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Falling For the Prey - Pt 4

Garrus is MIA on Omega, so Arisa calls Willow in for backup - they find him, get him out, but Willow overexerts herself in the process. Luckily, she has someone watching out for her.

Thane comes to a decision after he carries Willow to the hospital, unable and unwilling to fight the truth any longer; he’s calling off the hits. Now if he can figure out a way to approach her, he’ll be making progress.

Eventual Thane x Willow, AU, No Reapers. Just a drell assassin who’s terribly awkward when it comes to relationships.

As usual, shout out to @lynngo-art and @kittenkakt for all the brainstorming, and @ariannadi for betaing even tho she hasn’t played the trilogy lu adi i’m sorry ♥ Enjoy!

Willow - Normandy SR1, Citadel Docks - 04:00

“Officer Vakarian will be fine, Commander Shepard - just needs some rest, some time for the cybernetics to fully integrate. Lucky, really, to be turian - any other species would not have come out so well.”

“Thank you, Dr. Solus.” Arisa runs a tired hand through her hair, looking near ready to collapse.

Willow feels about the same.

Omega had been a shit show from start to finish - all Arisa had said when she’d shown up to get her was Garrus has gone radio silent on Omega, he should have reported in by now. Something’s wrong.

It had been meant as an early test for his Spectre candidacy, to see if he could work alone under pressure - sent to retrieve Doctor Mordin Solus, a brilliant salarian scientist, from a clinic in the belly of Omega.

When Garrus had missed the rendezvous time and not responded to any attempts at contact, Arisa had come for Willow. If the two of us can’t track him down, no one can.

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What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Thane Krios’ final fight was completely inaccurate and poorly done. There is no way Thane would’ve hesitated to shoot Kai Leng, especially when the Councilor and Shepard in danger. Furthermore, there is no way Thane Krios, trained since she 6 to shoot and kill, would’ve missed Kai Leng multiple times, even under the assumption that illness was damaging his reflexes. All in all, Bioware has admitted forgetting Thane, and they wasted him, his romance, and also his death in a poor, OOC storyline.

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