ship: leighade

we need to clear this up; the girls ship names

so these are the “ship” names:

  • Jade & Perre: Jerrie
  • Leigh & Perrie: Lerrie
  • Leigh & Jade: Leighade
  • Jade & Jesy: Jadesy
  • Jesy & Leigh: Jeleigh but then I saw a post saying “Lesy
  • Jesy & Perrie: Persy? Pesy?
but the bottom two I’m not too sure of since different people call it different things

so please it’s really annoying me and we all need to what to call them, tell me what you thing they should be :) and then we’ll see from there…

Jade smokes - One Shot Mature

Jade was sitting on the couch while her older girlfriend Leigh Anne was at Jesy’s place to pick something up. Jade grabbed her package of cigarettes and light one cigarette up, taking a drag from it before blowing out of the smoke. Jade always smoked when Leigh Anne wasn’t around. She knew how much Leigh hated it if she smoked. The front door suddenly swung open, making Jade jump off the couch. “Hey-” Leigh Anne was cut off by a smoking Jade who just looked at Leigh Anne with a cigarette in her right hand. “Are you fucking smoking again?” The older girl said as she stormed up to Jade, grabbing the cigarette out of her small hand. “I-I’m sorry L-Leigh..” Jade stuttered but Leigh Anne wasn’t buying it and pointed upstairs. “Go to our bedroom. Now.” She said harshly making Jade frown in confusion. Why would she go upstairs? The younger girl decided to walk upstairs just like leigh Anne told her, closely followed by Leigh Anne. A gasp left Jade’s mouth as soon as Leigh Anne spanked her hard. “Clothes off and get on all fours.” Leigh Anne whispered in Jade’s ear. She nodded and peeled her clothes off, still keeping an eye on her girlfriend who just watched her and she got on all fours. “You know I hate it when you smoke Jade and you’re gonna pay for that.” Leigh Anne said and got on her knees behind Jade, spanking her bumcheek even harder, earning another gasp from Jade. “You’re already fucking dripping , Jade. I didn’t told you to get wet did I?” Jade swallowed at Leigh’s words. Leigh Anne forced three fingers inside Jade’s dripping core, moving them in and out rather quick and deep, not caring if she was hurting her younger girlfriend. Jade moaned loudly and screamed her girlfriend’s name as soon as Leigh added another finger. “If I know you have been smoking again some other time, I’ll just force my whole fist inside of you without any lube. Understand?” Leigh said as she grabbed Jade’s hair, pulling her head more towards her and Jade just whimpered a small yes. “Good.” Leigh muttered and let go of her hair. Jade screamed her name once again as soon as she reached her climax. Leigh Anne pulled her fingers out and smacked her bumcheek once again for the last time before she got up. “We have rehearsels about an hour. You better get ready.” Leigh anne said before walking downstairs again, leaving a stunned Jade on the bed.

Send me and Michelle more prompts! :’) we try to get them done as soon as possible! Dayna xx

so lerrie shippers have lerrie kiss, leigh touched perrie’s boobs and there’s a lot of lerrie holding hands moments, jerrie shippers have jerrie’s selfies and perrie touched jerrie’s butt and jade grabbed perrie’s butt and they have just a lot of moments in every video or photo, pesy shippers have pesy eye contact moments and there’s also a lot of jadesy moments for jadesy shippers like listening party and these hug moments but what about leighade, i mean there’s photos from tinie tempah launch party but we haven’t a lot of moments with leighade, and i feel so bad for all leighade shippers because we almost don’t see leighade and it’s kinda sad

Leighade One Shot: Loving Her Is Easy

I can’t handle this. I can’t stand it. 

I can feel myself wanted to scream “Stop!” every time she touches her. Every time their fingers intertwine. Every little hug. Every little lingering touch. Every tiny bit of contact. It makes my heart seethe with pure jealousy. I can’t help it. She perfect. The way her curls fall perfectly, framing her beautiful face. The way her brown eyes sparkle when she gets excited. The way she pretends not to care when we tease her about Justin Bieber. I've always been scared to admit it but it’s true: I’m in love with her.

No one knows that this is how I feel. Maybe Jesy… She hasn't said anything but I know she can see it; the way I get all giggly when Leigh-Anne is around and how I roll my eyes at all the ‘lerrie’ moments. I’m not exactly subtle. You can’t blame me, it isn't easy seeing the girl you love practically falling for someone else.

We’re in the car on our way to an interview and photo shoot for BLISS magazine. It’s quite early, only 7am but the sun is shining brightly as if it’s telling me that something good will come of today. I highly doubt that. Right now, Perrie and Leigh are sitting in front of me, giggling and smiling happily. Perrie has her head on Leigh’s shoulder and Leigh’s head is resting on hers. They’re both my best friends, they both act that way with me too so it’s foolish of me to feel jealous, I know that. It still doesn't dismiss this heart aching feeling though.

It’s 10am now and we’re still in the BLISS office. I can’t find Leigh anywhere. Perrie said she was in the bathroom so I’m going to check there. I've decided I need to tell her how I feel. It hurts too much to keep it inside. I walk into the bathroom of the large building and I see her standing there at a sink, washing her hands. Her skinny jeans and cropped ‘Kapow!’ sweatshirt complement her figure perfectly. I can’t help but stare.

Leigh smiles once she notices I’m here. She comes over and throws her arms around me, like she does every time she sees me unexpectedly. Her grip becomes looser and she takes my hand, leading me out of the bathroom, back to the others. I keep my feet firmly planted on the ground (even tho I’m only little and she could easily pull me away if she tried) and I pull her back as she goes to leave the bathroom. Her body spins into mine and before I could think twice, I crash our lips together.

I can feel her kissing me back and I swear I can feel a smile against my lips. Her right hand moves up to the back of my neck as the kiss gets deeper. Her left hand is planted on my back, pushing my body into hers. She wants this, I can feel it. Our lips disconnect and I open my eyes to see a smile on Leigh-Anne’s face. 
“I've been waiting so long to do that.” I reveal, feeling my cheeks burn.
“I've been waiting so long for you to do that too.” I hear her reply before she kisses me again.
I really don’t know why i waited so long.