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Look at my eyes – that’s not pity.

#current reason for my emotional state: this scene #Deacon is a rare example of someone taking full responsibility for their actions #after all these years and everything he’s put her through #he can’t believe that she still loves him #the actual confirmation of her love destroys him because he sincerely doesn’t believe it #you can see that he’s fighting with himself to continue pushing her away #because he wholeheartedly doesn’t want her to go through anymore suffering because of him #and Connie Britton is brilliant in this scene because Rayna can’t believe that Deacon doesn’t know how much he’s adored by her #she’s putting her entire heart and soul into this declaration that it’s love because she needs him to feel it with everything he’s got #and he does #he feels it and it makes everything that much more emotional for the both of them

So today I fucked up

I haven’t been watching Nashville for a few weeks so today I decided to catch up. I was only 5 episodes behind so I didn’t think THAT much happened.

But then….THEY FUCKING KILLED RAYNA. RAYNA JAYMES IS DEAD. HOW DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE. I mean, maybe Connie has a new project coming up and she had to leave the show but to make her deal with Carl/Wayne and almost die, and then put her in a car wreck and almost die and then have her be okay and talking and being funny and trying to write a new song for the album, and THEN she dies anyways???? My entire heart is broken. Broken I tell you.

And now Teddy’s bitch ass is back and I just wanna throw my TV.

Shortly before this season started, I decided to start watching Nashville. I didn’t watch it when it originally premiered because at the time, I was trying not to add more shows to repertoire. I knew I would probably like it because it involved music and Connie Britton and I am a sucker for drama, even when it gets a a little soapy.

Imagine the emotional roller coaster ride that I’ve been on with this show in a short time span. I feel for those who have been watching it and riding it out since it first aired.

Why, why did I decide to start watching this? 😭