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Remember that time Tom Hiddleston sang to Chris Hemsworth?

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It’s very late. I’m very tired. But I wanted to finish drawing the cuddly losers for my sweetheart. Anyways…This ship has consumed my soul. Farewell my friends. 

The scene with Captain Swan last night was yet another firm reminder (for me, at least) that ships like Captain Swan DO NOT come around all that often. This is a once in a lifetime type ship where we are blessed with so much, so often, and their LOVE is a focal point to the story instead of some audience-baiting side-story that the showrunners mock or find more annoying than anything. Captain Swan is being portrayed in a healthy, realistic sorta of way (in the midst of a fantasy drama, which is even wilder), where we get huge milestones at a good pace (again, IMO), and get content that’s emotional and lovely. Captain Swan is allowed to be a couple in love, and that drives such a big part of the overall story. It’s a damn blessing.

grace tearfully professing her love for frankie, frankie opening the door to her to receive a joyful kiss on the forehead, and the two of them locking the kids outside and then walking inside laughing with their arms around each other

was where this show well and truly kissed “they’re just platonic heterosexual friends!” goodbye and barreled straight onward into gay town



During the curtain call, Ebumi said “Thank you for coming over to my wedding reception with Matsu-san……”


Ebumi:  Thank you for coming over to my wedding reception with Matsu-san……

Cast and audience: *clamoring and cheering*

One of the cast: It’s a joke, everyone.

Ebumi: I hope it’s not a joke though.


Apparently this is not just the stageplay of All Out!! but also the wedding of Matsuo and Ebumi. Congratulations!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

basically i really love the-dane-of-my-existence ‘s wedding aesthetics of hetalia characters and wanted to draw my favourite girlfriends first.

also bonus basch/vash(?):

When you remember that when you joined the captain swan fandom they weren't even canon and now they're getting married

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I can’t imagine realistically looking at my OTP getting married finally, solidifying their love for each other forever, regardless of it being a double wedding and finding a reason to complain still.

Like a marriage isn’t better or worst off because of what kind of wedding the couple has. The most important part is the couple becoming one with one another. Somebody could have a big ass wedding and it seem special to everybody but have a shitty marriage. The idea of a wedding is superficial af I can’t believe people are really this pressed about it to call the characters of one of the marrying ships kkk members or trump supporters or to really fight with each other over people being happy their ship is getting married

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I get what you mean! Some Lams shippers suck and made me stop shipping Lams, like legit I made a wedding fic for Hamliza where John and Alex were best friends but they had previously dated, and this one person told me to change the story to Lams happening instead of Hamliza, literally for Alex to instead of saying I do say I'm gay. And I was like -._-.

ikr??? like the shippers themselves just annoy me, not the ship :/// plus some of them even hate eliza???? for nothing???? for being in love??? its just one Big Ol Yikes

Let me put this in perspective.

Pidge reaches the garrison and the first people she’s thrown at are Lance and Hunk. Both dorks, but Lance a little more loud about it. It’s endearing. Slight crush obviously unattainable besides she has mote important things to focus on like WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FAMILY????

a few months later she’s like yeah no this dude is too obnoxious. Pleasant, easygoing friendship ensues. Pidge can’t believe she ever had a slight crush on him.

Fast forward to meeting Keith and HOLY CRAP WHO IS THIS DUDE WITH THE SULTRY VOICE AND THE SMOLDERING LOOK AND THE BADASS MOTORBIKE OMG AND HE’S RESEARCHING HE’S A DREAM OH MY GOD- wait what a jerk don’t be so mean to lance. Jeez that temper. Ugh whatever. You’re cute but too moody come on man up. (Especially after he snaps at her for wanting to leave.) Eh he’s like an annoying older brother.

Fast forward a few years. The galaxy has been saved, they’re back on Earth, Pidge has graduated as top engineer at MIT, and is walking around when she sees an interesting cake shop with familiar flares of space. Purple swirls, feline designs, spacey and galactic decorations. She walks in and sees Hunk with a smile at the register. HOLY SHIT! everyone had gone separate ways so this is huge. They hadn’t had time to really meet up with Shiro handling galactic diplomacy, Lance in Cuba doing who knew what, Keith travelling, Pidge studying and researching, and Hunk going off to study and apparently open his own bakery.

She’s what, 24? Hunk is 26. They catch up and Hunk tells her how he used some tech she taught him in his cakes for special effects and he has a lot of business and has a minor in technical engineering, thanks to spending so much time with her. And Pidge tells him she only survived college because of the recipes she’d watch him make.

They keep meeting up and feelings flourish.

Of course a few years later everyone has a reunion for the wedding.