ship: shenko


There was only ever one person for my Shepard, and that person was Kaidan Alenko.  Getting to watch these two awkward dopes slowly build a relationship over the course of the trilogy was a personal highlight for me as a gaymer who just wanted to have the same fun everyone else was having in this incredible universe.
And as I prepare to take these two on their final adventure with tomorrow’s DLC I just want to say thank you so much Bioware, from the bottom of my sappy heart.

I’ve always thought that when Kaidan said, “I love you. I’ve always loved you, through all these years, through…everything,” it’s like his final apology. And I think he always looked back on Horizon and Mars when he said ‘loved’ and regretted it and he just needs her to know, before they might die, that he never stopped loving her even when he made her think otherwise.

but what if Kaidan likes his coffee black

and Shepard is just appalled
“how do you drink that? a little sugar wouldn’t hurt.”

so Kaidan turns around and snatches a kiss and just—“mm. you’re right. did need a little sugar, thanks.”

Mass Effect ship list

So I’ve started to compile a list of Mass Effect ship names, for fellow multishippers like me.

Note, on any of these (well, the Shepard ones anyway), you can add either ’m’ or ‘f’ to the front of it to indicate Shepard’s gender. Example, mShenko for male Shepard/Kaidan, or fShali for female Shepard//Tali, etc. 

EDIT: I’m unlikely to further update this list, and have no plans to make another one for Andromeda.

Shepard Ships

  • Shepard/Garrus Vakarian - Shakarian
  • Shepard/Tali'zorah - Shali
  • Shepard/Liara - Shiara
  • Shepard/Kaidan Alenko - Shenko
  • Shepard/Thane Krios - Shrios
  • Shepard/Javik - Shavik
  • Shepard/James Vega - Shega
  • Shepard/Joker - Shoker
  • Shepard/Ashley - Shepley
  • Shepard/Steve Cortez - Shortez
  • Shepard/Samantha Traynor - Shaynor

Other Character Ships

  • Garrus/Tali - Talibrations
  • Javik/Liara T'soni - T'sovik or Tsovik
  • Jack/Miranda - Jackanda
  • Tali'zorah/Legion - Talgion
  • James Vega/Steve Cortez - Cortega
  • Kolyat/Oriana - Koliana
  • Kaidan/Miranda - Kairanda
  • Kaidan Alenko/Ashley Williams - Wilenko
  • Aria/Tevos - Areos
  • Feron/Liara T'soni - T'skittles
  • Aria/Nyreen - Nyria
  • Saren Arterius/Nihlus Kryik  - Kryterius
  • Nihlus Kryik/Garrus Vakarian - Krykarian
  • Joker/EDI - JEDI or JoDI
  • Samantha Traynor/EDI - Traydi (possibly? The tag seems to be empty, if someone could confirm this)
  • Vakarius - Garrus Vakarian/Adrian Victus

There wasn’t already a ship name for my OT3, so I just made this up because reasons, if anyone wants to start using it I’m game, or at least until someone comes up with a better suggestion

  • Shepard/Garrus/Tali - Shakarizorah