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Requested by anonymous [Part 1]

It felt weird getting your gear together. It’s something you haven’t done since you got seriously hurt with Sara. For the last little while you’ve been staying on the ship while the others went out on missions.

Now you were ready though. You couldn’t stand just not doing anything. You were determined to get back into the field and thankfully you had Leonard here to help you out with that.

“You ready?” Len asked. He already had his jacket on and he held his old gun firmly in his hands. You smiled confidently once and nodded.

“Yeah definitely. Let’s go fight bad guys or whatever. Man it feels good to say that again”.
Len chuckled to himself and with that the two of you were off.


Stuff My Mom Has Told Me During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: "Why do they start out with the end? Spoilers!"
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: "How is telling someone you stalked and punched them a sure way to make friends?"
  • "Mom..."
  • "Who's the random French dude?"
  • "Lafayette."
  • "Where did he come from?"
  • "France, mom."
  • "Is this man having sex with horses?"
  • My Shot: "Didn't that guy sing this on Jimmy? The lyrics were different..."
  • The Story of Tonight: "I would not have told you about nights like that..."
  • The Schuyler Sisters: "That poor Peggy...she sounds adorable."
  • Farmer Refuted: "I have no clue what's being said..."
  • You'll Be Back: "Does this apply to what's going on now?"
  • Right Hand Man: "BURR JUST GOT REJECTED!"
  • A Winter's Ball: "With the ladies? Didn't you say he liked John?"
  • Helpless: "Girl this is gonna end bad for you..."
  • Satisfied: "How do you forget your name then - BAM! - now you remember?"
  • TSOT (Reprise): "They're cute when they're drunk."
  • Wait For It: "Wait - is everyone having an affair? You said Alex does right?"
  • "Mom just listen..."
  • "What does this have to do about Georgia?"
  • Stay Alive: "Did they eat horses asses?!"
  • Ten Duel Commandments: "How is General Lee here? Why do they hate him?"
  • "That's Charles're thinking of Robert E. Lee."
  • "Oh."
  • Meet Me Inside: "Alexander you gonna get grounded!"
  • That Would Be Enough: "A little Hamilton sounds like a bad idea..."
  • Guns and Ships: "Damn he's fast."
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: "That's some deep shit..."
  • Battle of Yorktown: "I LIKE THIS ONE!"
  • "Mom please - "
  • "THEY WON!"
  • "I know they did mom."
  • What Comes Next: "Wait did he - oh my God. 'Awesome. Wow.' That's how I feel when your father talks about sports."
  • Dear Theodosia: "That's an awful name..."
  • "Mom!"
  • John Laurens Interlude (i had to): "Wait...what?"
  • Non-Stop: "How do you go from something so sad to this?! What the hell?!"

I know everyone’s freaking out over the mixtape, but WHAT GOT ME was when, Kelly holds Cas’s hand and he gets that surge of celestial nephilim power(or something) and Dagon is almost going to kiLL him, but then he killed her, and that was good but THEN-

Dean gets up, and he has this sort of dazed, amazed look on his face and the first thing he says is “Cas” so SOFTLY ILSDHAFKDJKLHJ. NOT”the hell?” or “what was that?” nO. Then Sam asks “what was that?’ and Cas explains and all this time, Dean hasn’t said a word..

ANd THEN Cas heals Dean’s broken hand and thanks him and what does DEAN say- “You okay?”(So soFTly)

After everything, EVerything, because god knows he must have been so angry at Cas for all that he did, he WAS angry. But just the mere thought of losing him, seconds ago, Dean softened. He didn’t care. He doesn’t care, don’t you see?! He can’t bear losing Cas. Which is why when Cas says the baby needs to be born, he doesn’t protest against his stand, he just says..”After whatever that thing did to you,Cas,We are not just gonna let you walk away.”AS IN “STAY, Cas.” Stay here, with me.

Actually to think about it, this entire episode,everything that happened between Dean and Cas, was just a giant plea from Dean asking Cas to sTAY- I MEAN COME ON “Yes, Dumbass, we” “We’re better together”. “It’s a gift.” AND THIS.

Dean just wants Cas to STAY.  

My feels juST KILLED ME bYe .( I haven’t found the gifs for this scene, but when I DO, and I will, I’ll definitely update this post with them.

Secrets (Part Two) (Trans!Peter)

So there has been a lot more anti-trans or negative trans things all over Tumblr recently thanks to— well we all know what its thanks to.

I had a specific request for something positive and pro-trans and I absolutely agree we could all handle something positive and fluffy and nice, so here we go.

This is a Part Two to my first trans!peter fic Secrets.

For those who haven’t read PART ONE— Peter is Tom Holland/15 years old, the relationship between he and Deadpool is strictly platonic. This is not Spideypool shipping, this is just a friendship.

Trans!Peter and protective dad!Tony and protective friend!Wade

“You’re gonna stay with me, right?” Peter asked nervously and Wade patted his shoulder comfortingly.

“Not going anywhere Spidey. Just here for support.”

“Thanks.” Peter rubbed at his chest, tugging uncomfortably on his binder.

“You alright? Do we need to loosen it?” Wade was still in full costume, mask and katanas and all, but he started pulling his gloves off to help Peter if needed.

“No.” Peter shook his head. “No it’s fine, just… just feeling super noticeable right now.”

“Not noticeable.” Wade assured him. “Since we got rid of that ugly black thing, this nude one blends in a lot better.”

“Ok.” Peter took a deep breath. “Okay. Let’s go.”

Wade kept a big hand on Peter’s shoulders as they headed into the living room of the Avengers compound, sitting down together on the couch across from where Tony was sitting, jotting notes down as he read through a file.

“Deadpool. You take your hand off my kid or I’m gonna break it off.” Tony said without even looking up and Wade laughed before removing his hand and leaning back, folding his arms over his chest.

“What are you even doing here? I feel like last time you and I ran into each other—”

“Mr Stark.” Peter interrupted before Tony could unleash some sort of verbal destruction on the mercenary. “I really need to talk to you.”

“What’s up, kiddo?” Tony put his file down instantly, leaning forward and clasping his hands loosely between his knees. “Everything alright?”

“Mr Stark–” Peter looked at Wade for encouragement, who sent him a thumbs up. “I am– I am–trans.”


Peter took a deep breath and pulled his t shirt off, exposing both his binder and the slightly reddened spot where he took his injections. “I’m um… This is who I am.”


Then, “Trans.” Tony repeated. “So. Um transsexual? Transgender? Is there a difference? I don’t even know. Okay. Trans. Alright. How long? Can I ask that?”

“I’ve been transitioning for close to a year.” Peter offered and Tony nodded. “I take testosterone injections, and wear a binder to keep everything–” he made a motion over his chest. “It’s been more difficult to hide with being Spider-Man but–but I’m working on it.”

“Okay.” Tony nodded again. “Alright.”

“So–” Peter spread his hands uncertainly. “So, I wanted you to know.”

“Did you tell this one before you told me?” Tony pointed at Wade who made an offended noise.

“Wade found me when I was hurt one night–”


“–I was fine. But Wade had to help me and he found out and– and you know it was nice to have someone know, and I didn’t want to hide it anymore. I don’t want you to feel like I’m lying to you about anything. Aunt May says–”

“May knows?” Tony interrupted. “About the binding and the shots and this guy?”

“Well maybe not about me hanging out with Pool, but I mean, yeah. Everything else. She has to pay for the injections so–.”

“Okay.” Tony folded his arms. “I’m gonna need the suit back.”

“Mr Stark!” Peter cried, suddenly much closer to tears than he’d been just a moment before. “Why would you–”

“Check it out, Iron Dildo.” Wade snapped, and leaned forward with something like a growl. “How bout you back the fuck off, see that this kid is trying to be honest with you and you being an asshole isn’t going to—”

“Hey, guy who kills people for money, how about you shut up for two minutes and let me talk?” Tony retorted. “Peter, give me your suit.”

Peter reached into his back slowly and pulled out the suit, handing it over to Tony with shaking hands.

Tony turned it over a few times, looking at it thoughtfully. “So.” he cleared his throat. “So should we talk about redesigning this with a binder built in? So you don’t have to wear one in addition to the suit? Or would that be uncomfortable?”

“Wh–What?” Peter ran his fingers through his hair. “Um, what?”

“Is a binder built into your suit too uncomfortable?” Tony asked again. “Like does it need to be something like a corset sort of thing? Or hooks? Or since your suit tightens around you automatically do I need to upgrade where it holds around your chest? Or would you rather just– you alright, Pete?”

“I’m fine.” The fifteen year old covered his face with his hands. “I’m fine, it’s just—” his voice caught and Tony’s eyes softened.

“You just let me know how to make this easier for you, okay? I dont know anything about anything like this, so you’ll have to speak up.”

“Sure thing.” Peter wiped his eyes and sat back up. “Um, thank you, Mr Stark I can’t—”

“Also.” Tony made a show of picking up his tablet, scrolling through some documents until he apparently found which ever one he was looking for. “I noticed you haven’t signed up for the insurance program available to you through the Stark Internship. Recently it was decided that insurance will now cover binders and testosterone injections and all the…things that I don’t know about that goes with that sort of thing.”

“Recently?” Wade repeated, sounding skeptical, and Tony sent him a narrowed eyed glare.

“Yes, Mr. Wilson. Recently. As in within the last ten minutes. Is that a problem?”

Wade held up his hands peacefully, and both the adults turned to look at Peter, who still looked like he might cry any second.

“Mr. Stark—”

“You don’t ever have to be afraid to tell me things like this.” Tony’s voice was gruff, and he pulled his sunglasses out of his shirt pocket to cram on his face. “Tell Aunt May that your internship will be covering any and all costs associated with you… transitioning. Is that the right word? I don’t want to say the wrong– I need to do some research, I think.”

Tony blew out a deep breath and looked between the two of them.

“Anything else you want to tell me? Like that maybe you two are dating? Because Deadpool I swear to god if you are even looking at my kid wrong I’m gonna rip you apart and drop the pieces from the sky. Lets see if you can regenerate from that.”

“Gross.” Wade snorted. “He’s like eight.”

“I’m fifteen guys.” Peter interjected.

It doenst matter!”
“It doesn’t matter!”

Wade and Tony yelled at the same time, then glared at each other for a minute.

“Well kiddo.” Tony sent Peter a smile. “Anything else today? Because I feel like you have homework.”

“Yeah. Some spanish.” Peter nodded and reached to put his shirt back on. “No, I– I guess that’s it.”

“Well, you know where the door is if you want to talk.”

Peter didn’t even hesitate, just stood up and leaned over Tony’s chair to give him a hug. “Thank you. This was…easier than I thought it would be.”

“Whatever you need, Underroos. You know that.” Tony patted his back. “Now get. Spanish homework.”

Tony waved at Peter, glared at Deadpool, and waited until they had left before picking his tablet back up, settling in for a long night of researching everything and anything related to helping support teenagers who were transitioning.

A throat being cleared made him look up.  “For the love of– didn’t I kick you out?”

Wade shrugged. “I’m just laying this out here– the whole protective dad thing one hundred percent does it for me. So if you ever decide to unclench enough to have some fun, call me.”

“Get out!” Tony cried, but he was smiling, and Wade was going to count that as a victory.

“What were you doing?” Peter frowned up at the mercenary when he finally showed up at the door.

“Asking your dad out.”  

“That’s disgusting.” Peter complained and punched Wade’s shoulder hard enough to send him reeling a few steps. “Don’t do that.”

Several minutes later, Peter added. “Mr Stark isn’t my dad.”

“Yeah, you waited too long to say that. I officially vote for Iron Man to be your dad.”

“…yeah me too.”


Just a reminder to all you beauties that are thinking about transitioning, mid transition, or have made it through and are now happily the person you were always meant to be—

You are lovely, you are valid, and you are not burdens or anything else along those lines. Don’t let any other fuckers tell you any different.


Humans are space Orcs

So I’m going to toss in one of these cus why not.
What if all aliens just don’t get the concept of “Pets”

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 3
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
Today I was assigned as the new ambassador to Earth. I have gone through most of the lessons of human quirks, but I still have to go through “Pets”, and “The will to survive” I have no idea what pets are, but I have a good idea what “the will to survive” is.

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 4
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
I have borded the Human vessel “Edmonton” in order to be transported to Earth. I have met the Human ambassador on bord, and she is in charge of teaching me the concept of “pets” Her name is Alexadra. She is very kind, but the fact that femal humans always have their teets, even when not nursing child, confuses me. If evolution was slightly different on Gu'mek, perhaps we would to.
It also baffles me that Humans are the only spiecis that the name of the spiecis is not realed to their planet.

Almost as soon as I was done writing my log, Alexandra came to me and said she wanted me to meet someone named “Doug”
It turns out Doug is on of these “pets”. He is a domesticated Earth canine. Alexandra explained that humans keep domesticated animals as companions. I guess being the “Apex preditor” of your planet has its advantages. She also explained that hundreds of human years ago they used these animals to help hunt, and still do.
I do not understand why humans still hunt, now that they have had farms on their planet for hundreds of years, and access to food replcation technology for about 96 years.

Year of Gu'mek 34..why am I doing this, no one is going to find us.
We crashed of Tummaah 4, and everybody exept Alex and her dog, and obviously me, has died. Alex has told me that now I shall see this “will to survive” humans are so famous for.

It has been 20 days scince the crash, and I have given up on rescue. When I brought this up with Alex, she simlpy stated “then we will make this hellhole our home”

Day 50.
We have built a crude house out of the wreckage of the ship. Alex is sad about the loss of the ship. She said it was named after her home city.

Day 61
DISASTER. A brutal storm struck and completely destroyed the house we resided in. A peice of debrie landed on Alex and Doug, wounding them both. Alex completely disregarded her own injuries to treat Doug. Her injuries I may add, were quite extensive(broken leg, cracked rips, and a piece of debrie sticking out OF HER STOMACH.) This. This is the human will to survive. Alex, after making sure Doug was comfortable, finaly started treating herself.
I would try to help, but I know little about human physiology.

Day 70.
We have re-built the shelter, and even after all of her injuries, she insisted on hunting for food, despite the fact I offered to do it. She told me “I can still go out and hunt. Yes it will be painful, yes it will be harder than normal without Doug by my side, but I can do it. You on the other hand…well the Gu'mek are not that stealthy. You evolved to blend in with rocks and such, Humanity evolved to hunt. Now stay here and make sure Doug gets enough water, he is very sick, and I don’t want to lead anyone else.”

Day 100.
A ship has found us!! Its landing..ITS THE QUA'TALL

We have been on the run for 5 days. Alex came up with a crazy plan. Take the Qua'tall ship. Its a ship of 50. We are 2. 3 if you include the dog. Alex told me that if she can get one of their guns, she can do it by herself.

We did it. We have a gun. Doug and I are to stay here while Alex goes out. If she dies, I am to care for Doug as long as I can. He is aparently 12 years old, and dogs live for about 14.

IT WAS AMAZING. Alex has killed all of them. That was the human will to survive. It was amazing, she was hit multiple times. She just got up and kept going. We are now on the ship, and heading for Allied space.

Ok so this turned into something completely different and long.
But hey thats my addition to this tag.

Backwards Clock~ Langst P.1

Important A/N

This is an extremely triggering series. Following chapters will have these triggers:

Child abuse


harsh words/language

alcohol induced rage

Alcohol/drug abuse

implied rape

child molestation

sexual harassment

self harm

suicidal themes

attempted suicide

descriptions of violence

Side A/N

This was supposed to be a one-shot but it’s getting too long so I’m breaking it down.

This is for the person who asked for the De-Age fic and a maximum langst fic. 

Please read the trigger warnings. If you are affected please do not read this series. Your health is more important to me than reads, notes, or any other forms of acknowledgment. 


“And that, my friends, is what I call a job well done,” Lance joked while landing Blue and placing his helmet to the side. 

“Yeah, but uh, Lance, you have a few fans outside,” Shiro joked.

“What do you- Woah,” Lance voiced. When he stepped out of the lion he was expecting everyone around the Black Lion examining them and trying to see the face behind its metal.

Instead, the King of the Mooi and his people were standing in front of Blue, staring up at Lance with wide eyes and glowing skin.. literally. They surround him, cheering and laughing.

Lance was mildly uncomfortable with the attention. Don’t get him wrong, he loved attention, being able to tell stories and speaking out, but those times he had control of the situation. This was completely different.

The Mooians petted Lance causing the later to curl back a little before allowing the others to hold his hand and inspect him.

He glared at Keith and Pidge who were holding on to each other trying not to fall over in laughter.

Hunk was panicking not knowing what to do and Shiro was talking with Allura.

“Apparently,” Shiro started to explain, “they liked how you flew, all flashy and stuff, and they realized you piloted the lion.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Lance called out. He shuddered in discomfort as one of the Mooians rubbed their face on his upper arm, though it didn’t last as one ran a finger softly across his stomach causing him to laugh.

“The people of Mooi are strangely obsessed with beauty and glamor,” Allura explained, “As the ‘most handsome’,” Allura quoted Lance,” they were naturally drawn to you.”

Lance smiled, “Well, of course, they did,” He joked. “Thank you, but this really isn’t necessary,” Lance tried to explain. He stepped away from the citizens.

They cleared away revealing the queen in her purple and gold robes. She carefully made her way through the crowd, nodding to certain people and acknowledging others. She made it to Lance and bowed. 

Lance stepped back in shock while the citizen’s followed in the queen’s pursuit. 

She stood up straight once more, “Someone such as yourself must stay young forever. Your beauty must be preserved.”

“Uh,” Lance froze. He wasn’t prepared for this, “Thank you, your highness, but I couldn’t accept something as valuable as this.”

The queen shook her head and pushed the drink into his hands. She stepped away and nodded her head expectingly. 

Lance gulped when the citizens started to lean forward. He looked down at the liquid. 

The purple liquid was far too dark for his liking and when he stirred it a bit in the glass it didn’t move. No light reflected off the surface and it smelt like gasoline. Beside him, Allura scoffed and nudged him. Lance took in a breath and downed the drink. He ignored the bitter taste and the stinging sensation it left. 

People around him cheered and ushered him to the plaza where a celebration would take place.

“Hunk!” Someone screamed in the castle. Keith jumped out of his bed, grabbed his dagger and ran towards the noise. The echo messed up his sense of hearing, making it harder for him to tell where it was coming from but small shuffling noises in Lance’s room told him everything. 

Hunk came tumbling out of his room at lightning speed. He tripped before knocking on the door, “Lance?” The noises stopped. “Lance? Buddy? It’s me, Hunk! Open up!”

“H-Hunk?” Lance called from inside. The door slid open.

What the two expected was their normal lanky legged friend with a goofy smile and bright blue eyes.

Instead, a kid in their mid teens stood awkwardly staring at the floor. He looked up to Keith, taking a step back and then to Hunk.


“Lance?” Hunk stepped towards Lance, “What the heck happened?”

“Where am I? Who is he? Where’s Hunk?” Lance started blurting out questions, “Why do you look like Hunk? Why is everything in this room blue? Why-”

“Lance. Lance!” Hunk interrupted the younger male. “What happened to you?” Hunk questioned, “You look 15!”

“Well, that would be because I am 15!”Lance screamed. He ran his hand through his hair in frustration. “Where am I? Who are you?”

Keith coughed, snapping himself out of shock, “You’re in the castle. Do you really not-“

“What the hell?” 

All three of the boys turned to the door where the youngest paladin stood.

“Lance?” they shouted. 


Pidge and Lance screamed at each other; Pidge for shock and Lance for frustration. Keith tried multiple times to get them to be quiet, only to have Shiro come in and pull Pidge and Lance apart and bringing them into the bridge. 

Allura was notified and Coran and her tried to contact the people of Mooi to get an explanation.

“So,” Lance tried to grasp everything he was just told, “I’m in a huge alien castle-ship.” Everyone nodded, “I’m supposed to be 17? I pilot some huge blue lion ship that I’ve bonded to, and I’m always happy and jokey?” Lance looked down, “Go me.”

“We found it,” Allura shouted, “Umioreo. Pidge, can you look it up on the pad?”

Pidge ran to her seat and pulled up a tab, “Erm…here! Umioreo was known as the Liquid of Gods. Blah blah… it is made from the Umi fruit found only on the planet Mooi. Mooians give it people who look like Gods to stay young for eternity and to preserve beautiful youth. It…” Pidge stopped for a moment. She took a shaky breath and continued to read, “It makes the drinker become younger until they cease to exist…therefore they stay youthful forever.”

Shiro stood up, causing Lance to shrink into his seat. “Can you tell us how to reverse it so we can get Lance back to normal?”

Pidge looked away, “There isn’t.”

“Pardon me?”

Pidge looked up from her screen, “There isn’t a cure.”

Some Reyes squadmate lines I wrote down

So the previous post had me remembering some lines I wrote in an AU where Reyes is your squadmate (if Liara can be shadowbroker on the Normandy, then Reyes can be the Charlatan on the Tempest. Case closed!).

Nomad Banter:

Jaal: Reyes Vidal.

Reyes: ???? That is my name, yes.

Jaal: Is it? I can never tell with you.

Cora: Reyes

Reyes: Yes?

Cora: I looked up your dossier on the Nexus.

Reyes: Find anything interesting?

Cora: No. The file was corrupted.

Reyes: Shame! You could’ve learned so many things…

Reyes: Jaal. I get this feeling you don’t like me?

Jaal: And here I thought I wasn’t being obvious enough.

Liam: So Reyes, I’ve been practicing my moves.

Reyes: And?

Liam: Ready for round two?

Reyes: [laughs darkly] 

Ryder: What’s going on?

Reyes: Liam thinks he can beat me in my own game.

Liam: Football [soccer] isn’t your game.

Reyes: Against you it is.

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Ship Posters: Andreil

Their I love you is in their Stay, in their Don’t Go, in their Welcome Home, in fingers hooked in belt loops and lingering looks across a room, and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

lupelovell345-blog  asked:

83) “Stay there. I’m coming to get you.” This is a really awesome idea and I love the two that you've written so far! :) I might use these prompts for my own writing ^^ I love your art and writing by the way :) Have a good day~

Uh alright! You didn’t suggest a ship so I’m just gonna take a stab in the dark and assume klance? Haha alright here we go. For the 100 ways to say i love you thing (please no one send me more requests. I’ll kick your ass if you do. I have so many!)

“Hey babe?” 

Lance’s tinny voice comes through the speaker of Keith’s phone. Keith lays in bed, swaddled in blankets, listening to the rain thunder against his window. It’s peaceful in his dorm room. His roommate is away for two weeks, and without classes or assignments, Keith has been enjoying the downtime. He likes the quiet.

But there’s someone he wishes he could share his time with.

“Yeah?” Keith speaks a bit louder so his phone’s speaker picks it up. His phone lays to his side, as his hands are busy with his playstation controller. He moves his character around his virtual farm, watering crops and cutting down trees.

“It’s a bit late for you to be calling. You ok?”

“Uhhhhhhh…..” Lance’s voice is high and unsure. It sounds distant.

“Where are you? Are you at home?” It doesn’t sound like the dead acoustics of Lance’s bedroom.

“Noooo…” Lance confirms. “I’m not home. I’m in a park somewhere.” 

“Oh, are you walking home from work?”

“No… I’m uh… I’m trying to meet up with someone.”

Keith pauses his game and looks skeptically at his phone.

“At 9pm?”

“Yeah, yeah it’s an impromptu visit. Bit of an emergency.” Lance laughs.

“Oh man, hope it’s not too cold.”

“Oh it’s pretty damn cold.”

“It’s storming here pretty bad.”

“Oh…. oh I know.”

There’s a pregnant pause. Keith stares at his phone again like he’s missing something. 

“Listen I wanted to ask…. for like… no reason…” Lance’s voice is hard to hear. Something rumbles outside Keith’s window and echoes in the phone.

“I just… like your college campus… what building did you say you lived in again?”

“I’m in F block.”

“Cool, cool, cool…. so like… is that close or far from the athletics centre? Like I’m just wondering if you’re…!”

Keith’s eyes widen and he snatches his phone. He holds it up to his face, gripping it with both hands and staring at Lance’s name.


“Yes?” Lance tries to sound nonchalant.

“Are you…are you here?!” 

I mean…” he laughs. There’s a tremble to it. “I’m just … HYPOTHETICALLY if I was…. how could I… find you?” He squeaks.

Keith’s eyes dart to his window. Rain slams against it and lightning crackles outside.

“Oh my god where are you?” His voice rushes out in panic.

“I don’t know! That’s why I’m calling you!” Lance’s voice finally betrays how worried he is.

“Oh god, i was trying to be an awesome boyfriend. I really wanted to surprise you at your door. I would knock, and you’d answer it, and I’d be there. You’d cry and oh man…” He sniffs. “Man I ruined everything.”

“No! No! You didn’t.” Keith hops off of his bed and is pulling on mismatched socks. He tosses his phone on the bed whilst he throws on a jacket. There’s no time to find his umbrella.

“You’re wonderful. You’re amazing. But I am seriously worried. Where are you? What’s around you?”

Thunder crashes. Keith hears it reverberate in the phone. Lance must be close then.

“I’m huddled under a gazebo in like… i dunno… i feel like art kids would sit here and get high?” Lance’s voice shakes. “The athletic centre is across from me. I can see some jocks running on treadmills.”

“Are you cold?”

“I’m so cold dude.” And Keith finally identifies the tremble in Lance’s voice as shivering.

“Aw babe. I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t be. Just please help me. Where do I go?”

“No, no.” Keith grabs his wallet and checks for his key card. All good. 

“Stay there. I’m coming to get you.”

Lance sighs dreamily.

“My hero.”

Keith flies down the building stairs and across the lobby. He runs into the rain without hesitation. His feet slap against the puddles.

“Don’t worry. I’ll warm you up soon.” He pants into the receiver.

“I know that’s supposed to be like… sexual? But honestly I feel like my dick’s going to fall off if I don’t get inside soon.”

Keith laughs loudly. Even in a bad situation, Lance could always make him smile. It was one of the reasons he had fallen so hard for the other boy in the first place. 

“I’m not far.” Keith reassures. He turns a corner and his feet skid on the slick pavement. The tall buildings begin to part and trees begin to rise up. Bushes mark the perimeter of a large courtyard. The rain sounds softer here, as it falls on the soil and leaves. 

In the centre stands a white gazebo. And under it, sopping wet and shivering, a thin boy with olive skin. His brown hair is slick to his brow and his blue jeans turn dark at the cuffs. 

“lance…” Keith breathes into his phone. He hits the end button, then shoves it into his pocket. He picks up his speed as he runs into Lance’s arms.

He collides into Lance’s body. Their frozen fingers clamber for one another, and cool lips meet. They pant into one another’s mouths, and their warm breath forms mist between them. Lance seeks out the heat of Keith’s body and slides his hands under his shirt. Keith squeaks at the cold touch, but doesn’t pull away. 

They kiss in the rain until their limbs grow numb.

anonymous asked:

Alex roughly eating louis that I'm all I'm sayin . Just a thought . I dunno . I haven't seen Dunkirk yet I'm gonna of spoilers

@celebratinglouis u send me the nastiest shit but also thank u. 

this is just…it’s porn. it’s angst and porn and feminization kink and poor coping mechanisms. also it’s written in like three different tenses. listen, I’m sorry. I hope you like it anyways, bc this is a concept I could write…more of. Also a few Dunkirk spoilers! 


The train spewed steam, hot and compressed, behind him, and Alex still found the ability to push forward.

He hurt, and he couldn’t even identify where. His ears were ringing, and he’s only now noticing it. He thought his neck and his head might hurt, but then again, his wrist and his ankle might, too. It’s just everywhere. His eyes stung even though he was just asleep, his mouth tasted like warm beer and warmer water.

He blinked, and brought his hand up to his eyes, his other hand tightening on the strap of his pack. There’s no sunlight in the station, but he still feels like he should lift his hand, get a better view.

He’s standing there on the platform, three dimensions, full color. He’s wearing nearly the exact same thing he wore to the station the first time, the grey trousers and the brown braces and the big, open pale blue jumper that’s gotten paler, bordering on grey.

He’s the most beautiful thing Alex has ever seen. He’s the only beautiful thing he’s seen in a while.

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StarkQuill (QuickFic)

So this has nothing to do with anything, just a random little scene. I wanted to try a text only quick fic, and hopefully it works out and you can figure out the characters without me having to describe them lol.

“Stop staring.”

“I am not staring, I’m just gazing… in interest. It’s been a while since I’ve seen another human. This is purely scientific watching.”

“Okay. But the human you are scientifically watching, is being guarded by two soldiers who rival Drax, so maybe be a little more discreet.”

“Nah. They aren’t that scary. Besides the one has a metal arm. Maybe he’s related to Nebs.”

“Do not call my sister Nebs!”


“Hey what’s StarMunch staring at?”

“I am definitely not answering to StarMunch.”

“What’s StarCrap staring at?”

“The human.”

“The blond who can’t find a shirt that fits? The brunette with a murder-face and an arm I’m considering stealing? Or the real pretty one who keep staring at StarJerk?”

“Enough with the names, alright! Geez! And I’m not— did you say he was staring at me? Oh crap, guys look cool. Look like um, look like you are being told something very important by your wise leader Star Lord. Maybe look–”

“He’s coming over here.”

“Oh no! How’s my hair! Mask on or off? On or off!?”
“Stop staring at the aliens, I think you are weirding them out. That’s not really the way to get on their good side when we are hoping they will help us.”

“I’m not… staring. Just observing them. For science. Star Lord is human anyway, maybe I should go over and introduce myself.”

“Or, maybe we should wait for the rest of the team like we already discussed.”

“I’m going over there. How’s my hair?”

“Damn it. No. Just stay here. Follow the orders for once.”

“I don’t like the way that raccoon keep looking at my arm.”

“Lots of people look at your arm.”

“But usually in fear. Not while laughing and making grabby hands.”

“You both are ridiculous. I’m going over there.”

“Stay here!”
“What did we just–”
“Why doesn’t he ever listen?”

“Hey there. Welcome to earth. Or back to Earth as the case may be. Tony Stark.”

“Peter Quill. Uh, or Star Lord, as I am known throughout the galaxy.”

“Iron Man. Even though the suit isn’t technically iron at all.”

“Well Iron Man. You uh… want to see my space ship?”

“Are you personally going to be giving me the tour?”

“Oh definitely.”

“Lead on Star Lord.”
“I am Groot?”

“Yeah, he almost wet himself when the human called him Star Lord.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, buddy they didn’t want anyone else to come along.”

“I am Groot.”

“I know. So rude.”

“I am Groot?”

“No, it’s probably not just a tour. When he said tour he meant… something different.”

“I am Groot?”

“I’ll explain when you’re older. Just stay away from StarButt’s quarters for a while, eh?”

“I am Groot!”

“What!? No more TV for you! How do you even know that word!”


Just want to show my love to all my fans out there by writing a few drabbles! Pick a character or a ship along with a number from the list and send it to me! Those who follow me get gifs with Drabble^-^


1. “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
2. “You don’t have to stay.”
3. “Don’t fucking touch me.”
4. “Please I just… really need space right now.”
5. “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
6. “Shit, are you bleeding?!”
7. “It’s okay to cry…”
8. “Just leave me ALONE.”
9. “Please listen to me-”
10. “You can trust me.”
11. “I just really need to have you here right now.”
12. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
13. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
16. “So, I found this waterfall…”
17. “Just once.”
18. “You lied to me.”
19. “I wish I could hate you.”
20. “You did all of this for me?”
21. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
22. “No one needs to know.”
23. “Boo.”
24. “Well this is awkward…”
25. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
26. “Remember our first date? When you took me to Starbucks and it took me 15 minutes just to choose a flavour of Frappuccino? I was never sure about anything, never. But I was so fucking sure about you!”
27. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare with the pain I felt when I saw you fall for her…”
28. “They say it’s hard to let go. But with you I find it impossible.”
29. “I just wanted you to know that when I picture myself happy… it’s with you.”
30. “I know, but… I love him/her. You can’t give up on a person you love.”
31. “But… you’re my home.”
32. “Come over here and make me.”
33. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
34. “Please, don’t leave.”
35. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
36. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
37. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
38. “I almost lost you.”
39. “Wanna bet?”
40. “Don’t you ever do that again!
41. “Teach me how to play?”
42. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
43. “I think we need to talk.”
44. “So, I found this waterfall…”
45. “It could be worse.”
46. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
47. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
48. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
49. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
50. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
51. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
52. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
53. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
54. “I got you a present.”
55. “I’m pregnant.”
56. “Marry me?”
57. “I thought you were dead.”
58. “It’s not what it looks like…”
59. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
60. “Please don’t do this.
61. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
62. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
63. “I wish I could hate you.”
64. “Wanna dance?”
65. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
66. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
67. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?
68. “I swear it was an accident.”
69. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
70. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”

Princess - Harry Hook x Reader Smut (Requested)

Request: Could you do a smut with Harry Hook where reader is Moana’s daughter, who ran away after an argument with Audrey and she’s telling him about her mother’s run-in with the Kakamora, and after she’s done, some of them try to kidnap her, only for him to save her and let them know she’s his before taking her to his room and they go at it?

Audrey could really be a bitch sometimes. You had a silly argument and she ended up going too far. She loved bringing up that you’re not technically royalty. When she said that your mom, Moana, never did anything noteworthy that was the final straw. You burst out of Auradon Prep, not really sure where you were going. You ended up on the Isle in Ursula’s Fish & Chips.

You walked in but no one really noticed you. Even though you were “good” you were welcome there. Harry made sure of that. During the quest to rescue Ben, Harry caught you sneaking around on the ship. He never mentioned it to Uma. Instead he just kept you to himself for a few days. During those few days, you guys became friends. He’s now one of your most trusted friends, who you also happened to be in love with. You couldn’t spot him at any of the tables so you asked Gil where he was. “Oh, he’s on the ship. Below deck somewhere,” answered Gil. You thanked him and raced down towards the docks.

You found him sitting at a desk downstairs staring intently at a map. You knew better than to sneak up on him so you knocked. He lifted his head and his face lit up. “Y/n! What brings you here, love?” he implored with a giant smile on his face. The smile you had come to love. “I had a fight with Audrey,” you replied sadly. “Oh, are you alright, dear?” he asked carefully. You nodded, but Harry knew you better than that. “What did she say?” he asked gently pulling you closer to him so that you were practically sitting on his lap. “She said I wasn’t really royalty, and that my mom never did anything important,” you mumbled not meeting his eyes. He sighed loudly. “Now, princess you know that’s not true. I’ve heard you tell plenty of stories about things your mom did. What was that one about those little monsters with that huge ship? The Kaka…something?” he trailed off. “The Kakamora,” you finished for him. He nodded. “Yeah, those things terrify me. Mom says that there might even be some around here. She thought she recognised their ship on the island docks the other day,” you stated. “Yeah, Uma’s dealt with them before. She told the crew that if we ever come across them that we should kill them on the spot,” he informed you. “I hope I never have to see them, they terrify me,” you murmured not really wanting Harry to hear how scared you were. But, he did. “It’s okay, darling. I’ll protect you,” he joked. You lightly slapped him on the shoulder. “So, what’s the plan for tonight?” Harry asked suddenly. You shrugged. “You could stay here with me,” he offered. You blushed at the thought of sharing a bed with Harry. “If it’s not too much trouble,” you retorted. He shook his head. “No trouble at all, it would be my pleasure. I just have a few errands to run for Uma. Do you want to come?” he asked. You nodded and followed him above deck.

When you got there however, there was another ship docked that looked an awful lot like the one your mom described. You immediately grabbed onto Harry’s arm. His eyes met yours and you had a nonverbal conversation. He drew his sword and told you to stay on the ship. He stepped onto the docks to investigate the strange ship. Suddenly, several Kakamora surrounded you. Harry spun around and raced towards you. It was a dozen Kakamora against one hook-handed pirate. They lunged at him but he was quicker, he sliced them all in two. There were about four left now, still restraining you. They made jarring clicking sounds to which Harry responded with; “You will not touch her, ever again. I’ll eliminate any and everyone of you that tries to hurt her. She’s mine!” He spoke with such anger the Kakamora cowered. In the blink of an eye he had destroyed them all. Before you could even process what had just happened Harry wrapped his arms around you giving you a soft kiss on your forehead.

He lead you back to his room mumbling something about; “Screw errands.” Your mind was racing, you had almost been kidnapped by the Kakamora. But, Harry saved you and said that you were his. What did he mean? You didn’t want to jump to any conclusions so you asked him as soon as you were in his room. “What did you mean when you told the Kakamora that I was yours?” you muttered sitting down on his bed. He smiled softly, crouching down in front of you. He took your hands in his lightly rubbing your skin with his thumbs. “I meant what I said, y/n. You’re mine,” he stated. He got back up and took off his red leather jacket. Your eyes couldn’t help but drift to his toned biceps. You were practically drooling when your eyes met his. He’d just caught you staring. “I’m guessing that by the way you’re drooling over me, you don’t object to being mine,” he said confidently. Hearing him talk about you as his gave you a boost of confidence too. “Well, I don’t remember you claiming me as yours,” you teased.

He basically pounced on you, smashing your lips together. It wasn’t long before he deepened the kiss. You ran your fingers through his hair and tugged on it slightly. He groaned into your mouth sending heat pooling to your core. His hands left your waist traveled down to your butt squeezing it and dragging you onto his lap. Your core brushed against his length making you gasp. His hands never left your butt kneading it as he brought your hips down onto him. You were grinding on his lap and you had to bite your lip, determined not to let a noise slip out. You ducked your head into his neck biting down to muffle a groan. He bucked his hips and whispered into your ear; “If we keep doing this I’m not going to last much longer.” You giggled and took off your shirt and bra. His smile widened at the newly exposed skin. Before he could do anything your hands were tugging at the hem of his ripped shirt. He lifted it over his head tossing it aside. You pushed him down onto the bed attaching your lips to his jaw. You slowly traced kisses down his neck, taking your time to suck marks into his collarbones. You kissed lower and lower until you were at the waistband of his pants. You unzipped them achingly slow and palmed him through his underwear. He growled and flipped you over onto your back. He held your wrists to the bed with one of his hands and whispered tenderly against your skin; “No, no, no, baby girl. You’re the one who’s getting spoiled tonight. I’m going to treat you like royalty. Just relax for me okay.” He got off the bed and took off his gloves and his hook making you giggle. “What’s so funny, darling?” he asked almost darkly. “I just think it’s funny that you have a fully functional hand but you still carry around that hook,” you quipped. “It’s for the aesthetic,” he said pulling you to the foot of the bed by your ankles.

“Hips up,” he ordered and you complied. He pulled off your pants along with your panties leaving you completely bare. As if sensing your self awareness he took off all of his clothes too. Now that you were both naked, he took his place between your legs. He dipped his head to suck on your clit making you cover your mouth with your hands. He grabbed your hands moving them to his hair saying; “That’s not where they belong, princess. Now come on, I want to hear those beautiful moans. By the end of the night I’ll have you screaming my name.” A loud gasp left your mouth at his words. He returned his mouth to your heat licking a stripe up your folds. Without warning he thrusted two fingers into you making you groan loudly. “That’s right, love. That’s what I want to hear,” he said against you clit. The vibrations made you shiver and you squirmed under Harry’s touch. Your hands tugged at his hair making him groan against you once more. He added a third finger and you cried out his name. He sped up his actions and was now thrusting his fingers into so fast all you could do was moan his name and grip onto his hair.

Before you could reach your high he removed his fingers and you whined. “Sorry, princess. The fun just started I don’t want you to finish already,” he murmured. He repositioned you on the bed so that you were straddling his hips. He took your hands in his and intertwined your fingers and you slowly pushed yourself down onto his length. You both moaned at the feeling of him being inside of you. You went down as far as you could and rolled your hips. You circled your hips slowly teasing Harry. You could tell his patience was wearing thin and you were waiting for him to snap. When he did he grabbed your hips and thrusted up into you deeply. He kept thrusting up into you roughly and all you could do was moan his name over and over again. “That’s right, princess. Keep saying my name. Louder! So everyone can hear. I’m gonna fuck you so hard my name will be the only thing you can remember,” he growled.

He flipped you onto your back and ruthlessly pounded into you. “Harry, yes! Oh, fuck!” you screamed. “That’s right, princess!” he grunted. You started trailing sloppy kisses down his neck and shoulders. You left several marks on his chest and arms, just marking your territory. With one particularly deep thrust you felt your walls clench around Harry’s dick as you came. “Harry…. Harry!” Was all that slipped out of your mouth. Your orgasm triggered his and he grunted; “Who do you belong to, princess?” “You!” you moaned. “You’re mine,” he said. You felt him spill into you then he pulled out. “All yours,” you whispered.

He flopped down next to you, the two of you catching your breath together. When you calmed down you rolled onto your side facing him and he did the same. He ran his fingers through your hair lazily as you just talked about nonsense. Your fight with Audrey long forgotten. The next morning when Gil was sent to wake Harry up, he came in but didn’t have the heart to. He saw you and Harry laying peacefully and went above deck to tell Uma that Harry wasn’t feeling well. Needless to say, you and Harry spent the rest of the day in bed, mostly sleeping….

BEEP BEEP BEEP! you’ve already hit your alarm clock four times this morning - that’s 20 minutes….which means it’s time to wake up - time to leave for school?! oh ship, you’ve only got 10 minutes to get ready! but don’t worry, I’m here to get you through the morning ♡ listen to me and stay calm

for real, get out of bed. now.

don’t just stay snuggled up in your blankets - actually get out of bed! there’s a ton of stuff to do and so little time to get it done~

pack your bag the night before

the last thing you want to do after waking up late is taking time out of your morning to pack your bag. just do it right before you go to sleep. that way, you’ll have everything ready to go before you even wake up.

also prepare your clothes early

i don’t know about you, but i usually plan a week of outfits on sunday. it’s usually a v loose plan like: “oh, this week it’s gonna be colder than usual, so i’m gonna keep my dark jeans here, a cardigan here, and my long sleeved shirt here”. after that, i’ll pick out what i’m going to wear the night before since it’s easier and i’m less indecisive.


if you wear makeup, keep it to a minimum/no-makeup-makeup look. that is, stick to the tried and tested sunscreen/bb cream, mascara, and lipstick/gloss/tint. if you don’t wear makeup, don’t worry about it! (neither do i keke).

know your knots

whenever i’m in a rush but want to seem put together, i opt for the classic pony tail or bun. you could also go for a topknot, side braid, the works - they’re staples - you just can’t go wrong.

eat on the go

i know it may not be ideal for some people, but eating in the car really saves a lot of time. i’m probably the only one here who actually takes her bowl of cereal into the car with her, but it’s totally doable. or, maybe just grab a cereal bar. but please, please, please, do not skip breaky!

route right

if you’re running late to an event and you’re not familiar with how to get there, use your phone (google maps is a lifesaver, fyi) and type in the destination, route the way, and then exit the app. it’ll be there in the morning, either waiting for you to begin navigation, or under the ‘recent’ locations.

go get ‘em, tiger

get out there and carpe diem! run to class if you have to! skip the elevator and take the stairs to get to your workplace faster (unless it’s on the 72th floor - in that case, the elevator’s your best bet).

good luck!  so I’ve decided to continue with the “disastrous mornings” theme since it seemed to be a big hit, so here we are~

This Is Why You Woke Me (Peter Quill x reader)

Request: regaltempo said:Hello! My request is a Peter Quill x Reader. The reader is a human too, who likes and plays classical music on violin, and one day when you think everyone is asleep in the ship you practice on your violin, but little do you know Peter is listening to you on the other side of the wall. After you’re finished he shows himself and asks for a dance and you play a cassette tape of classical music and dance the waltz together. Thank you!  Peter probably has never heard of classical music before. That could be why he is so interested in hearing the music at night. And the reader could be surprised that he doesn’t know and they compromise and he teaches you how to dance and you play classical music for him during the night. And maybe some kissing.

Follow up to Why Did You Wake Me?

“I don’t think she likes me,” Peter groaned quietly, sitting in the pilot seat of the ship and swiveling the chair back and forth nervously.  His friends sat behind him, listing to him complain for the last several hours and growing impatient at the incessant whining session.  “She sits in her room all day and barely says two words to me.”

“I agree that she does not like you.  It’s obvious and you are quite right in finally noticing it,” Drax nodded eagerly, reaching out to slap his friend supportively on the arm, only to have him pull it from his reach.  “This makes you sad.  Would you like to me to speak to her for you and find out why her hatred runs so deeply?”

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Sheith Pirates of the Caribbean AU Part 2 (Part 1)

  • After the Brethren Court, Shiro hasn’t seen Keith ever since. But he can’t stop thinking about him. He’s never been this taken with someone else before. His night escapades just can’t compare.
  • He’s so smitten. It’s ridiculous.
  • He tends to stare into the horizon and just keeps sighing.
  • “Captain, you’re like a widower,” Lance says. “Get it?” Lance nudges his elbow. “Widower. The Widow’s Death?”
  • Lance just snickers. “Man, you got it so bad, huh? You don’t even join us anymore when we hunt for chicks in Tortuga. And that’s saying a lot because you usually get the most. And yesterday you didn’t even bother leaving the ship. C’mon. Is he really all that?”
  • “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • Lance rolls his eyes. “Captain Keith Kogane. I don’t get it though. The guy has horrible hair. The guy’s a murderer. I mean, not saying we aren’t but he’s like—”
  • “Don’t you have something to attend to, Master Lance?” Shiro raises an eyebrow. After that no one dares talking to him about it.
  • He has no idea that he brings his ship to the Red Sea. Even Shiro is shock at this.  
  • “Oh boy. Did not expect this at all,” Hunk whispers to Pidge and Lance.
  • Pidge is the first one to ask, “Captain, why are we here?”
  • “I… I don’t know, Pidge. I honestly don’t know.” Shiro answers breathlessly. However, his eyes roams around the place. Looking for something. For someone.
  • “I don’t think he’ll appear,” Pidge says softly. “No one has seen him.”
  • Despite everything, they stay. Shiro will do anything just to look at those dark purple eyes once again. He leaves the ship and goes to shore hours after midnight. He just stares at the sea. “Keith, where are you?”
  • “Looking for me?” Someone whispers in his ear.
  • Shiro jumps in his place and looks around. No one is there. Just him.
  • He hears someone laughing softly. “Why are you here, great ol young Pirate Lord of the Black Sea?” the voice asks.
  • “I… I can’t stop thinking about you,” Shiro admits.
  • The laughing stops and Shiro could feel it’s speaking in front of him. “I told you. I’m cursed.”
  • “I already know that, but is there a way to break the curse?”
  • “You don’t know anything about my curse,” Keith sneers.
  • “What do you mean?” Shiro asks, looking straight at nothing.
  • “Has it ever occurred to you how the hell am I able to defend my ship if I have no crew? How no ship ever makes it out of my territory?”
  • “No. Keith, show yourself,” Shiro requests. “Please.”
  • “If I do that you will definitely stop thinking about me. And you’ll sail away from this place forever.”
  • What is he talking about? “I’m sure I can handle it.” Shiro just really wants to look at those beautiful eyes once again.
  • “Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” Keith sighs.
  • A few moments later, right in front of Shiro is a rotten corpse wearing clothes full of blood. Shiro swallows the lump in his throat. He looks up and sees that Keith’s face has empty eye sockets. He takes a step back. It’s too much to take in one go. It’s not the Keith he saw months ago. This one looks very disturbing.
  • “I told you,” Keith disappears again instantly but Shiro was quick enough to grab his face and suddenly, Keith’s human face starts to form around where Shiro’s touching him. Shiro’s eyes widens in surprise as Keith’s dark eyes mirrors his expression.
  • Shiro smiles softly at Keith and places both of his hands on the younger pirate’s face. The second eye forms and then the rest of his whole face is visible. “You’ve got the most interesting curse, Captain Kogane.” He starts caressing Keith’s cheek. “I’d like to hear all about it, if you don’t mind.”
  • Keith slowly smiles at him, nodding as he leans into his touch.
Survival Starters

“It’s getting dark, we have to find shelter.”
“If we don’t soon find food we’re going to starve to death, even before we get a chance to freeze.”
“You collect branches and I’ll try to hunt for some food…”
“Whatever you do, don’t lose your way back here.”
“Let me look at that. Fuck, that looks painful… we need to find something against the infection.”
“I need to clean the wound. I’m sorry I don’t have anything to numb the pain. Bite down on something, that should help a bit.”
“I can’t feel my feet.”
“I’ve never been this cold in my life… We can’t survive this, can we?”
“It’s been three days since we last saw land… and we’re running low on food.”
“Stop screaming! No one can hear us, you’re just wearing yourself out like this!”
“I don’t know if this is edible, but it’s the only thing I could find.”
“I’m in too much pain. I can’t make it, I’m just holding you back. You need to let me go.”
“If you can’t keep walking, I’m going to have to leave you behind… you know that.”
“What if nobody ever finds us here.”
“I guess we’re lucky the ship sunk close to shore, but why the fuck does it need to be a desert island?!”
“Of all people to get stuck on an island with… Why did it have to be you?”
“There should be a river nearby we can wash in.”
“I can barely remember what food used to taste like…”
“Are you alright? You passed out before. We need to find you something to eat.”
“We need to find shelter. We can continue in the morning when it’s light again.”
“Tell me you have the faintest idea which plants are edible.”
“Just keep talking to me, you’ll be okay. Let me treat your wound.”
“How long have you been sitting here?! Do you WANT to get a heatstroke?”
“What do you miss the most?”
“It can take months for a ship to sail by and even then it’s unlikely they’ll notice us.”
“I’m going insane. There’s water. Water everywhere. I can’t fucking do this anymore.”
“You need to stay in the shade, you’re already sunburned as it is.”
“What was that noise…?”
“Can we please stop arguing? We need to work together if we want to survive.”
“We are the only two people on this entire island, why are we fighting?!”
“We’re the only ones who made it ashore… My name’s [NAME]. Nice to meet you…”
“Any idea how to make a fire?”
“I wish I’d died in that shipwreck… This is torture.”
“On the bright side, at least we’re not alone.”
“Whatever you do… don’t think about pizza.”
“How long do you reckon we can survive for? A couple of days? Weeks? Months?”
“I miss my home. I’m starting to forget what it felt like to sleep in a bed.”
“I hope someone thought about my dog/cat…”
“What are we going to do when one of us dies…?”
“Don’t eat any of that food. I’m going to be sick… I don’t think it’s edible!”