ship: stefan x klaus


Stefan: “I heard you’ve been very flirty with (Y/N)”
Klaus: “oh come on, it’s nothing”
Stefan: “is that when she’s gonna start sleeping in your bed?”
Klaus: ”Really? It’s none of you business”

I just wanna say Klaus is gonna be furious because of Stefan’s death. Of course, he will understand just like Caroline did (after all, Klefan is all about understanding), but he will still be furious because in his opinion Damon just isn’t worth it.
And I absolutely believe, that once things is okay in New Orleans, he and Rebekah will visit Stefan’s tomb. And he will watch it from the other side.

Stefan and Klaus, a Bromance

In the words of Joseph Morgan, here are the reason Stefan and Klaus are so bromantic…

“Whenever I consider why I’m so fond of them [Stefan and Klaus], I keep coming back to these three things:

1) Mutual respect — They may hate each other half the time, they may betray each other over and over, they may have even tried to kill each other more than once, but damn it do they respect each other. I have always personally felt this was the crux of their relationship, an understanding, if not agreement with, each other’s motives.

2) Love of the hunt — There is an appreciation both vamps share for the finer shades of red in life. Stefan may have veered from the bloodthirsty trail but deep down he will always be a ripper (at least as far as Klaus is concerned) and let’s face it, it’s fun to watch these two tear up the town together.

3) They’re always playing the game — Lastly, it’s so pleasing to see them constantly try to one up each other. Neither is willing to show their full hand and that makes for interesting scenes, rich with subtext.”

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“Y/n I have bad news"Stefan announced as he started to jog slowly next to you.

“Why are you running Stefan?“you raised your eyebrows and cocked your head to the side.

"Your a really fast walker"he said panting .

"And, your supposed to be a vampire keep up?"you pointed out.

"Anyway let’s stop, what’s the bad news do I need to sit down? Am I going to cry?"you questioned your best friend.

"Uhm well your going to swear a lot then you’ll probably cry"he said slowly as he rubbed the back of his neck.

"Oookayy? What it is?"you answered nervously.
Stefan’s eyes stopped on something just down the corridor. He lifted his hand and pointed.

You were now really confused, but as you spun around everything made sense.

"Oh for FUCK SAKE"you almost shouted.
Damon Salvatore was back.

You and Damon had a… well- complicated relationship. The summer before you were involved in a tragic car crash and Stefan had no choice but to turn you into a vampire after Damon left, you were really scared for the moment that he would find out. You and Damon had always hated eachother, but one day you were put in danger and Stefan wasn’t there to help.

Long story short,
Damon came to your rescue and he soon realized that he loved you. Afraid of his feelings, Damon never told you. And he just left you heartbroken without an explanation.

Damons eyes immediately met yours even though the hall was crowded and there was barely any room to breathe.
Within a second he was stood in front of you and Stefan, his eyes almost piercing Stefan’s skin.

You felt Stefan’s hands wrap around your waist protectively.

"Y/n"he wiggled his eyebrows, sending you an award winning smirk.

"What do you want, why are you back?"you saved the small talk.

His smirk fell of his face and it was replaced with a scowl he then ignored your question, he walked towards you and held your face in his hands. Inspecting you closely.

"What did you do to y/n Stefan? Why does she look like she’s been bitten? Y/n wouldn’t happen to be a vampire now would she?"Damon asked through gritted teeth, his anger suddenly rising.

"I had no choice Damon, she was going to die"Stefan replied.

Damon angrily punched your locker which made the rest of the lockers tremble.
"But I thought I said that if y/n was ever in that situation you call me?!"Damon shouted.
"Now you have that bond with her and I bet your loving it"He growled loudly.

"Y/n is standing right here you know and if you carry on she’ll bite you instead, how about that Salvatore?"you smiled sarcastically.

"What did you expect him to do, let me bleed to death whilst we wait for you to finish your Vampire shopping? I don’t think so Damon!"you shot back.

"Well, this has just given me a reason to stay hasn’t it?"Damon breathed out calmly as he placed a kiss on your forehead and walked away.

"Not really Stefan’s already taught me the ins and outs, I don’t need you I’m doing just fine"you shouted after him.

"See you around y/n"Damon called back.

When he was out of sight you freaked out.
"I’m going to kill him, I’m actually going to kill him"you held your hands up in the air and frowned.

"It’ll be okay, he won’t hurt you. He’s in love with you. In fact I’m pretty sure he won’t let any one else touch you. I mean he put Klaus in his place didn’t he?!"Stefan held your bag as you tried to Amend your locker.

"Great looking forward to that"you mumbled.

OMG I have so many klefan AU’s in my head and this fandom is short of AU’s and they’re my bread and butter.

like the werewolf au, where Klaus’s werewolf side is explored and he’s possessive and controlling and he goes into heat and only his mate can control the heat and Stefan arrives looking for help or whatever and three days later they’re still naked in bed and time is no longer a thing its just them together and need want take give mine.

or the raising Hope au, because they’d be the perfect daddy’s doing her hair and playing with barbie and sining along to let it go in the car.

or the college au where Klaus is the professor and Stefan is the student and they fucked before term started and then Klaus sees Stefan and Stefan can’t get the other night out of his head.

or the serial killer au where they kill and fuck and kill again.

or my favourite, the arranged marriage au where they meet and hate each other but they don’t really hate each other and they’re attracted to each other and they have really dirty sex and fight but then when something happens and they stand up to each other and take care of each other they realise they’re in love but it doesn’t stop them from fighting or fucking.

I just really love klefan and AUs.

My scene with Joseph (and the last scene in the episode for my character) in the cemetery was quite lovely. I thought it was a nice conclusive ending to their “friendship.”I don’t know if these two will cross paths again, but I hope they do because I find there to be some great history and depth here, and much more to explore.
[Julie: That’s sweet, but tell the nice people what Joe Morgan did to you on your last day. You shouldn’t have to accept that kind of behavior.
Paul: We’re actors. Occasionally we have temper tantrums and throw heavy objects at each other. I don’t consider that to be unacceptable behavior. He was clearly intimidated by my hair. I don’t blame him. It’s daunting for any actor to share screen time with my impeccably coiffed mane.]

Klaus + Stefan - The Lightning Strike (x)

what if the storm ends, and i don’t see you

as you are now, ever again?

a perfect halo, of gold hair and lightning

sets you off against the planet’s last dance.

just for a minute, the silver forked sky

lit you up like a star that i will follow.

now it’s found us like i have found you.

i don’t want to run, just overwhelm me.

what if the storm ends, and leaves us nothing,

except a memory, a distant echo?

“You do realize this is kidnapping, right?”

“Not if you’re enjoying your time with me, Stefan.”