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Again I’m late to the hype train :c
But after finishing Mass Effect 3 and immerse myself in a huge sadness, I could not help but draw this; (

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Mass effect saga by Bioware
Illustration by NikoDere

Mass Effect ship list

So I’ve started to compile a list of Mass Effect ship names, for fellow multishippers like me.

Note, on any of these (well, the Shepard ones anyway), you can add either ’m’ or ‘f’ to the front of it to indicate Shepard’s gender. Example, mShenko for male Shepard/Kaidan, or fShali for female Shepard//Tali, etc. 

EDIT: I’m unlikely to further update this list, and have no plans to make another one for Andromeda.

Shepard Ships

  • Shepard/Garrus Vakarian - Shakarian
  • Shepard/Tali'zorah - Shali
  • Shepard/Liara - Shiara
  • Shepard/Kaidan Alenko - Shenko
  • Shepard/Thane Krios - Shrios
  • Shepard/Javik - Shavik
  • Shepard/James Vega - Shega
  • Shepard/Joker - Shoker
  • Shepard/Ashley - Shepley
  • Shepard/Steve Cortez - Shortez
  • Shepard/Samantha Traynor - Shaynor

Other Character Ships

  • Garrus/Tali - Talibrations
  • Javik/Liara T'soni - T'sovik or Tsovik
  • Jack/Miranda - Jackanda
  • Tali'zorah/Legion - Talgion
  • James Vega/Steve Cortez - Cortega
  • Kolyat/Oriana - Koliana
  • Kaidan/Miranda - Kairanda
  • Kaidan Alenko/Ashley Williams - Wilenko
  • Aria/Tevos - Areos
  • Feron/Liara T'soni - T'skittles
  • Aria/Nyreen - Nyria
  • Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik  - Kryterius
  • Nihlus Kryik/Garrus Vakarian - Krykarian
  • Joker/EDI - JEDI or JoDI
  • Samantha Traynor/EDI - Traydi (possibly? The tag seems to be empty, if someone could confirm this)
  • Vakarius - Garrus Vakarian/Adrian Victus

There wasn’t already a ship name for my OT3, so I just made this up because reasons, if anyone wants to start using it I’m game, or at least until someone comes up with a better suggestion

  • Shepard/Garrus/Tali - Shakarizorah

All this thinking about Liara’s lifespan has me sad…. I mean, even if Shepard beats the Reapers and lives she’s still not going to live as long as Liara. Which means she won’t even be able to see her little blue babies really grow up. Humans live I believe a little over our lifespan now. Around 140 I think (Ashley: “Damn, I hope I look that good at 109!” Shepard: “We’re lucky if we hit 150.”). Shepard’s about 31-33 at the end of ME 3 depending on whether or not you count aging in the 2 years Shepard was dead. I personally don’t but eh. So she’d still be around for another 110 years +/- but still. Compared to Liara’s 900 years left that’s nothing.

Liara would have to go on without Shepard for ANOTHER 700 YEARS.

Let’s all pretend Shepard gets implants so she never ages and therefore can live as long as Liara and then dies with Liara in Liara’s old age by removing the implants. Or she could wait until Liara only has 110 years left as well and remove the implants then that way they both grow old together!

Yes. I approve this headcanon.