ship: kaidan x shepard


Kasumi playing peekaboo and hide - and - seek with shepards kid. And later teaching her to pick locks.

Wrex teaching them the way to headbutt, and Shepard coming home and getting head butted in the knees as a sign of affection from her kid.

James, letting her color in all his tattoos. Later realizing it was permanent marker and wearing long sleeves until he can get it off. Buying the jumbo set of washable markers on his next visit to Earth.

Miranda playing dress up and having tea parties with her, because she never got to with Oriana. And bringing Ori along next time.

Liara taking her on field trips around the Citadel and explaining the history and significance of certain monuments. Sharing the stories her mother told her of far off places.

Jack taking her to the park, and using her biotics to push her on the swings. Finally being able to breathe and realizing that she can bring joy and not just devastation with her powers.

Tali building little robots for her to play with. One even looks a little like Legion.

Garrus replicating his own face markings using face paint on her. Having it smear so her entire face painted blue. Next time he brings red.

Joker and Edi (mostly Edi while Joker supervises) making cookies and painstakingly assembling model airships. Her favorite is the Normandy (for obvious reasons).

Grunt never being allowed to babysit again, after Kaidan comes home to find the house destroyed and the two of them covered in cookie crumbs and crayons. He’s allowed to come over, just not watch her alone. Grunt thinks he would make a fine battlemaster also.

Kaidan being an amazing father. Picking her up and spinning her around until she’s too dizzy to stand. And doing it again everytime she asks, laughing every time.

Shepard picking her up after a nightmare and letting her sleep between her parents. Snuggling against her dad while Shepard smiles and wonders how everything finally went right. Her own little happily ever after.

My first Shenko fanfic! I’m really happy to get this done because I have fanfics for all my other Shepards and their LIs. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

A Proposition

“Let’s get married.”

Kaidan Alenko nearly choked on his own spit. He had been minding his own business, browsing through a list of his upcoming assignments, when Shepard had suddenly decided to speak up. The sudden break in silence was not unwelcome but it was odd given the routine he’d grown accustomed to during her month long stay in the medbay aboard the Alliance’s fleetship.

In the early days of her recovery she’d been bombarded with friends and acquaintances constantly, all eager to check up on the galaxy’s savior. The amount of attention she’d received had been overwhelming—even for someone as energetic as her—and after whoever it was that had dropped in to check on her had left to go about the rest of their day, she had always been too tired to do much or even talk. Kaidan, who would always stop by without fail after preforming his Spectre duties for the day, had therefore gotten in the habit of bringing along something to read, simply enjoying her company and the soft puffs of breath escaping from her mouth as she slowly drifted off to sleep, just grateful that she was alive.

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Waking - Shenko (Post ME3)

For my fellow Aussie, and absolutely amazing follower writing-apprentice <3

Prompt: Shenko reunion after ME3 (I wanted to keep the ask in my inbox because it makes me happy :3)

He doesn’t remember much about those final moments, where she’d scooped him up, completely covered in blood and core, eyes shining through the rivers of crimson that split across her forehead, her chest heaving from exertion as she throws his arm over her shoulder.

This isn’t how its supposed to go, he thinks, wincing as the wound from an overeager Marauder pulls against his armour. It was supposed to be him protecting her. He supposed that was always how it had been, Shepard charging off to save the world, to hold it up against impossible odds with shoulders that never wavered. He followed behind as best he could, offering his support when she allowed it, which wasn’t often.

“Shepard!” He cries as Liara grabs him, pulling him away towards the Mako that lies waiting. He’s desperate, struggling against the Asari’s surprisingly strong hold in order to get back to her. Shepard stops, her eyes turning back to his with unshed tears. She’d always been this way, stronger than anyone else he’d ever known, she’d never let him see how the rest of the world relying on her broke her, the stress it put her through.

She raises a hand to his cheek, lovingly stroking across his features as she sucks in a deep breath, leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek, whispering in his ear. I love you Kaidan.

He didn’t understand until much later why it had sounded like a goodbye.

He watches the Citadel blow from the Normandy, hands trembling in fear as the explosion sends it hurtling towards Earth. He cannot celebrate, barely hearing the others cheering as the fallen Reapers curl in on themselves, broken remnants of the world she had saved.

All he can think about is her, the way her hair had shined when they’d first met, the short strands caressing her chin, bright eyes inspecting him cautiously, the way they’d softened with each time she’d passed to talk to him, the way she’d looked above him, eyes rolled back as he grips her round hips.

The way her hair had grown much longer when he saw her, all those years later. He had nearly laughed at how dishevelled it looked, wound up into a tall bun on top of her head, she’d never had it long before, and didn’t know what to do with it, her treatments throughout those two years had sped its growth, she’d said later, and she didn’t have time in the months that passed to cut it.

Seeing her shoulders, square and full of tension as she strides past him, her fatigues caressing those familiar hips as she strides beside Anderson, her body quivering with the strength it takes to not turn around to glance at him.

He searches for that familiar head of hair, the sloped curve of her shoulders and hips. The pile of rubble in the middle of London seems like a vast wasteland, she could be anywhere, buried beneath miles and miles of the place humanity had made its stand, where she had stood with those eyes burning fire as she promised to save them all.

He’d find her. He had to.

Her entire body is on fire, flames licking at the underside of her skin, rushing through her veins, unhinged. The sheets beneath her and around her waist are brands against her bare skin, burning a tattoo wherever they touch.

She can hear the whir of medical equipment, the familiar hum of the eezo core soothing her as she slips back into darkness.
When she wakes again, her body is free of the fire, lights flash behind her eyelids, bright forms that writhe when she tries to pry open her eyes. There’s pain everywhere, not as bad as it was before, now more like a dull throb that echoes throughout her entire body. She can feel the tight bonds of bandages everywhere, the thick metal of a splint and cast around one of her legs and her forearm.

She knows that its bad, the fall from the citadel back to Earth had been hell, bright flashes of light as she’d reentered the atmosphere, Kaidan’s voice in her ear from what she knew would be their last night together.

But she was here now, just barely breathing, her entire body battered and broken, with the familiar weight of a hand in hers. She tries to pry her eyes open, fighting a losing battle with her subconscious, she’s screaming on the inside, bashing against the pain that keeps her from the world, from seeing him.

Her fingers twitch with the effort, a small whimper sounding from her scratchy throat. She takes it as a small victory, screaming with the effort it takes to move them again when the person holding her hand shifts in surprise.

“Shepard?” His soft voice is heaven, soothing her aching body instantly, she feels her love for him wash over her, ridding her of any pain she had left. His hand tightens around hers again, his voice sounded choked, full of tears as his hand reaches up to cup her stinging cheek.

“Shepard! If you can hear me, move your hand again.” She feels something wet drip onto her cheek, and she knows he’s sobbing, the soft whimpers sounding from his throat as he cries destroying her. She pleads with her body, telling it she’ll do anything, be anything if it means she can just stop his suffering, to tell him she’s alive, that she can hear him and she loves him.

“Please baby, please.” He whispers, stroking his hands through her hair. She cries out inside when her hand manages to twitch against his, fingers curling slightly around his. His breathless laugh follows her movement, his voice filled with relief as she feels the smooth plain of his forehead touch hers, his lips replacing it within second as he trembles against her.

“Doctor Chakwas!” He cries, his voice hoarse but full of life, full of hope. She tries to smile, his voice filling her with determination, as long as he was here with her she would be able to do it, within the hours of waking, she would plead and beg her body to move, to allow her to open her eyes, if only for a moment so she could see him, to see those honey eyes gazing back at her.

She’d fight with every ounce of being she had to just be able to see him.

She slips back into dreaming to his whispered words of love, his voice carrying her into a world where she holds him close, listening to the sounds of the bay near their house and the squeals of two tiny dark haired children.

Now she has two things to look forward to when she opens her eyes.

3 Times Kaidan had a Migraine: The First Time

I’ve been slowly working my way through Mass Effect again so, of course, I have to write about my favorite fellow migraine sufferer. Poor Kaidan. I have three of these I’ll be posting, one for each game. Enjoy the Shenko!

You can also read on AO3 here.

Shepard took the elevator to the crew deck then strode toward Kaidan’s duty station. She wanted to discuss this Cerberus group with him. She, Garrus and Wrex had just returned from taking down another one of their outposts and she wanted the Lieutenant’s thoughts. Or that’s what she was telling herself anyway.

She frowned when she rounded the corner. He wasn’t there. He should be. Shepard saw every one of XO Pressly’s duty rosters, and if she paid special attention to one Lt. Alenko’s schedule, well, so what? He was a damn good officer. Which brought her back to the present. Where the hell was he?

Shepard finally shrugged. Maybe he’d gotten pulled into doing something elsewhere on the Normandy. Disappointment swirled through her, but she tried to ignore it. No, she would not pine for the Lieutenant. She was an Alliance Commander captaining a stealth frigate and a SPECTRE to boot! She had work to do. She could talk to him later. For now, she would go talk to Liara about that Prothean data disc they’d picked up yesterday and see if the asari archaeologist had gleaned any of its secrets yet.

As she walked toward the med bay, she was surprised to see that the lights inside were dimmed. When she walked through the doors, she was even more surprised to see Kaidan stretched out on one of the beds, a forearm draped over his eyes. He wasn’t asleep though; she could tell from the tension in his muscles. In fact, he looked like he was in pain. He wasn’t hurt was he? Shepard threw a questioning glance at Doctor Chakwas hoping she didn’t look as worried as she suddenly felt.

The doctor only put a finger to her lips then mouthed “migraine”.

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No but can you imagine Wrex’s kids and Shep’s kids growing up at the same time. Like having play dates and and Kaidan has to be there and cast barrier when the little Krogan starts to headbutt baby Ashley? And Ashley thinking it’s awesome and doing it right back? And Shepard having to explain to the daycare center why her child runs around head butting everyone in sight?

Or Zaeed taking her to the arcade and playing literally every game so it takes 4 people to transport all her stuffed animals back to the apartment.

Tali running around Rannoch with her, exploring the quarian home world together.

Garrus not really knowing what to do with a human child so sitting there awkwardly for a few minutes before baby Shepard climbs in his lap and asks for a piggy ride. Discovering he rocks with children.

James being really awesome with kids, because he took care of all the little ones in his neighborhood. Shepard coming home to him passed out on the couch with her daughter on top of him, both of them covered in crumbs.

Kasumi catching all those really important moments on video camera. Recording all of it for posterity’s sake and giving the footage to Kaidan every year so they always have it.

Liara disconnecting herself from all the Shadow Broker stuff for a few hours, just to sit around and play with the baby. There are no life ruining secerts, just laughter.

Miranda dancing with the baby and as she grows up teaching her to dance the more complicated ones. Because lord knows neither of her parents can.

Joker letting her fly the Normandy. Joker not being even a little surprised that she’s good at it.

Grunt being baby Shepards partner in crime in all things.

Jack consciously watching her language around baby Shepard, and cooing at her when she thinks no one is looking.

Jacob and Brynn bringing their own over for dinner. And having the two kids hit it off and bond over cartoons. Having that normalcy after everything that has happened.

Koylat teaching her to swim. Discovering she’s quite the little fish.

Hackett being completely won over by tiny hands and bright green eyes. He finds he enjoys playing the doting grandfather, even if it’s just by association.

Kaidan using his biotics to entertain his daughter with streaming shimmers of light. Listening to her giggle and demand more even after its bed time. Kaidan able to deny her nothing.

And Shepard so unsure of herself when it comes to being a parent. But having her daughter run into her arms everyday. Taking her to the park and the shooting range. Teaching her to have no fear.

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Can I have Shenko 4 or 11?

Kaidan x Shepard - 4. Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?

Shepard closed her eyes and leant her hands against the control board in front of her. It hadn’t even been an hour since she’d left her detainment room and suddenly not only had she been reinstated but was, once again, expected to save the galaxy. Quite frankly, she was getting tired of people treating her like shit until the moment they needed her, and by then it was always too late.

The worst part was having a certain Major on board with her. They’d barely said a word to each other since Alliance HQ and she wasn’t sure how to approach him. It had been a long time, too long, and things were too different between them for her to just go up and talk to him.

She still knew the tell-tale signs that he had a migraine coming on though. Kaidan was sat on a crate, head in hands, eyes closed, and Shepard knew it was a bad one. She wanted to just leave him, it wasn’t her job to comfort him anymore, but she had to sort her armour and weapons out, and of course he was sitting right next to the work bench.

Shepard took a deep breath and walked over to where he was sat, trying not to disturb him as she gathered the pieces of her assault rifle. Her heart ached when she realised how laboured Kaidan’s breathing was. It was worse than she’d first thought.

She continued to clean and reassemble her gun in silence, always keeping careful watch of Kaidan out of the corner of her eye. He hadn’t moved for a while, fingers rubbing at his forehead in slow, small circles. She wanted to comfort him more than anything and it felt like she was physically hurting just to watch him be in such agony.

“Kaidan?” She said softly.

He grunted in response.

“I take it it’s a migraine.”

Another grunt.

“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”

Shepard regretted the words as soon as they came out of her mouth. It was something she’d always done for him back when they were together. But they weren’t together anymore. Still, she hoped maybe he would allow her this one act of kindness.

When he didn’t say anything she was about to apologise for her stupidly inappropriate request when all of a sudden Kaidan stood up, giving her a fleeting glance. She’d never seen him act like this around her; it was like they’d never met before.

“No, it’s fine, Shepard. I should get my gear ready.”

She watched him walk off to a locker across the shuttle bay. He’d never refused a head massage before. Shepard turned back to the work bench to hide the tears stinging her eyes. Things were never going to be the same again.


When she presses her lips to his, it’s a sigh. A soft exhale that moves from his lungs to his mouth, and into hers when he slips his tongue inside to tease hers.

It’s a sharp explosion of breath when she nips at his ear. Suprised, a little unsure before he catches her chin in his hand and mimics the action against her bottom lip. Granted, he’ll soothe the ache with his tongue after, and then it’s her breath that’s exhaled.

Nails running down his abs make him gasp. It doesn’t matter how soft or hard she does it. It’s the contact, the feel of calloused finger tips gliding along sensitive skin. He’s also just a little ticklish, so this often leads to a bark of laughter and more teasing.

Those same hands closing over him make him moan. It’s low, rough, like crushed ice against her skin. She loves the sound. Mostly she loves when it turns into her name.

He swears when she puts her mouth on him. Sometimes in English, sometimes in French, always in a deep voice that makes something clench inside her. But when his fingers weave into her hair to tug her up, it’s she that complains.

Her favorite is when it’s quiet. When he’s above her, her hands pinned by his next to her head. She watches his eyes, the blue bleeding over those glorious honey colored eyes. Promises and please tumble from his lips against her temple, against her ear. It sounds like glory. It tastes like love.

Note: so tumblr posted the wrong version of this. kinda frustrated tbh.
Private Logs of Kaidan Alenko

Kaidan Alenko x Ellen Shepard (1,883)

Summary: Excerpts from the logs of Kaidan Alenko post-Sovereign

Shepard’s Memorial

To: K. Alenko


We’re holding a memorial for Shepard this time next week, I thought you’d want to know. If you’re up to it the Alliance would like you to make a speech. Doesn’t have to be anything long or incredibly meaningful but you were the one closest to her on the Normandy. Speaking of which, I’ve made sure that any personal files in Shepard’s logs have been deleted.

Hold in there, son.


RE: Making a move

To: G. Vakarian

Garrus, it’s fine, I didn’t expect you to stick around since you’re not Alliance. Hell, you’ve stuck around longer than anyone else. Thanks for coming to the memorial by the way, it’s a shame only you and Liara could make it. Shepard would have been glad to see you guys there.

Take care,


<no subject>

To: J. Moreau

Why did you leav her behnd. This is al your fault. You killd her.

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Here ya go: Hawke x Cullen - 22, and Ellen x Kaidan - 37 :)

Ellen x Kaidan – 37 “Wanna dance?” (Hawke and Cullen will be up next, thought I’d split them up) (also it was so nice to write these two as a happy couple for once)

“Hey, wanna dance?”

There was a reason Kaidan didn’t go to clubs with Shepard and that was because she always insisted on dancing. He had no issue with letting go on the dancefloor himself but whenever she joined him all eyes were on her; and not in the good way.

“Maybe another time, Shepard, yeah?”

She pouted at him and Kaidan smiled at how adorable she looked.

“You say that every time. I’m beginning think you’re ashamed of me, Major.”

Kaidan feigned a hurt expression.

“Ashamed of you? Never! Slightly embarrassed? Most definitely.” He grinned at her across the table.

He’d never lied to her about how terrible her dancing was, no one ever did, it was like everyone was so happy to finally find out that Commander Shepard was bad at something. She stood up from her seat and moved out from the behind their table.

“Well if you’re not going to dance with me then I guess I’ll have to find some other handsome Major to grind up on instead.”

“You can hardly call what you do grinding. More like moving all your limbs independently of one another.”

Shepard folded her arms across her chest and gave him an expressionless look.

“That’s what you care about? Not the fact that I’m going to go find another man.”

Kaidan chuckled

“With your dancing skills I have no need to worry.” He stood up next to her and grabbed her by the hips, pulling her gently to him. “Besides, we both know no one could ever compare to me.”

Shepard smiled up at him lovingly and his heart swelled.

“You’ve got me there.”

He loved that he was the only person who ever got to see this side of Commander Shepard. He leant down to give her a quick peck on the lips. They’d become less concerned about showing their relationship in public since the imminent threat of the Reapers but it was still a new feeling to be so open about it. Shepard grinned up at him and held him close. Kaidan smirked back at her.

“Now what was this about grinding?”

Shepard stepped away from him and clasped her hands behind her back just as she always did when she spoke to her superiors, but this time she had a twinkle of amusement in her eyes.

“I’m not gonna lie, it’s a complicated mission, Major. We should probably head straight to my cabin for a briefing.”

“Aye-aye, Ma’am.” He gave a half-assed salute back at her.

Kaidan made sure to begin the briefing earlier than intended in the elevator.

Kaidan though.

Can we talk about Kaidan after the crucible firing. About how all he had to hold on to is this mad hope. This believe that Shepard made it. About how this time, this time he isn’t going to doubt them. About how he refuses to put that name on the wall. Imagine how happy he is when the Normandy lands, and Hackett’s waiting and the first thing out of his mouth is “Shepard’s okay.”

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#27 for Shenko

Kaidan x Shepard - 27. I’m pregnant

Shepard toyed with the pregnancy test in her hands before she realised what she was doing and dropped it onto the bathroom counter.

“Ew, I just peed on that.” Shepard muttered to herself.

“Did you just say something to me?” Kaidan called from behind the door.

“Er, no, just, talking to myself…in the bathroom…”

She heard him chuckle followed by the sound of various drawers being opened.

Shepard checked the box again; 2 minutes? We can travel in space like it’s nothing and it still takes 2 minutes to do a damn pregnancy test?

She sighed and sat on the closed toilet lid to wait. She knew it wasn’t possible for her to be pregnant, there was just no way after everything her body’s been through, but she could no longer deny the slight swell her stomach was becoming. She’d only been out of duty for just over a year since being uncovered from the rubble on the Citadel, and even then it wasn’t like she was just sitting around not doing any exercise. However, birth control hadn’t really been the top of her priorities lately either.

The timer went off on her omni-tool and she felt sick with nerves. Shepard took a deep breath and reached out to grab the test.


The huge lettering was undeniable. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t even understand how. But most of all she was happy. Kids had never been on her agenda, figured that military life would be all she needed, but the face-achingly wide smile she had on said otherwise.

She went to push the bathroom door open to break the news to Kaidan, but a sudden thought held her back. What if he didn’t want this? He’d never said no, and he always seemed to like kids, but he’d never said yes either. She shook her head; it was too late now anyway.

When she opened the door Kaidan was just finished pulling a shirt on over his head and he smiled lovingly at her before frowning.

“Are you okay?”

“Uh, yeah.” She chuckled nervously, struggling to find the words she wanted. She just had to come out and say it. “I, er, I’m pregnant.”

For a moment he just stood there staring at her, completely emotionless, and Shepard felt her heart sink. But not a moment later he walked over to her, grabbed her face in his hands, and kissed her. And when he pulled back he had an even bigger smile on his face than she did.