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I want to apologize

Yes, I ship Karamel, yes I don’t like supercorp.
I made a post a few months ago saying that liking those will not make me a racist nor a homophobe. But now seeing what the cast did to the fans I am starting to think so. You just don’t make fun of fans, period.
First of all they give you the work you are doing, because after all a show gets renewed based on the number of viewers and the merchandise it sells.
Second because maybe you are an inspiration to them, to small kids, to teenagers in trouble, to young adults and adults trying to scape shitty sceneries in their life’s.
I shipped Sanvers and I am also a bisexual girl who has suffered from discrimination and racism in Japan, a country that not many people identify as racist but it is, a lot.
And I will not accept mockery in any kind, not to supercorp fans, Sanvers fans or any kind of fans in this world. You have to respect what people like and think, you have to understand your liking is not the only one. You have to get that the people have so many things going on that sometimes watching a show on tv makes them happy.
Because that’s what tv shows are supposed to do.
I want to apologize for my previous post, the one where I complained about being called racist because of Karamel, now I get that the people that act that couple are also homophobic and probably also racist
I will not support nor watch Supergirl anymore.
I don’t like shows that disrespects their fans, they can choke and the actors that were not involved in the situation deserve better than that.

Canonization of Gruvia. (A massive collection of notable moments)

Normally I talk about chapters, but this time since my OTP is now canon, I’m going to talk about them more exclusively.

Note, this post isn’t necessarily about their own development (many other gruvia fans have already taken care of that portion), but rather this is just an examples of some key moments of this beautiful ship before they entered into canonization) 

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that Gray has feelings for Juvia at this point of the stage.



Let’s backtrack shall we?

Obviously Juvia has feelings for them ever since they met here. People say, that Juvia fell in love with Gray because of his looks, but I’d say she fell in love with not only his looks but also his courage to stand up for his comrades, more.

Juvia went from being angry to Gray’s words about saving Lucy, to falling in love with him ever again here, when he saved her from the rain, and showed her shine.

While Juvia wasn’t very close to Gray at this stage,  Gray was pissed at the notion of her being attacked by Simon.

When Juvia requested Makarov for joining, this is Gray’s face.

See how happy he is?

Behind that cool attitude armor of his, shows his true self.

First chapter cover of them featured:

Gray, Juvia’s going on a mission:

Gruvia parade

Here in other portion of the events, we see an edolas version of gruvia

to a beautiful unison raid, one of the sweetest moments of display in combining magic of compatibility in a anime only arc

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Juvia was the only to believe Gray is innocent and trapping Natsu for a reason, not even Cana (Gray’s own best friend) believed him. Juvia did.

Gray worried about Juvia’s own progress and status

See Loke’s face? He’s basically blushing at seeing Gray worry about Juvia when he should be worried about himself.

Meredy’s magic showing how powerful emotions are between two characters. Considering how Juvia and Gray have strong feelings for each other, Meredy’s magic worked. Otherwise it wouldn’t have if their feelings toward each other weren’t strong.

Juvia being enraged at the thought of her lover being in danger

The moments they shared depict Gray teaching Juvia how to eat here. (Let’s not forget the fact that a married couple (bisca x alzack) were blushing at the sight of seeing this)

and range from Juvia saving Gray from the enemy

to Gray saving Juvia from the enemy

Deep powerful moments. Juvia showing how intellectual and a quick thinker, to Gray showing how he can outwit his enemy and save his loved one. Even instinctly going as far as giving up his own body to save his lover from harm.

Carrying Juvia when she’s hurt.

to shouldering each other’s injuries

Some Jelly Juvia, since Gray was in line to get treated for his wounds by nurse Erza  :>

Now GMG Arc is where we get sufficient amount of moments between Gray and Juvia.

First we got a sign of jelly Gray :>

This shows that Gray first the time is annoyed at a female guild member being taken away from him. 

To putting matters into his own hands

Spawning a cover where they are going to get more canonical moments.

From Gray’s own sister figure talking about his feelings

Telling him to be more open. and ofc a sign of blushy gray and his tsunderism.

His brother telling him to marry Juvia already, telling him to give him the date for marriage.

To some Gruvia teamwork,and Gray trusting Juvia in her powers

While Juvia nods in approval, they show a canonical unison raid this time.

and succeed, holding each other’s hands with a smile.

See how comfortable Gray looks in the spur of this moment?

casual gruvia

In the aftermath, we see Gray saving Juvia from her death,  a very powerful moment from dragon kids.

After Gray was thankfully saved by Ultear, we see Gray bluntly speaking to Juvia about his wants. Ofc, I’d say it’s more and less comedic relief, and I have no problem, because negative moments eventually turn into positive.

Juvia reprimands Gray for showing a sulky mood, and requests him to please smile for his family.

Gray eating Juvia’s cookies. Gray’s annoyed at the thought of any one else eating her baked delicious food, and offers to eat.

With a hilarious conclusion ofc.

Onto Tartaros arc

Gray, Juvia are on a side mission to collect information about missing people’s whereabouts.

Now here’s another powerful moment of Gray holding a scared Juvia’s hands, and telling him to not worry as he’s by her side.

Cute Juvia, not letting her love get any harm.

Now, we see an enraged Juvia once again at the thought of hearing that Gray’s life is in danger

Let us appreciate that one of the largest panel was given to Juvia in regards to Gray remembering his loved ones when commiting IS. Yes, Juvia’s panel was even bigger than Ur.

Gray’s own father, calling Juvia his woman and entrusting her in the power of killing Keith the necromancer so he can RIP peacefully.

Juvia calling Silver her father :D

The power of Juvia’s feelings and strength and someone who will not let her father law’s request go in vain.

Silver giving his blessings to Juvia, and telling her to take care of his son.

Juvia wants to see her Gray-sama.

So here we see Juvia confronting Gray about his [s]their[/s] father


After a brief tug, Gray thanks Juvia, and doesn’t let her go. Juvia was about to move on, when apologizing but it was GRAY HIMSELF that grabbed her and needed to be comforted. Silver had to go, because he would’ve been tortured by Keith, and his spirit would have not RIP if Juvia didn’t kill Keith. 

One of the more powerful moments for Gruvia IMO

Moving on

Some key moments in an omake

Chapter cover

Natsu ships them.

Juvia made a scarf for her Gray-sama on the celebration of their 413th anniversary (the combined days of when they first met :D)

Gray and Juvia meet. Keep in mind, Gray is mourning for Ul’s death anniversary and Juvia is unaware of it.

While an intoxicated Gray (he was drinking) threw her gift say, stating ice mages don’t grow cold, he apologizes.

Gray remembers the first time UL knitted him her scarf as a kid.

Gray realizes what he’s done, and desperately tries to find the Juvia made scarf he threw away

and proceeds to wear it, in a cute tsunderish expression, stating he feels warm now.

Gray once again apologizes, and Juvia is excited to see he has her scarf around his neck, ending in a hilarious sequence of a body  :D

On a sidenote, my favourite cover. My babies sleeping side by side.

Onto Avatar arc

We know from this fact that Gray and Juvia lived together (JUST THE TWO OF THEM) in one small distant house.

Imagine that! They lived together as husband and wife practically under in one roof, eating together, training together, and sleeping under one roof. Imagine that. 

See in my view, this is where Gray started to get closer to Juvia and now knows her more. When you’re living together for over half a year, you get to know the strength, weakness and knowledge of the person. You become closer emotionally to that person. Keep in mind, there was no one else around Gray and Juvia, so it was strictly them. So basically they were part of conversation they had around that timespan, period.

You see Juvia became sick through the rain with fever even though water magic. This shows strongly devoted to Gray to a point that her advantage over rain was useless when she found out he was away for a long time.

Juvia sensed that Gray was fighting enemies, and got there in time. Here he apologizes for his departure, and they battle together.

and look at that, Juvia even got his stripping habit! I think this is a great tribute to Ul, and a nice idea Mashima implemented. They are known as the stripping couple thanks to Ul. :)

and ofc Gray apologizes once aain for his actions, assuring Juvia who’s happy as long as he’s safe.

and ofc jelly Juvia :>

Another powerful moment incoming.

Gray offers to treat Juvia

Gray thanks Juvia for always being by his side.

States that after war is over, He’ll give her an answer

The 6 months of living together has brought them more closer than ever, and now Gray is more open about his feelings.

cuties posing

G x J on Gray’s boxers, huehuehuehue

cuties x2

Unfortunately, Gray and Juvia are now tied via ice chains, and about to fight to the death. Notice Juvia’s words in the last panel.

Such tragic case of events, they are forced to fight to the death. Juvia refusely is trying to resist, while Gray is doing the same.

Juvia stating, she can not harm Gray anymore, and is willing to give up her own life. Stating how happy she is to ever meet  Gray. *cries*

and here comes a twist, Gray does the same thing! He also commits suicide at the same moment and time Juvia does, stabbing himself with a ice sword. So basically both would rather die than harm each other. Such a powerful profound message and feelings of intense mutual love of this couple shown for one another

Gray was willing to give up his own mission of destroying END for Juvia’s sake. Both of them were willing to give up many years of their lives for each other. If this isn’t love, then I don’t know what is. srsly.

Gray states he wants to protect Juvia at any cost.. Notice how Gray was about to say  comrade, then crossed that out, and said “you”. Meaning Juvia is more than just a comrade for Gray. 

This is beautiful. Romeo and Juliet esque.

Juvia saves Gray’s life by giving him, her blood.

Juvia saying she’s now part of him with her blood. This is beautiful. Juvia thought this much about Gray’s life that she taught herself this magic just in case Gray’s life was in danger. Look how much she cares for Grays’ well being. She’s the perfect woman for Gray. and as a huge fan of Gray from the start, I’m proud of the fact that he’s developing feelings for the right girl.

Gray’s so distraught. Look how emotionally effected Gray is. He’s crying his heart out. Poor guy : ( He lost to so many of his family members, and now he’s lost his most closest loved one. Begging Juvia to open her eyes, bawling his eyes filled with tears, screaming her name :(

enraged Gray, about to unleash the demon in him.

We get a cute panel of the couple.

Gray’s so pissed about Juvia’s demise, that he’s only hurling grunting sounds.

Gray doesn’t care about Invel, he cares about how Invel stole away his future.

Look how vulnerable, heart broken and pain Gray’s eyes are :( He’s shattered in mind and physically. He’s no longer the same here. This is what lead to him getting out of control against END, because the trauma of seeing another close loved one of his dying infront of him, was too much for his mind to bear. He was no longer the same person.

Once Gray found out Juvia’s alive while she utters his name, he utters back her name and  falls down with immense gravitated pressure. While down, he’s fiinally he’s in peace, resting, in full relief that he doesn’t need to over exert himself now that Juvia’s alive His mind is in peace, he’s smiling. Juvia is also in full relief that her Gray-sama is fine, and falls right at him lol.

Gray reassuring to himself, that he needs to apologize about Juvia. See how open he is, he doesn’t even care if his comrades are there lol.

Before the canonization scene, I would like to remind everyone once again, of how Gray reacts to Juvia from earlier moments, to recently when she tries to get closer to him.

It started from this:

to this

God bless character development. God bless this pairing. God bless character change. Gray is openly smiling while being close to Juvia while she embraces him. This is the happiest Gray has ever been in these two panels, than he’s ever been before. He’s loving life.

Here comes the canonization last scenes of this pairing. First we see Gray being jealous at a drunk craved Juvia, and quickly drags her away. Would Gray reacted if that was Erza, Lucy, or any of his other comrades? HELL NO. At tleast not to that extent, of personally dragging a woman from that mess.

Gray is talking about scars, Juvia has one, and Gray wants to get rid of it, but Juvia doesn’t mind. Not only does Juvia have Gray’s stripping habits, but now she has his scars as well lol.

Now here comes the CONFESSION! Juvia says what about her body?? GRAY CONFESSES THAT IT”S HIS. THERE”S NO MAYBE, HE CLEARLY BLURTS OUT IT”S HIS IN THE OPEN!!! Gray wants Juvia and her body. Infact he wants to sleep with her with this implication. 

Look at Wendy, she knows what’s going on. This is the best we’ll see out of Gray, a blushy tsundere Gray’s own confession. He’s not the type of guy who’ll straight up say I love you or hug a woman like that, this is just Gray in character! :D.

This essentially makes GRUvIA CANON!!!!  

Sure, it could’ve been better with all of that teasing and buildup  but we still got an amazing moment! and for that we should cherish it for our OTP!

Small rant:

For those antis, do you read while having your eyes closed? How do you ignore the developments, panels, and strong feelings they have for each other? you are in denial. You are in denial of Gray’s character. It’s truly idiotic that you believe he’s acting out of character, it just means you don’t know a single thing about him. You just want to  ship him with another girl because you don’t like Juvia.  You don’t know Gray’s character at all all if you think he’s acting OOC. This is Gray Fullbuster at his characterization.  This is Gray in love with his woman, so who gives you the right to bash Mashima about his own creations? Kindly close the door and get out :)

Gray’s happiness IS and will always be JUVIA. A true Gray fan knows that.




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Note: I may have missed some key moments, so write them down in the notes, and I’ll edit and them in later.

I have not added the Gruvia moments in the second movie, because I haven’t watched it yet. 

Likes, and reblogs are appreciated! If you ship Gruvia, you will love this!

PSA to the Emmerdale Fandom

Shipping Robron/defending Robert does not make you a toxic and abusive person.

Enjoying a fictional relationship just because its not portrayed as healthy or stable (Newsflash! No popular soap pairing ever is), does not in any way reflect the kind of person you are irl.

Loving Aaron and still calling out his problematic behaviour does not mean you have no empathy for what his character or anyone who has actually suffered through that kind of trauma has been through.

Sending anonymous hate to people because they do both of the above is what makes you an abusive and toxic person.

Defending fictional characters to the point where you’re being aggressive and making death threats to real people makes you a toxic and abusive person.

Targeting the Robert/Robron fans (individually or collectively), making them feel like shit for loving something which is not real makes you a toxic and abusive person.

lol look at that, i ended up being right. everyone should just back off jeremy and melissa because y’all have NO ROOM TO TALK.

first of all let’s get a few things straight: they were not being homphobic by saying lena and kara are just friends and are only going to be just friends. they are telling you what everyone else has known from the beginning: SUPERCORP IS NOT CANON. it has nothing to do with the fact that the ship is f/f. for fuck’s sake one of the main and healthiest couples on the show is f/f. they were not “making fun” of lgtbq+ fans.

another thing. y’all are really going to hate on them for “being mean” when the fandom has been nothing but toxic and abusive? you all constantly bully chris wood: making fun of him, sending him death threats, calling him racist and abusive. when all he fucking did was take a part. he’s an actor. he is not mon el. but you all are so delusional that youc an’t separate the actor from the character. 

you really think the cast is okay with the hate you all spew on a daily basis? you really think they aren’t tired of hearing about supercorp because it’s usually paired with hate being thrown at chris? their friend and loved one?

nah man. you can’t be toxic and abusive and then cry when karma hits you.

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Rollcoeur? *throws the extremely rarepair between incredibly minor characters and r u n s*

i don’t have an opinion as-is, but this could be an incredibly cute ship :D

  • penny thinking that nathalie is an untouchable ice queen until she catches her in just the right mood to catch nathalie’s long-held diatribe about working for gabriel and is like ‘oh shit you’re human.’
  • nathalie wondering if managing PR is easier for a billionaire or a rockstar and also wondering how penny got her cool professionalism to sound that friendly like damn
  • meeting at a press conference
  • nath patting penny’s back after the latter has a date go sour, penny mumbles something about being done with men and wanting to find a female date and nathalie’s brain going ‘!!! am female’, one slightly awkward offer later they have a date
  • just??? nice things??? they go for bowling and smoothies
  • nathalie has a romantic candle-lit dinner waiting for penny on the second date but doesn’t mange to crack a smile until the third
  • it strikes me more as a ‘comfortable in each others’ presence’ kind of ship more than a ‘avidly attracted to one another’ kind of ship, but v sweet all the same
Supergirl and the Big Gay Elephant in the Room (Supercorp)

Jeremy Jordan’s comment was not homophobic.

Insensitive, rude, undermining, exclusionary, ignorant, shitty even? Yes, but inherently not homophobic. In his apology, he said to look at his “track record.” Eek!! - That bothers me because being an ally isn’t about keeping score; he was insensitive but slapping a label like ‘homophobic’ to every shitty comment someone makes is dangerous and incorrect.

The fact is, when you belong to a minority group (in this case the lgbtq+ community), you want to see yourself and parts of your identity represented in the characters you love. Sometimes “ships” are narratively impossible or clearly never going to pan out - but fans/shippers know this. We aren’t stupid.

Supercorp is not something to be mocked or poked at for several reasons but there are only two I want to address specifically:

1) DC has confirmed that Kara Zor-El is on the LGBTQ spectrum. We aren’t pulling subtext from nothing but even if we were, so fucking what, dude?! She gay cause I want her to be gay!

2) Katie McGrath admitted that she sees/understands the affectionate undertones that Supercorp fans have picked up.

I mention Katie for a single reason - she knows how to keep her job - end of story. She understands who her fan base is and she understands that it is DIVERSE. In her position, I would have laughed at Jeremy Jordan’s singing too but that’s because I’m not a confrontational person but also, I know Supercorp is never going to happen. I’m not deluding myself.

I’m honestly more upset at Jeremy’s apology than what he originally said - HOWEVER, Katie McGrath’s exonerating comment afterwards about the show being subjective/interpretive because it is art, is absolutely correct and absolutely the right thing to say in that situation! And I’m totally convinced that had Chyler Leigh been there, she would have agreed with Katie and probably added her own commentary about the importance of fans and giving representation to lgbtq+ communities.

As an actor, it is your job to be respectful and to keep fans coming back, even if you think they are nucking futs (learn from The 100)

Learn to humanize your fan base; understand that fans are coming from a place of love and excitement! Learn to respect the shit out of them because they’re your paycheck (again, learn from The 100 - we are a force to be reckoned with)

Jeremy made an insensitive joke that disregarded many fans at a convention that is LITERALLY ABOUT FANDOMS and then gave an asshole apology. Yikes, bro.

And finally, I am SO grateful to Katie McGrath for trying to invoke some understanding and respect into a room full of her peers that were laughing at something that is special to a lot of people. She did good.

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your fave is problematic: uma, daughter of ursula
- bisexual turquoise haired pirate queen
- likes hearing people say her name
- salty ex
- has stolen both mal’s guys ayyyyy
- hair goals
- has adopted a group of abandoned, angry children as her pirate crew
- just wants everything that mal has is that too much to ask
- doesn’t like being called shrimpy good god gil just remember that
- 1000% done with her best friends
- really enthusiastic about people walking the plank
- owns a ship
- yells at people if they complain about her messing up their orders
- has probably killed a man
- can and will hurt you
- has too many swords

your fave is problematic: gil, son of gaston
- always eating 24/7
- loves face paint
- says the wrong thing and gets himself thrown out
- is a wall of muscle
- lets the prisoners escape
- only recognised the king from his poster, not from the fact that he’s a king
- calls uma ‘shrimpy’ too often
- not the sharpest
- or the brightest
- too loveable and funny to be a Bad Guy™
- hella thirsty for attention
- forgets his own name sometimes
- has made out with harry #confirmed
- really proud of himself when he remembers what people tell him to say (you go bby)

your fave is problematic: harry hook, son of captain hook
- wants to be recognised by his father
- carries a hook around
- hella thirsty for everyone
- has made out with gil #confirmed
- literally the most flirty person ever
- never takes anything seriously
- enjoys threatening people
- throws gil out for uma
- would legit die for uma (who wouldn’t lbr)
- wants to leave the isle and take over auradon
- literally the only person uma listens to
- lowkey insane
- does eyeliner that looks like a raccoon (bby let ur s.o’s help you)
- enjoys threatening people with his hook

No one asked, but I’m saying it anyways. Supercorp is a non-canon ship. Kara isn’t gay. There is nothing hinting at her being gay or even bisexual. Nothing at all.
I’m bisexual. I’ve fallen for one of my best friends before. Kara and Lena don’t look at each other like two people in love would. Lena doesn’t treat Kara like her girlfriend like some shippers seem to think. They’re friends. Clearly JUST friends. If you ship them, that’s fine. But, just remember, it’s a non-canon ship. It’s a really popular ship, but it still isn’t canon. As someone who has fallen in love with a friend before, is female, and is bisexual, I can say pretty confidently that there is nothing in Supergirl that even suggests Kara or Lena are into each other. People are complaining because of what Jeremy Jordan said in the singing interview about them being just friends, but guess what, the dude is human too. He clearly didn’t mean to offend anyone and he’s apologized twice now. They’re really heartfelt apologizes too. Stop being blinded by hate and stick to the facts. Don’t start sending a guy hate mail because most of Tumblr seems to think he’s homophobic now even though he’s been a proud ally for years. I didn’t think heterophobia was an actual thing until I started seeing all this hate against Mon-El, Jeremy Jordan, and everything going on in the Supergirl fandom in general, but I’m sad to see that it looks like it’s true. Please, stop the hate.

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Sorry if this has already been asked, and you totally don't have to answer, but just for curiosity's sake: What are your ships from Hamilton, Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen?

There’s too many to state tbh

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I think Katie was laughing along with everyone else and I have zero respect for anyone in that room.

She was literally defending wlw afterwards? She was laughing but looking uncomfortable and then validated wlw and people shipping supercorp as she has always done. I think the laughing was like when something really fucking dumb happens but its also so awkward and everyone is agreeing and going with it and you’re like dying to call it out but also what can you do? yell at people? nah you laugh along and then do the passive aggressive dismissing thing. Like katie tried to do until chris wood started with the homophobia again. like katie has times and times again taken gay roles and spoken positively about the community. she obviously disagrees with that shit but its not like she could yell at them and call them out i mean… she has to work with them and who would get fired if she went off? certainly not the lead of the show

Let me start off by saying I don’t watch Supergirl and I’ve only seen a little bit of it here and there. I know of Supercorp and after ALL the things I’ve posted on Tumblr, even I know there has been MAJOR wlw undertones with Supergirl and Lena Luthor so this is my take on today’s problem with the Supergirl cast.

First off, it is really messed up to knock down young (and adult) LGBTQIA fans because you think it’s funny. You think the fact that fans, after seeing a season of undertone, shipping these two characters is funny. And if you think that something is wrong with you. Fans can ship whoever they want. This is what fans do. For example, I’m not a Hollence shipper, but I’m not going to put down the Carmilla fans who are because you can choose who you want to ship either canon or not.

My second problem is, this is a bunch of straight people. This is a cast of straight people laughing at young (and adult) LGBTQIA fans who ship Supercorp. This is why straight people bother me. “Obama passed gay marriage so it’s easy to be gay now.” I think a lot of straight people honestly think being gay is the easiest thing in the world. Being gay is unbelievably hard. If you want know, seriously sit down with ONE person from the LGBTQIA community. We all have at least one story where our life has been a joke, where we have not felt safe and where we have been harassed for our orientation. 

And guess what, there are young fans who watch this show who finally felt validated in their sexuality and you just laughed at ALL of them. You just belittled ALL of them because you think one ship is a funny joke that you can make fun of people for. What Jeremy (I don’t know his last name) did is disgusting. Melissa acting like it was the funniest thing she ever heard is disgusting. 

So I’m sorry for all the Supercorp fans who felt betrayed today. You are valid and you are better and stronger than the people in this cast. You ship who you want to ship and be proud of who you are. 

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Larries who comment on their social media are embarrassing and they have no purpose. I really don't know, are they larries or do they just ship larry and are trolls? I haven't talked to 1 larrie who supports this behavior. Do antis send hate to other antis? Is it okay to comment on Harry's pics and call him d****y? Is it okay to send to Louis' kid gifts? Bottom line, all groups of people have shitty members, but larries are the punching bag and tbh it has a lot to do with homophobia.

I can’t argue with you there. 

He looked across the small desk, his flesh hand clasped with his companion’s, whose nose was buried in a tablet. 

“Do you miss it?” Shiro asked quietly, to which his boyfriend only raised an eyebrow. Shiro clarified “Walking.”, and Lance shook his head casually.

“It’s definitely harder… but if I wasn’t in the wheelchair, would you have given me a second glance?”

You guys know a couple months ago when I said Katie McGrath probably has all the social media but under a fake name....

Her apologizing, just adds to my theory. Like we all know she is on her phone a lot, from the pictures we see of her. She’s probably got lie this vague SuperCorp Tumblr, where she reads fanfic and reposts fan art and gives opinions about episodes, and ships SuperCorp just as hard as the rest of us, so she logged in real quick and saw the uprise and was like, ‘no one else is going to apologise for these idiots, so I will’ and she’s trying to fix it.

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I read your meta on male-centric Kallura vs. female-centric Klance, and it makes a lot of sense. So, I'm curious - what do you think is the appeal behind Sheith? I know you don't ship it, but you did a pretty good analysis about why young girls seem to be drawn to Klance, so I want to hear what you have to say about this ship.

Sheith is actually interesting, because while I personally don’t ship it romantically, I see the appeal and find it a lot healthier than Klance and its rewarding fanon Lance. There’s two aspects, Shiro and Keith as a pair, and Shiro himself.

The pair of Shiro and Keith is based on one absolute factor- Trust. Keith has gone on about how Shiro has been there for him at his absolute lowest points, and in turn, Keith has risked his life repeatedly to save Shiro. The bond between the two is an absolute trust, a belief in each other. That no matter what, the other will be there for them.

Sheith as a romantic ship, rather than preying on a fantasy for Lance, or ignoring one of the two, simply takes this deep bond, and makes of a TOTAL bond, an absolute one. The bond now encompasses all things, including romantic support and the creation of a new family, and it’s that building off of what was already present that appeals to fans of Sheith so.

When it comes to both Shiro and Keith, the pairing is designed to fill in holes each seems to have with each other. Shiro is isolated from everyone he held dear, with a robotic arm, and with PTSD? Keith acts to replace what he lost, to guide him through recovery, and to emerge better.

Meanwhile Keith, left alone, adrift, and unsure of what to do. Shiro gives him direction, gives him purpose, and fills those roles.

This tends to appeal to a lot of people who do read shounen-ai and yaoi for the idea of seeing a relationship defined by emotion rather than action. And as such, the appeal becomes readily apparent. They like what’s there, but they want more and don’t view it as odd.

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hey, that post you reblogged about anti-shipping? while i'll agree that arguing over and hating ships is stupid, op made it with inc*st and p*dophilia ships specifically in mind. they tagged it with several such ships, too. their point was that even ships like that should be immune to repercussion

I understand. And as someone who has seen all kinds of ships, seen all kinds of hate, and matured from preteen to adult watching people tear each other down for fictional ships, seen ACTUAL DEATHS, I’m exhausted. I’ve seen kids who liked Stridercest get bullied to the point of suicide. I myself shipped Billdip (and still enjoy a well written fanfic).

I’m completely exhausted. I come on this website to find art & writing that I can immerse myself in after being emotionally manipulated at work for hours on end & try to forget the gaslighting & abuse I’ve suffered in my own home. Not to be labelled by minors for a crime that is legally not happening since I wrote about two fictional characters, or be told that I’m one day going to suddenly have uncontrollable lust for my own family member because I read a fanfic.

I could give less of a fuck if they ship abusive ships or incest ships or any ships that have an age gap. It’s NOT MY BUSINESS TO POLICE OTHER PEOPLE.

Sorry if I sound angry or anything, I’m not mad at you anon. I’m mad that this mob mentality to “purify” the internet is taking all the good problematic works down with it, along with the lives of content creators all for the sake of protecting “children”

If you are an anti supporter, please block me. I do not care for your reasons. I am the physical embodiment of spite and exhaustion at this point. Do not interact with me.

okay so like more on what’s going on:

i feel like they just didn’t realize how much to would hurt and were just being hetero and joking around not realizing that this gay chemistry is a really big deal and the LGBTQ+ community has been denied so many relationship representations in media.

And I think Katie laughed because they all do probs relate to what jeremy said somewhat which I get if you’re in the inner circle of knowing the future direction of the show. Like to them Supercorp is just a bunch of fans shipping characters together. It isn’t this big deal to them.

But i think Mehcad stood up and did his dance RIGHT THEN because he realized Jeremy had just fucked up and was trying to ease the mood.

But yeah I’ll probs watch Season 3 because Katie and i’m too invested in these characters plus we still have Sanvers so it’s not all bad.

Listen. Listen. Ships in Game of Thrones all have their shades of weirdness about them, some a lot more than others, but why is Brienne and Tormund such a thorn compared to the others?

It has it’s problems, sure. Brienne is uncomfortable with Tormund’s attention and Tormund is definitely coming on too strong. There’s an issue of culture, but what there also is here, is an issue of context.

First, if you haven’t read the books or didn’t catch it in the earlier seasons, Brienne is not used to a man displaying genuine affection. She was a tall, awkward noblegirl more interested in castleforged steel than castle banquets. If Sansa was the archetypal noblegirl, fulfilling all the class-based, gender-based expectations happily, Brienne would be her opposite. What this did lead to was Brienne’s father attempting to marry her off to various lordlings and her being subject to mockery in the process. Boys have literally amused themselves making her the butt of cruel jokes where they fool her into thinking they actually like her before reminding her that, as a woman who doesn’t conform to expectations, she must be the idiot for thinking they would like her. And in return, to regain power and control in situations where she was victimised, she would best them in bouts and knock them on their arses.

In other words, Brienne isn’t used to meeting a man who looks at her with awe and means it. He also isn’t her previously established type (see: Renly Baratheon).

Meanwhile, Tormund, as a member of the free folk, has a different way of doing things. To the free folk, the proper way to ‘marry’ a woman was to sneak into a rival clan or village and kidnap her. Not condoning it, but that’s what they do. He probably doesn’t know how to communicate his affection in a way she recognizes and appreciates.

It may take a lot to get them to actually 'be’ a couple, but they are both adults capable of consent. So far, no one is forcing either of them to do anything and while he is making her uncomfortable, it’s a, okay to wait to see how it plays out and b, a work of fiction set in a society with different contexts and expectations. I’m hopefully not condoning problematic shit in saying so.