ship: shepley

this isn’t how it was supposed to happen.

but then, these things never are, and it seems like all the best stories start out exactly the way they’re not supposed to.

shepard’s mother would have wanted her to fall for the tall, dark, and handsome lieutenant. he’s kind, smart, moving up in the world even if he doesn’t want to be. and years ago, he might’ve been just her type, the two of them with enough combined baggage to fill a cargo ship.

she looks forward to his smile every morning and she thinks he might be the first best friend she’s had since before the Ns.

but she’s not in love with him.

“hey, skipper,” ashley says in passing, and shepard’s heartbeat trips over itself as her feet barely manage not to do the same.

“ash,” she says, and wonders if the chief smirks that way at all her COs.

Imagine Shepard, researching all of Ashley’s favorite poets–studying all various forms, disciplines and styles of the art–in order to write one that fully expresses the Commander’s feeling for her. A poem manifesting how important, beautiful, and amazing she is. How Shepard’s life is all the greater for having her in it.

Only for it to end in, “And dat butt, hot." 


“Don’t even think about it, Travis. She’s like my sister,” America warned.

“Baby,” Shepley said. “You just told him no. He’s never gonna stop, now.”

“You’re not her type,” she hedged.

Travis feigned insult. “I’m everyone’s type!”

I peeked over at him and smiled.“Ah! A smile. I’m not a rotten bastard after all,” he winked. “It was nice to meet you, Pidge.”

written by mrsalenko, art by me

mad | mass effect | shepley

“I’m not mad, Shepard. I’m disappointed.”

Oh crap, thought Shepard, resisting the urge to shift nervously. Now, I’ve pissed her off.

“Ash, honey, light of my life, better half… I’m so sorry. I was off shooting bottle with Garrus and-”

“And you just forgot our anniversary!” she yelled, throwing the single rose he’d bought hastily to try and apologize for missing dinner.

Shepard winced.

“It wasn’t like that. I was…” He sighed. “OK. It was going to be a surprise. I lied. I wasn’t off shooting bottle with Garrus. I was getting you this. The shop owner took ages to find it for me.”

From his pocket he pulled out a small book.

“It’s rare. The only one on the Citadel. Tennyson’s collected works. First edition. I hope you like it. Happy anniversary.”

He nearly fell over when Ash leapt at him, kissing him so hard he saw stars.

Aw yeah, Shepard. You still got it.