ship: i'd pick you

I’ll never tell you this but, I’d still pick you.
I’d pick you coming over after the first time you saw me naked and staying for 3 hours to talk.
I’d pick you awkwardly telling me I was pretty when I thought I looked silly.
I’d pick you buying me a small coffee in the library and using the last sweetener in mine instead of yours.
I’d pick you getting jealous (just slightly) at the mention of someone else.
I’d pick the stupid arguments over nothing, even if they showed me everything was wrong.
I’d pick the nights I spent crying because you didn’t know how to do what I wanted.
I’d pick you, even though it hurt so fucking much.
I’d always pick you, even if you never ever picked me. Not once.
—  you can’t change what you want

gilgamesh-and-the-silver-tears  asked:

Celaena and Sam?

thank you! embarrassed confession: I can’t really remember what this was for? I think it was this one I’m just gonna go with this one: 

  • Gives nose/forehead kisses: Sam does only when they’re tucked up in bed together, usually post sex. Celaena does it just whenever she feels like it because it’s one of the few things that is actually capable of making Sam blush just a little bit and she thinks it’s adorable. 

  • Gets jealous the most: Celaena gets more openly and outwardly jealous; she displays it much more and it doesn’t take as long to wind her up as it does Sam. He gets jealous I think to a greater degree mainly because he lets it simmer and build up and fester in him and it usually takes much more and much longer to piss him off than it does with Celaena, he has more of a leash on it. 

  • Picks the other up from the bar when they’re too drunk to drive: Sam comes and gets her and documents all of the dopey things she says while she’s all giggly for future teasing purposes. 

  • Takes care of on sick days: Celaena is like, ineptly fussy; she tries so hard but well, look Sam I’m an assassin okay, I was learning how to poison people not make them chicken broth. She gets lots of points for trying and her presence makes him feel that bit better anyway. 

    Sam’s method of caring for her when she’s sick consists of trying to make her smile and laugh. Which he’s actually fairly successful at (she only throws three pillows at him in exasperation; the rest of the time is spent giggling and telling him he’s an idiot) so they’re both probably better at stabbing people than they are at nursing them back to health but they try their best and the other appreciates it and while it’s not exactly conventional it works for their partner. 

  • Drags the other person out into the water on beach day: Sam. And by ‘drags’ it’s more a case of ‘picks up and deposits in the sea while she shrieks at him then spends ten minutes avoiding being drowned by his irate girlfriend because you nearly ruined my book you moron! Once she stops trying to dunk him under the water and splash him in punishment they spend a looot of time kissing with the water lapping around them. 

  • Gives unprompted massages: Sam. Celaena is very very very appreciative of him sitting her down and rubbing all of her sore muscles when she comes back from a mission. Especially if he does it in the bath with her. 

  • Drives/rides shotgun: Celaena drives; Sam covers his eyes in fear, grips the sides of his chair very tightly and prays for a swift end that’s too quick for him to realise exactly what it was she did that got him killed. Celaena is utterly oblivious to this and just prattles calmly away and turns the radio up to sing to her favourite songs. When he dares suggest she might not be the best driver and maybe he should take them home she leaves without him and makes him walk. (she does feel guilty and go back for him about two minutes later but he tells her he’s safer as a pedestrian than a passenger and she leaves him again) 

  • Brings the other lunch at work: Sam does this. She can get a bit caught up and intense sometimes and he has to remind her to eat. It’s also an excuse to pop in and see her. A thin excuse but she pretends she can’t see how utterly transparent he is. 

  • Has the better parental relationship: this is too sad can we have another question please? In a nice au where nothing bad ever happens or goes wrong I think Sam has a really good relationship with his mum; they’re incredibly close and he’s very protective over her. he doesn’t know who his dad is and he doesn’t particularly give a damn. Aelin and her parents have a brilliant relationship and they both adore Sam pretty much from the moment they meet him. 

  • Tries to start role-playing in bed: More than likely Celaena. It also more than likely ends in giggles and him sighing and pointing out the fact that it’s way too easy for her to get out of knots when he ties her up, that’s not the point. 

  • Embarrassingly drunk dancer: Definitely Celaena. But Sam thinks it’s cute as opposed to embarrassing. 

  • Still cries watching Titanic: Celaena. Sam is very supportive in the moment and teases her relentlessly the day after (he gets more pillows thrown at him: he deserves it) 

  • Firmly believes in couples costumes: Both of them. They go all out. Every time. The attention to detail is frankly frightening. 

  • Breaks the expensive gift rule during Christmas: Both of them. Repeatedly. There may as well not be a rule (other than the fact they both like breaking them so much and where would the fun be without them then?) 

  • Makes the other eat breakfast: Sam, even if it just entails shoving some pieces of toast into her mouth as she leaves he makes sure she has something. 
  • Remembers anniversaries: Celaena, Sam can be a little bit forgetful sometimes but he’s always really apologetic and makes up for it in spades when he’s reminded. 

  • Brings up having kids: I want to say Sam. I think the idea of it scares her too much to actually bring it up but once he does and makes how he thinks/feels about it really clear and sort of lays it all out for her to see she realises that it’s something she wants to. This takes a while and he absolutely doesn’t rush or pressure her but he opens the door and lets her tell him when she’s ready to walk through it with him. 

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-Carol Gilligan (insp)

"I can't lose you too."

Emma finally admitting out loud, and to Killian, what she couldn’t admit to herself in 3x20 when she traded her magic for Killian’s life and he asked her…“What did you do????” and she couldn’t give him an answer at the time…

CS & the Waltz

“It’s called a Waltz. There’s only one rule. Pick a partner who knows what he’s doing.”

Seriously though, how did I miss that. They’re talking about the dance, but it’s really a metaphor for what’s going on between them. For the dance Killian has been doing around her walls to win her heart. He’s a man of honor, always a gentleman, and did the right thing by coming back to save her. He most definitely knows what he’s doing.

"I’d pick you.”

Adding to that Emma later saying… “I’m actually getting the hang of this.” While dancing with Killian. While on their little adventure which ends with her realizing he’s a part of her home. Haha. I’m so not fine.