ship: larry stylinson

take it in your heart (high school au)

harry is new and awkward and louis is not new and popular and both share a passion for so-bad-they’re-good horror films

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Okay not to be a dark larrie but....

….why was Freddie’s birth such a big deal but literally nobody is talking about Bear’s birth like ??????????????????? With Freddie literally even before he was born like all the celebrity gossip channels were talking about how louis was having a kid and about how he was gonna be the first dad of 1D. And there were tons of articles about it too and all around soooo much hype around Freddie’s birth but Bears birth there’s literally nothing I’ve barley heard anything about it and I know Liam wanted to keep bear out of the media but still you would think that there would at least be some buzz around it.

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larries have probably never been around a straight man (good for them) bc straight men are OBSESSED with penis jokes and drawing penis and pretending things are penis and etc lmao they act as if those jokes were somehow proof of their homosexuality

I wouldn’t say straight guys, but just guys in general.

I find it a bit disturbing how Larries seem to have such a low level view of what masculinity is and what dudes do that they think is so subversive that they consider them to be clear deliberate “signs” being sent to them about their sexuality. Like wearing pink is a huge deal for Larries. What men have they been around where they don’t wear pink at all? Or the affection or ways men joke together.

You’d honestly think every man a Larrie has met just walks around in all black punching bears in the face and ravaging every woman in his line of vision in a way that could be considered convincing and never ever makes eye contact with other men lest they have to fight afterwards to release the sudden flaring of sexual tension.

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i dont get how larries say the only thing they have is a different opinion like i wouldnt mind their opinion or their beliefs if they weren't hateful all the time with everything I started to hate larries when they bullied Liam for the attitude interview they hated him everytime lilo was extra cause it wasn't larry if they weren't horrible with everyone all the time no one would hate them

This is like how their view of men is so warped, their view of themselves is just as warped. They need to step outside themselves.

How much of their time is spent supporting these men’s real lives and how much time is spent trashing people for existing in a way that invalidates their ship or deconstructing reality in a way that makes it align with their ship.

Because neither of those things is happy and loving. You can’t say you’re a fan of someone only if you deconstruct everything they say and do in their lives to make it about a ship. “Louis said this, but he really meant that.” “Louis went out with his girlfriend but his tee shirt said differently.” “Louis is either exploiting a fake baby for his own gain or he’s a terrible abusive dad. These are the choices I’ve created.” “Harry and Louis either spent time apart of Louis abandoned his mother to watch Harry record an album in Jamaica for 2 months.” “Louis’s sisters have told us to fuck off, they’re total cunts and I hope they delete.” “This woman may be dating Harry, I hope her entire life falls into ruins and that we can dig up anything vaguely controversial she’s ever said or done to justify why we’re going to hate her anyway.” “Harry’s mother said these photos were hacked or stolen in some way, nah she’s lying and this is all for attention.”

If you’re sitting about doing this, you’re not being happy or loving about someone and they’re not your fave.