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Everyone is smiling except Keith, because he’s got better things to do than smile at you.  

Right! So I made y’all a few icons you never asked for! If anyone wants one with a different flag behind it, feel free to PM me, I’ll fix you up.

Fixed version: And by this, I mean I’ll 100% make this post about pride, and not about my headcanons for the characters :) 

  • <p> <b>What other people think of Yuri!!! on Ice:</b> It's too gay. Why do you even like that?<p/><b>Me:</b> The story tells us that: (1) being defeated is not the end, (2) it is okay to feel pain, or feel lost, and cry, and (3) it is never too late to strive for the things you want to achieve.<p/><b>Also me:</b> It also teaches us that love is such a wonderful thing, and that its beauty manifests in different forms. Our perspective about love should not be limited to what the world says about it. Love is what we feel, and not what other people say about it.<p/></p>
Hamilton Asks

1) Alexander Hamilton - What’s your name?
2) Aaron Burr, Sir - Are you extroverted or introverted?
3) My Shot - What do you want to do with your life?
4) The Story of Tonight - Do you want to be famous?
5) The Schuyler Sisters - Do you have siblings?
6) Farmer Refuted - Are you a pacifist?
7) You’ll Be Back - Have you ever been dumped?
8) Righthand Man - Who would you ride or die for?
9) A Winter’s Ball - Do you consider yourself attractive?
10) Helpless - Do you believe in love at first sight?
11) Satisfied - Have you ever wanted someone you can’t have?
12) The Story of Tonight (Reprise) - Do you want to get married?
13) Wait for It - Do you believe in destiny?
14) Stay Alive - Has anyone ever stood up on your behalf?
15) Ten Duel Commandments - Do you have a motto or code you live by?
16) Meet Me Inside - Have you ever been suspended from school or work?
17) That Would Be Enough - What do you need to be happy?
18) Guns and Ships - What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
19) History Has Its Eyes on You - What is your biggest mistake?
20) Yorktown - What is your greatest accomplishment?
21) What Comes Next - Do you keep in contact with your exes?
22) Dear Theodosia - Do you want children?
23) Nonstop - What’s something you’re good at?
24) What’d I Miss - Have you ever lived in a different country than where you live now?
25) Cabinet Battle #1 - Do you think the rights of the individual should be prioritized over the needs of the community?
26) Take a Break - What’s the farthest distance you’ve ever traveled from home?
27) Say No to This - What is your opinion on prostitution?
28) The Room Where It Happens - Do you want to work in politics?
29) Schuyler Defeated - Have you ever been betrayed by a friend?
30) Cabinet Battle #2 - Do you prefer to mind your own business or get involved in other people’s drama?
31) Washington On Your Side - Who is your biggest supporter?
32) One Last Time - Where do you want to retire to?
33) I Know Him - Are you petty?
34) The Adams Administration - Who do you hate most in the whole world?
35) We Know - Have you ever been accused of doing something you didn’t do?
36) Hurricane - Have you ever experienced a natural disaster?
37) The Reynolds Pamphlet - Have you ever published anything?
38) Burn - Would you stay with someone who cheated on you?
39) Blow Us All Away - Have you ever fired a gun?
40) Stay Alive (Reprise) - What’s the worst injury you’ve ever had?
41) It’s Quiet Uptown - How do you deal with the loss of a loved one?
42) The Election of 1800 - Who would you choose to lead your country?
43) Your Obedient Servant - Who in your life has hurt you the most?
44) Best of Wives and Best of Women - Who in the world do you admire the most?
45) The World Was Wide Enough - Are you a forgiving person?
46) Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story - What do you want to be remembered for?


47) Valley Forge - What’s been the worst experience of your life so far?
48) Tomorrow There’ll Be More of Us - Is there a cause you would die for?
49) No John Trumbull - Do you work better alone or in groups?
50) Let It Go - What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?
51) One Last Ride - What’s your favorite line in a song?
52) Congratulations - What is the biggest thing you’ve ever had to give up?
53) Dear Theodosia (Reprise) - Do you think you could be a single parent?
54) Cabinet Battle #3 - Is there something you know you’re hypocritical about?


[insert here some really gay thing]

this is actually important

hi its me, your local fun killer, saying things that shouldnt need to be said

please do not put ANY of these into the main #crankgameplays tag: 

-not safe for work content, yes, even if your blog is flagged. 

-anything referring to ethan as “daddy”, hes stated he doesn’t like that 

-shipping posts/art/fics/hcs involving ethan, those make him uncomfortable

-reader/ethan self-inserts fics or headcanons! he’s stated these make him uncomfortable! 

and remember that ‘search’ works differently from the tagging system! 

if you make a post saying ‘i don’t like coffee’ it will appear in the search even if you didnt put #coffee in the tags

to prevent your posts from appearing in search you would have to write the word coffee different from how its actually spelled: cof//fee, c0ffee, ect. or you can disable your blog from appearing in search in your blog settings

remember that ethans comfort is more important than you being inconvenienced for two seconds or you loosing out on a few notes. if you’re a fan of his, you need to respect his comfort and adhere to him not wanting to see this content. 

it’s not hard to keep this kind of content away from him, so please just dont be that guy

Season 2 Klance and Shallura Analysis

Alrighty so this is another one of those voltron prediction/theory/rant its basically an analysis of some parts of season 2 not all bc that would take me forever but just a few key parts (aka the key to my heart Klance okay bye). So grab a drink because this is an essay folks that I spent way too much time on than I should have. Let’s begin shall(ura) we? (I hate myself)

So I’m gonna start with a very good and very platonic (in my opinion) relationship, which is K//allura. Okay okay, they have so much potential to be bffs its exciting.

First off, I took the whole Galra Keith and Allura tension as a message the creators wanted to convey to the viewers about judging someone merely by their race. Honestly I really love it when tv shows, especially kids shows, integrate bigger ideas like racism into their stories. Its subtle yet satisfying and I really really appreciated this particular scene with Keith and Allura.

Allura is describing her hatred for the Galra which is basically her hatred toward a part of Keith that he can’t even control. He never chose to be Galra, it’s just in his blood. And obviously that hurts him because its a part of who he is:((

Like ugh this is so sweet guys. So as you know from the title of this, I don’t ship K//allura at all, but this scene was very special to me in a much different way than how I feel from a romantic interaction. Like this is a genuine moment between two characters that are haunted by the same group, the Galra. Keith is part Galra, he has a part of the enemy inside of him which is probably causing inner turmoil maybe even self-hatred within him. And Allura as we know hates the Galra for killing her entire civilization. These two have a deep character development from this scene alone. We see that Allura has matured from being bitter toward Keith for being Galra to understanding that a person should not be judged by their blood but who they truly are. Also we see that Keith has accepted the fact that yes he may have a part of the enemy within him, but that does not mean he has to be anything like them. He is also pretty stand-off ish and doesn’t like opening up necessarily. He’d much rather keep to himself (other than Shiro), but he is finally opening up to someone else as well. He forgives Allura immediately despite how offensive her bias opinion was towards him. I just love Keith. 

So these two are super close now or should be? Which is pretty awesome considering… Keith is super close to Shiro too. SO now he’s close to both Shiro and Allura who are both, might I remind you all, much older than would be appropriate for him to have a romantic relationship with. Anywho, this reeks of space parents and an angsty teen.

Which then leads to Shallura and why I believe it is pointing toward canon woot woot love these goobers. Alright so I’m solely focusing on a few scenes in particular where my heart was pounding and my eyes watering and I was clutching my heart while screaming at my computer screen. The feels man the feels. 

I just about swooned at this. Like these underrated moments are what really get me. Like I love the whole Shiro taking Allura’s hand and telling his wife to get some rest, that got me feeling some sort of way. But this scene guys. In the heat of battle, Shiro is concerned for Allura. He’s basically saying “I wish I could be there to take care of her but Coran you have to do it for me.” I cannot guys I cannot.

She could’ve called for anyone else. Was it Keith? NOPE IT WAS SHIRO, PEOPLE!!

Never forget honestly. This is the face of a broken man. I have never seen Shiro more distressed and this pic doesn’t do it justice but when you watch this scene his eyes are glistening like he’s about to cry. The calm, collected leader Shiro is on the verge of tears? omg I can’t. 

Honestly this is my weakness. When a character gets hurt and another character goes ballistic and rages. Like Shiro is so determined to kick ass in this scene and avenge Allura. End me. 

For Shallura, they both have an understanding that they need each other. They are each other’s support especially considering they both are the leaders and are the older ones of the group. They help bear each other’s responsibility which is much different than Klance’s dynamic. For Klance it is much more playful and focused on chemistry. And also because they are younger it is much more naive and afraid. Both Keith and Lance obviously care for each other but they try not to show it especially when the other is present. They are self-conscious and afraid of what the other will think, that the other doesn’t feel the same way. Shiro and Allura, however, both know that they care for each other and they aren’t afraid to express it through calling each other’s name during battle and other small gestures like that.

Which I forgot to mention that everyone is freaking out over a simple hug between Allura and Keith but like have you noticed that both Klance and Shallura have not had a proper hug yet? Ummmm is this a slow burn fic or… Seriously tho, I’ve watched plenty of shows and animes (I’m shameless) to know that usually the canon couple does not have that special hugging and seal-the-deal scenes quite so early in the series because all the anticipation builds up until the perfect scene is created. I swear a tender Klance and Shallura moment is coming I swear. 

Which then leads to my mains, Klance. I just have to admit that one of the many reasons I love these two is because of the fact that Keith and Lance are like my fav characters of all time. And I can relate to both of them at the same time idk. Anyway, back to what’s important: evidence of canon.

So… Do I really need to show these? Like these scenes do not need further analysis it just reeks of dorks-in-love-who-don’t-know-they’re-in-love-with-each-other-and-who-don’t-know-that-the-other-is-in-love-with-them. Man I love Klance. 

So instead let’s over-analyze a few other scenes…

“Babe I thought you would have my back.”

“First you forget the bonding moment now this.”

Look this one is a stretch lol but just look at Keith’s face. When you watch this scene, Keith goes from his signature annoyed and irritated look to a betrayed and frustrated look. Maybe that’s just me, but aside from that, he doesn’t necessarily look pissed off, his face changes from his usual pissy look to something much different. Obviously what Lance says does calm him down enough not to yell back at him, but he also looks frustrated because no one understand him or his secret about his past with the Blade of Mamora and all that good junk at this point. I think it is especially bothering him that he can’t just upfront say what he is hiding, and instead he knows he is looking like a fool in front of them (and especially Lance). 

Body language is important. Keith turns around as not to face them, I think he is hurt because obviously this whole situation is important to him but not even Lance seems to understand him. And I seriously think Keith and Lance have like this weird mutual understanding usually. Like ya they fight I get that, but usually they kinda get what the other is trying to get at I feel, idk maybe thats just me. 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how blue Lance’s eyes are in this… I love my son…

So like if you look closely at this scene you notice that when Lance is making eye contact with Keith, Keith has his typical “I hate you Lance but really I don’t but I’m gonna pretend like I do” face. But right when Lance looks away Keith actually looks sad and kinda hurt. Out of everyone, he hates that Lance is the one revealing his flaws, and even he knows its true. Lance stop insulting your husband. He’s actually sensitive about what you think of him:(((

Uhhh lowkey I think Keith is just as insecure as Lance is, but he just doesn’t show it… Oh the Klangst!

And another thing we get to see in Season 2 is that Lance is showing ALOT of concern of Keith’s wellbeing which is pretty big if you ask me because season 1 was basically Pining!Keith worried about his boyf. Now we get to see some worried Lance.

Honestly, like I mentioned before, the creators are going for a slow burn. And both Shallura and Klance definitely have their little hints and subtle moments that are very easily missed. But that’s the point. If it’s too obvious then the ending won’t be as powerful, the couples won’t be as special. Also, the development of both of these couples is going slow but very well thought out and I actually appreciate it a lot. I know for a fact K//allura won’t be canon because their interaction is too straight-up(lol) for it to be canon. It could be said as “predictable” but idk I just get a total brotp vibe from them nothing more, plus if they were hinting at canon for them, they wouldn’t have them hug so soon. Also their reactions and facial expressions toward the hugs and touches would be very different. It wasn’t tender like the Bonding Moment™ or the Shallura hand grab™. Facial expressions and reactions are key! Keith looked indifferent when Allura fell into his arms and their hug was sweet yes but it wasn’t hesitant and nervous like a couple who just discovered their feelings for one another would react. It was a hug between two people who recognize their bond. It was a strong bond yes, between two lovers? no I don’t think so. Allura, herself even confirmed how she now viewed the paladins as her family and it just felt to much like a familial bond I couldn’t see anything more to it. If Kallura was to be canon they would have more subtle moments than in-your-face big moments. Little details in the way Keith or Allura would look, or in the background they would be gazing at each other (*cough* like Keith does to Lance *cough*) It’s the little things that count, remember that.

The only ship I was concerned that would be canon was Sh//eith, because they have an obvious bond that is much different than everyone else. But ever since the “Shiro, you’re a bro to me” happened, it basically killed any chance of it happening. Which in my opinion is much better because Klance and Shallura have so much potential and their stories can expand and be written so well. As it is, the creators are doing a really good job at unraveling their stories slowly but just enough as to give the viewers hope which is the goal usually for tv shows. They try to make the shippers suffer sometimes *sigh*. 

Anywho, if you read up to this point thanks for listening to me rambling about space parents and space ranger partners lol! I loved season 2 because it revealed a lot about Keith not only through the obvious backstories and blade of mamora stuff but also through his interactions. And yes Keith is my fav lol. Anyways, I am 99.9% sure Klance and Shallura are gonna be canon but by no means am I saying you shouldn’t ship what you want. You do you, folks. Ship on and enjoy the show!

sinners-serenity  asked:

i'm very much against sheith (or any other shaladin ship) bc the age difference personally disturbs me a lot, but the amount of hate you're getting bc of some joke and some past mistakes you've already apologized for?? it's outrageous and ridiculous. not just you, but the other cast members as well. honestly tho, you're handling this issue rlly well in my opinion. hopefully ppl will realize how stupid they're being and end this discourse asap. (i'm a big fan btw!! you're doing great ily)

I’m not for any shaladin ships for a variety of reasons, including the age gaps. Personally I don’t ship any of them but I love the fan’s interpretations and creations. As long as they’re not toxic. At recording sessions we talk about how difficult navigating this fandom has become and I just wish it would calm down. I miss the peace and camaraderie.

Matt said yes guys, what a surprise, wow.

(Oldest post is here, and here’s the first content for the ship. I don’t know who picked the name “Techienician”, please tell me if you know! I’d love to credit them here :D).

When You're Away
When You're Away

so we’ve had an interesting evening full of some really cool discussion and i just had to bash out out a quick song from all this!!!! so yeah…. here it is - enjoy 8) 

And it’s killing me when you’re away
And it’s killing me when you’re away

Full lyrics below:

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anonymous asked:

Why the hell do you ship wincest? By actively suporting it in the show you support it irl. You are harming naive and easily manipulative children into thinking something like that is ok. That makes it easier for incest to keep happening because they are desensitized and even view as a good or hot thing. As a survivor I need to ask you to stop. Its not cute, its disgusting.

This is an automatic feed. As in, a feed from a different website. In this case, an automatic feed from AO3, featuring a ship that has 23k fics to date. Fics that are posted to AO3, and get automatically posed here. 

Are you still with me? Good, cause this is the important part. 

When I say fan fiction, I mean fiction, as in - and I’m quoting the dictionary here - “literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people,” and “invention or fabrication as opposed to fact.”

AO3 also has about 2-3k fics on bestiality, around 1k on necrophilia, and about 5k where the main attraction is people pissing on each other. Staggering 13k featuring rape, and solid 500+ fics where one or both people are extremely underage.

Now, stay with me, because this gets good. There are approximately 129 million books in the world. And they feature: bestiality, necrophilia, incest, torture, murder, rape, child abuse, drug use, suicide, child sexual abuse, animal abuse, bullying, eating disorders, bondage, Satanism, cult worship, human sacrifice, cannibalism, gangrape, ethnic cleansing, and so on and so forth. 

Can you guess why that is? No? Because it’s fiction. Because it’s not real. 

Now, if you want to restrict all those things, starting with incest and ending with idk, mass slaughter, you’re welcome to try. But may I suggest you start with the oldest printed book in the world, which features all of those things and more, and work your way up to AO3. 

anonymous asked:

So when Eliza calls Bellarke shit it's fine, because it's a straight ship (even though it has bisexual rep) and we shouldn't have feelings. But when the supergirl cast says that supercorp is never happening it's considered offensive? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

I’m sorry but if you don’t see where the difference and the impact of the two things stand, I don’t think I can help you figure it out much. Eliza referring to Bell**ke as ‘s***’ is rude at worst.

Bell*rke is a classic, perfect example of how a non-canon f/m gets a different treatment than a f/f or m/m ship. Gets recognized by media outlets, gets pushed into polls despite never having had romantic clues on the shows, is the object of questions to cast and writers even during the time a romantic f/f relationship is actually happening on the show. Eliza was continuously asked about this non-canon relationship even while being involved in another.

In the 100 context, take this and compare it to how Murphamy is the object of jokes but they’re never going to make it canon, for example. Why? Because their LBGT+ quota of characters with actual relevance, a main role and screen time can’t reach beyond Clarke. 

The Spg cast making fun of a femslash non-canon ship is an absolutely awful event because of all these reasons, not because they are ‘hurting fans’ feelings’ but because they are addressing to a sensible part of their audience whose life itself is seen by others either with horror or as a joke.

Sometimes I just forget there are people who have not read My Hero Academia’s manga and still do not know why we ship TodoDeku, along with Bakushima.

Well, starting saturday, things are about to change.

About purchasing the YOI BD/DVD vol.6 from overseas

I’m seriously so mad at Avex right now. Apparently they forced AmiAmi to cancel all the orders of YOI related BDs/DVDs/CDs, even the ones placed last year when the ban wasn’t announced yet. How could they do this ONE WEEK before it comes out? They seriously don’t care about overseas fans at all…
(I still don’t know about CDJapan, so far the orders placed on their site before the ban in February seem to be valid?)

Avex and their nonsense policy make me feel stupid for saying from the start “please purchase the BD/DVDs to support the series, don’t download it illegally”…

Anyway, I have thought about what I could possibly do to help people get the BD/DVD vol.6 without spending a lot of money in commissions from forwarding companies and such, and I have decided this:

I am offering to personally purchase the YOI BD/DVD vol.6 on behalf of people living abroad and ship it to them, charging almost no commissions.

Details below.

“Almost no commissions”
I will only ask you to pay for:
1) the actual cost of the BD or DVD
2) the PayPal transaction fee (I don’t know how much it is)
3) the fee PayPal charges me to withdraw money to my bank account (it’s 350 yen, but if enough people ask me to purchase a copy in their place I will lower it because I can withdraw all the money at the same time and only pay the fee once)
4) the packing and shipping fees to send the item to you (you can choose the shipping method and packing style)

How it works:

1) Upon request, I am going to purchase the BD or DVD vol.6 from a Japanese shop, at its regular price (only Amazon seems to have it for less but they only allow 1 copy per person so that won’t work). I may use different shops depending on how many requests I get and how many copies I can find. I will only use physical shops which I can reach with my train pass because otherwise I would need to charge you transport fees or domestic shipping fees as well.

2) I will calculate the packing fee & shipping fee to your country based on your requests (it can be shipped in a padded envelope or, if you are worried, I can look for a sturdier box) and give you the total. For the shipping I can also provide an estimate in advance if you wish.

3) I will wait for you to send me the payment and your full shipping address (payment will need to be in JPY and via PayPal).

4) I will ship you the BD/DVD.

As you can guess, unfortunately there is nothing I can do for the all-volume purchase bonus. I might be able to provide you the Animate (can badge) or Animega (postcard) vol.6 bonus, but I can’t guarantee so I might only provide it at random, as I might also have to use other shops which have no bonuses at all.

Why am I doing this?

Because I feel really sorry for all the people who had their order canceled and/or are left with no cheap ways to purchase the BD/DVD from overseas. If it happened to me I’d be twice as mad as I am now… I also feel partly responsible since I’ve always encouraged people to buy the BD/DVDs even if they had no subtitles and I suggested to use AmiAmi recently because they still had them available.

How to send a request

Please send me a message (via ask) here on Tumblr with your name, email address, country and the details of what you need (BD or DVD). If you need a shipping quotation or have any other questions let me know that too. I will send you an email with the details. (If you’re one of those who got their orders canceled from a shop, please let me know that as well)

How many requests can I accept?

I’m not sure about that, but as I live close to Tokyo and have access to all major parts of the city I should be able to provide enough (I have no idea how many people will ask me).
Should I need to limit the number, I will say so and update this post too.
Some shops like Animate and Animega can temporarily sell out right after the release date but usually they get more stock afterwards, so it’s only a matter of waiting.

I am getting basically nothing out of this (except Animate points if I buy from there I guess..), but I really feel sorry for what happened and hope that I can be of help to someone. I’m not sure whether I’ll be doing the same for the soundtrack or event BD/DVD, most likely not because that’s a different story, but at least people can complete their collection with the last volume…

(I’ll probably write a post with instructions on how to send a message to Avex to complain about this too…)

Submitted by @theonlyfemmefatale

Continuation from that post

Captain H’roll’ah Was very pleased with how the trend of hiring these “Family groups” of humans was going, reporting various levels of efficiency from %5 to even %40.

His crew was getting used to the presence of other species too, while they made for a strange, and brutish species, they were still rather intelligent, and hardy.

While searching for more groups to take on in maintenance, he came across a pair of ‘Siblings’, and while they weren’t on the list together, he hired them each individually. He would team them up together, or well, that was his intention.

But oh, did the trouble start when they arrived. Shouting, echoing through the ship halls. He had put them into a co-supervisor position in the engineering department, but H’roll’ah was reconsidering his choices.

“Ann, Mel, what seems to be the issue?” 

The first woman, a tall human, even by their own standards, flared up in rage. “Why would you bring that incompetent oaf on board! She is useless! Barely competent for even janitorial duties!”

Before H’roll’ah Could even attempt to mediate, the second woman, a stout, heavy set woman shouted back “ONE TIME! I Mistake a fuse for a fenevew drive compartment and I never hear the end of it!”


The captain, almost terrified with the incredible noise these humans were capable of making such loud sounds. 

Despite their impressive statures, he got between them and tried to speak above, “I think it would be best if you Mel of clan Richards, went on break! Ill be speaking to both of you!”

The staunch woman stormed off, making loud thuds as she trudged off.
“Do you mind telling me what was going on?” He directed to Ann, “I thought the Family units that the humans operate with were close?”

The woman sighed, pinched her brow in a frown and leant back against the wall. “Not all families get along.”
“But you grew up together? Does that not make for a tight bond?”
“Not in every case boss. She was favoured by my Parents, which can lead to issues.”
“What sort of issues? Your efficiency is down over fourty percent! I need the best out of every one of my crew!”
“These sorta things cant always be fixed, Maybe its best if I move to a different part of the ship, or maybe just drop me off at the next space port, I’ll grab another job”

With a sigh, he nodded. He never could quite understand humans. 
“Can you continue to supervise for now, I’ll go off to talk to your sibling”

She grunted and jutted her head up, a sign seen in most creatures as a threat, but to the humans, apparently a sign of acknowledgement.

H’roll’ah Entered the mess hall and sat beside Mel. He would try a human tactic for her.
“Hello Mel of Clan Richards-”

“Mel is fine” she interjected

“Sorry, Mel. Why are you and your siblings always attacking each other like the Gloraxes of Spicheil 9?”

With a shifty glance, the woman rolled her eyes, clearly not wanting to talk. 
“We never saw eye to eye. We went our seperate ways, and intended on not seeing each other again. we didnt think that the same ship would hired both of us.”
“I hired both of you, as most family units operate rather well together”

“Not all, in fact, many human families dont get a long. Its just the way it is.”

“Our species tends to work remarkably well together, but humans are always attacking each other. I understand you had millennia of war with each other” H’roll’ah had been looking into human history, as he wanted to understand them better.
“Yeah, its cause we are all very different. We may get angry at each other, and we may do some nasty things, but its what makes us all different, y’know? Its got its own strengths”

H’roll’ah Nodded in agreement, but he knew now he would have to seperate them “I think I understand. I’ll assign each to different parts. On your report it says you are proficient at navigation planning, would this suit you?”

Mel nodded, and Got up. “Ill head there now, thank  boss, I feel a bit cooler now”.

H’roll’ah Sighed, and shook his head. He was really starting to get interested in these creatures.

The Outsiders: some ship summaries
  • Jally: tol bad boy is gay for smol, slightly less bad boy but plot twist they're both dead
  • Johnnyboy: crying bfs who r soft and gay
  • Stevepop: the b in bromance is silent fyi
  • Cherryboy: sad boy and sad girl enjoy sunsets and complaining
  • Steve-bit: never on screen, do with that what you will
  • Dar-bit: I hate you, you love me, we're so different, be my co-dad
  • Marcherry: my boyfriends dead, my boyfriends in a crisis, let's make out
  • Mar-bit: we talked for like 3 minutes, ur cute
  • Soda-bit: so rare it's probably on the National list of endangered ships
  • Me x Cherry: 100% canon and real, authentic lesbians, ripe and good ship

anonymous asked:

Hii can we talk about sugamons height an size difference please?????? Sugamon in itself is so underrated but I really wanted to talk about their height an size difference because it's one of the many reasons why I love that ship :')

Sugamons height difference is my everything!! It’s one of the reasons why I was so drawn to their ship, yoongi is at the perfect height to just tuck his head in the crook of namjoons neck when they hug. I always love imagining yoongi struggling to try and give joon a kiss, so namjoon just lifts him up and plants one on him.

Just look at them 

Oh god and don’t even get me started on their size difference. Have you seen their thigh difference?!? 

sugamons height difference is a gift that just keeps on giving.

Oh hello! Please take a minute to read this above. There’s something I’d like to say concerning its content. Thank you.

“Karamel is such an abusive relationship!!” This has been said, many times and many different ways about my ship. My oh so favorite ship. I have never loved a ship like I love this one.

Please tell me where mon-el and/or Kara has done ANY of these things listed above? I’m genuinely asking. I’m not trying to be rude or belittle you or your opinions. I genuinely want to know where you see these abusive tendencies.

As someone who has been in an abusive/toxic relationship (if you could even call it that), it is very rude and disrespectful to say a relationship like this is abusive.

Mon-el is learning. He has been on earth for only a few months. It takes more than that to learn. Especially if you’re coming from a completely planet. He is allowed to make his own choices, he is allowed to think for himself and form his own opinions. He absolutely does not need to go along with everything that Kara says.

That being said, while he doesn’t listen to her all the time, she hardly ever listens to him. She ignored when he says he didn’t want to be a superhero, told him to find a new mentor since he didn’t want to do things her way, and called him out for his feelings when he wasn’t necessarily ready to face them. If mon-el is abusive then Kara is too.

Relationships are give and take. Mon is trying his hardest. And it seems to be enough for Kara right now.

I’ve heard mon-el call Kara self absorbed ONCE. why? Mxy was manipulating a situation to get what he wanted. The only other names I’ve heard him call her are as follows: gracious, understanding, beautiful, brave, awesome.

I understand that you don’t like this ship. I understand because there are ships I don’t like. But I do not go around saying that it’s a bad relationship unless it is quite literally a bad relationship. Please don’t go into MY ship’s tag dragging it and saying these horrible, awful things.

Thank you.


If your write the whole couple name (ex:Yoonmin) in the body of the post or in a ask it will appear in the tag even if it wasn’t tagged! So, please try to break up couple names (ex: Nam-Jin, Ji.Kook, VK, 2_Seok, tae/gi, etc) so there is no accidental cross tagging! Espiecally if the couple isn’t the main topic! We ALL would like to see our couple ONLY in out tags.

If your post is Pro: Jihope don’t tag it as Yoonseok OR if the couple is main Taejin with a small mention of vmon, don’t tag vmon! OR If the post is Kookiemoster with some small bashing of Jungseok (ex: JK “I only love Namjoon Hyung!” JH “I thought you love me?” JK “Uh, no… only Namjoon Hyung”) don’t tag it all Jungseok. OR that adorable picture of one member, it’s cute but also doesn’t need to be in the ship tag.
OR if you get a negative ask about a ship and you tag its as a different ship cause of “it’s usually between these two-” like don’t tag it cause no one wants to see it on either side.
We ALL just want to see POSITIVE posts about our ships in the tag!! So let’s try to keep our tags about our ships and not about other ships!

PLEASE and THANK YOU ^^ I’m sure all of us relate to this ^^ #stopcrosstagging2k17


That’s because Jack is talented, funny, charismatic, beautiful Irish man. I love you. I’m happy that you’re my friend.

Me and Felix are very good friends and I’m very, very happy about that.