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Prompt: Sam finds out Dean and Cass have been married for years in secret. Dean having the ring on a necklace chain that he hides under his shirt and Cass having the ring in his coat pocket.

Dean is leaning over the Impala’s engine, hands covered in grease and methodically replacing a spark plug, when Sam sees it. It’s just a glint of something silver, but it catches his eye because it seems out of place. 

Dean doesn’t wear necklaces, at least not anymore. Even the amulet that he’d once worn religiously now hangs from the Impala’s rear view mirror, Dean claiming that it flies up and hits him in the teeth when he runs. So to see a delicate silver chain hanging on his neck now seems out of place.

Dean leans over further and the chain slips farther out of his collar, tipping out and revealing a gold ring dangling from it.

“What’s that?” Sam finally asks, gesturing toward his own neck. Dean blinks rapidly and  glances down at the ring.

“Uh… A ring,” he says, quickly tucking it back and leaving grease stains on the collar of his t-shirt. “One of dad’s old rings.” he adds quickly. 

“Why are you wearing that?” Dean can be sentimental at times, but Sam is surprised it’s a ring and not their father’s dog tags. 

“Just wanted to wear it.” Dean twists the ratchet with a grunt and straightens up, wiping his hand on the rag flung over the front grill. “Dad’s wedding ring. Figured it would be… nice to wear it.”

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Alright, I told my wife @the-calvaree that I’d write her whatever she wanted post-job interview and she asked for “IronFalcon, maybe in the Secretly Married verse” with “anything related to balloons and cupcakes” so. You all get this.

Somehow Peter Parker comandeered your story, my dearest Keeta, so… that’s a thing.

“Whoa, did a Party City explode in here or something?” Peter said, batting a balloon out of his face.

“Shut up,” Tony said, strolling out of the kitchen, a bowl of chips in his hands. “We may have gone overboard,” he added, glancing around with a slight grimace.

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The avengers have never seen T'Challa smile so they all think he's a stern man... Well that changes when Tony arrives to Wakanda and wait... Are they fucking married?

Combined with:

“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?” 

You have no idea how much I actually wanted do this. It was really a lot of fun to write! Anyways! This is to you Anons! - Caroline

Tony sighed softly as he trudged into the building. He had just gotten back from a veritable parade of meetings he was tired and just wanted to sleep. But of course, there always had to be something going on that caught his attention before he could even get to his room.

T'Challa was sitting in a chair, his arms crossed, not smiling or laughing. Clint was in the background, off doing some strange acting game-thing Tony didn’t recognize. Natasha had joined him, as had Sam and Scott. Bucky and Wanda were on the side, cheering them on.. Vision and Steve were just smiling amused on the side.  

“What.. The hell are you guys doing?”

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Secret Marriage - Lunatical - The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
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Title: Secret Marriage

Rating: General Audiences

Warnings: None

Relationships: James “Rhodey” Rhodes/Tony Stark

Characters: James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton, Thor

Word count: 734

Summary: [Iron Husbands “Secretly Married” AU] “Dude, is that a wedding ring?”

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hi, if you're accepting prompts can I offer: (ironpanther) King T'Chaka's reply "except when moving a piano" in CACW was actually in reference to the time T'Challa bought a piano for Tony and the resulting awkwardness of dragging the instrument around looking for the perfect spot while keeping it secret from Tony :)

This fits into this set of drabbles.


“You did not think this through, did you?” T’Chaka asked, amused.

His son gave him an unamused glare. “I thought that-”

Raising a brow, T’Chaka said, “That two people could move a baby grand piano?”

Sighing helplessly, TChalla said, “Baba….”

Laughing, T’Chaka glanced back at Cebisa and gave a nod of his head. She smirked slightly and stepped out into the hall to gather some help for them. Meanwhile, T’Chaka walked over to his son, a fond smile on his face.

“I assume there is a reason you felt compelled to purchase a custom made piano?”

T’Chaka blushed, ducking his head bashfully, and T’Chaka grinned widely.

“A reason that may have the name of Tony Stark?” he teased some more.

“Baba,” T’Challa muttered. Laughing, T’Chaka pulled his sun into a hug, kissed the side of his head.

“You spoil him.”

“He deserves to be,” T’Challa said quietly. “He has not been, very often.” He gazed at the piano thoughtfully. “He is used to being the one to make grand gestures to others. He is not used to receiving them. And… I enjoy making him happy.”

T’Chaka nodded. “You love him.” He waited a moment, then added, “I merely ask that if you plan on proposing tonight or any other time, you forewarn us.”

“Baba!” T’Challa yelped.

T’Chaka burst into laughter.


T’Chaka found Tony in the guest room that had used to be his. He rarely stayed there, now that he and T’Challa were married. However, T’Chaka had thought he would find him there tonight.

Tony plinked at the keys, half a tune and no thought. Sighing, T’Chaka went to sit beside him, setting a hand on his shoulder.

“I know you are worried,” he murmured.

“They’ve put Ross in charge,” Tony said, sneering. “You may not get it, but that guy’s bad news.”

“I have met his like before,” T’Chaka agreed. “But sometimes we must set aside some battles, until it is safe to pick them back up.”

Tony looked at him, eyes pinched with worry. “I still don’t know if this is the best idea,” he admitted. “The Avengers… they’re - we’re not hurting anyone. I mean, people get hurt but… but they’d get hurt worse without us.”

“Perhaps,” T’Chaka said gently. “But I remind you - does this give you the right to do whatever you please, wherever you wish to do it?”

Tony sighed, looking away.

Sighing as well, T’Chaka set a hand on Tony’s back. “Play a song for me?” he asked.

After a moment, Tony settled on the bench more squarely and set his hands to the keys and played.

Favorite OTP Pairings:


“Well, that hair, those limbs, that surprising brain. it’s like she’s from another planet. She’s a true eccentric. Karen provides my funniest moments on a daily basis. Seeing her run. Seeing her move. Seeing those limbs extend. When she opens her mouth, it tends to be funny – unwittingly, but funny. But underneath her mad exterior, she’s sharp. She’s just perfectly Amy Pond. People love her. She’s hilarious.”

~ Matt Smith, on Karen Gillan.


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I love your writing! Especially the angsty ironpanther ones. If your taking prompts, could you do more of the secretly married ironpanther AU? Maybe the Avengers find out that T'Challa is married but don't know who?

Anonymous said: I love your secretly married ‘verse. Can we pretty please have more? Maybe the others finding out they are married? Or anything else really. You dragged me into rare pair hell ;) 

Anonymous said: Omg? Like now i really need the avengers reaction when they found out tony is married to T'challa? And T'challa and everyone in wakanda being really mean to Steve because of what he did to tony?

Anonymous said: please please please, would you write the team finding out about Tony and T'Challa for your secretly married verse??? (Or theorise about how it would go down??)) <3 

Okay by obviously popular demand, I give you more of the Secretly Married IronPanther verse. (Last drabble for it here.)


T’Challa remained perfectly polite to the Secret Avengers upon returning. If they noticed something was off, none of them dared confront him about it.

Shuri had no such compunctions.

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