ship: jimxpam

Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. And now we’re not even friends. And things are just, like, weird between us. And that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford. And I really miss you. I shouldn’t have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding, but the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you’re with someone else. And that’s fine. It’s, whatever, it’s not what I’m- I’m not-.
—  Pam Beesly, The Office S03E22
Can I just say

I think everyone is over reacting about Pam and Jim fighting. Honestly, I like that they had a fight, it made their relationship seem more real and relatable to me, the writers want us to know these are “real people” having real problems. So far they have had THE PERFECT relationship, admit it! I see ALL THE TIME someone wondering where their “Pam” or “Jim” is. ALSO ONE FIGHT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE SPLITTING UP!! 

Okay..I’m done. Carry on. 

Most criticism of Pam Beesly pisses me off not because it’s wrong (even though it is), but because it shows a total lack of comprehension of the fact that Pam is a main character on a tv show about a bunch of office workers. Pam can’t just leave because she wants to and she’s in the right place in her professional life because Pam is (was) the co-emotional core of a television show about people who worked in an office.

Pam isn’t a loser because she quit art school. If anyone was the loser, it was the writers who wrote Pam into an arc which could end in her dreams coming true and her….being written off the show. So she failed and stayed on the show because they couldn’t write off a main character. It was poor planning, not a character weakness. And the same goes for why Jim and Pam stayed there so long. It wasn’t because they were aimless unambitious losers, it’s because they were the main characters of a highly profitable tv show which a failing network needed as a prime time anchor. 

If Jim and Pam were actual real people with the characterizations created for them between seasons 1 and 5, Pam would have done very well in art school the first time around, and they would have left to find jobs more suited to their abilities some time around the middle of season 6. They wouldn’t have stayed on in the background for three more years while Andy and Erin had a pointless badly written romance which eventually went nowhere.

I enjoyed season 9 and accept it for what it is, but that whole Jim/Pam mess would have made much more sense around season 6, not after three years of the new show runner (Toby you are the worst) totally ignoring them and writing them weird OOC arcs that eventually went nowhere.

I’m derailing myself now so YEAH gonna end it here.