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requested by days-of-dust: Every second of the red shirt kiss. All the red shirt kiss things. ALL OF THEM. 

Phew! Sorry this took so long! But in fairness you did say ‘every second’ lol hope you like love!

I remembered how I stopped watching Hollyoaks because Brendan left and there just was no point. While Ste and Doug were cute, there was no spark.

Then John Paul happened and I thought to myself, “Hey, maybe I’ll give this relationship a chance.” and I was disappointed. Once again, yes they were cute, but there was no spark. So for a year, Hollyoaks completely left my mind.

A week ago, I decided to re-watch the love story between Ste and Brendan and I was reminded of how much I freaking love them as a couple. Despite everything that’s happened, they truly loved each other.

I got to the end of their story (i.e. Brendan leaving) and by chance looked at the recommend videos Youtube usually provides that I usually ignore. I saw a screenshot of Ste with someone I’ve never seen before and thought, “Here we go again.” I decided to click the video anyway and saw Ste with this extremely cute looking guy who I later found out was Harry.

(Why does Ste always go for the guys with striking blue eyes?)

With nothing else to do, I decided to watch their story. I was hooked. FINALLY there is someone who, in my opinion, is able to create that spark with Ste that I saw with Brendan.  Ste and Harry are so exceptional and so in love that it brought back all those feelings I had when I watched Ste and Brendan.

Ste and Harry are not Ste and Brendan but dammit, If given the choice, I wouldn’t be able to pick between the two.

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requested by steffisteffy: The scene the day after Christmas, sitting on the couch and the mistletoe kisses?

The mistletoe kiss deserves it’s own set! Will be up soon!


“Don’t you see, it’s you. You’re the worst mistake I’ve ever made. Falling in love with you ruined everything.”

All I want from the Hollyoaks writers at this point is that whenever Ste leaves Hollyoaks, whatever his reason would be, it would involve him ending up with Brendan.

Like if Ste leaves for a job, before he leaves he discovers Brendan has been released early due to lack of evidence or something and that Brendan’s going to meet Ste wherever he’s moving to and they’ll live together as boyfriends.

Like, I just need to be assured that Stendan is endgame. I need that.

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"Not to say that I don’t think he’d drop Harry quicker than a scolding hot coal if that Irish delicacy walked back into the village" haha YES tez

Well, I mean…. it’s the truth, right?

Brendan waltzes back into the village, bearded (for @sunflowergo) and suited, rocks up to wherever Ste’s living now, knocks, leans against the doorframe, Ste opens the door expecting to see… fuck knows, Tony, or Harry, or Amy, but instead sees Brendan. In the flesh. Actually there.

Brendan’s eyes travel from the floor, up the full length of Ste’s body (naturally… gotta check dat boi out after SO long in prison, drink him in like a fucking milkshake), finally meeting his gaze, he’s a little nervous but he’s Brendan goddamn Brady and he’s got this shit in the bag, THIS is “the next life” for him, for them, and says in his deep, smooth as velvet tone of voice, “Long time no see, Steven.”

Roll credits.


And from that point on it’s, Harreh? ‘Oo’s Harrehh?

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omg ok so I’m telling @kind-of-a-lot all about Stendan and I feel like I’d forgotten what a massive part of my life they were. I met so many amazing people because of them and I got interested in so many more shows (Shameless, Teen Wolf, In the Flesh??? fuck????) because of what people suggested and recommended, for that alone I will be forever grateful … 

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as a stendan fan i agree with you 100% about starry. Brendan once said about ste having passion and a real lust,i never saw that with anyone but Brendan until harry.

Amazing isn’t it?! I was completely caught off guard by Harry. While Ste x Harry will never be able to replace Ste x Brendan in my heart, it goes both ways. Ste x Brendan will never be able to replace Ste x Harry in my heart. Not enough words exists to adequately express my love for both couples! Extraordinary! Truly and completely extraordinary!


Hurricane | Brendan Brady

Brendan Brady in a nutshell. Awesome vid!

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The thought of Ste and Brendan is ruining this new ship for me because I can't enjoy it since I keep thinking of Brendan :( sigh

OKAY. Yes. Alright. So. I didn’t watch any of the stendan story during when it actually aired but I still know what you mean because I watched a lot of their story. I think that Ste deserves to be happy though and he really really seems to be happy with Harry. I know that every guy Ste is with is going to come in second to Brendan now, but Harry could be really good for Ste. I don’t know. I hope Stendan doesn’t ruin /all/ Ste ships for you! <3