ship: stiles x derek

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This always makes me tear up.


“I don’t know you, girls, but this guy is trouble he is so causing our baby a heartbreak, I mean, the guy can’t even talk.”

Blinking, Derek growled low. Which apparently proved Wig’s point, because she made a flourished gesture in his direction and pursed her red-glossed lips.

“What the hell are you talking about? What baby doe?” He asked, because really there was only so much nonsense Derek could put up with before snapping.

There was a collective sound of snorts and derisive groans around his living room.

“Stiles, you slow thing! Cutie beanpole, baby doe eyes and most perfect cupid’s bow?” Said purple boa, hitting Derek in the back of the head with her accessory. Derek looked at her incredulously, earning nothing back bot a perfectly designed eyebrow up. “Rings any bells?”

Under his breath, Derek muttered that it rang all the damn bells. It was obvious; he should had seen this one coming. Who else in the damned pack knew a bunch of drag queens that were bold and entitled enough to invade his apartment and talk to him like that? He shouldn’t even be surprised and, to be honest, he wasn’t.

Talk about awkward talks by alis



Dylan O'Brien as Dave Hodgman in “The First Time”

The Ultimate Ships Challenge

Created by me o/

The First OTP
The OTP to Rule All The OTPs
[6] Current OTPs
[3] ‘Needs to happen asap’ ships
[4] 'It’s right, just not right now’ ships
[3] 'Old married couple’ ships
[5] 'Chemistry off the charts’ ships
[2] 'Co-workers in love’ ships
[3] 'Odd Couple’ ships
[2] 'Enemies to lovers’ ships
[3] 'Best friends to lovers’ ships
[4] 'Friends to lovers’ ships
[4] 'Everyone can see it’ ships
[5] 'The Power of Trust’ ships
[2] 'Star-crossed lovers' ships
[5] 'We could have had it all’ ships
[3] 'Established relationship’ ships
[3] Undercover as lovers situations
[3] Proposals
[4] Weddings
[5] Face touching scenes
[5] Domestic scenes
[5] Heartbreaking scenes
[5] Funny scenes 
[5] Heartwarming scenes 
[5] Hurt/Comfort scenes
[5] Jealousy scenes
[5] Holding hands scenes
[5] Cuddling scenes
[5] Eating together scenes
[5] Gazing at each other scenes
[5] Sexy scenes
[5] Bed sharing scenes
[5] Baking or Cooking scenes
[5] Bed sharing scenes
[5] Dream sequence scenes
[5] Holidays related scenes
[5] Dances
[5] Fights
[5] First Meetings
[5] Goodbyes 
[5] Smiles
[5] Stares
[5] Declarations of love
[5] Dates
[10] Songs
[10] Quotes
[10] Hugs
[10] Kisses
[10] brOTPs

P.S.: This is a graphic challenge and the numbers represent how many examples to give.