ship: shawn and juliet


just talking out loud about shawn and juliet’s breakup arc..

some people say the break up time was too short/ too long but i think they went about it perfectly. Although i cried so hard when she found out, juliet need to know eventually. I dont know how long he could have kept it going, but i highly highly doubt that he would have told her, she definitely would have found out like she did. She is a detective after all. And the next episode she seems really upset which is very reasonable, truth is VERY important to her since her father is a conman and stuff. In the episode about her father, she gives him so many chances to redeem himself for her. To see if he does care about her. And in the end it was worth it. She didnt want to cut her father out of her life 100% without giving him a chance. Same goes with Shawn. She has to have time to process everything so i understand why she wanted space and knowing shawn he would barely give it to her, but because he loves her, he did move out. But she had to make him work to earn back her trust. Juliet never stopped loving him, and the window scene can confirm that she misses him. She sees that he still cares for her and never lied about that. It would have made no sense if they never got back together, unless shawn gave up, which would never happen. And the dance scene juliet is reminded of how much shawn can love and even though he is 5 years old most of the time, he has a part of him that is so mature and passionate for her. When he goes to tell the chief the truth, its pretty self explanatory that even though she doesnt want to hold this secret for him that he kept from her, it would be selfish to ruin lives and his whole career over it, she loves him too much and couldnt let him do it. From there on out it was just time they needed and they few episodes for them to get in a groove of juliet knowing was enough to get back together officially. So yeah i think it was a very sad but necessary arc of jules finding out. Pretty sure no one will read this but im just thinking out loud here.