ship: michael x holly

often when watching the office i get so annoyed with michael but the more times i watch through which is a lot i honestly just feel more compassion for him and come to find him endearing. he never experienced what a family was so he looks upon his co-workers as the closest thing he has to one. despite never being properly loved, he goes out his way to support his co-workers in their passions, fights for their jobs on multiple occasions, and cares about their opinions more than anyone. so it makes it all the more heartwarming to watch him find love with holly, a woman who embraces his silliness and openly shows her love for him, as opposed to how distraught he was with jan.  he grows so much from those first episodes to when he departs in season 7 and even though i cry every single time i watch “goodbye, michael”, i know michael is going to be so happy in colorado with holly and have that family he always wanted.


favorite michael & holly moments > ‘an event that everyone talks about always and forever’ > (7x19) garage sale

You know what? let’s go for a little walk. i want to show you some stuff. […] this is where our love faces its toughest test. after this, it’s just smooth sailing for the rest of our lives.