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Toxic (8tracks) made for the teenwolffemslashexchange for isaacsstilinski / from henrymaarchbanks Track Listing:

Gods & Monsters - Lana Del Rey Gunshot -Lykke Li Toxic - Melanie Martinez Smokey Taboo - CocoRosie The Wolf - Phildel Angels - The XX O’Death - Jen Titus A Little Taste - Skyler Stonestreet Take Me To Church - Neon Jungle BTSK - MS MR


Is it wrong to love a killer? Jennifer asks herself this every day, every time she kisses Kali on the cheek as she leaves, often at ungodly hours of the night. Jen never knows if Kali is going to come back covered in blood, or if she’s going to come back at all. One thing’s for sure though, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of loving someone so dangerous.

well i lvoe him and to think of his distended abddomen is make me fee lhappy, I want to see his pael skin and put my arms areound his trunk ad smile at how beautiful he is and live w him forever and feel his leg hari which is proably soft and dark like my haret.


Milk Coffee & Sugar - Gaël Faye ft Jali - Hope Anthem

Si j'avais un bateau, je partirai en solitaire et sans escale !
Si j'avais un bateau, je laisserai ma boussole à terre pour suivre mon étoile…
—  Paroles espanola - Jali

A Jali from Mughal India,

It was usually a dividing wall, window to separate the kings and queens or royalty from the common subjects.

I’m really thinking about minor-ing in Art History especially Islamic and Indian art, because it’s so intricate and lovely. But obviously I don’t know what kinda career comes of a English/Film/Art History specialization!