ship: jadesy

we need to clear this up; the girls ship names

so these are the “ship” names:

  • Jade & Perre: Jerrie
  • Leigh & Perrie: Lerrie
  • Leigh & Jade: Leighade
  • Jade & Jesy: Jadesy
  • Jesy & Leigh: Jeleigh but then I saw a post saying “Lesy
  • Jesy & Perrie: Persy? Pesy?
but the bottom two I’m not too sure of since different people call it different things

so please it’s really annoying me and we all need to what to call them, tell me what you thing they should be :) and then we’ll see from there…

so lerrie shippers have lerrie kiss, leigh touched perrie’s boobs and there’s a lot of lerrie holding hands moments, jerrie shippers have jerrie’s selfies and perrie touched jerrie’s butt and jade grabbed perrie’s butt and they have just a lot of moments in every video or photo, pesy shippers have pesy eye contact moments and there’s also a lot of jadesy moments for jadesy shippers like listening party and these hug moments but what about leighade, i mean there’s photos from tinie tempah launch party but we haven’t a lot of moments with leighade, and i feel so bad for all leighade shippers because we almost don’t see leighade and it’s kinda sad