ship: shepardxtraynor

  • Traynor: Ready whenever you are, Commander.
  • Shepard: Samantha...
  • Traynor: Don't. If you start I will burst into tears in the middle of the CIC, and that would be mortifying. Thanks for everything... even if we don't end up with the house with the white picket fence and the two kids. Sorry, stupid joke.
  • Shepard: That sounds pretty good to me.
  • Traynor: Okay good, because I wasn't really joking. I want a big house, white picket fence, and a dog, some kind of a retriever. I'm thinking two kids but... are you writing this down?
  • Shepard: I'll remember.
  • Traynor: You damn well better. Whatever happens... I love you. Now go save the world, again.