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  • 16: Upside Down Kiss

It’s 4 am on a Tuesday morning when Eduardo is awoken from the most remarkable dream about flying meatballs and tap-dancing elves to the click, click, click of fingers typing away on keys and the blue glow of a computer screen. He groans, rubs a hand down his face and through his hair as he rolls out of bed. His limbs aren’t quite as awake as his mind, and he mostly just flops to the floor, dragging the blankets down with him. He doesn’t bother putting on clothes.

Mark is sitting at his desk, five empty Redbull cans on the floor by his feet. Wardo can’t even bring himself to surprised at this point. Mark is so focused on whatever inane thing he’s working on that he doesn’t even stir when Eduardo digs the point of his chin into Mark’s shoulder.

“Thought you were ‘sleep,” Mark slurs. Eduardo hums into the warmth of his neck. Mark doesn’t react.

“Was. Got lonely.” He stands up, hands falling heavily on Mark’s shoulders. “Come join me.” Mark only grunts. Wardo sighs, heavy and put upon like dealing with Mark is such a hassle for him, and slides his fingers into Mark’s greasy, unwashed, limp curls. He yanks Mark’s hand back until Mark’s forces to stop typing and pay attention.

“Come back to bed,” He adds a pout, sticking his bottom lip out jokingly. Then he leans over Mark, convincing him the only way he knows with get Mark to do what he wants. He presses a kiss to his forehead, the tip of his nose, then presses firmly against his mouth.

It’s an awkward angle, upside down, and their mouths don’t exact fit this way, but it’s still good, has still got Mark lifting up to meet him and Wardo tightening his hold to deepen it. When he pulls up, they’re both breathless, spit drying on Eduardo’s chin and Mark’s neck aching.

“Come to bed,” He repeats. This time Mark listens.

“I don’t know how.”

He can hear Eduardo’s sharp intake of breath and wonders about all the emotions in that breath, wonders if he’ll ever be able to understand them again.

“Don’t know how to what?” Eduardo asks, and Mark – Mark hears but doesn’t understand, doesn’t know how to force out the words.

Eduardo says, “How to fix it, or how to try?”


                                                   - You Could Dress This Wound (x) by Julia

"Won't Ever Be Anywhere But Here" | mark/wardo

Pairing: Mark/Eduardo

Rating: NC-17

Word Count: 2,151

Warnings: graphic mansex, naughty language

Summary: Eduardo is a dick.

Author’s Note: Well. Here it is. This is me getting my little ~pornographic feelers~ out. Wow, they look like penises! First porny thing to submit to the ‘thon. After the last one I felt like dirtying it up. The title is based on “Stutter” by Marianas Trench which is also AWESOME and yes, I am using the 'thon to promote my favorite bands, SHHHHHHHHHHH.

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Mark x Wardo - The Story of Us

I had to get your attention, Mark. [LISTEN]

i. you make me wanna - usher ii. lucky (ft. colbie calliat) - jason mraz iii. again i go unnoticed - dashboard confessional iv. paranoid - kanye west v. city girl - tegan and sara vi. burn - usher vii. the world has turned and left me here - weezer viii. why am i the one - fun. ix. what goes around… comes around - justin timberlake x. you’ll think of me - keith urban