ship: kendall x lucy

I loved Big Time double date!

OMG! I think it’s my favorite episode. I am a crazy obsessive with couples. Can not be more perfect: Svannah is my favorite Jennifer. I love Lucy and I think Kendall and she make a beautiful couple. And Logan and Camille, as always perfect, I love their relationship but sometimes I confuses me, lol and I think the best in their relationship is the time for reconciliation. And needless to say, I love it when James and Katie together.

anonymous asked:

hey remember back when you loved Kendall x Lucy (btr)? what's your thoughts on them now? do you think they're together? I do :)

Hey Anon!

I’m really sorry for the late replay, Tumblr often doesn’t let me see incoming messages. 

To be honest, I haven’t even watched the last episode of BTR because I knew that Lucy and James would get together (I was - and am - against this ship for a large number of reasons). I’ve caugth BTR again on TV a few times though, and I haven’t changed my mind on Kendall and Lucy’s relationship: I still think they were one of the sweetest and most mature couples Nickelodeon has ever produced. I’m pretty sure they if they ever met again in later life, they would start from where they left off and have a better relationship that Kendall and Jo ever had.