ship: sam x quinn

“If Glee was a movie 10 years from now, Quinn would be…. I feel like her and Sam get back together. I feel like Quinn has had twins: one looks like her and one looks like him… big lips. And they live in like Connecticut.”
— Dianna Agron

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By buddy, my pal, good ol’ sammy sam the surfer man 

OTP: Sinn is probably my fave out of everyone I ship Sam with tbh

BrOTP: As much as Quinn is his bro, Sam/Dekka are the brotp, two gay bros who have each other’s backs, I support

OT3: Quinn/Sam/Edilio works?? Like I feel like there could be something there 

NoTP: I have many a negative feeling towards Sam/Astrid. 

More on the upcoming "Get Fabrevans Trending on Twitter" Campaign~

After some discussions with several other Fabrevans shippers, we think that it’s probably best to keep this simple and pointed and go with ’Sam and Quinn’ as what to trend on Tuesday, January 31st during both airings, East and West Coast.

It’s pointless to trend it on a non Glee night, it’ll have more impact and garner attention from the cast and writers if it happens when the new episode is on the air. To show that in spite of what they’re giving us with that ‘other’ ship, that there are still those of us that want Fabrevans and we want to be heard and just get at least a chance to have our ship revisited.

We picked ’Sam and Quinn’ because there is a real chance the writers and cast may not even be aware that 'Fabrevans’ is the preferred ship name in the fandom, and like I mentioned before, simple and pointed is best. 

Also, hashtags~ be careful when using them, you have to vary the tweet or they don’t get counted toward a trend and become spam. Do add the hashtag #Glee every couple of tweets for extra emphasis.

Spread the word~ Post on your Tumblrs and Twitters, about the 'event’, avoid tagging it with Sam Evans or Chord Overstreet because let’s face it, the current canon ship for Sam’s shippers are pretty much there and would likely mount a counter effort. So keep it to the Fabrevans and Quam tags so that we’re not pissing people off and being thwarted in our efforts to actually get out voices heard for once.

And please keep your tweets positive and on topic to Sam and Quinn, try to avoid negatives about other ships, we want this to be about our love for the ship, not hate on another.

More info to come in the following days…