ship: regina x daniel

Once Upon a Time Moments I Love

#20 - It looks the same

For all her big hair and crazy make-up and dresses that are meant to impress and dazzle and terrify, this scene is so simple and quiet and understated for Regina. She stands, looking at the exact spot where Daniel died, twisting his ring around her finger, and for the first time since she has become the Queen in earnest, we see a little of broken young Regina shining through.

No matter what happens, no matter what she does, her life will always be defined by that place and that time. Even if she won, it would never be enough. She technically won with the curse, and even then, it never was enough. You just know that she imagined Henry being the child she never had with Daniel. 

No matter what she does, to her, it all looks the same. It all comes back to that little piece of ground at her feet, where everything she hoped and dreamed was torn apart and ground to dust. Nothing, not revenge, not happiness, can ever undo it. 

Regina might not look damaged, but that stable floor is the scar that will never, ever heal.