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Karamel in 2x16 vs. 2x17

Aka, let’s talk about how much I love this parallel already.

Under (the) Cover (Vanderwood x Saeran)

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Saeran shivered as he tugged the blanket closer to his face, trying to make it completely shield him in the hope that he’d become warmer. The heat had been turned up, he had a thick blanket on top of him and yet he was still freezing. It didn’t help that his head felt like a scrambled egg, accompanied by the burning pain in his face.

Saeyoung and MC had looked forward to their outing all week, and he didn’t want to be a burden, so he acted like he was alright when they left. Now as he lay on the large couch in the living room, too tired to move to his bed, he wondered if Hell would be warmer.

The sound of calm footsteps on concrete alerted him he had a visitor. He didn’t have to guess who it was; for weeks on end the same guy visited irregularly, taking care of the chaos his stupid brother and equally nutty partner created around the house. For all the times he complained about not being a maid, he sure acted like one.

Every time he came by, Saeran felt flustered. Mary was Seven’s close friend and he had helped them during… that time, but he always got nervous around him. The older man seemed to fuss a lot too which made matters worse.

This time was no different. Vanderwood walked into the living room, his arms already full with random crap he had picked up on the way, and halted when he saw Saeran on the couch.

“What the- Are you alright?” He asked, as if Saeran had broken an arm or something. The former agent dropped all things on the carpet and head towards him. As much as he wanted to, Saeran couldn’t push himself further into the couch and tried not to feel embarrassed when Vanderwood gently touched his forehead.

“…’m fine.” Saeran angrily mumbled, face half under the blanket. The cold racked through his body and made him shiver violently again, feeling goosebumps all over. Vanderwood sighed and moved away from him. When he stayed out of sight for a while, Saeran couldn’t stop himself from feeling sad - maybe he wasn’t as interesting to be around like Saeyoung.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed with how woozy he felt, but at some point he felt the couch dip and he opened his eyes to Vanderwood kneeling next to him, holding a cup of what smelled like tea.

“Drink this, it helps.”

His gaze was warm, gentle and much too close. “…told you, I’m fine.”

“Stop being so bloody stubborn! Do you want to get better or not?” Vanderwood gave him no room to answer as he carefully lifted Saeran up until they both sat upright on the couch. Dizzy from the fever, Saeran wobbled until Vanderwood wrapped a warm arm around him to keep him steady, still holding the tea in front of him.

He hoped dearly that Vanderwood thought the blush on his face was from the illness and accepted the cup, taking small sips. The sweetness of the honey made the tea taste pleasant, and soon he had downed it all, the liquid warming him up from the inside. Vanderwood quickly put the cup on the ground and wrapped the redhead properly with the blanket.

The chills refused to leave him. Automatically, his body leaned towards the biggest source of warmth and only when his face rested on a warm and comfortable chest, hearing a heartbeat that rapidly increased in tempo, did he realize what he was doing. Saeran looked up and saw Vanderwood looking away from him, blushing as much as he was, but doing nothing to push him off. When he attempted to scoot away, the strong arm held him firmly in place.

“It’s fine. Body heat warms you up faster.” Vanderwood shifted so he was half lying, half sitting on the armrest of the couch with a cocooned Saeran on top of him.

Too sick to argue, Saeran resigned himself to the situation and felt the older man breathe in and out slowly, his head going along with the movement. As the heartbeat slowed down, his eyelids started to droop and peaceful sleep overtook him, finally feeling warm.


The heat was making him drowsy. Vanderwood browsed the Tripter app, trying to keep perfectly still. Saeran’s hair was tickling his neck, his body was glowing like a radiator, and Vanderwood’s leg was starting to get pins and needles from the weight on it but he refused to move so the younger man could get his much needed rest. Definitely Seven’s twin, matching his stubbornness and idiocy.

Saeran was muttering something in his sleep. Gently, he pushed away strands of hair from his forehead, and was met with a serene expression. The word cute drifted into Vanderwood’s mind, and he flushed for thinking so.

Excited chatter came from the hallway and like geese, Seven and MC walked in making too much noise. Shocked, they gaped at the sight of the two and Seven was about to say something most likely ridiculous, when MC slapped her hand in front of his mouth. Quickly the two of them ran off to the nearest room, excited and dismayed and all around annoying.

Vanderwood facepalmed. He was never going to hear the end of this.


#thankyoubones week: day 9 → 4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

Hodgela ❤️Yet another couple who have been through hell and back together, and have come out stronger despite the odds. What I love most about Hodgela is that while their journey from friends to lovers to an engaged couple happened in such a short timeframe, no one questioned their love or commitment to each other back then because they too, were always meant to be. Of course, an ex husband, a break up, Roxie, Wendell and several eons later, these two realised that themselves and thankfully, got married (in a jail cell no less). I have to say, that the day they spent in the jail cell represents some of my favourite Hodgela moments of the series, and their pregnancy arc in season 6 is a definite favourite, along with Hodgins’ paralysis storyline of course. I am so glad that after everything they’ve been through, particularly recently, they are now as solid as ever, if not more so. ‘We’re gonna live together and we’re gonna love together and we’re gonna have so much fun, and a little pain, and we’re gonna live a life that’s gonna make other people die with jealousy, wishing they were us.’ Hell yeah you two are ❤

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This is my first time writing Elucien and I have discovered that I love them. I was inspired by the scene in the 2005 Pride and Prejudice where Mr Bingley is following Jane around the ball (see gif) and I’m pretty sure Elain and Lucien are now solidified as Jane and Bingley in my head. Forever. 

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Elucien: Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch your butt. 

The party was bright and vibrant. The windows were open to allow temperate weather outside to sweep away the stuffiness that threatened to swarm the room. Lucien was proud of what he had put together with the help of his mother, and Elain as well. His mother and Elain got along like dry sticks and a flame, which he was not at all surprised about it. They both had a gentleness and kindness that seeped deep into their bones, into their very being, but they still were strong and wilful. 

He and Elain, they were taking it slow. Through the war and the recovery after Lucien hadn’t uttered a word to Elain about the mating bond. He had kept quiet for her. Lucien wanted Elain to adjust, to be and find out what she wanted before he approached her to accept it. He wanted her to want him and love him, without her feeling like she had to. Even though at times in drove Lucien mad not to be with her, not to claim his mate and love her as she deserved. But, slow. They were taking it slow.

In the meantime they had become friends, as they were undeniably drawn to each other. And lately, lately Lucien thought he had felt something more. Both from him and from her. Sometimes feelings thrummed down the bond and they had suggested… well something more. Lucien knew he was in love. Everyday he spent with her he was determined to make her laugh just so he could smile at the way Elain’s nose scrunched up when she did, or he would show her something that would make her eyes to open wide in wonder. He was unwaveringly dedicated to making her happy. 

Lucien watched as his guests danced and mingled. The Night Court’s Inner Circle was here but they mainly kept to themselves. All except Morrigan who danced and flittered about the room seeing whoever she pleased, the shadowsinger never far behind. Lucien looked to the Inner Circle now to see if he could spot Elain. He only saw two golden brown haired heads and neither belonged to his mate and sending a sweeping glance around the room Lucien still couldn’t spot her. 

“Looking for someone?” 

The soft voice that sounded behind Lucien made him turn and he found Elain standing behind him. The sight of her knocked the breath out of him for moment. She looked radiant. Dressed in a gown of the palest lavender that it was almost white and with the tiny white flowers woven through her braided hair like a halo, Lucien thought she looked like and angel. 

Elain smiled at him. “You’re staring.” 

Lucien felt a flush rise to his cheeks and he swallowed before he quickly said, “You look beautiful.”

It was Elain’s turn to blush and she glanced away, “Thank you.” 

Lucien was not this away around anyone else. When Elain stood in front of him his sarcasm and bravado fell away and he was left blushing and almost painfully awkward. His mother said he was simply a fool in love. 

Clearing his throat he said to Elain, “Do you want to take a walk?”

Elain nodded, then Lucien extended his arm indicating that Elain should lead the way. Lucien remained half a step behind Elain as they started to walk, it made weaving through the crowd easier. At times they were paused as people caught their attention, greeting the High Lord of Autumn and complementing him on his party. Whenever the guests commented on the party Lucien was sure to give Elain the praise she deserved, which she waved away with laugh and a blush. When they were left to themselves Elain asked Lucien about his horses, knowing he had been anxious about them recently as this years foals were starting to be born. Lucien could talk endlessly about his horses, being his passion and escape from his High Lord duties. And Elain, she listened and took interest. She knew which were his favourites and she asked after them by name and shared any concern and joy Lucien had in them. 

They had now almost reached the edge of the crowd. Lucien noted that Elain had led them towards the gardens that just lay outside the party room, one of her favourite places in the whole Court. As she walked ahead of him Lucien watched as her skirts swished about her and how the ends of the lilac ribbon that was tied around her waist got lost in them. Without really thinking about what he was doing Lucien reached out to grab it, to run its softness through his fingers. 

He missed. 

Elain turned to him, surprise written all over her face as well as a question. Missing the ribbon Lucien had touched Elain’s backside, practically pinched it. Lucien was sure his face matched the bright red shade of his hair and he was eternally grateful that they were now in the quiet corridor near the doors of the garden where no one could see his shame.

He swallowed once. Then twice. “I umm…” he stuttered out his face going impossibly redder, “Sorry! I didn’t mean to touch… your… ummm…” 

Lucien was mortified. The offending hand rubbed at his face and neck while he looked anywhere except Elain’s face. Where Lucien was to go from here, he didn’t know. He sent a silent, gratitude filled prayer to the Mother thanking her that Nesta hadn’t see, otherwise he may have been dead this very moment. . Lucien felt reassurance and forgiveness and endless amusement pulse down the bond and he met Elain’s eyes. Elain had a slight flush on her cheeks but beyond that she didn’t seem perturbed. She smiled at him then she leaned forward and kissed his cheek before taking Lucien’s hand in her own and began to lead them into the garden. 

Lucien’s cheek burned where Elain had kissed it and he thought to himself that he might embarrass himself more often if this was his reward.
"Will you always love me?" Vol. One - Part Five // Hannigram, Archive of Our Own
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Will sat silently in his chair, thinking about that night…well as much of it he could remember. Beverly broke the silence after a few minutes.

“You guys…ugh…no wonder you ended up having sex…” Beverly commented as Will reached for his sandwich.

He paused for a moment before taking a bite; thinking about one of the many weekends he had spent with Hannibal and Abigail while living in New York. He sighed to himself as he ate.

Beverly was staring at Will with her chin propped up by her hand; too engaged with the story to touch her own sandwich.

Will sighed again in between chewing. “…I forgot how complicated my relationship with Hannibal is…”

Will, I love you. His thoughts returned to the first time he and Hannibal had sex…the warmth between their bodies had felt absolutely unbelievable. He had never felt so close to another person before.

That time, Will had only assumed Hannibal told him that he loved him to get him to relax before they started fucking; Will was so nervous that Hannibal had trouble trying to loosen him up first with his fingers. His body was so tensed…he was afraid Hannibal would hate having sex with him.

Hannibal, from time to time, playfully told Will that he “loved” him while they were growing up together, so it didn’t dawn on Will that this time, when they finally started having sex, Hannibal most likely meant it.

He could hear, in the back of his mind, Hannibal moaning into his neck…he could still feel him holding tightly onto his waist…

Will decided not to tell Beverly that Hannibal had confessed to being in love with him for years. Hannibal had only admitted so during their last fight and it hurt too much to bring it up now.

Freddie doesn’t know you the way I know you, Will.

No one knows you the way I know you…

I knew I was in love with you since that night, however, I fear the feelings are…unrequited…

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Hannibal and Will, just be the fuck together…gah… (is something I feel like Beverly might end up saying….)

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