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Didn't it all start (shipping camren) cause like they started it themselves?? 🤔🤔 i remember back in the day they would even tag it and all lmao sorry if I'm wrong

People were already shipping them before, but yeah Lauren did use #camren and so did Dinah, back then it was all fun just like all the other ships, but then something shifted and Lauren didn’t want to hear anything about it anymore. But instead of making it die down it only got fans even more curious - why would she react so vividly to the ship if it’s not real? Why the sudden change of behavior? She used to laugh it off and then it stopped and became this really serious thing. That’s also one of the main reason why Camren always stood out from the other ships and why it always looked like there was something more going on between them - you add to that the fact that they’ve always been extremely obvious in the way they look at each other and act around each other - and that’s how this mothergoddess of a ship was born.

Reblog this if you’re a Bughead shipper or you love Sprousehart as a couple, but would never post nasty or invasive comments to any of the cast, and you keep your shipping in tags on Tumblr.

I’m honestly so sick of seeing the hate towards us now. Just because I ship Bughead (a healthy teenage relationship on a TV show) I’ve been labelled as homophobic and racist?? Just because I really like that the actors who play those characters are together in real life, I’ve been labelled as delusional, a bully, unable to differentiate between characters and actors, and apparently also pathetic enough to send hate to other cast members! This is so unfair!

I wouldn’t dream of EVER commenting hate on anyone’s social media. I also wouldn’t harass Cole or Lili about their relationship. I strictly keep to the tags on here, and I know most other fans on here do the same.

Some users are making out like we’re doing something wrong. I’ll say it again… IT’S NOT OUR FAULT THAT OUR SHIP IS THE MOST POPULAR! It’s also not our fault that the actors are dating in real life. You can ship any characters on the show that you like. Just stick to the correct tags and none of us will even see it to give you ‘hate’. As for Sprousehart, that is a real relationship between real people and no matter what you say, you can’t change that. You need to accept it. Stay out of the Sprousehart tag and ignore it if you don’t like it. If you hate the way the show’s going, don’t watch it.

I can’t stand being labelled as something that I’m not, just because other people don’t like what I support due to it’s popularity. Stop spending your time hating something, and focus on what you love instead.

Why I ship Elriel

I’ve gotten some asks for this and I’ll try to answer this here:

After ACOMAF, I’ll admit I was riding the Elucien mate bandwagon, because the idea of them together and mated seemed cute. But that’s all they were: an idea.

I’d hoped Maas would give us some real Elucien interaction to work with in ACOWAR, had hoped for it, but the reality of it was there wasn’t much.

The broken Elain wasn’t something anyone planned for. In most fanfics and headcannons I read, she accepted her immortality and was content finding Lucien and discovering the bond between them.

But what Maas gave us was a broken girl unsure of reality and dreams. A girl unable to let go of the fiancé she left behind. A girl who struggled to be seen compared to her other “stronger” sisters.

I still had hope that Elucien would pull through. I imagined Lucien sneaking into Elain’s room to talk to her (without Nesta knowing) or him watching her as she walked around the house, staying away from her but failing. We got none of that. When Elain finally talks with Lucien, she asks him if he noticed her, Lucien didn’t say he did.

The only interaction of importance between them (imo) was the eye contact they made before Lucien went to find Vassa. That was when they both truly connected. Besides that, there wasn’t much to work with, though Lucien trying to connect with her and help “cure” her was really cute.

Not compared to the Elriel interactions (which included Azriel risking his life to rescue her, Elain saying to him “You came for me”, Elain kissing his cheek as ‘thank you’, and him giving her his weapon that he has never let anyone else touch). Azriel was also the one who watched her enough to realize she was a seer.

More importantly, he was the one to ask about where Elain was when the cauldron took her, and helped everyone to realize that she had been taken. He noticed she was missing when no one else did.

So, while the idea of Elucien is a nice one (imagine Elain making Lucien flower crowns), it isn’t the reality SJ Maas wrote.

The reality is that Azriel quite possibly could be the love Elain needs (even if he isn’t her “mate”) and Elain could be the woman to show Azriel what real love could be like, not 500 years of unrequited love. (Side note: his shadows disappear when she’s around, something that used to only happen when he’s around Mor).

I’ve heard the argument that Elriel will never be as good as Elucien because they aren’t mates, but SJ Maas has said again and again that even if you’re mates, it doesn’t mean you have an Earth-shattering love. The mating bond hasn’t come in for Nessian yet, and there may be a chance that they aren’t mates (tho it’d be nice if they were mates) but people (including me) ship them all the same.

And Elriel could honestly be as great a couple as Nessian or Feysand if everyone would give them a chance.

Dear shalidin Antis.

I’m not even going to not post this in halls tag because you know what? Fuck you. Fuck you with a very long rusty pole. Why? Because you keep using a word which is only meant to be applied in serious circumstances. Oh like real life prepubescent children actually being sexually taken advantage of by real live actual adults.

Like what happened to me when I was just 7 years old! Meaning I’m a victim of Child Sex Abuse!

The word you keep misusing is: pedophila.

And how are you taking this word out of context? By fucking applying it to random ass people on the internet who ship underage characters in sexual relationships with adult characters. OH!! Did I forget mention that they are FUCKING FICTIONAL AS FUCK!?

Now what’s the definition of fiction?

Fiction: literature in the form of prose, especially short stories and novels, that describes imaginary events and people.

Wait. Wait. What’s that word? Yeah. That one. IMAGINARY! HOLY FUCK!!! Who knew that fiction wasn’t actually real! Huh! All this time I thought Kieth and Shiro were real people and that Shiro was a Ephebophile!

Oh what’s that? You don’t know what a Ephebophile? Well no wonder! You keep calling innocent people pedophiles because they ship something you don’t like so of course you wouldn’t know that there’s actually a word that describes a sexual attraction between ass grown as adult and a mid to late teenager!

Wow!!! You learning something new every fucking day!!

If your wondering why I am so salty over this it’s because as a CSA victim I can’t stand that shippers, who have never sent sexual messages to a child or sexually touched a child, is being called a pedophile by 14 to 20 year olds who never get off the computer and associate with real life and use the word because HOW DARE SOMEONE SHIP WHAT I DONT LIKE REEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*autistic screeching*

It takes what the word means and makes it null, and so when you actually do out a pedophile, who has sent sexual messages or sexually touched a child, no ones gonna believe you. “Oh it’s probably JUST another shipper who ships something this person doesn’t like.”

I HATE, HATE HATE HATE HATE, having to second guess if someone is an actual pedophile who has touched actual kids because shitty ass people use it against others because they ship something that makes you uncomfortable!

No I understand! Stuff like that can and is uncomfortable as hell. But you can’t just call someone a pedophile because they draw art, write fanfiction, or enjoy this stuff of an underage character.

And before you bring up “but but but da minors might see it!!!! Dur hur hur!!” I do care that minors might see this work but they really shouldn’t be left on the web by themselves with o a parent checking on them. And if a parent can’t check on them every minute then they need to put parental locks on the computer.
It’s not my job or anyone else’s job to babysit kids on the web. You want us to watch the content we create and reblog? Fine, pay us. You want us to babysit some kid we don’t know then ya gotta pay us like a babysitter.

Welp that’s all for my rant.

Oh ps. If your a 14 year old whose on tumblr but don’t want to see the porn? Get off. Tumblr is not here to cater to you, or at least put on the block.
And before any of you kumquats get onto be for the autistic screeching I’m allowed to use that because I am autistic. I got a card and everything for it.

It’s not a ship (to me)

I never really shipped them. RPF was never really my thing before I came to believe that the J’s were a couple. I was very satisfied with reading a lot of wincest (and other pairings) that I never gave much thought to shipping J2 as well - the RPF world was alien to me and I generally don’t care to get to “know” the people behind the scenes.

So how on Earth did I end up here?

Long story short, I was lured into Tumblr by finding my favourite writers had accounts here and my appetite for wincest was insatiable. Perhaps there would be more of that here? I truly didn’t expect to care about J2 as people, but seeing them on my dashboard daily quickly convinced me of their extraordinary qualities and I came to hold them in high regard. I still didn’t ship them, though.

A seed of doubt grew in my mind upon seeing my first tinhat posts. Not long after, I had finished reading Speak The Truth and spent a couple of days dazed and heartbroken. Not for the reasons you’d think, though! I was crushed by empathy, feeling awful for them for having to hide this. For having to pretend they’re something that they’re not. So what do I do? Do I keep my mouth shut and look for some more wincest, or do I talk about my suddenly abundant J2 feelings?

Originally posted by thatfandomnerdgirl

I couldn’t bury my head in the sand and pretend I didn’t know. It would have felt like betrayal to these men I cared for so intensely. Their story deserved to be seen and appreciated for what it is - a beautiful tale of when a boy meets another boy and they fall in love. I was, and still am, smitten by what they have and shocked by what they’ve gone through.

But no, I don’t really ship them. I read the fanfiction, I love the manips and the fan art, but since shipping is endorsing a fictional relationship or a relationship between fictional characters, I can’t use that word. I ship wincest, but I support Jared and Jensen. I cannot reduce what they have into something I read about for mere fun.

There are times when my heart aches for them and my chest burns with fury towards the enviroment that pushed them into the closet. There are times when I’m so full of venom that I don’t trust myself to write a single sentence. There are times when I’m so worried that I’m barely holding back some very real tears for these very real people struggling in an unimaginable situation.

I’m not here for fun, even though I very often have some. I’m here to support them unconditially, even if they never came to know about it. I’m here because I see them and accept them for who they are. I love them even when it hurts me because I realise they have to make some tough choices in a situation I can’t even imagine.

So if you ship them, consider yourself lucky. I never did and never will.

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As someone unfamiliar with both, can you elaborate on your fandom post a bit?

OKAY IM GUNNA GET REAL PERTENCIOUS HERE but I feel (for good and bad) fandom spaces here are a strange and seemingly contradictory mix of intense creator hero worship and Death of the Author. There is not enough of “this was something created by a person/group of people within a given context” type of analysis or discussion. 

Fandom isn’t inherently negative, but it’s becoming the only way most of us engage with the things we like. Things like let’s plays and music don’t have the same divide between fiction and real life that movies and videogames possess. Creators are not seen as people but as extents of entertainment. People treat actual living people as fictional characters, stuff like writing/drawing smut of them or shipping them or /worshipping them/ is now an expectation cause *thats what fandoms do*. 

TLDR both those sort of fandoms treat actual people like “entertainment” and not humans that exist who have their own lives and shit.

A list of cool TED-ed lessons for when you’re bored

Biology & Chemistry

Math, Tech & Physics


Art & Lit/Writing

Life & Knowledge

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If you look through Sofia's Instagram you can see that she only post malvie/mevie pics for promoting the movie. I can tell that Dove and Sofia ships Malvie more than us. Also that make me question if something like space between came from them. Like they ask Disney to make that song for malvie and they add later the looks and turns that make us faint when the song came. What do you think?

Well, I think Dove is the one who REALLY started it when she tweeted asking for people to send her Malvie fanfics lol. But their friendship is very strong in real life so I think people latched onto that and it’s a positive model of a healthy friendship for kids. Honestly, if they were given the option, I think they’d both totally be down for Malvie being canon.

Different opinions, a.k.a. why (some) SC fans are out of line

Obviously, there are different fans in every fandom. We prefer different ships/charachters/storylines. In most of the tv shows, fandoms are pretty chill. There are different point of views, but we tell our opinion calmly, and the others listen or not and then continue to post about their ships (I’m gonna use ships as examples of different opinions to make it easier.)

But than, there are some tv shows, with fans, who have clearly chosen teams, and don’t try to be nice to the other team.

Our prime example is Supergirl. It has two bigger fandoms, Karamel and Supercorp shippers (and those who don’t care about either, obviously). Since I’m part of the Karamel fandom, I can see many tweets from both sides. One of the. praising Karamel and one of them praising Supercorp, and that’s fine. However, there’s a huge difference.

Many people will say what I write here is crap, cause I’m to close to the case. But what I’m about to say should be pretty clear to anyone: Karamel fandom (a.k.a. the club soda family, if I’m correct) is a much kinder fandom. While as I can see they (we) mostly post about them, or about the actors playing them, the SC fandom has something else they like to do: trashing Karamel, their fans and the actors.

I don’t like when they say bad thing about Karamel of course. As I see it, many of there reasons are forced and they also spread way more hate about are ship, than love about theirs. But anyway, I can deal with that. One thing way worse is when they attack the actors. Not being able to tell the difference between charachters and real people is something a 3 year old would do. I honestly can’t see how can someone possibly send hate to Chris because he plays someone they don’t like. I’m pretty sure they never see us trashing Lena or send hate to Katie. Mostly because we love Lena, and even if we wouldn’t we’d stay nice about it, but more importantly, because we know Katie is a real person with real feeling.

But there are one thing, that I think is the worst. When one fan personly attack an other because they have different opinion. In the past few days I have been told a monster, a homophobic, the devil himself. I get messages saying they hope I’m miserable, they despise me and they hate every single Karamel shippers. All I can say is seriously? Just because I have different thoughts I’m a monster? Would you say to rot in hell to a classmate of yours who ships Karamel? Can’t you realize you’re talking to a real person, who has feeling you’re deeply hurting because of a fictional tv show? How do you think I feel when you send me dead threats because I say they were cute in the last episode? Does is make you feel better? Powerful? Important? Does it actually worth it to hurt real people to prove your ship is better?

Of course, I know not every SC fans are like that, I’m sorry for generalizing. Also, I know there are people who hate Karamel but aren’t SC shippers. And what I said doesn’t apply to everybody.

I guess what I want to say is to chill for a second, a minute, an hours, a day and think about it: does it worth it?

What if there's NO LOVE?!

Dear PxS friends…

What would you guys feel if show!Petyr Baelish is just really pure evil and doesn’t love Sansa. Not one bit and kills her. (I’ll hate LF)


What would you guys feel if show!Petyr Baelish s7 arc is all about his redemption. But Sansa kills him in a very cold manner. To a point where the fandom empathize with LF more? (I’ll hate Sansa)

You know, something along these scenarios…

Will we fight over it? PxS divided to just Petyr and just Sansa? Can we endure it?!!!


Can you guys imagine the devastation this show is gonna put us through?!?

But maybe this is the very reason why we ship it right? We want to hurt ourselves 😂

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do you ship sebaciel ?

A very good question, but a complex answer.

Well, let’s see if I can put this into words.  It’s so complex and titanic, that words fail to capture it.

In the traditional, physical/romantic/lustful sense, no, I do not ship SebaCiel.  Sebastian strikes me as an asexual character.  (His line about material things holding no sway over him from the early episodes of Season 1 gives me that impression.)  Likewise with Ciel, I see him in a similar fashion, plus he also has the added issue of undergoing a severe trauma which has left him emotionally detached from everyone around him.  We’ve seen Sebastian be caring, respectful, and protective of children’s innocence all throughout this story: Ciel’s, Lizzy’s, Sullivan’s.  He’s joked about how Young Master is too young to understand such things–during the Weston arc, for example.  Therefore, he’s not going to make advances towards Ciel physically; to me, if they did, it would be rather OOC for both of them.

We’ve seen Sebastian do his best to guide Ciel to be the proper English gentleman (not hitting Lizzy,) protect his innocence (not letting him hear Madame Red’s joke, not letting him see the Jack the Ripper murder scene,) to prepare him for life’s failures (Chapter 14,) and keep him safe from bodily harm.  These are all rather parental behaviors.  So mainly, I see Sebastian as Ciel’s protector.  I also see Sebastian as an unwitting parent and tutor with a mix of camaraderie and “partners-in-crime” thrown in for good measure.  They are equals in that last respect.

That being said, Sebastian is the one person whom Ciel can show his weak side to, and Sebastian is the only one who protects and comforts him.  Their bond is special: Sebastian fills a hole in Ciel’s life that no one else in the manga can, and Ciel is likewise very special to Sebastian.  Sebastian fills a need for this poor, young kid who’s been through too much in his short life: Sebastian is his protector, his strength, his stand-in parental figure now that he has none.

Likewise, the price Ciel pays for that is a grave one: his soul.  Each of them owes the other something.  Each of them fills a need for the other: Ciel gets the ability to exact his revenge, Sebastian gets entertainment and a prime soul.  Both fill a need, but both could destroy the other if the other wanted.  Sebastian could tempt Ciel down a self-destructive path.  Ciel, as Sebastian directly stated can literally order Sebastian to disappear–to die.  So why haven’t they done this yet?  Because, for now, they need each other.

They are both the best and worst thing in the world for each other.

Because of this, their relationship is constantly in flux.  No one is ever in charge.  Both are what the other needs; but both could destroy the other if he so chooses.  They are bound together by fate, and their relationship started out quite rocky, but here is the beautiful thing: they’ve grown to respect each other as time wore on.

Remember in the beginning how Sebastian dawdled when he had to save Ciel?

That changed to this–Sebastian almost sacrificing his own life for Ciel:

And this:

Remember how Ciel enjoyed hitting Sebastian with his ring when Sebastian had to play “dead?”

Well, that changed to this:

Ciel spent the entire story up till now enjoying Sebastian’s failures, wanting him to lose during the Curry arc, giving him a hard time, and not being impressed by anything he did.  And then we have this–Ciel finally praising his butler, whom he is now proud of:

So that’s how I see their relationship: they are fated to be with each other, they complete each other, they could destroy each other, but they both seem to be moving towards a place of mutual respect, and perhaps they have even begun to care about each other.  That is a beautiful, transcendent thing.  This is a story about finding respect for someone you previously couldn’t care less about–isn’t that the very essence of humanity, learning to form a bond with those around you?

So, no, I don’t see their relationship as a physical one–that would make their relationship no different than a human couple’s.  To me, that would be lowering their bond to everyday banality, to simple carnal desire.  They would be no different than two ordinary human beings.  It’s not a little fling or romance or lust or a crush.  It’s not that–it’s something grander.  No, I see their bond as something that mere humans could never achieve.  Something we could never see in real life, something us lowly mortals can only dream about.  It doesn’t exist in our world.  It just can’t exist between two human beings–it’s something that exists in the heavens, the stars, the myths, the dream world.  It’s something above and beyond and loftier than that.

So I hope that helps explain it to you.  I don’t “ship” Sebaciel, because I think their dynamic transcends what shipping is.  It’s something much more beautiful than that.

Hello Sterek shippers! I’ve received a lot of asks lately from people who’ve just joined the Sterek fandom, requesting fics and blog recs and all sorts of sterek goodies. So I thought, what better way to welcome new additions to the Sterek fandom than a Sterek Starter Pack? Thus, this monster of a list was born. 


Safe Sterek Tags:

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Sterek Centric Blogs:

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Sterek Playlists:

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Sterek Fan Videos: 

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Seconds Choice: Bellamy Blake imagine

All my life I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was always the second choice. For everything. It hurt, deep down it really did but I pretended like nothing was going on. 

But now it was my chance to start over. We were sent down to the ground, the nuclear radio active ground to survive. Not to fall in love. I didn’t want to fall in love, but it happened.

I don’t know when or how but it happened. But the series of unfortunate events only got worse when I realized nothing would ever happen. Bellamy Blake, is the leader of our camp, he sleeps with whomever he wants because down here he was like a king. 

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Shadow Hunters, Malec and what I consider the biggest issues

So for some time I and some of the TW meta group have been watching Shadowhunters and discussing/ranting about it. It’s been interesting enough to garner interest and rants and continued viewership, mostly to delight in the things that are going on which are nonsense and also appreciating the Malec story (and ranting about it)

I will admit I have not read any other the source material for a number of reasons *couch*plagiarismfanficscandal*cough* and the writing being meh at best, so I’ll keep to what the show has been telling us and maybe the wiki if something had to be looked up.

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It’s really, really hard not to think Kyungjeong isn’t real.

Because, quite often, BOTH would post pictures that in some ways suggest this ship, and I stress that this happens mutually to both of their Instagram accounts as if trying to suggest us something. Let it be a picture of them, a picture of two fictional characters resembling them, a video showing them obviously being together, or even Kyungil’s legendary #Kyungjeong post. It really, really bugs me that there is this blockade between “Kyungjeong” and “Song Kyungil and Jang Yijeong” and it is so thin one needs to focus his/her eyes real well to perceive, yet so strong everybody notices its existence. 

The tease Kyungil and Yijeong have been posting on their Instagram feels like they’re challenging that blockade, but at the end of the day, Kyungjeong remains a matter hanging perfectly between reality and imagination.

I need canon Saphael
  • Raphael: You're cute
  • Simon: Thank you
  • Raphael: I wish there would be something between us
  • Simon: *blushes* like what?
  • Raphael: Like a wall
Morrilla Fanfic - A response to today’s interview (aka the bullshitiest bullshit of bullshit town)

I have never written Morrilla fanfic before because I usually stick to fictional characters, but this is for the beautiful ladies of dumb positivity. I love you all to bits and yeah… I’m a bit pissed and far too emotional but have some Morrilla bc love. 

ps.. i suck at writing smut i’m sorry

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Eyes were rolled as the pair squared off one another.

“Since when have you been selling SwanQueen as a friendship?” Jen practically spat as she stood, hand on hip, scowling at her co-star.

It was their first day back shooting after Christmas and the article from the week before was still raw in her mind. For as long as it had been a thing, she and Lana had played good cop bad cop over the pairing in interviews. Why had Lana suddenly decide to go against everything she’d said before? Because Jen had asked for them to be interviewed separately as they were spending the season with their respective families? Or because of what had happened between them before the winter break?

x- x- x- x- x-

“I know… I know that… look this is… Lana you were right okay? All those years ago, you were right.”

The brunette looked at her friend with complete confusion. It was the last day of shooting before they all went their separate ways for Christmas. Jen had seemed on edge all day, even forgetting her lines - something she never did normally. “I’m sure I probably was but you’re going to have to give me a clue what I was right about…”

“Us. This… thing between us. It is more than friendship. I’m sorry I knocked you back because I wasn’t man enough to admit it. I pretended to have no idea what you were talking about when really I know… what we share… it’s more.”

Lana’s face changed. “Jen that was years ago. I’m married now.”

“You’re telling me how you feel has changed?”

“No. I’m telling you what I can do about it has. I have a family Jen. We’re not just talking about a marriage here - I have step-kids.”

“Relationships break down all the time…” Jen said desperately. She couldn’t have put herself out here after all this time just for Lana to knock her back. She just couldn’t.

“No” the brunette was firm now, there was a spark in her eye that the other woman had never seen in Lana before. The evil queen, sure. But not Lana.

“Just… no?”

“No I will not break up my marriage for someone that I begged… I begged you Jen years ago to at least consider us. You made me think I was crazy and that you really did just see us as friends. So I spent years building up a life that didn’t involve you so we could be ‘just friends’ like you wanted us to be. And now you’re telling me that just because you’ve woken up and realised… you think I’m going to end my marriage just like that for someone that, let’s be honest, is more than likely to turn around in a few weeks and decide she’d rather keep pretending to be straight than be with me.”

“That’s not fair” Jen snapped back. “I was frightened.”

“About what people would say? Yes strangely enough Morrison that much I realised” Lana snarked in response. “People don’t change. You were scared then and you’ll be equally scared now when the reality kicks in. When you realise that to be with me you actually have to be with me. That we can’t just sneak around and pretend that I’m still happily married to someone else and you’re as straight as Sean’s dick when he sees me in my evil queen costumes.”

“I…” Jen stuttered.

“Exactly” Lana threw back. “Suddenly not so sure this is what you want are you? It’s not me you’re in love with it’s the fantasy. Coming over to mine for dinner. Sneaking to your trailer to fuck between scenes. That’s what you’ve suddenly decided is the relationship you want. But having to actually be the woman dating another woman? Being torn apart in the media? You have no idea what real relationships are like when you have our jobs because YOU’VE NEVER HAD ONE. Too busy pretending to be something you’re not.”

“That’s not fair. And it’s certainly not true. Jesse and I…”

“You used him to pretend you were straight. It didn’t matter what happened or what anyone said or thought because it meant nothing to you in the first place.”

“You are being out of line Lana” the blond yelled across the trailer, turning her back on the woman she’d come to see. “You know what… forget it. You’re right. I don’t want this. I don’t want to be with someone that doesn’t think I’m worth the risk. I am willing to take the jump and do something that terrifies me. If you won’t then that’s fine. At least I know where I stand.”

And with that she walked out, slamming the door behind her before Lana even had a chance to respond.

x- x- x- x- x-

“Since I decided to stop fooling them. They thought the chemistry between us was for the show. They didn’t realise that the looks, the closeness… that was all real. But since I realised how much it mean to people I have spent years tirelessly fighting to make their ship a reality for them, to make this show more than just a poorly written retelling of old stories. But you know what. I’m done. I’m done with you undermining me at ever chance you get because you were too scared to be in even a fake relationship with me. Telling Adam and Eddy that it was just a small minority that wanted SwanQueen - everyone else wanted Emma with Hook and that was the safer route. You want safe Jen you can have it. The writers never listened to me and my co-star didn’t give a shit so fine, SwanQueen is done. They can be friends.”

“Just like us?” the blond asked, tilting her head to the side slightly, unsure what Lana would say after the conversation before Christmas but needing to know where she stood.

“We’re not even that” Lana spat back.

“So when you said co-star…”

“That’s all we are. That’s all we’ve ever been. I was kidding myself pretending otherwise.”

“You’re pathetic.”

“Excuse me?” Lana’s eyebrows shot up and her forehead vein began to pop up.

“You act like this is all me but it’s not. I might have been scared all those years ago Lana, but you’re scared now. You wanted me to risk everything to be with you, but you’re not willing to do the same for me. It was easy back then wasn’t it? You had a few fans but you weren’t well known. You didn’t have a husband or a family or anyone that would care who you screwed. When it was me risking my career and my family and everything else you were okay with it. Suddenly it’s you that has the most to lose and now you’re not interested.”

“That’s… I can’t…”

“Exactly” Jen interrupted while Lana struggled to find the words. “I made a mistake Lana. I thought all of the things I had to lose were more important than what I felt for you. And I was wrong. But now I’m ready. The question now, is are you?”



And suddenly Lana’s lips were on hers. And the kiss was everything she’d expected and more. It was hot and passionate and… hands were roaming her body, pulling at her t-shirt.

“This… off… now”

Jen knew better than to argue. She pulled it over her head and let Lana’s hands trace gentle circles along her side. A complete contrast to the kiss that was becoming more heated by the moment. She was tugging at Lana’s shirt now, knowing it was oversized enough it wouldn’t require unbuttoning.

After a few more minutes of kissing and the removal of clothes the pair were naked on Lana’s sofa, Jen straddling the brunette a look of determination in her eyes. “If we do this, then… that’s it. No more hiding. I don’t want to be the other woman. You have to end your marriage and once Fred has had time to process we tell the whole world what we’re doing.”

“I’ll do whatever you want if you stop talking and fuck me” Lana moaned out, lust dulling every other emotion in her body. There would be a time for sadness and for fear and for… anything that wasn’t the feeling of wanting to see Jen come undone above her.

“Deal” the blond replied, and began peppering kisses down Lana’s chest. Taking a swollen nipple in her mouth she bit down gently and the older woman moaned out beneath her. She ran her tongue carefully around the peak before sucking on it with far more force than before. “Oh fuck, yes, Jen, yes.”

Lana slid her hands down Jen’s body and while the blond focused on her chest she began running her fingers through blond curls. the woman above her pushed her hips down and encouraged Lana to touch her where she needed it the most. Taking the hint Lana moved her fingers down and pinched the younger woman’s clit between her fingers.


Happy to oblige Lana continued. Her fingers ran up and down Jen’s slit before returning to her swollen nub and running her finger over it in circles.

“I… want… to… taste… you” Jen panted, out of breath from her assault on Lana’s firm boobs.

Lana nodded, but rather than letting the other woman slide down her she nudged her round so that the blond was straddling her face. Jen was dripping onto her chin and she could feel herself becoming more and more aroused. She used one hand to hold Jen above her and with her second hand she pushed two fingers into the blond’s more than ready core.

“Oh fuck yes”

Smirking at the reaction she received she began pumping fingers in and out of the other woman at a varied pace, still supporting the increasingly limp body with her free hand.

Meanwhile, trying not to become too distracted by everything she was feeling, Jen allowed herself a first taste of her lover. “Mmmm you taste incredible”
“Thank you” a small blush appeared on Lana’s cheek, the sincerity in the blond’s voice touching considering Lana knew she was the first woman she’d been this intimate with.

Jen began exploring Lana with her tongue while at the same time the brunette pumped fingers in and out of the younger woman, catching any liquid with her tongue.

“Oh fuck, Lana I’m… oh god I’m so close”

As Lana increased her speed the blond came above her, so shocked by the intense feeling that she bit down on Lana’s clit with far more force than she would have knowingly done. That pushed the other woman over the edge and soon they were both coming together.

“Fuck that was… wow…” Jen had collapsed, but used the last of her remaining strength to turn herself up the right way around so she could lean her head against Lana’s chest. “You are incredible.”

“As are you” her lover replied, running her fingers through tangled blond hair. “And just for the record” Lana turned to face her “the real reason I said what I did for the article was because I knew SwanQueen made you uncomfortable”.

Jen giggled slightly. “I can’t wait to see the look on Adam’s face when I tell him I agree with you it should become cannon.”

“Oh so now you want to kiss me on set?”

“No” Jen shook her head. “Now I want to kiss you always.”



I love this relationship so much in this arc because it’s really only sort of half about anything actually being there, so much of what’s there is just Haruka flirting with a cute young girl, but she’s not serious about it and on Usagi’s side, the attraction is more real (dreaming about that kiss and that it’s taken seriously from her side) but it’s also tangled up in that Haruka is totally her type, the “cool prince” kind of character, and there’s a reason you can draw a lot of parallels between Mamoru and Haruka.



Because it’s actually used as a storyline, it’s treated seriously as something to work through with Mamoru and Usagi, that it’s not “oh, it was never real”, but instead, “It’s normal to have attractions to other people, it’s normal to be jealous of the person you love being attracted to others (or you perceiving them as attracted to others) and you talk to that person and work it out.”

While, yes, I do actively ship Haruka/Usagi genuinely, I love it for what it contributes to the story in the canon as well.  It never actually threatens either Mamoru/Usagi or Haruka/Michiru, but neither is it a joke or treated frivolously. I get the best of both worlds here!