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thoughts on taochen and chen's apparent love for pulling tao back next to his side?


i did a meme thing awhile ago let me find it okay here it is

i talked about taochen a bit but like i could talk forever because i love them so much idek

my headcanon is that chen is pining desperately for tao (hence his possessive grabby moments) and tao doesn’t really notice. or maybe tao does notice and is planning out the best way to seduce chen. i think they both want to be a lot closer than they are but they’re both afraid to make the first move. especially chen who is intimidated by tao’s everything because tall sexy athletic etc.

the way that chen looks at tao though i just

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in conclusion here is a gif of tao staring at chen’s ass and chen nearly sitting on him tyfyt

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Pairing: Jongdae/Tao
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 59,793

Author: miikkaa_xx in leftfoottrapped

High school AU. Tao meets Chen at fifteen and makes the grand mistake of falling in love with him.

my thoughts: 60K taochen. wow. i never thought i would read such a monster fic dedicated to this pairing. i can’t even begin to describe how amazing this fic was. great storytelling by means of incorporating canon tidbits and endearing moments like tao calling krisho ‘appa and baba’ >< i also appreciated how realistic tao’s 'coming-of-age’ was.. life ain’t easy man.


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Hi ^-^ i was wondering since you ship ChanBaek so much do you also ship Chen with anyone?

omg anonnie.. i’m not the type of fan that ship my bias with myself.. like i said in my blog description, i AM an OTP maniac.. i love OTP so much its hard for me to hate on others’ OTP eventhough its not my canon..

so i ship Chen with EVERYONE..!

please.. everyone wants a piece of kim jongdae..

my canon otp for Chen ofcourse 


and KRischen:

my two other almost canon ship of Chen are:


and as you said anon, i ship chanbaek so hard right..? but i also love Chandae..


chen is the only person in EXO i can read fanfics of him with anyone in the group.. 

i read baekchen before:

i read Laychen before.. many times :

the least person i ship chen with maybe 


and luhan…?

and i also ship chen with the other remaining members..

chensoo..? i’m ok with it..

Taochen..? nehhhh… so so… hehehe..

chenhun..? heck yeah.. 

so basically yeah.. i ship chen with every members.. i can never hates on OTP eventhough the OTP is not my canon.. why bother hates on other OTP when i can be happy shipping all OTP.. heheh..

and one more thing..

eventhough chen is my bias.. i dont ship him with myself.. and when i ship him with other people, he always be the uke.. hahaha.. my chennie is the power bottom for me..

i’m a weird Chen bias don’t I.. lalala…

i love shipping coz its fun.. i can like any ships i want and be happy as long as i didnt bother others’ otp right..?