ship: shenko

I’ve always loved the fact that Shepard gets to fireman-carry an injured Kaidan back to the ship not once but twice during the games.

So I kind of like imagining that she occasionally does that in social situations too, as basically her way of saying, “I’m bored, we’re done here.”

“Wh- Shepard, what are you… [resigned sigh].”

Imagine your otps

Imagine your otps.

Imagine them at the end of their missions.

Imagine them going on with their lives.

Imagine them creating new traditions for themselves, like breakfast in bed, or sleeping late one day, taking a walk when the weather is nice or curling up by the fire when it snows.

Imagine them having a normal life after everything they’ve been through.

Imagine them happy and safe.

the thing i love about fshenko and mshenko is that i used to think they were the same ship just a different gender and i didn’t really understand how the fandoms were so different.

but i’ve realized that mshenko has the dynamic of lost time. this tension that’s been building up for years because of unsurety and is there really time with a war on. they finally find themselves together on the eve of the end of the universe. but it’s almost too little too late

with fshenko it was all so innocent in the beginning, so perfect. dying ruined everything. the relationship is never the same after that and they’re left longing for the simplicity of mess hall late nights and battlefield flirting. just take me back to the start.

i guess what i’m trying to say is no matter how you ship it, everyone ends up in tears and i think that’s beautiful.  

Imagine your otps

Imagine them curled up in bed at night, talking about nothing. Content to be in each other’s company.

Imagine them going out to dinner, or the movies, and poking fun at the others choice.

Imagine them doing normal couple things, like cooking dinner together or going furniture shopping.

Imagine them slow dancing in their home to soft music. Imagine slow dancing turning into slow kissing.


Imagine how your otp sleeps. Tangled together under sheets and blankets, drawing warmth from one another.

Imagine how your otp speaks. Voices low and whispered in some private joke or loud and roaring as they argue.

Imagine how they smile. Quick little grins peppered through conversations like candy. Slow sweet smiles when one says something utterly romantic.

Imagine how they kiss. One quick tug to bring the other against them, lips crushing down instantly because they just have to taste. Achingly slow sips, drawn out to infinity when they have all the time in the world to taste.


Kaidan watching Shepard get spaced, seeing the debris rupture her suit. Watching the air escape and her arms struggle to plug the holes. Watching her die.

Kaidan drinking himself into a stupor after Shepards memorial service.

Kaidan staring at Shepard on Horizon, overcome with relief and yet so angry at the same time.

Kaidan cursing himself as he boards the Alliance shuttle and mentally composing an apology email, which he delays sending because he can’t quite get the words right.

Kaidan hearing through the Alliance grapevine that Shepard survived the Omega relay, and feeling a giant weight lift off his chest.

Kaidan watching Shepard walk away from him at HQ and wondering if she loses as much sleep as he does thinking about their relationship.

Kaidan, demanding an explanation on Mars, because he’s tired of dancing around the past 3 years like they never happened.

Kaidan staring at Shepard as the robot doctor thing beats the crap out of him and thinking ‘and least I got to see you again’.

Kaidan listening to her voice and hearing the emotions underneath, something she’s gotten very good at hiding usually.

Kaidan waking up and planning out exactly what he’s going to say to Shepard when he sees her again.

Kaidan staring at Shepard across the Presidium walkway. Watching the hand that used to hold his point a gun at him. Seeing eyes that are begging him to finally believe her. And he does.

Kaidan promising himself that this time, this time he’s going to keep her safe.

Kaidan kissing her again, and thinking maybe things will finally be okay.

Kaidan breathing through the agonizing pain and pleading with Shepard not to leave him. And watching her walk away because it’s the only way to save him.

Kaidan hearing Hackett say “She did it. Godspeed.” Before blacking out.

Kaidan waking up, seeing Dr. Chakwas staring at a bottle of brandy and knowing he failed. Closing his eyes again because it all seems to be too much now.

Kaidan soldiering on because that is what he does, even if all he has to hold on to is the smallest sliver of hope.

Kaidan returning to the Citadel and using his biotics on anyone who tries to keep him from Shepard.

Kaidan, exhausted, resting his head on the hospital sheets and linking his fingers with Shepard’s, because damned if anyone is going to separate them now.

Kaidan waking up to gentle fingers on his cheek.

Kaidan staring into bright green eyes still hazy with pain. Pressing his lips to her forehead and murmuring “Welcome back Commander.”

Watch on


Kaidan watching Shepard in the apartment

Kaidan thinking it could be their apartment

Kaidan forgetting for just a moment that there’s a war and they’re soldiers and there’s still so much to do and impossibilities to face

Kaidan watching Shepard forget it too if only for a minute

Kaidan finding himself lingering on a display of engagement rings when they’re out shopping for party supplies

Kaidan waking up the next morning with Shepard in his arms without the whir of a ship engine forcing them out of bed

Kaidan going back to the ring display and tucking a small package into his pocket before joining up with the crew in Docking Bay D-24