ship: mergwen


Sweet, simple Gwen! I know, I know! This horrid little house is your dream castle! And poor Merlin is your bold and fearless Sir Galahad!

101 Dragons!! i can’t draw dragons. why did i do this. Merlin does magic in the attic!! gwen for some reason also has a dragon!! i dont know what im doing and im enjoying myself

Never in any show has an OT3 been as insanely plausible as it is on Merlin.  Seriously, you are going to have to convince me that in the years between season 4-5 Arthur and Gwen didn’t start a romantic relationship with Merlin, if not actually married him.

He’s there at dinner.

He’s there on the opposite side of the throne from Gwen.

He’s there on their anniversary.

He’s there on their dates.

He’s there when they go to bed.

He’s there again when they get up.

Somewhere in that muddle they loose their ‘he’s Arthur’s manservant of course he has to be there!  No threesomes going on here.  None at all’ excuse.

That’s why Gwen isn’t bothered by the fact that it sometimes seems like her husband is having an affair with his manservant.

And why she’s never annoyed that Merlin plays a large role in all of Arthur’s romantic endeavors.

And why Arthur sometimes shows disproportionate concern for Merlin compared to Gwen.  He has one spouse who manages to mostly keep herself out of harms way (save being kidnapped and brainwashed that one time), but the other one insists getting himself into some kind of trouble on an almost weakly basis.

Headcanon unless explicitly proven otherwise.

Headcannon:  It’s no secret that Arthur liked to lightly harass Merlin about his lack of a love life, and it only got worse after Arthur’s marraige to Gwen. Although Merlin was generally a good sport about it, he was steadily growing quite annoyed. While on a quest with the knights, they stopped at a tavern (at Gwaine’s suggestion) to rest for the night and enjoy some camaraderie and ale. Elyan remarked that a particularly lovely barmaid was making eyes at the secret warlock, and Arthur couldn’t resist such an opening to a good round of teasing, saying that it would be a miracle when Merlin attracted the attention of a lady, further piquing Merlin’s aggravation.

“I could have a girl if I wanted one, dollophead.”

Arthur scoffed. “Please, Merlin. Name one girl who has ever fancied you.”

“Your wife,” Merlin promptly retorted and walked away, leaving a stuttering king demanding an explanation and a band of knights howling with laughter.

Remember back when MerGwen was so close to becoming canon so that like even Morgana was like, “Oh, noo, don’t worry, Merlin, I shall keep your adorable love story as a servant in love with another servant which is totally meant to be and all like a way-too-much cute OTP a secret for now don’t worry I won’t tell anyone until you guys are ready to come out about it and to confess your true love for each other while Arthur’s slightly pissed that his servant’s found a mate before him but is still happy for you anyway because he wants people to be happy especially for when you guys get married I’ve even gotten some really neat embroidered baby blankets imported fresh from just outside the kingdoms [with maybe just an enchantment here and there from a very kindly druid to bless your child with a lifetime of fortune shhh just don’t tell Uther] just chill relax and when you guys start fucking don’t mind me if I just happen to watch through the window with a sketchpad, a quill, and an apple for a late night snack”.