ship: killian x emma

I’m sorry but this is the cutest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

I’m pretty sure this was a cute little nod to how they sleep. They all clearly had time to sit/lay down and get comfortable before the diluted curse hit (hence Regina being sat in her chair and not on the floor, and CS being snuggled up - they wouldn’t have landed like that if they’d just fallen).

I appreciate the little details like this. It was a blink-and-you-miss-it, omg-pause-that-right-now-and-replay-it moment. And I don’t think it was incidental that they’re posed like this. I suspect it’s their own little addition to the staging (because we know Colin and Jen’s improv talents are world-class), in an effort to give a glimpse of how Emma and Killian normally sleep together (the G rated version obv lol).

So, standing ovation as usual for Colin and Jen, ruining us with flawless little nuances of our favorite soon-to-be-married couple.

It kills me because you can see Killian starts to pull away, because he’s ashamed and seeing them free is reminding him just what he had done. And so he starts to pull away, his hand shifts just the tiniest bit, before Emma reaches out and covers his hand with hers, stopping his retreat.  It’s a simple, yet powerful action, reassuring him and silently saying, “Don’t pull away from me, Killian…I’m right here….I’m not going to let you go through this alone." 

It’s just so beautiful. 

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fire in my heart, ice in my veins; hockey player AU (captain swan)

Rating: T
Words: 4K
Summary: AU where Killian Jones is an up and coming hockey player in the NHL. Emma is the new sports trainer for the team. He’s taken with her right from the beginning. 
Author’s Note: 1) I can’t stop writing AUs. Is there a support group for this addiction? 2) You don’t have to necessarily know anything about hockey for this, but two things to make a distinction are: linemates are the five players that are on the ice together at any given time. Teammates is more general, and refers to all the players on the team as they relate to each other. Hopefully that makes sense.

The first time he sees her, he’s barely stumbled off the ice, his eyes catching hers only briefly as he makes his way to the locker room. He looks down for one minute, reaching to take his helmet off, but when he looks back up into the crowd, she’s gone.

The sweat drips into his eyes and he sees the intermission reporter making his way over to him and shakes off the feeling of disappointment that she’s caused in him, telling himself that she was just one attractive (gorgeous, really) woman in the crowd. It’s happened before, and it will happen again. He does the interview, and heads to the dressing room for a debriefing with his line mates and coach and barely manages to gulp down some water before he’s being hustled back to the ice again.

He only thinks about her once (or twice, or three times).

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make a devil squirm
once upon a time, fem!killian x emma, au; ~500 words, pg | @shewolves

“You ever kiss a lass before…” A pause, the corner of her mouth quirking up, “lass?”

Emma wanted to say—that nest you call hair makes you look like a drowned river rat—but that wasn’t true, not all the way. The hair suited the woman, as untamed and untouched as the sea, and she can feel the heat bloom in her cheeks and superstitiously looked over at Mary Marga—Snow Wh—er—Mom and wondered what the fairest one of all would make of this particular conversation her daughter was having with this pirate.

“Didn’t go to college—never got to have an experimenting phase,” she volleyed back, and took a mulish pleasure in knowing that it would go over the head of Captain Hook. Woman didn’t even know what jello was, how lame was that?

But she did know how to lob bedroom eyes, thought, and they had been fastened on Emma a number of times—except when they had been on Ruby.

There was a quiver in Emma’s stomach at the memory, but she didn’t want to name it jealousy.

“I have—kissed my fair share, and men to,” Hook went on, as if Emma asked—as if Emma cared. She so didn’t. “But I’ve only ever liked kissing women. Men tend to be a bit sloppy, a bit grabby. Never cared for a groping. I liked artsy. Showmanship.”

“Like I couldn’t figure that out just by looking at your—oh,” she turned her head to bite the words out at her, to show this smarmy pirate that Emma could not be cowed, and that the hot flush crawling down her neck had nothing to do with the idea of Hook’s lips on another woman’s lips, or on her lips, or—

–and all at once she was far too close.

Hook’s slender arm, encased in her black leathers, had found a place reclining along the railing. She had moved without so much as sound, close enough for their hips to brush and Emma swore there was a dull burn where they almost touched.

Her eyes tracked downward, where the pirate’s mouth puckered, plump and utterly kissable—

Whoa. What.

Hook only gave a slow, feline sort of smile, satisfaction humming through each and every pore. A living heat that Emma could feel tingling along her own arms.

“Go ahead,” Hook murmured, chin inclining. Emma’s couldn’t tear her eyes away from those lips, and thought of pressing hers to them.

She backed off because—holy shit. That was the first time she’d wanted to—okay maybe not the first time she’d thought about kissing a woman, maybe, but it was normal to want to mack on Kate Beckinsale; everyone did it. But this was real, this was her and Hook right here, with the sea salt heavy in the air and her parents literally ten feet away, not to mention Gold

Hook’s husky laugh followed Emma all the way down to the safety of her bunk.

learn to love through the darkness -- cs oneshot

Words: 3K+
Rating: T (language, but that’s about it, kiddos)
Summary: Set during the search for Henry in Neverland. Hook and Emma are attacked by lost boys, and in their hurry to get away, Hook is poisoned by a plant that makes him crave something he’s been denied, in his case – touch. (I don’t own Once Upon A Time, the characters, or the lyrics used for the title and that are at the end of the story, those are from “Learn To Love” by NEEDTOBREATHE)



Shit. Shit, shit, bloody buggering shit.

Killian Jones raced through the Neverland jungle, Emma Swan hot on his heels, trying furiously to ignore the tickling sensation running up and down his arms and his spine.

Bloody hell.

This was the absolute last time he was coming to this godforsaken island. He told them, he told all of them that nothing good, nothing could come from going back to Neverland and now he was walking proof. Well, running proof. He and Emma had been out scouting for any sign of Pan when they were ambushed by Lost Ones, and in their haste to get away (and your haste to make sure Emma was unharmed, he thought to himself), he had literally walked face first into a bright magenta colored flower, the absolute last thing he needed to deal with at the moment.

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What the hell were you doing for the last year alone on that ship? im guessing it was one swashbuckling adventure after another; until you decided to  c o m e   b a  c k  and  save  me .

                                        e x a c t l y.