ship: i think you're perfect

Yongguk: Being able to read Daehyun’s handwriting is a gift.

Yongguk: A useless, useless gift.

lustingafterdarkness  asked:

Holy shit you're so beautiful!!!!!!! I want to be but how 😭 It's just not fair.

Your beauty is already there, my friend. You know the minuscule details of your face better than anyone else, but when was the last time you stopped picking yourself apart to view yourself through the eyes of a stranger? Look at how nicely your eyes complement your upturned mouth when you smile at a loved one. Look at how sweetly your cheeks rise when you try to suppress a bubbly laugh. Look at how gracefully your neck curves when you lean forward to kiss someone’s forehead. Every feature we possess is dynamic and vibrant and magnificent, yet we so often forget to look at ourselves holistically too.

You know what’s not fair? The fact that you haven’t seen yourself through my eyes yet. :)