ship: shrios


The first breath she takes on the last day is coloured with cinnamon, incense, and leather. She wakes up curled under his jacket - must have gotten up to get it in the middle of the night. She clings to the soft lining, smoothing down the fraying stitches around the shoulders, gingerly pressing her fingers over the ragged hole no longer stained with his blood.
For a warm moment it feels like he’s there, and she holds onto the quiet reassurance for as long as she can, pulling the jacket closer. For a moment, she forgets why she was so afraid.

EDI: ‘Alliance fleet en route. Admiral Hackett inbound, ETA 08:00.

Soon. I’ll see you again soon.


(Hey, if every other Shep gets a night before earth scene, a Thane-mancer should have one too, even if he isn’t exactly there for it.)


I love you. If all else whispers back into the tide, know this for fact. By grace given me by the Goddess Arashu, I bid her divine protection to you, my warrior-angel, my Siha, to succeed in your destiny. To light your path through the coming darkness. To give you hope, when all seems lost. I will await you across the sea.


There’s a word in Arabic, “sihha”. It’s pronounced pretty much the same as the drell “siha”.

“Sihha” means “health”.

So basically, if Shepard romances Thane and he starts calling her “siha”, he literally means she’s his health - she’s healing him.

I think I’ll go laugh bitterly. And then cry a little.

I’m sruggling with a bit of an art block right now, trying to figure out what I want to do, and where I want to go with my art. I have a lot of sketches waiting for lines and colors, but I decided to take this Mass Effect fan art off the pile and be done with it. It’s nothing much, as I rushed it a little bit, but I hope you still enjoy it. It’s Thane Krios and Emily Shepard, my favorite Mass Effect ship of all time. This was a sketch from late summer 2012, and it sat around a while before I got around it. If you want to see the picture in DA, click it! :)


This was made by fans! Damn, Bioware, something like THIS should have been in the game.