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Justified fic recs

Time for another rec post!

To be honest I don’t read a whole lot of fic for Justified because I feel like the show is so goddamn good it stands on its own, but when I do it’s always Raylan/Boyd or Raylan/Boyd/Ava OT3.

Persephone’s Son (Orpheus Played Fiddle, Hades Let Him Go) (by scioscribe) - [M] Raylan hasn’t lived as long as he has, with the life he leads, by accident. A fascinating blend of Greek mythology with Harlan County.

We’ve Both Believed in Mean Gods (by EngageProtocol) - [M] AU where Raylan and Boyd wrote postcards to each other after Raylan left Harlan, with a sweet happy ending.

Please Put Down Your Hands (by thornfield_girl) - [R/Explicit] AU where Raylan is told that Boyd is dead, upon returning to Harlan. Imagine his surprise when he runs into Boyd at a gay bar in Richmond. Multi-parter, domestic AU with bonus Crowder shenanigans. Has good sequels.

Set Fire to This House (by norgbelulah) - [R/Explicit] AU, Arlo dies just before Raylan’s 30th birthday, and it’s goddamn inconvenient. Raylan lets Boyd live in the house, and they fall into an arrangement of sorts. A series of fics that explore what a relationship with Raylan and Boyd would have been like. It’s complicated.

I Have Not Been Myself (by norgbelulah) - [R/Explicit] Post-S3, Raylan finds himself in Johnny’s bar, looking to get drunk or looking for Boyd or both, he’s not quite sure himself.

Ain’t It Good to Think About the Weather (by torakowalski) - [R/Explicit] Post-S1. Boyd goes to find the woman who killed his father and ends up in a bad way. Raylan takes care of him.

To Call the Darkness Home (by scioscribe) - [M] AU, a creepy, atmospheric, Stephen King-esque take on Harlan County and what lives beneath it. Raylan is terrified of returning to Harlan, and he has good reason.

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I’m not sure which ship meme this goes to so…I’ll do both!

Send me a ship and I’ll respond with a gif:


Send a ship and I’ll give you who:

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses – Boyd
  • Gets jealous the most – both, mostly Raylan.
  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive – Boyd
  • Takes care of on sick days – Boyd
  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day Raylan. (“Come on, Boyd, get your nose out of your books every so often.”)
  • Gives unprompted massages – Boyd
  • Drives/rides shotgun – Raylan drives, Boyd rides shotgun
  • Brings the other lunch at work –Boyd
  • Has the better parental relationship –neither, equally shitty.
  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer – Raylan, Boyd can at least still clog when drunk.
  • Still cries watching Titanic – Boyd
  • Firmly believes in couples costumes – neither
  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas – Boyd (he stole it and Raylan knows he stole it. Keeps it in his desk at work anyway.)
  • Makes the other eat breakfast – Boyd
  • Remembers anniversaries – Boyd
  • Brings up having kids – Raylan (Surprises the hell outta Boyd. ”I thought you never wanted kids; too afraid you’d turn out to parent like your daddy.” “I don’t think that’s in the cards for me any longer,” Raylan replies over whiskey.)

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OMG, that finale. Still processing it all but I have to ask, what was your favorite part? (my favorite part was that everybody liiiiiived!)

But wait, that’s my favorite part, that everybody lived! Without it, my other favorite part couldn’t happen: that last conversation with Raylan and Boyd.

The two of them at the end, that’s what I needed to see. Their old, true selves, but a little older and wiser. Not blind with the obsession that’s driven them all season, either costing them or very nearly costing them the rest of their life. Just there, talking, the way these two guys can talk with each other, the way they can’t talk with anybody else.

Well, that, and Loretta putting her boot on Boon’s wrist, getting her own hero shot framed against that bright blue sky. That whole High Noon scene, really.

(Well, that, and… nope, okay, stopping now.)

So here is the fic no one asked for, but I just couldn't stop myself from writing it.

Living Arrangements

by Moonshine_Givens

A little shit. Just a little shit armed with a shitty kitchen knife in this shithole of a trailer in fucking Harlan. Raylan can barely believe that after everything, after putting down so many known killers and mobsters in epic shootings, after facing ruthless murderers and vicious criminals, he’s going to die by the hands of a little shit like Jimmy, the bartender.

(took a little longer to post it here ‘cause I waiting 'till wonderful norgbelulah did the beta for me, and really, she was amazing with it - it had a million mistakes before. Now it’s safe to read, boys and girls!)

This is such a perfect last scene.  It’s like Raylan’s finally at a place where he can admit that he likes Boyd and that they did have a bond and it did mean something to him.  Something Boyd’s never denied.  They’re genuinely smiling at each other and laughing together and I love every bit of it.

“There is one thing I wander back to.”

“We dug coal together.”

“That’s right.”

Perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  My boys.  I almost cried.

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are you liking the way they've done the final season and set up the finale? i really wanted a boyd-raylan team up but maybe i've been watching the show wrong, stuck in s1.

I am liking it. Loving it, actually. And I don’t think you’ve been watching the show wrong at all. That’s the thing, I could just as easily see a Boyd/Raylan team up, pulling one last Bulletville-like coup before they turn their guns on each other, had the current drifted just a little bit different. I’d believe it just as easily as I believe they’re at odds now. That’s been the great nature of their relationship since the beginning. Very nearly friends, if not for how much they’re enemies. Very nearly on the same side, except for all the reasons they’re not.


And may the odds be ever in his favor,

by Moonshine_Givens.

Try picturing this one with Raylan wearing a side braid.

They are the star crossed lovers, because Ava thinks they are, because everyone in this damn game thinks they are, because Boyd is a silver tongue, so he has to save Boyd, they have to win the game, and the hunger is so big-engulfing-hurtful-horrible-huge, Raylan will shoot someone down and he’ll protect Ava and he’ll save Boyd and he’ll survive if only he can run…

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