore it if you wish and no one has any right to tell you otherwise.  Though I confess, I’m surprised that people are telling you that you have to ship Eruri.  Really?  If people ask, and believe me they do, I’ll patiently refer them to the canon evidence, but I can’t imagine demanding that people ship them if their interests lie elsewhere.  That just seems like a waste of energy.

Having said all that, ultimately we’re all responsible for our own fandom experiences. If you dislike a ship, canon or not, then block it.  Block the tag, block the people who ship it, stay out of their lane, and if they stray into yours, then don’t engage.  It’s not hard to do.  There are characters in SnK I dislike and canon ships in the series I have little interest in, so I just ignore them.  I suggest you do the same with Eruri.  SnK is a huge fandom and there should be space enough for everyone to enjoy their own experience of it.

I hope that answers you question Anon. 

But real talk tho

The fact that Yuu trusted Yoichi even when he was possessed and tossed his sword aside. Because he fucking knew that he would come back to his senses. Because he knew that Yoichi was a lot stronger than that demon

And the little smile on his face when Yoichi finally comes to (with Guren’s words aiding Yuu’s of course) and his shot misses him just barely. This is coming from the dork that goes on about not needing a team and how he just needs to get revenge on the vampires, but he has so much faith in Yoichi and he’s so glad to see him return to the Yoichi we all know and love

And that my friends is just beautiful


I have faith, because he meant for me to come here to find what I’d lost, to find you.

Peter Pan {Sentence Starters}
  • "What's that, my dear? You could show us the way?"
  • "You know, I have the strangest feeling that I've seen that ship before."
  • "I'll get you for this, if it's the last thing I do!"
  • "What's the matter with you? All it takes is faith and trust."
  • "Safe? Of course they'll be safe. Why not?"
  • "Girls talk too much!"
  • "All this has happened before, and it will all happen again."
  • "Thank you, me dear, you've been most helpful."
  • "It's nice to see you smiling again."
  • "What's the matter? Don't you know?"
  • "I'll fight you man-to-man, with one hand behind my back."
  • "Now, think of the happiest things. It's the same as having wings."
  • "You can't stick it on with soap. It needs sewing."
  • "Although, come to think of it, I've never thought about it before."
  • "Put her back, you blithering idiot!"
  • "Oh, we had such a wonderful time! Well, except when we were kidnapped."
  • "We mustn't be late for the party, you know."
  • "You mean more to me than anything in this whole world!"
  • "A jealous female can be tricked into anything."
  • "Well, I'm certainly proud of you, you blockheads!"
  • "This ain't no place for a respectable pirate."
i’m 100% captain canary trash

but IF they ever get together, I do not want to see it anytime soon. give me all the snark, sarcasm, and awkward flirting. give me them being a badass team (preferably with mick). I’ve seen so many pairings crash and burn, or shows suffering bc they just throw two characters together as fanservice. I don’t want to see this show/ship ruined so early in the game.

like ships in the night (you keep passing me by) (3/?)

Enchanted Forest AU-Princess Emma does a reverse Cinderella and meets a Captain in a tavern instead of a Prince at a ball. It should have been a one time thing but fate had other plans. Originally a one-shot birthday fic for @spartanguard now who knows…

4.2k | T | | AO3 | Part 1 | Part 2

The Arendelle castle was quiet and dark, the hallways lit only by moonlight and the occasional guttering lantern. As a clock gently chimed midnight a man dressed in black slipped from the dungeon and into the corridor. The scant light bounced off the silver of his hook as he moved purposefully toward the treasury. He kept to the shadows pausing frequently to listen for the sound of boots or murmured conversations. All castles, no matter how incompetent their guards, had roving night patrols and it wouldn’t do to stumble into one after he had gone to all the trouble of escaping the dungeon.

Although for Killian Jones escaping the Arendelle cells had been no trouble at all not because he had lifetimes of experience escaping such brigs but because the guards were extremely negligent in their duties. They had not chained him, set a watch on him or taken his hook. They just shut him in a small cell and told him that Queen Elsa would judge him in the morning. He hadn’t bothered to tell them he planned to be on his ship long before then. With free hand and hook the lock had been easy enough and the soldier guarding the dungeon entrance had been in such a deep sleep that Killian had walked right past him with a shake of his head. Had the man been one of his sailors Captain Hook would have given him a verbal and physical lashing for failure to perform his duties.

Normally Killian preferred to infiltrate during a ball, on judgement days or anytime there was a lot of strangers and busy overworked servants. But Queen Elsa was renowned for keeping to herself and so a more complicated plan had been devised. If he had known how incompetent the Arendelle guards were he might have dispensed with letting himself get arrested and attempted to break into the castle with a group of his sailors instead. It would have been messier but the lives of a few guards would have been worth getting his revenge on the Crocodile.

The smaller hallway turned and led to a much grander, wider corridor where portraits hung along the walls interspersed with alcoves containing ceremonial armor. Killian paused, consulting the mental map he had constructed of the castle. This was the main corridor which would take him to the treasury. He leaned against the wall listening for boots on the plush carpet or the jangling of a sword. As his ears strained to catch any sound his eyes fell on the large portrait hanging opposite the corridor he was in.

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I consider myself lucky to have found a small corner of trinity tumblr where shipping wars and privacy invasions are far-off, myhtical conspiracies that very rarely settle upon my dash. That being said, I understand a lot of people trying to protect the girls by telling people to stop shipping so hard and what not, but they are also grown women who have brought millions of us together and can handle their own shit. Have some faith in the trinity you guys, be respectful but perhaps less invested in the shipping preferences of others.

I truly admire Destiel shippers for their unstoppable belief and faith that there is always a chance 

Woah woah woah...

Wait, are people actually PRESSED about that promo? SERIOUSLY? 

From what I gather, the issue comes from two things: 

  1. Ray Palmer - Yeah, it looks like he’s at her place.  So fuckin’ what?  We don’t know why he’s there.  Why does everyone automatically jump to these wild conclusions?  He probably stopped by because of some work thing.  Remember: he doesn’t even ask her out on a date until 3x07.  Why would they HAVE SEX before he ever even asks her out?  Are you guys even thinking this through logically?More importantly: WHO CARES.  I was excited by two three things that had ZERO to do with Ray Palmer. 1) FELICITY’S APARTMENT BEEN WAITING FOR THIS FOREVER, 2) her mama!  Felicity’s priceless reaction!  I cannot WAIT to watch their dynamic! and 3) how cute is Felicity with her hair down and glasses off?  I mean really.  I’m always on board for that look I don’t care where/when/how I have to get it. 
  2. Her Ex-Boyfriend calling himself her first love - Okay friends, the first item I was rolling my eyes in a fond manner.  But THIS, if THIS has you mad I’m going to have to go find my can of whoop ass.  Let me make something perfectly clear: Oliver Queen doesn’t have to be her first love.  In fact, Oliver Queen SHOULDN’T be her first love.  And if anyone thinks that he should then I want them to get far away from me because that’s some seriously misogynistic crap that I cannot deal with at ALL.  The only important thing is that Oliver be her LAST love.  (Which he will be, lbr here)

Okay fandom, its time to decide where you are on the scale.  If you are ONLY here for Olicity, then Ray and ex-boyfriends and anything that doesn’t have Felicity and Oliver interacting in a loving manner is going to piss you off.  You should probably invest in some tranquilizers for the remainder of the season and perhaps limit your social media interactions because you aren’t going to be happy until this story is played out.  I’m sorry, you’re just NOT.  

However, if you are a fan of Felicity Smoak (not just how she relates to Oliver but FELICITY herself), then this other stuff won’t bug you.  You’ll be grateful to get to know this character and how she got to where she is today and what experiences shaped her.  You’ll be happy to meet her mother, learn about her life and loves before she met Oliver, see her grow in herself through her relationship with Ray and gain a further appreciation for what makes her and Oliver the PERFECT couple in the end. 

We were told at Comic Con that while this year will focus on Oliver and Felicity and their journey towards a relationship together, they will not actually BE together.  This is the story that has to be told before they do get together.  It’s called SLOW BURN and if you can’t handle it, then I suggest you go find another ship.  I’m 110% tired of cruising through the Olicity tag and seeing countless posts from people losing their minds over Ray or any other stupid thing.  Geez.  Have some faith and have some patience, for the love of God.  

And if you can’t do that, at least wait until you SEE the damn episode before you make any judgements? 

anonymous asked:

Ha ha your posts are getting notes anymore. Even your ship has like no faith in you or the bullshit you post these days. I wonder why they are staying away. Maybe Norman say something to kill the ship or there is no hope. Kind of funny don't you think

Hi there friendly,

I’ll be honest with you I have absolutely no idea how to take your message! I can’t tell if you are attempting to laugh with me or if you are laughing at me.
Either way I have no clue about what you are talking about because while admittedly I don’t really track my ‘note’ numbers,
I am relatively sure that my fellow shippers are still very much around AND unless there was some super secret screening of Season 6, I don’t know how the CARYL hope got deflated for anyone.
As far Norman Reedus interviews go I haven’t heard of anything brand new but even if there was article or a quote to ponder, it really shouldn’t have impact on us as shippers anyway.
CARYL is not going to be revealed in the media or through a PR sponsored interview or some social media stunt, CARYL will be revealed on screen, on the actual show itself.
For the most part Carylers are pretty meticulous when it comes to side-eying and scrutinizing things we don’t see through CANON on the show; therefore I am not entirely sure what it is that you are trying to infer.

The show is on hiatus, the SDCC trailer is coming up and then the trolling period will intensify even more.
We need to keep our strength and hope for then…so if things have gotten quiet now its probably because we are just waiting for more information and new CARYL friendly goodness to fan-girl about. Not because we lack the fate or the conviction - don’t get it twisted!

I haven’t changed my position because I see Carol and Daryl together and because I haven’t seen anything on screen that tells me it’s a complete impossibility with no prospects whatsoever.

What I still see are two people struggling to “learn to live with the love” but more importantly I see two people who have been showing more and more love for one another with each season that goes by…who knows just how much “showing and learning” could happen in Season 6.

It’s kind of hard to kill HOPE for me though!
Never say never!

There you go my little snarky anon - Pass it on!

Sanja XOXO

sherlock-specifically  asked:

Hello! Im sort of new the Sherlock Fandom. Couple of months so this is my first year. Now I blame tumblr for shipping Johnlock, so thanks for that. But how do you get so sure that it will be canon this series? Many times I've heard "it'll be canon this season for sure!" and it never is. What makes you so positive? I just don't want to be let down (even though I'd be happy either way)

Hi Lovely!

Welcome to this hell hole!! :D I’m so happy I have helped you get here!

You are in complete luck, Lovely, because I devote a shit-tonne of my time reassuring people just like you because I want everyone to have faith and be just as stupid excited as me!

Here are some posts I have written, all from my S4 Receipts: TJLC Masterpost!

There are a tonne more on the Masterpost, but for now, these should get you started and hopefully will make you more certain!

I believe that kaisoo/ media play / agency schemes / pr stunts / timings / scandal substitutions / cover ups / busine$$ tactics/ and lgbt idols are all real and exist in this world. I believe ships don't have to be fictional, as most fictions started from and were inspired by facts and truth. Lastly, I don't put faith in conincidences.

Without spits, let me humbly clarify my view points once and for all. For those who disagree, please unfollow and accept that there are diversity in life. Anyone can suggest possibilities without using personal attack or whatever i have no right to set any certain rules. its most natural for people to crowd with those who share similar opinions,

So if you don’t, frankly do NOT stick around, that will only make you upset, feel offended or angry. Unfollowing a blog is not a disgrace, its simply showing you don’t share the same opinions, that you want to gtfo and live your life happily. In which you deserve.

Sometimes I get emotional thinking about how Hook and Robin said things like this:

Elsa: And we’re following magic.
Hook: Try to outrun that, too, when given the chance.

Robin: The one thing we do not mess about with is magic. It’s dangerous. No matter how valuable it is or how much wealth it can bring you, it’s never worth the consequences.

And yet both of them fell in love with badass powerful witches. And they both fanboys over them using magic and kicking ass with it. 

Hook: I’ve yet to see you fail.

Robin: I have faith in you.