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that moment when a grossly in love couple do some gross PDA in front of you lol

j2 retold that minncon story at the last jibcon and it’s still really cute and funny


I’ve been looking for this one forever. It’s apparently unlisted so many may not have seen it as it has less than 6,000 views while the afternoon panel has 100,000+.

Dallas 2012 Full J2 Breakfast.

Love that when Jensen is asked if he has a motorcycle he responds “I’d like to introduce my mother.”

Jared and Jensen share their different experiences with a horrible casting director. Funny.

story time everybody

so a couple days ago i started rewatching supernatural from the beginning when j2 were babies lol because i got several seasons behind due to work and other stuff. anyway, my coworker called me up while i was watching and right when i answered … shots fired, creature snarls, j2 shouting. all i said was hold on. wendigo. and she just laughed because she knew exactly what i meant. it’s cool to know other fans because all it takes is one word and they just get it.