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In Defense of Titanic’s Ending

“At the end of Titanic when Rose dies and reunites with Jack in the afterlife, how is it cool that she’s making out with a 19 year old homeless dude that she knew for a few days back when she was a teenager, rather than the father of her children?”

A friend of mine asked the above question and I agreed to answer it to the best of my abilities. That said, a fair response deserves a fair question, and the above question is not so. I can’t begin to answer the question by referencing Jack as a “teenage homeless dude,” for he is not that in both (what I’ll call), the “external-movie” and “internal-movie.”

The “external-movie” shall encompass all components that went into making the actual film. So I’m speaking about primarily, the screenplay, but also the conventions that influence the way movies are made. The “internal-movie” shall be seen as the fictional world in which the characters live.

To call Jack a “19-year-old homeless dude” that Rose knew for a “few days” is to negate his characterological purpose in its entirety, and in so, the purpose of Titanic’s emotional plot lines. Unlike most films, Titanic consists of two emotional plot lines: Rose’s love affair with Jack, and her self-actualization towards living a meaningful life.

Jack is a literary device to aid her in that journey, and in some ways resembles the manic-pixie boy archetype. Thus, if his presence in Rose’s afterlife is going to be questioned, it must be questioned taking into account his actual purpose, both within the fictional world of the movie, and outside it. However, once his true “internal” and “external” functions are acknowledged as so, the question itself, is no longer logically necessary to ask.


External-Movie Reasoning
What does this mean? Well let’s start with the external-movie. Now, a ‘passable’ screenplay follows Hollywood conventions, and this affects Jack and Rose (and Calvert) in two ways:

Movies are stories. Stories do not include every detail in a protagonist’s life. Instead, the stories told in movies focus on a particular aspect of the protagonist’s life. In Titanic, Rose’s ‘story’ is more abstract when it centers on her romantic relationship with Jack and how his love for her transcends his own life to give meaning to hers.

Since that is the focus of the emotional plot, the screenplay does not spend time describing Rose’s subsequent years of marriage to a man under the name of, Calvert. Consequently, it appropriately avoids wrapping up “Jack and Rose’s” story with a man that the audience has never even met. Imagine instead of Jack welcoming Rose into the afterlife, an unfamiliar face greeted our protagonist. The ending would have never passed screen tests.

The second point in defense of Jack and Rose’s ‘afterlife reunion’ from an external-movie perspective looks at the movie paradigm. The movie paradigm, or “three-act structure,” states that if a character’s lowest moment is on pg. 90 in the screenplay, then he/she will get their happy ending and vice-versa. Well, it’s safe to say Titanic puts all of its characters through a perilous hell, including Jack and Rose throughout the second act. Jack’s death occurs at the “pg. 90 moment” for Rose’s story line, and so according to screenplay law, she deserves a happy ending within that story line.

Again, going back to the above, real-life would argue for the case of Calvert, a life-after-love perspective. But that’s not the story “Titanic” is telling. 

To repeat myself, the story “Titanic” is telling, is Jack’s transcendent love for Rose and how it helped create a new life for her. So what sort of endings can be drawn up from that, given that Jack is now dead? An ending that not only depicts how dramatically Jack’s love transformed her life (as seen in her bedside photos), but that is also proportionally equal to the “adversity” they faced earlier in the film. With both Jack and Rose spending the second act fighting for their lives, it only makes ‘screenplay sense’ that in the third act, their love is no longer in threat of sinking ships, and class boundaries. Thus, an ending depicting a ‘Titanic heaven reunion’ directly parallels the film’s rising action of a sinking ship tearing its characters a part.

From the “powers that be” that dictate Hollywood film conventions, it makes the most “external-movie” sense for Jack to welcome Rose into the afterlife.


Internal-Movie Reasoning
I’ll preface this part with, I believe the external-movie’s ‘needs’ often trump the internal-movie’s realities. In so, the above segment carries more weight because, “That’s Hollywood, baby.” Additionally, this part naturally lacks information outside of the context of the film’s story, so I cannot speak on behalf of Calvert, or Rose’s marriage and life spent with him. However, we can take a look at why Jack makes the cut for Rose’s afterlife, given the information the film gives us.

Although their actual time spent together was brief, Jack’s impact on Rose had life-long effects because he unconditionally loved her when no one else did, and that love consisted of a natural bond inexplicable by the likes of me, or anyone….because love.

Their relationship launches from a unique situation, which entails Jack saving her life. Prior to Jack, Rose felt so insignificant to those around her it led her to attempt suicide. Therefore, Jack became the first person in her world to care, to see her, and to advocate for her. For a 17-year-old aristocrat in 1912 with no say in her future, Jack promised a future, one with choices, and we have to assume that that was heavily intoxicating and alluring for an impressionable Rose. Anyone who has ever fallen in love can speak to its exhilarating ways. Jack and Rose’s love was merely set against extremes.

When was the last time you attempted suicide, were talked out of it, nearly died going back over the rail, bonded with a complete stranger, fell in love for the first time, lost your virginity, made a conscious choice to leave your family and life behind, fought for your survival on the FREAKING Titanic, had your first love die so that you could live, and then enter New York City with nothing of your own accept the chance of a new start? Phew. It’s exhausting even saying it, I can’t imagine living that over the course of a few days. The point is, none of us can. So if empathizing with Rose on this is actually outside of your scope, I don’t blame you. But it must be noted, this incredibly, rare and unique chunk of time in her life irrefutably influenced her life moving forward.

Jack’s death, as well as the sinking were traumatic events that Rose had to endure. Trauma effects people in different ways, but for Rose, she chose to honor Jack’s life by carrying on his legacy. In Jack’s final plea to Rose, he tells her she is going to have a life beyond the Titanic and beyond him, that she is going to marry and have kids with another man. He does this because he fears if he doesn’t make this clear, she would succumb to her own death beside him. This is depicted clearly when after Rose learns of Jack’s death, she briefly rests her head beside him in surrender. Her eyes only snap open once she remembers that he made her promise she would go on without him. Rose’s trauma then becomes a driving force in her life to honor a man who saved her in more ways than one. 

She does presumably find happiness in a relationship with Calvert. Does her relationship with her husband differ from that of Jack’s? Yes. To compare the two would be a mistake. I believe that every single person has a side of him/herself that is unlocked through another person, that different people allow us to express different parts of ourselves. Rose’s husband may have unlocked Rose’s caregiving side, her practical side. Jack unlocked the passionate side of Rose, but primarily, he tapped directly into her soul. If you think that soulmates exist, Jack was her soulmate.


A Final Word
If you only believe in pragmatic love or if you feel incapable of suspending your disbelief, then I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest you don’t bother watching “Titanic,” other romance films, or maybe films in general. All movies ask us to suspend our disbelief in one way or another. Some do it through unlikely chance encounters. As unlikely as it was for the real Titanic to sink, it did. If Jack and Rose’s love did not transcend the living world in Titanic heaven (how epic), would their storyline have carried its own weight against the actual story of an unsinkable ship sinking, taking 1500 lives with it? 

I have a theory that we are only capable of taking away from movies, what beliefs and values already reside within us, that we ‘project’ on screen what we want to see. So I ask you, what do you want to see?

I (not so) low key bro-ship you guys….because you and keilattes are just too precious for this world with your adorable endering ‘I love you more’ squables.


I can’t believe you came back with a grapefruit child I’m 
how did you use my tags against me afgjfdkljg

So… let me see if I get it:
Ships + what people ‘who think they know better than anyone how to live’ say:
Climon: thats disgusting !!! They are like brother and sister.
Jalec: thats incest ! Even if jace and alec arent brothers. Also its homophobic and racist in some ways that we didnt figure it out yet but we will… also im assuming you only watch the tv show since you dont know alec isnt in love with jace (ok. How in the world is my fault that the tv show wanted to make jalec a thing)
Clalec: thats homophobic, racist and you are probably hitler. You are erasing his sexuallity even if your ship is only based on manips bc they dont get along so they dont have scenes together in the tv show, alec is gay and your manips are making him straight. Ugghh you probably are a straight white girl who lives just to upset us.
Rizzy: thats horrible, we want sizzy bc we arent against cannon couples (check climon description*) and its also unhealthy bc they are both on drugs and i didnt expect that so i dont like it. Also they are making it look like all latinos are on drugs.
Clace: thats incest even if they arent brother and sister just bc i hate straight couples and im different than the rest of the world so i dont like it.
Alec with every male/female character no matter if its brotp or otp since they only ship him with magnus: we dont have excuses but we will find it. You should stop with your homophobia and racism… but what can we expect from a straight white girl? (???? Why)
Saphael: we want sizzyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Sizzy: uuuuughhh there you are again with your straights couples ugh i cant with these straights white girls (???? Why x2)
Magnus with every character in the world no matter if it fits or not except camille: yesssss bc he is bisexual.
Malec: perfect. They are flawless. If you dont ship it you are homophobic and racist and if you ship it but ur straight you probably think they are hot and theres no love because you are a straight whit-

Then i see posts saying this: “i cant with this show everyone is so shippeable. They all have chemestry and are beautiful. (Read all the descriptions of all the ships. If they are all shippeables why cant i ship them without being judge?)

I dont understand you guys, so I guess I’m gonna do it in my way because all this time I’ve been trying to do everything that you said to make you happy i dont even know why… so, i’m done. Good night.

Written by TOM KING
Variant cover by MITCH GERADS
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
The hit miniseries reaches the emotional conclusion of its first arc! Scott Free returns to New Genesis to face his punishment, but instead finds the whole world has been flipped upside down. Mister Miracle and Big Barda battle their way through monsters and New Gods to get to the Highfather, but once they reach Orion’s throne room, they learn that the war against Darkseid has taken a bloody turn.
On sale JANUARY 10 • 32 pg, FC, 6 of 12, $3.99 US • MATURE READERS

Javid Titanic AU - Part 17

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Davey found it surprisingly easy to kiss Jack on the open deck, barely giving a thought to anyone who might catch them. It was almost midnight so most normal folks were tucked up in bed for the night as it was, and besides, it was fun to be a little impulsive. Jack didn’t seem to have many reservations either, kissing Davey hungrily like they hadn’t been to bed together twice in one evening already. It felt like fire and danger and scandal and Davey could definitely become accustomed to the thrill of it.

When a loud bell rang out above them, cutting through the calm night, Davey’s little daydream was shattered. That fire he’d felt suddenly started to blister and he leap back guiltily. Looking up into the darkness above the ship, Davey expected to see someone angrily pointing at them, alerting another crew member as to what they were doing. Instead he heard something else.

The call was surprisingly clear, shouted into a telephone 15 metres up in the air and travelling through what had been tranquility. Davey was frozen, still in shock from the interruption and confused by the warning, but Jack had a little more sense about him. He hurried to the railings of the ship, climbing up a couple of rungs so he could grab a nearby rope and swing out a little over the side of the boat to get a look at what was happening. What he saw, he could barely believe.

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Her ship sailed
its way through
the waves of my
undying affection. 
Ought to be headed
by the South yet
decided to head
by the North
where I stood;
waiting for her feet
to land on the deck
where we’ll both
build rousing recollections
the grossed glares
they constantly
throw at us.
She and I; both of us
Against the world's 
vomiting nature
—  E.Nivel //Bisexual//
For the last time, Percy and Nico are not four years apart.

They are two-and-a-half to almost three at most.

Percy is 13 and Nico is 10 when they meet in The Titan’s Curse. But Nico is 11 when they meet again in Battle of the Labyrinth. I don’t remember if the book specifies exactly what month it was at the start. The story itself though takes place over at least a month. Percy is on Calypso’s Island for two weeks alone. But it ends with Percy’s 14th birthday in August, meaning Percy blew up the band room at Goode no later than July.

Ergo, Nico’s 11th birthday was somewhere between the very end of December and middle-ish July.

Ergo, they are somewhere between two-and-a-half years to not-quite three years apart.

And that’s just mental-conscious age. Don’t even get me started on Nico being born in the 1920s or 1930s.

Please stop using this as an argument why people shouldn’t ship Percico.

Ships in general have never been about age differences.

They’re about the dynamics between two different personalities. They’re about shared history. They’re about how the reader feels two characters (or more, on occasion) click together. And yes, sometimes they’re about how hot it would be if they just got down to business and fucked against the wall.

And to drive the point home further, in a series derived from a world mythology well known for its sexual hijinks, such themes are going to be woven into the narrative from the beginning.

This is one of the key elements of PJO fandom, because it’s one of the key elements of Greek Mythology itself. It’s not even on the fandom, sexual themes come straight from the source material. So of course it shows up in fanworks. Whatever their ages are, whatever the ship.

Tell me that P3rc@b3th shippers refrain from reading/writing/drawing stuff of Percy and Annabeth doing the do in fanworks where they are are still minors and I will laugh in your face.

Tell me that S0l@ng3l0 shippers turn their eyes away from any underage naughtiness they encounter of their ship.

Or C@l3o shippers, now that Leo is officially 15 forever, and nevermind that theirs is literally the biggest age difference of any pairing established in canon.

Hell, I’ve found a J@sper fic on AO3 once that was basically Jason and Piper trying out bondage to celebrate his birthday on the Argo II.

Tell me that teenagers in general abstain from having sex or exploring their sexuality with another minor because they’re both underage and I will spam you with articles about how unhealthy such repression can be for them.

Note: Many fanwriters/fanartists of all PJO ships do make a point of aging up the characters before featuring them in any sort of smut. This post is not about those people. Those people rock.

But to everybody else so is so hung up on the age and minors having sex thing, please, please, just drop it already.

Our campaign, for a bit of backstory. We were all aboard a ship (by many different means) that eventually ends up sucked onto a moving island, that none have ever escaped, theres a small city in the works, and crashed ships are used to build more, and the survivors usually add to the population.

A ship crashed, and we get ourselves a world renowned cook from the omnomicron (or something like that) a cook book for cooking magical creatures. We have Lulu, the possible insane Rogue Goblin, and Sha Ta'hir, a decent Teifling Paladin.

Sha ta'hir: You, I know who you are and what you do, and i’m against it. I’m giving you this one chance to tell me now what ingredients you have. If you try to hide anything I will find it, and if its horrible, I will kill you.

The DM rolls to see what the cook has with him, one item.
Dm: oh, shit well.. rip man.

Cook: Powdered Unicorn horn, in the chest over there.

Sha Ta'hir:….. what the fuck. You’re dead, I’m killing you, you’re dead.

Lulu: You can’t kill him! You said you would if he hid anything, he isn’t hiding anything!

Sha Ta'hir: it’s fucking powdered unicorn horn

Written by TOM KING
Variant cover by MITCH GERADS
Retailers: This issue will ship with two covers. Please see the order form for details.
The hit miniseries reaches the emotional conclusion of its first arc! Scott Free returns to New Genesis to face his punishment, but instead finds the whole world has been flipped upside down. Mister Miracle and Big Barda battle their way through monsters and New Gods to get to the Highfather, but once they reach Orion’s throne room, they learn that the war against Darkseid has taken a bloody turn.
On sale JANUARY 10 • 32 pg, FC, 6 of 12, $3.99 US • MATURE READERS

Hey! So i missed a few days, but im gonna try to fit the rest in one post, nice n easy.

The image above is a special skin! I call it Yellow Jacket. 

Swarm doesnt have a whole lot of lore/backstory yet, I’m pretty bad at that sort of stuff, but this is what i do have:

- Swarm is a species of space bees thats more intelligent then your average bee. they can understand speech and identify other people and stuff. The hive leaders are the smartest ig, but not by a whole lot more!

- its not exactly common for these bees to take individual humanoid forms. swarm found this was a better way to communicate w other residents of their planet.

- swarm lived on a planet that was in danger of ecosystem collapse before it was darkened. people were taking the resources to use against the advancing varelsi at alarming rates, and since holding them off was seen as more important then tending to one planet, the world was essentially sucked dry. the locals were either killed (by the darkening or otherwise) or recruited. Swarm escaped on a passenger ship bound for another system. it was very hard to leave.

- swarms cloak/hood was a gift from someone very important to them. they don’t know where that individual is now. it was given initially to make swarm look less menacing/strange to other people.

Thats all i really got! I’m SUPER bad at gear and stuff, so i dont have anything for that. Honestly, this week was so fun! i loved seeing everyones cool ocs! :D thanks for having me!

        ‘    so hey, it’s really nice that your captain let us all crash here for a year.    ‘        lup finds herself leaning over the edge of the ship, hair blowing in the wind as they sail. its weird, this world seems so peaceful so far, and its pleasant. she’s so used to things trying to hurt her or a world she can’t understand. spinning, she leans her back against the railing now instead and grins over at the blond.        ‘    so hey, babe ?? whats your name ??   ‘        //        @devilslcg

eleven thousand little things i love about susq

(i just can’t seem to stop rewatching the movie these days…so)

  • amanda smiling in solidarity at the guy with the “remember” tshirt
  • “my dumb ass didn’t believe the stories”. oh rick.
  • the entirety of floyd’s “standing in the rain” sequence. i love him right from the start, just… completely and absolutely. so effortlessly cool and badass and utterly without remorse.
  • and he made me blubber right in the next scene
  • “PLEASE DON’T DO IT, PLEASE I LOVE YOU” just stab me in the heart
  • then floyd fucking gives himself up and into a hellhole only because of his daughter i’m already a mess at this point
  • same goes for chato and waylon. (”he surrendered.” / “i asked.”)
  • tatsu & chato reminds me so much of clark. in their quiet grieving and their absolute need to serve and protect
  • tatsu, the last one left around in the rain, taking one look at rick after his confession and turning away from him. “katana’s got my back”. the only price for her loyalty is your truth, rick
  • floyd being equally furious and downright heartbroken at seeing zoe’s bundle of letters to him
  • the squad just instinctively appointing floyd as their leader, they fight and go into battles because he does
  • rick telling his men to “stay cool”. richard rogers flag, you’re the least cool person in this squad, and i say that with much love.
  • june is so brave and good and i want to cry every time she tells rick to stop the enchantress even if it means killing her
  • this movie is such a worthy companion to bvs, of redemption and love and sacrifice
  • the enchantress begging tatsu to end her life, so that she may join her brother. earlier tatsu herself was talking to her husband about reuniting with him in death
  • floyd’s solid and gentle “we’re glad you could make it” to harley
  • the entire loveliness of floyd carrying her down and harley just easily accepting the gesture for what it is this ship is so pure i want to scream
  • the act of keeping zoe’s letters ending up being not only the reason for floyd’s change of heart, but also rick’s own salvation (”i need your help! / “no, you need a miracle.”) 
  • my theater actually bleeped out chato’s “ahora si cabron!” lmao. even when there’s no translation onscreen so i highly doubt the general audience here knew what he’s actually saying.
  • speaking of translations, i love the fact that amanda’s “go get it, girl” to the enchantress is translated as “go get it, sister”
  • “criminals deserve no mercy” / “of all that have faced me, you have earned mercy”
  • zoe’s “i love you” from the enchantress’ vision is all kinds of devastating. it’s a complete lie and the whole truth all at once
  • “trapped in your temple of soldierly self-righteousness” lmao floyd drags people like nobody else
  • rick and floyd silently acknowledging each other on the rooftop before everything went to hell again
  • floyd pulling off his mask in the middle of the battle to ask chato to fight, katana pulling off her mask to talk to her husband before the fight
  • and then when the blob monsters are attacking them underwater and the seals are like, trying to help him, and he’s just like GOOOOOOOO i love waylon i love him so much
  • floyd rushing towards rick and doing the dramatic boyfriend shield against him from getting cut in half
  • HOW ARE *YOU* NOT DEAD???!!! lmao
  • “in the world war two, the us navy made a deal with the mafia to protect its ships on the waterfront” / “consider yourself in my protection” – the mafia lords of the dceu duking it out over dinner im crying
  • also goddamn i didn’t realize that the neck bomb tech was provided by a wayne enterprises’ subsidiary
  • bruce keeps bringing up his yet-to-exist justice league as his “friends” lol.
  • rick just hanging around like a potential step dad to zoe at the end
  • i’m fully convinced waylon met chato down that exploded crater before he climbs out of it, and he’s just like, bruh, take a break and just go off somewhere, you’ve done your part, just let us handle this.
  • anyway, “there’s a lot of variables in the street”.
  • “bring it in” 
  • “i love you.”
  • <3 <3 <3

The Last Battle of the American Revolution was fought in India?

Most people believe that the American Revolution ended in 1781 when American and French forces defeated Cornwallis at Yorktown.  This is not true, as it would take two years for a peace treaty to be signed, in between which American and British forces would continue to clash in numerous small skirmishes and battles.  In addition, the American Revolution was a world war, with the French and other allies clashing with British forces in the Caribbean, Europe, Africa, and Asia.  After Yorktown, some of the largest and bloodiest battles that was part of the world wide conflict occurred.  The last battle of what was technically a part of the American Revolution began on the 7th of June, 1783 in southern India.

Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, was a big fan of the American Revolution, seeing himself and his kingdom as likewise being oppressed by the British Empire.  When America declared its independence in 1776, he sent a congratulatory letter to the Continental Congress offering his support.  After the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, much of Europe would ally with the US, including France, Spain, the Netherlands, and various other kingdoms..  It was then that the American Revolution morphed into a world war.  Even Morocco became an ally, offering safe harbor and protection to American ships in Moroccan waters and ports.  In 1778, Tipu Sultan and the Kingdom of Mysore joined the alliance and declared war against Britain.  The following war in India would be known as the 2nd Anglo Mysore War.

On the 7th of June, 1783 the British landed a force of 1,500 regular troops and 10,000 Sepoys (Indian troops under the employ of the British Army) near Cuddalore, India.  There they were opposed by a garrison of 5,800 Mysorean troops, 2,400 Mysorean marines, 2,500 French, and 2,000 allied Indian soldiers.  The British would lay siege to the city, bombarding the city and building breastworks surrounding it.  On the 20th of June, a small French fleet arrived to break the siege, but was easily defeated by a much larger British fleet.

Major combat operations began on June 20th, with the British attempting to storm the city.  Wave after wave, assault after assault was beaten back by the Mysoreans and French.  Then the French mounted a foolhardy counterattack, a bloody one in which hundreds of French soldiers were massacred and many more captured.  Among them was Jean Bernadotte, future Marshal of France under Napoleon Bonaparte and King of Sweden.

For the next several days the siege continued with neither side gaining an advantage.  Then on June 30th, word arrived the the US, France, and Britain had agreed to a preliminary peace agreement.  Both sides agreed to a ceasefire, and eventually the British and French withdrew.  Both the British and Mysorean/French forces had suffered around 1,000 killed each.  The war officially ended on September 3rd, 1783 with the signing of the Treaty of Paris.  Britain and the Kingdom of Mysore signed a separate peace treaty called the Treaty of Mangalore.  War with Britain would resume in 1789 with the Third Anglo Mysore War, and the destruction of the Kingdom of Mysore with the Fourth Anglo Mysore War in 1799.

A simple fandom guide

The voltron fandom is…well not the best place to be at the moment, but the show is great and a lot of people just want to enjoy it.

So by request and so that other fans don’t have to experience all this negativity and hate i made this post.
Sorry, it’s long and I am 100% sure I have made some grammar mistakes. So I put it under ‘read more’.

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Words by Decade: General Pre-1900s -1910s

This is a list of words coined during the pre-1900s and 1910s. Many of these will be familiar to modern readers, while others will be new. Included are each word’s earliest recorded usage.

While pre-Steve, many of these words would still have been in use during Steve’s life, just as many are still in use today. Additionally, many of these words can give a historical context for the period, regarding technological innovations, historical events, and other social or cultural aspects. As with the foods list, it is worth noting that while these words were coined in the years stated, their spread throughout the general population would have been varies, with some begin widespread quickly, and others taking decades to filter into everyday speech. As such, obviously Steve would not have been familiar with or used all of these words, but the list can give some linguistic context for the periods, and a point of reference and inspiration for language Steve may have potentially used, and terms he would already be familiar with after waking in the 21st century.


  • Air-car: A personal flying vehicle; a flying car (1829)
  • Alien: An intelligent being from a location in the universe other then one’s own, especially one not from Earth (1820)
  • Aspirin (1899)
  • Bad: Slang for ‘good’ (1897)
  • Commuter (1865)
  • Contact lens (1888)
  • Department store (1887)
  • Feminism (1895)
  • Flying machine (1736)
  • Milk shake (1889)
  • Mother’s Day (1890)
  • Radioactive (1898)
  • Spaceship (1894)


  • Airliner: A passenger aircraft (1908)
  • Atomic energy (1906)
  • Beauty shop (1901)
  • Beauty parlour (1908)
  • Big business: Large scale commercial operations (1905)
  • Birthday card (1902)
  • Bomb: To attack with bombs (1909)
  • Boy Scout: (1908)
  • Brassiere: A woman’s undergarment worn to support the breasts  (1909)
  • Bread-line: A queue of destitute people waiting to receive bread (1900)
  • Cameraman: Man who uses or operates a camera professionally (1908)
  • Canned: Mechanically or artificially reproduced, ref. music, laughter (1904)
  • Central heating: Apparatus for heating a building from a central heat source (1906) B
  • Chauffeur: A paid driver of a private motor vehicle (1902)
  • Cinema: A shorter alternative to cinematograph (1909)
  • City Centre: The central part of a city (1904)
  • Coke: A colloquial name for the drug cocaine (1908)
  • Coke: A colloquial abbreviation for Coca-Cola (1909)
  • Colour prejudice: Prejudice on the grounds of racial difference (1905)
  • Conspiracy theory: The theory that an event or phenomenon occurs as a result of a conspiracy between interested parties (1909)
  • Depression: A melancholic state often accompanied by feelings of inadequacy and lack of energy. Adopted as a clinical term (1905)
  • Pan: To criticise severely
  • Electrify: To introduce electric power into a system of railways, factory, etc (1900)
  • Electrocute: To kill accidentally by means of electricity (1909)
  • Empathy: The power of mentally identifying oneself with, and fully comprehending, a person or object (1904)
  • Escalator: A moving staircase made on the endless-chain principle, so that the steps ascend continuously, for carrying passengers up or down (1900)
  • Film (1905)
  • Gamma ray (1903)
  • Girl Guide (1909)
  • Hip: Well-informed, knowledgeable, aware (1904)
  • Identity card (1900)
  • Identification card (1908)
  • Neon: Used in designating light sources using fluorescent neon-filled tubes (1900)
  • News Flash: A brief item of news, especially as broadcast in other than a regular bulletin (1904)
  • Panties: Knickers worn by women (1908)
  • Pepsi-Cola (1903)
  • Plastic (1909)
  • Remote control: Control of an apparatus at a distance (1904)
  • Teddy Bear: A stuffed figure of a bear (1906)
  • Tyrannosaurus (1906)


  • Atomic Power (1914)
  • Birth Control (1914)
  • Chain Store: One of a series of stores belonging to one firm (1910)
  • Cinema: A building where films are shown (1913)
  • Homosexual (1912)
  • Mini-: Prefix; very small of its kind (1919)
  • Movie (1912)
  • Posh: Smart, stylish, first-rate — connotations of snobbish exclusivity or refinement (1918)
  • Refugee (1914)
  • Rocket: An engine that provides thrust by the ejection of burnt fuel (1919)
  • Scooter: A child’s foot-powered vehicle (1917)
  • Serial: A film shown in a number of episodes; hence, a radio or, later, television play broadcast in usually weekly episodes (1914)
  • Sex discrimination: Unfavourable treatment motivated by prejudice against member of a particular sex. Not in widespread use until the 1960s (1916)
  • Shell Shock: A severe neurosis originating in trauma suffered under fire. The term in particularly associated with World War I, in which soldiers on the Western Front were subjected to a seemingly incessant barrage of shell-fire (1915)
  • S.O.S.: The international radio code-signal of extreme distress, used especially by ships at sea (1910)
  • Tabloid: A popular newspaper which presents its news and features in a concentrated, easily assimilable, and often sensational form (1918)
  • Tank: An armoured military vehicle moving on a tracked carriage and mounted with a gun, designed for use in rough terrain (1916)
  • Traffic jam: A stoppage caused by a condition in which road traffic cannot proceed freely and come to a standstill (1917)
  • Vitamin: Any of a range of naturally occurring substances essential for the control of the body’s metabolic processes (1912)

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The majority of this content comes from:
“Oxford: A Century of New Words” by John Ayto (2007)

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smooch smooch



THE RAPID INCREASE OF HER HEART BEATING AGAINST HER CHEST relentlessly as her fingers interlaced with his, lips brushing together. A spark of electricity in the air as she finally closed the gap, adding pressure to the kiss. Subtle touches of her thumb brushing against the side of his hand, moving even closer. Mina always felt like she was walking on air whenever she was around him. In this state of mind nothing could ever go wrong, so blissfully content and happy that she could barely contain herself. With a cute little kick of her leg behind her, just like in all of those romantic movies she released his arms hands trailing up his chest and around his neck and up even higher to tangle into his hair.

Slowly she pulled away, only a couple of inches, cheeks flaring a bright red and catching her breath. For once they weren’t surrounded by their classmates and everything was peaceful. Just the two of them enjoying each other’s company. It was almost the fact that knowing they were all alone made things all the more enjoyable. With such a big and fully functional dorm it was nice and cozy. Almost as if they were living together. The thought alone was enough to make her giddy. Perhaps she was getting a little carried away but just the thought of those cute domestic things had the hopeless romantic in her swooning.

“I love you so much…Denki…”


Throughout World War I, Germany used its fleet of 351 unterseeboote (called U-boats in English) to wage submarine warfare against Allied ships. Facing an overwhelming naval blockade by the British, the Germans responded on Feb. 4, 1915 by declaring the waters around the British Isles a war zone.

While the U-boats had limited success against nimble British warships, merchant vessels and civilian ships operating in the “war zone” were ripe targets for torpedoes. The sinking of civilian vessels such as the R.M.S. Lusitania ultimately caused the United States to join the war on the side of the Allies. [via]

Of course I’ll dance with you,” Rhys said, his voice still raw. “All night, if you wish.”

“Even if I step on your toes?”

“Even then.”

He leaned in, brushing his mouth against my heated cheek. I closed my eyes at the whisper of a kiss, at the hunger that ravaged me in its wake, that might ravage Prythian. And all around us, as if the world itself were indeed falling apart, stars rained down.

—  Sarah J. Maas, A Court of Mist and Fury

It’s just me who gets frustrated  when people make fun of the argument that swan queen would be canon if one of them were a man? Like idk what people think when they see this argument, but I personally think it’s so damn valid. Actually idk why anyone would think this argument is ridiculous tbh. Maybe people think that when people say that, they’re saying they don’t ship swan queen because it’s not an het couple? Maybe they think they’re especifically looking at them and thinking ’you don’t ship swan queen because is an het couple’? idk really because that’s just not what this argument means at all. At least what I meant once upon a time when I made a post about this, is that, just take a look around you people, we’re in no way past homophobia or heteronormativity. So really take a look around you. Unfortunately, when people look at a man and a woman having lots of interaction and tension on tv, they automatically think they could be a couple. And if they bicker this increases immenselly. So even if you hate a ship and you could never ever see them together, when it’s a man and a woman, the idea that this could happen, it’s already in your head. Now add this to the fact that this ship have a son together, that they are the main characters of the show and that they have an amazing relationship development. This just increased even more. Now, this idea in your head that when a man and a woman are together on screen there’s the possibility they could someday be a couple, this has been put in your head for years and years by the media. But here’s the funny thing (spoiler alert: it’s not funny at all), the same hasn’t happened with two people of the same sex. When people see two women interact they don’t automatically think, ‘maybe the writers are gonna make them a couple’, this just doesn’t happen with the general audience, even if I know lots of people ship swan queen, this just doesn’t happen in the bigger picture. So, probably and most likely, the same doesn’t happen when a&e are writing this show, when they look at swan queen, and all the tension, development and simmilarities, they don’t see a couple that the majority of the audience would 'like’, even if yeah, some shows already have diversity, some shows have gay couples, but are they already the majority? No. We are not there. So when a&e look at swan queen, they probably don’t think 'this could give more numbers to our show’. So really, when people say 'swan queen would be canon if one of them were a man’, this whole argument itself is against heteronomativity, you know something real, that still is a big part of the media, that still takes part in all of our lives.