ship: josh and mindy

my all time favourite shipping trope is “i hate you so much but shit you’re also very attractive so i guess we can make out some but tell no one” and that sort of works until they fall in love and suddenly it’s “oh shit now we have to tell people because if someone hits on you again i might just break something”

Seddie will proceed in one of two ways.

A) The Josh and Mindy way. Be together and still argue, think they “rushed things” and break up for a while, then eventually get back together towards the end of the season for the remainder of the show’s existence, arguing like an old married couple, but loving each other just the same.

B) The Quinn and Logan way. Be together and ridiculously cute and annoying, maybe break up one time for the course of an episode, then be together for the remainder of the show’s existence, continuing the nose-kissing and romantic nonsense, but not being incredibly public about it.

This could go either way. Option A is probable because they got together after Mindy returned from a mental institution. Option B is probable because Quinn was a pageant girl from Seattle. HOLY SIMILAR.

Remember the Josh and Mindy relationship?
  1. Hated each other for the entire series until they started dating a little more than halfway through.
  2. Dated for a couple episodes.
  3. They decided their love/hate relationship wasn’t going to work as it was…so then…breakup. :(
  4. Then, if I recall correctly, they kiss again very intensely…then decide they’re still broken up.
  5. In the next season, or quite a few episodes later, or something like that, Josh shows major signs of jealousy when he thinks Mindy has a new boyfriend. (It ends up being her cousin, remember? Haha awkward)
  6. Series finale? BINGITA BANGITA BOOM! They’re together again.

Now, do numbers one through four seem familiar to you? *coughcough*Seddie*coughcough*