ship: i feel something between us

Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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*takes a deep breath* Okay, here we go. Listen.

I’m a Klance shipper. ‘Kay? I’ve done a ton of Klance comics so far, and aside from a very few Klance unrelated voltron fanart, that’s all I usually draw. And, god, I’m ready for people to come after my head for this, but, look.

Everyone knows the Voltron fandom is incredibly, almost unbearably toxic. Ship wars are inevitable, but god damn our fandom really does take the piece of cake when it comes to that. And honestly, it’s starting to actually physically hurt when I go onto my ship tag and see people fighting over what they think is going to become canon or not, and attacking whoever disagrees with their opinion.

Guys, please, please, please, please, please, can we just PLEASE start looking at each ships’ good points instead of hating on them? Can we please stop hurting each other’s feelings? Can we please just have a healthy relationship with each other? Can we please, instead of spitting hate onto another ship, just talk about what we love between the two characters we don’t ship? Is it really that hard to respect each other? I mean I get that Voltron is a kid’s show, but do we all really need to act like children?

I’m aware that I’m just a nobody. It’s not like me doing this will mean anything to you, but this is my gift to Sheith shippers as an apology for all the hate Klance shippers have sent towards you. Honestly, if I had time, I’d draw something for every single ship, but unfortunately I do not have the time to do so, and since I feel like the rivarly between Klance and Sheith are the worst there is in Voltron, as a Klance shipper, I feel like I could do something to apologize to our “”””rival””””” ship (which I really don’t want to call rival anymore).

We are all entitled to our own opinions, we can believe all we want to believe and share our thoughts with everyone else, but if only we could learn how to see the good in every single relationship Voltron shows us, then we wouldn’t be so upset if a ship actually became canon, if ever. We could learn how to appreciate things instead of just being salty 24/7 whenever a ship that isn’t ours “wins a round”. We could be happy for the other ship too, even if we don’t like it.

This is a gift. An invitation. Can we be friends? Can we please stop fighting? I hate discourse, and I hate to be on bad terms with people. I’ve never hated on anyone for their ship before, never sent anyone death threats, I’ve never participated on the toxic side of the fandom, but after producing so much Klance content I feel weirdly part of all this mess, and like it’s somehow my responsibility to do something- although I’m not really doing this out of responsibility, but because I just genuinely want to apologize and give something to everyone who’s been attacked by this terribly toxic fandom.



(Edit: since people seemed to be so bothered by this, I removed the k/ance tag. I apolgize, it wasn’t my intention to attack/make anyone feel uncomfortable, but for god’s sake guys, they’re just standing together, nothing else.)


Okay so I had a sudden epiphany about Voltron: LD and…I don’t like it.

So in the 80s original version, Sven goes missing and then ends up joining Romelle, and then Keith and Allura get together. A link to VLD is Shiro, Sven’s counterpart went missing at the end of season 2!!. Shiro went missing, like Sven. That leaves room for Keith and Allura to bond and grow closer over the fact that they both lost Shiro. That means that Kallura might happen. It’s a long shot, and I’m terrified it might happen.

Keith and Allura already had that really weird scene where Keith held Allura in his arms before she leapt out of his hold and fUCKING BLUSHED!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it was because she’s never really been touched by a male that way before…but then I think back to when Lance held her. She didn’t blush then. I can understand that maybe it was purely because she felt threatened because she didn’t know them at all…so that point pretty much = 0.

Look at their hands. She’s reaching for his out of comfort and it just suggests that something is happening or is going to happen between the two of them. I want answer @Dreamworks !!!

But no!!!! She fucking burrows her head into his neck and hugs him!!!! I don’t recall her hugging anyone else in the show… I don’t even think she’s hugged Shiro. This has got to suggest towards Keith and Allura following in their 80s counterpart’s footsteps.

If Dreamworks gives us Kallura, which has no deep connections, feelings and emotions tied to it, we’ll be missing out on some other ships. Other ships that have the mutual bond needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Perhaps a rivalry that actually isn’t a rivalry at all, but a budding relationship that started out on the wrong foot!

Or maybe a brotherly relationship that turns into more??

It could even be the Meme Team™ duo that we’ve loved since forever!

The lesbian ship that we’ve all pined for and that has so much potential…

Probably the most obvious ship - tied with Klance - that literally everybody ships! *sobs a little from the amount of potential that could be wasted*

Our beautiful, pure Hance. Legitimately nothing is wrong with this ship. It’s so amazing and Hunk would treat Keith like the queen he is.

Even this strange ship which I’ve only heard about recently! Seriously though, a little strange but hey - still better than Kallura.

Dreamworks better not screw this show up by making two obviously not infatuated people enter a romantic relationship.

I respect the writers and animators, but something like this? Unforgivable.

I personally ship Klance mainly, but also Pance/Lidge and Shallura from time to time. Although I’m not all too fond of the other ships, I understand why people would ship them together. Except Kallura. Never understood Kallura, never will.

Feel free to add on if you’d like! Sorry for such a long post!!!

Reddie IS cute but the constant enforcing of this idea that Richie and Eddie only do the things they do for/with each other because they’re in love fucking sucks.

If I could choose between having my best friend whom I don’t have feelings for have the last thing they see a murderous clown or my face, I’d pull their head around as fast as possible (etc.)

And that’s not to say DON’T use it as fuel for your ship because that’s totally cool.

Just don’t get stuck in this idea that Richie and Eddie can’t just do stuff because they’re friends.

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Interviewer: "So back in the Haylor days-" Harry: "The HellNo days?" Interviewer:"Yes, that... you've mentioned before that it was the worst stunt that you had to deal with. Why is that?" Harry: "Well... it was just, a bad time of my life? I didn't enjoy it, like at all. The paps, the rumors, the articles... all of it." (1)

“It also had, a negative impact? On my relationship with Louis. We used to fight and argue quite a lot, not big fights, but like we always had little ones, because you know, we were apart and we were missing each other and we just wanted to be together, you know? And like, no one enjoys seeing their significant other’s face with another person all over the news, right? (2)

Harry then smiles a little… ”..But like, I remember one time, we had an argument over the phone, and Louis was so upset with me that he ended the phone call with “Fuck you, you curly haired cunt” *crowd laughs* and he hung up, and then he sent me a text telling me that he wouldn’t talk to me for two days straight" (3)

“And he actually did! He ignored my messages and my phone calls, he was so upset with me. But then, he called me, and I picked up saying "Hi baby, I’ve missed you-” but he interrupted me, and he was like “We’re getting matching tattoos.” I was like “…okay?” And he was like “You’re gonna get a ship, and I’m gonna get a compass.” And I was like “….okay…..” (4)

“And then, he said something along the lines of… "What we have, this thing between us, is very important to me and… even if you’re so far away, nothing matters, the only thing that matters is us, our relationship. Okay?… I… I’ll always Make This Feel Like Home…” and he did, you know? He always did. No matter where I was, he could always Bring Me Home.“ (5)

the wildest part of this is that it isn’t even an au it really happened

Chemistry | Part 2 | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description: While waiting for their flight to leave, Cole and the reader share a moment during an Instagram livestream. The next day, a question received by a fan during a panel interview brings new feelings to light that worry the reader.

Word Count: 2213

Part 1 | Part 3 |Part 4

“Ready?” Lili asked.

I nodded my head with a yawn. “Yep let’s get this show on the road.”

Lili tapped the button on her Instagram page that started a live stream. The number in the top right corner started increasing rapidly.  “Hey what’s up guys? I’m here with my dear friend (Y/N) this morning and we are at the airport waiting for our plane to board.”

“It’s raging yo,” I added waving a peace sign.

“No guys but seriously this airport couldn’t be more dead. It is,” Lilli stopped talking and checked her watch. “6:07 am and our flight is scheduled to take off at 6:45. So we figured why not answer some questions while we sit and wait for the rest of the cast to show up.”

I nodded my head in agreement. “Yea so send us any questions you have for us and we’ll try to answer them. Also, why are there over a thousand people watching this right now? Go to bed guys there’s no need to be up this early on a Saturday.”

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Why do you ship Ayahina? I think they are seems as just friends. I mean, I don't think Hinami has feelings towards Ayato in other way. (I daubt Ayato tho) But I really like this ship, don't get me wrong please

Actually, this was something I kinda thought about a lot in the past but I think it seems this way because Ayahina’s relationship has all along been shown from Ayato’s perspective from the manga. 

But Ishida also gave us that shojou stare off between them that took up like one full page

And it reminded me of this scene between Sasaki and Touka

And we know that Sasaki had canon feelings for Touka. I think Kuroiwa and Yoriko also had a similar panel with the focus on the eye, but I guess that’s to explicitly set up the future marriage parallel between Yoriko and Touka. 

And Ishida also subtly does things with the two of them in Cochlea, like the jacket and the fact that they’re beside each other quite a bit for some reason???

Like… Hinami, sweetie, your Onee-chan is right over there, don’t you wanna stand beside her? 

Okay on a more serious note, we haven’t had anything about Hinami’s thoughts about their relationship in the manga which is why I’m really glad that the novel story was written in Hinami’s perspective. I mean, how you interpret it is up to you but I feel like Hinami puts Ayato on a different level than she does with the rest of Aogiri. I don’t know if you have read it but if you haven’t then maybe you might want to first?

From the novel, I think I can even say that the importance Ayato has to her is on par with that of Touka’s and Kaneki’s. There was a clear difference in Hinami when she was with Ayato than Miza, Naki and the rest, whom I think are more like friends to her. Hinami was stressed out because she was worrying far too much about whether she’s a burden to Ayato and she really thought hard about what she could do to make things easier for him– she did this for Touka and Kaneki as well, at different moments in the 2nd novel and the manga respectively. 

And another thing was how Hinami seemed to associate Ayato with light that was shining on her when she was in the dark shade of Aogiri or something like that and that she got courage from him. The feeling I got from this was a little bit more than merely friendship? Not to the degree of Touka and Kaneki, but when Kaneki was at his lowest with no reason to live, he found it in Touka. Likewise, when Hinami was at her lowest and surrounded by darkness all around, she got some light from Ayato. And this light gave her courage, which Hinami had believed she lacked– she’s too afraid to go out and fight for the people she loves. And if you were to look into the manga, she eventually does end up as someone who is brave enough to fight to protect those she loves and I think the root of this confidence she achieved was from Ayato’s presence in her life. 

Miza looks at Hinami and Ayato’s relationship in envy and considering we know Miza likes and wants to be with Naki, I think it implies that Ayahina does have some romantic connotations even back in Aogiri.

Oh yeah, there’s this panel: 

which I think was meant to replicate this:

So I’m inclined to think that their feelings for each other are the same?

I mean, in the end, it’s up to interpretation how you wanna see them. But I like their relationship for how deep their connection is and while I like my angst and complications and messed up Ishida-ish content in the manga, I love how he managed to come up with a pretty healthy relationship, especially with a relationship that had all the potential to end up a toxic one.

Personally, I don’t really care how they end up. Even if these two turn out to be the best of best friends, I don’t mind because let’s be honest, if they’re willing to go to such lengths for each other, it’s already a joy to see. I’d be happy just seeing them interact more.

Caryl Speculation S8-9

After the episode last night, and after reading the few interviews Melissa had done for the episode this morning, I kind of felt prompted to speculate about what this season and next season entails for our favorite couple.

This is simply pure speculation under the cut with some SPOILERS from last night and possible spoilers for the future. It’s a bit long (nothing new there XD). I’m sure ppl will agree as well as disagree. Feel free to comment your opinion.

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You know what makes me so mad. The way people think about us camren shippers, they think that we ship camren just bc our gay asses need some people to ship or bc we don’t want to see them with a guy. Like girl I didn’t came here wasting my time on something unreal and also there are thousands of wonderful LGBTQ+ couples that I can ship, the thing is I believe in their love and I feel it, you heartless person can not decide that if there’s love between them or not (part 1)

(2)and also if you’re so sure about C and L not being together then why do u come to camren fanpages & stalk them and write ur ignorant opinion to convince urself that it’s not real….?? Like if I ever go to any tyren accounts and write something I will consider my act as the most disrespectful thing that I ever can do to myself, because unlike those hateful and unsure people I’m sure about what I see and what I feel, and that my friend is that “ camren is fucking real “ The end *drops the mic*

Cam’s Voltron Fic Rec 2/∞

Cam’s Voltron Fic Rec Lists:  [1] [2] [3]

(Gen unless otherwise specified)

**Beacon by glitteringconstellations

Word count:  17,223 (5/?)

Summary:  An emergency mission to answer a distress call wasn’t unusual. The urgency in Allura’s voice wasn’t necessarily unusual, either—she was very much of the mind that Voltron was obligated to answer every single distress call brought to their attention. Being the defender of the known universe came with a certain number of responsibilities, after all.

But seeing the pinched, pale look on both Allura and Coran’s faces when they converged on the bridge was unusual. “The universe is vast even in terms of those planets still yet beyond the grips of the Galra. But…. the distress call came from the Terra Firma Quadrant.”


Comments:  Back to Earth AU. Reunion fic. This one occasionally flips pov to some characters on Earth so we get to see their reactions to the gang’s initial disappearance and then the realization that they are not alone in the universe. This fic is so different from the other Back To Earth ones I’ve read, all the little details make it feel so real.

don’t go (i can’t follow) by My_King_And_Your_Lionheart

Word count:  10,670 (5/5)

Summary:  Keith’s shirt falls to the floor and Shiro gets so distracted by the ink on his skin that when he finally realizes Keith was trying to flip him, he’s already on his back. With the mismatched ‘Never tell me the odds’ pressed against his throat, Shiro thinks he could fall in love like this.

Comments:  Part 1 of the series blame it on the stardust which is partway through its second installment just pretending to know. This is a Sheith fic featuring tattooed!Keith. Also, my favorite part is the OG GARRISON TRIO AKA Matt/Shiro/Keith bonding bc they are my favorite friendship group ugh. Also Keith’s adoptive parents are super awesome like seriously I love them so much. This one ends with the start of season one basically, and Part 2 kinda picks up from there.

i want your heaven and your oceans too by mothpoem

Word count:  11,622 (1/1)

Summary:  “Not—not that you’d be my rebound! I mean, you’d be helping me take my mind off of this guy, but to be a rebound, I’d have to have dated him first, I think, and he doesn’t even know I like him, so. You wouldn’t be a rebound. At worst, we become badass partners-in-crime with a grudging respect for each other, at best, we’re soulmates for life and this is fate trying to help us find happiness. So. Um.” Lance swallows and looks up at the Blade of Marmora soldier through his lashes. “What say you?”

They look down at their hands for a moment, fingers twisting together in deep thought. Then they’re pulling their gloves off, revealing pale, half-bruised knuckles of the human variation, and their mask is dissolving, giving way to big blue-purple eyes and an achingly familiar jet-black cowlick. “Who,” says Keith Kogane, in that low-pitched rumble that makes Lance’s stomach roil in the good way—holy fuck—“is this guy you’re trying to get over?”

Comments:  Lots of Lance whump. And obviously this is Klance endgame. I just love how far this goes before Lance finds out its not just some random bom guy. Lance is such a sassy guy when he’s in danger and it really comes out in this fic. Add in a heaping tablespoon of protective Keith and you’ve got yourself the perfect post-s4 voltron fanfic right here.

Burn Break Crash by NaryCanary

Word count:  36,891 (7/?)

Summary:  When Katie "Pidge” Holt arranged a special road trip with her boyfriend that doesn’t go according to plan, she somehow throws herself in an unexpected predicament and now must take responsibility for it. What is it she must do? Take Keith Kogane - an attractive, mysterious, arrogant guy from school - on the road with her across the country.

Growing up, Pidge was always taught to look both ways before crossing the street to avoid accidents. Nobody ever told her what to do if her life happens to go up in flames.

Comments:  Slowburn Kidge roadtrip AU. Background Shallura. This is a college AU that feels very raw to me idk. Like its not just all fluff and comedy, its also angst and comfort and thrilling in all the ways. The way their conversations flow and relationship develops is so natural and un-forced. This fic really made me like Pidge a lot more after reading. Even if you don’t ship it romantically, it really makes you appreciate the fiery, explosive bond between them. Platonic Kidge is also something I started exploring because of how much I loved the interaction with these two.

**Entangled by Purpleneutrino (mackerelmademedoit)

Word count:  101,859 (12/12)

Summary:  When Keith found himself mentally linked to Lance of all people, he never thought that it would end in anything but irritation and misery on both sides. He certainly never imagined that it would be a useful asset in team Voltron’s fight against the Galra Empire. Now if he can just keep his feelings in check, they might actually have a chance at defeating Zarkon.

Needless to say, when he’d wished for a ‘bonding moment’ with Lance, this wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind.

Comments:  Klance with eventual mature content. Whump for both parties in this fic, and lots of angst. Also super-protective-over-Keith Shiro, which is my fav. A warning that this is very slow burn. I mean look at that word count. It’s amazing tho bc we get so much of this goodness. I love Stuck-Together and Forced Co-Dependency Tropes and this satisfies both. These two are forced to show so much vulnerability to each other and get so much closer as a result.

**Kieth’s ‘Physical Contact’ Initiation Program by alisayamin (sh_04e)

Word count:  26,522 (6/6)

Summary:  Keith didn’t move and neither did Pidge. It was a little awkward until Keith finally said, “Maybe we could officially officiate this..?”

“What do you mean?”

“Fist me.”

Pidge recoiled and sputtered, “Keith, what the f-” She was cut off by Shiro’s bellowing laughter from the observatory deck.

With his straight face unchanged, Keith lowered his left hand with the stopwatch and lifted his right hand, fisted.

Pidge actually sighed with so much relief, “OH. You mean fistbump! Right.” She slapped her forehead to remove the very very wrong image her imagination drew for her, “Holy shit, Keith, we need to work on that but yeah sure, I’d be honoured to officiate your physical contact program whatever.”


That one time Coran realized Keith was too distant and decided to make him undergo the 'Physical Contact’ Initiation Program which then led to –> 5 times the paladins realized Keith was an actual cat.

Comments:  I. LOVE. THIS. STORY. ugh. Keith bonding with everyone through hugs and cuddles, man. That is all that needs to be said. Oh and also Keith whump plus lots of comfort. Also Matt&Keith bros and Pidge&Keith bros is life. And super-protective-over-Keith Shiro. LITERALLY EVERYTHING YOU COULD EVER WANT ALL IN ONE GLORIOUS FIC. But seriously in this one, Keith unashamedly knows he wants physical affection, he just struggles with how to ask for it.

**Antidote by salineshots

Word count:  53,759 (8/?)

Summary:  Based very loosely off of @eyugho’s lovebug AU, which I love more than anything?? Thanks to them for starting this wonderful AU!

Keith’s bitten by a lovebug, but this one doesn’t make him all cuddly. Instead, every moment he spends away from Lance is physically painful for him, and every moment he spends touching him is really, really nice. That’s frustrating enough already without Keith having to hide his massive crush.

Lance just wants to help, but he knows that Keith doesn’t like to be touched. Also hiding a massive crush, because these two are horrible at communication.

Comments:  Slowburn Klance with so much Keith whump and comforting and supportive Lance. I really like this version of the Lovebug AU, especially bc it basically doubles as one of those Stuck-Together Tropes, and also they become super co-dependent on each other which is also nice because we get to see all their vulnerabilities and insecurities forced into the spotlight.

Muzzled by Emls479

Word count:  5,181 (1/1)

Summary:  The blade of Marmora aren’t the only ones with time altering technology. Days on the outside can be months within. Keith finds this out a little too late.

Comments:  This is more than a little dark and also I cried so watch out if you don’t like hardcore whump on our boy keef who really needs more hugs.

Yes, Sir by mikkimouse

Word count:  8,302 (1/1)

Summary:  “Are you all ready to get started?”

“Yes, sir!” twenty voices answered in unison.

Shiro’s stomach flipped at the words. Oh, no.

The soul mark on his right wrist burned, confirmation that his soulmate was one of the twenty people who’d just uttered the phrase.

Oh, shit.

Comments:  All 3 Works in this series are so great. Not just bc its a Sheith Soulmate AU, but also bc its just the perfect mix of funny, angsty and fluffy.

Cheesy PickUp Line Challenge

4,001 of you wonderful souls follow me now 

and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do a challenge with every milestone, but… I’m gonna do one for this.

Below the cut is a list of the cheesiest and somewhat dirty pick-up lines that will serve as prompts for this little celebration.

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Has nobody wondered why Pink Diamond’s Ship and her Palanquin are so far apart from each other?

Here’s a map of the SU world from the art book (yes, it’s canon, the Gem locations match up with what was shown in It Could Have Been Great and Buddy’s Book):

In Lion 4: Alternate Ending, we see that Pink’s Ship is in the desert, the same desert that the Desert Glass and Lion himself were found in.

On a real map, this corresponds to northern Africa. But in Buddy’s Book and Steven’s Dream, we see that Pink’s Palanquin is located in what corresponds to Korea:

But the thing is, when we find Blue Diamond in Korea at Pink’s Palanquin, she’s only a short ways away from her own Palanquin, and her own Ship is parked at her location.

This means a Diamond is never far from their ship or their Palanquin. So why are Pink’s ship and Palanquin so far away from each other? I’m imagining her ship was shot down, but that itself begs the question of what could have possibly done that? Peridot’s hand ship survived 4 Quartizine Cannons, and I imagine a Diamond’s ship to be much more resilient than that. Even if it wasn’t shot down, why would it have been parked in the desert of Africa and left alone while Pink takes her Palanquin all the way to Korea?

If her ship was shot down, then she would have been picked up or gone to a Warp Pad (there’s one in that desert after all) and her ship would have somehow been taken in for repairs or something. She wouldn’t just take her Palanquin for a lovely stroll across the continent like normal, you’d wait for rescue and repairs, wouldn’t you? She certainly wasn’t stranded. Between being able to send a distress call to Homeworld Gems and having the option of using a Warp Pad to get back to Homeworld or a nearby colony, I don’t feel like she was stranded.

If it wasn’t shot down, it’s just as hard to explain why she would make the conscious decision to leave her ship behind and take her Palanquin.

Considering the sand buildup and all the stuff hoarded behind her ship, I doubt anyone took her ship for their own use during or after the war, even Rose, and that’s assuming they even could.

@swaggythunder What do you think? Could there be a viable explanation for this? The only explanation I can come up with is that her ship was (somehow) shot down, Pink took her Palanquin to the nearest Warp Pad, and got to Korea. The only caveat being that Steven and Greg had to fly to Korea, they didn’t go by Warp Pad. But even if there was a Pad in Korea, what business did Pink have there specifically? It’s close to the Galaxy Warp, sure, but she could have just as easily Warped directly there. We know she could have, because it was broken only after the War had ended and Homeworld Gems fled the planet.

RIP our Beloved Scheming, Creeper Pimp of Westeros

We all knew this day was coming, whether it be just knowing logically his time was up (Because let’s face it’s. It’s Game of Thrones), or damning spoilers. Does this mean our ship is dead? HELLZ NO! There is still a chance something will happen between Petyr and Sansa in the books. Would we have liked to have seen it acted on screen by the talented Sophie and Aiden. Fuck Yes. Does that mean we have to stop writing and creating gifs? Hellz NO! Even if GRRM doesn’t give us what we want, though I have a feeling he will, does that mean we have to say goodbye? No we still have each other, the sisterhood/brotherhood of Sin and Trash, our devotion and our talented imagination. We can still write and create works of art to share to our fellow shippers.  Our ship will never be dead, even though it’s not canon, (yet) or show canon (boo!).

So shed those tears, let it all come out. Let that sadness and rage boil up. Write those rants because let’s face it, the writing for this season; for Petyr and Sansa, and (Lord Varys, his scheming opponent) has sucked. Yeah I know everyone has been complaining about Arya, but I’m one of the few who knew she would become a Tyrant. (I don’t hate her, just saw this coming). Did Arya deserve to kill Petyr, though? NO! If anyone it should have been Sansa, she’s been with him throughout all seven seasons, the love, the hate, the sexual tension. Only Sansa deserved to hold the blade, not Arya. (Aidan and Littlefinger deserved better writing for the season, this final season. We got robbed, and that’s what makes us the most bitter. If Petyr had died poetically or epically it would at least harshened the blow, the fact that Sansa seems to not show any feelings (STRONG FEELINGS cause they should be strong, either LOVE or HATE) for this man, this man who has been with her since this whole fucking game started is the biggest writing bullshit flaw of it all.

There is a reason why GRRM doesn’t watch the show anymore. It could be that it strayed too far from his vision or he doesn’t want to be influenced by D&D’s bad plot writing to fuck up his books.

So post up your favorite fanfictions and gif sets, share your love and devotion to our beloved, creepyship,petsa, petyrxsansa, sansaxpetyr. For we know that our beloved Lord Petyr “Littlefinger” Baelish, has fallen.

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RIP our sweet King of the Ashes.

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The semester is over, and I have a lot of free time until I’m moving to Wales, so consider getting an art commission if you want! I will open 5 slots for now, but I can also put your name on the list for the future should I be busy when you ask for one. If you are interested write me an ask or message me through The rest of the information is under the cut: 

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So, I got the manga version of The Last Wizard of the Century, and they added a nice little scene in between Kid having fallen in the water and everyone suddenly onboard the ship. (Edited to add my attempt at a translation. Feel free to correct it.)

[Box]: The next day, after checking the egg for damage…
[Box]: The exhibition was cancelled and everyone was going to take the Suzuki ship back to Tokyo…

[H]: What a great luxury liner!
[K]: That’s for sure!

[K]: It must be great to ride something like this!

[S]: Do you two want to come with us?
[H]: We’d love to go!

[K]: What are you even saying, after getting that injury!

[H]: Ah…

[C]: Well, it’s a miracle you only got a sprained leg…
[H]: Damn it!

[H]: Still, let me know when you learn anything!

[C]: Sure… I’ll let you know when it’s all over…

[R]: They get along so well…
[S]: I almost feel bad about leaving…

[K]: Ran-chan, I hope your fortune works out!
[R]: Eh!

[You’ll be reunited with a love…]
[R]: Shinichi…

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Flockie your posts are always hilarious. So let me ask you this: you’re one of the most steady shipsters. Pretty much nothing rocks your boat. But you also don’t see receipts where many people do. So what ARE your receipts that keep you aboard (if hands on bare skin, etc etc etc are not)?

Most of my shipping is done through the filtered lens of entertainment news, how public narratives are created, and the methods camps use for everything from manufacturing and selling an image to putting PR spins. For me, flags go up when I feel like I’m being fed something. One site consistently covering a relationship nobody else is talking about. Social media cues and clues that serve to point attention in a certain direction at a very specific time that mysteriously dry up between events or sightings. Narratives that result in actions that are divergent from a celeb’s known behavior. My biggest receipts have to do with who shows up and when, and who doesn’t appear to show up and when, even when it would be totally normal. 

I accept that the majority of what I see is manufactured, packaged and delivered to my door like some sort of bunkassed Hollywood Amazon Prime deal. It makes it easy to be open-minded about what I see and call bullshit on the stuff that just doesn’t add up. Little details are fun to think about and attempt to interpret, but I don’t need them to be confident in my beliefs because I project my sense of self and normalcy onto them, and that is so wildly subjective. 


I drew this for two reasons!

1) Wanted to present one of Leaf’s ability: to change the shape/color of their leaves at will and also add flowers if they feel like it! They rarely do it cause they don’t see the point. What they CAN’T do is change the emplacement or make the leaves disappear. They’re here FOREVER.

2) I have a follower who told me they ship Leaf and Chrome cause of the drawings I made of them (there’s a few) so that’s why he’s here and blush in reaction to seeing this! For the, uh, headcanon (?) that there’s feelings between them I thought it would work better if Chrome slowly realized it but like, completely refuse, like nope, him having a crush? No way! And get mad whenever Leaf do something cute cause HOW DARE?!

Characters in the game use “she/her” pronouns to talk about Leaf, while I always use “they/them” cause they’re non binary.

Hey guys, I love how excited everyone is over ships and honestly this fandom is the most respectful one I’ve ever seen in terms of that (and in general tbh), but as a suggestion, maybe it might help keep the peace if we try not to use language that’s so solidifying when talking about ships?

For example: Instead of saying “this ship is canon” you could say that you love the interaction between two characters in a video or a new video, because saying something is canon when it isn’t makes other people’s ships feel a little more invalidated.

You’re 100% allowed to gush over an imagined romantic relationship between two characters (like saying “I love this ship”, etc), but making sure we talk about them in the realm of fiction is something I think would be very helpful :)

(And please keep in mind that these characters and their relationships are fictional, but how you choose to interact with others is REAL.)

This is just a suggestion, though, if any of you feel like I’m in the wrong, feel free to say so!

Possessive Trait | Oh Sehun

Genre – Fluff

Word Count – 1.2k

Summary – In which you are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 


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As I collected the last few books from my locker, I listened to the familiar sound of my boyfriend’s footsteps softly making their way behind me before I felt his comparatively large hands cover my eyes. Giggling lightly at his little habit of surprising me, even though it was expected as we had the same class at the end of the day. I still thought his gestures were heart warming.

“Guess who” His deep voice playfully sang as he whispered in my ear, causing me to almost burst out in laughter at the thought any other guy daring to touch me like this. I placed my smaller hands on top of his arms as I spoke.

“Hmm… Let’s see, who would have the guts to get this close to me besides my boyfriend” I teased as I pulled his hands away from my eyes, turning in his arms as he circled them around my waist. “Oops never mind it’s just you” I faux sighed causing his eyes to widen at my response, and a small pout taking over his features; almost screaming at me to kiss it away.

“That’s not nice Jagiya, my jealousy isn’t something at should be made fun of ” He shook his head before I quickly pecked his pink lips and pulled away quickly in case of his teenage boy mind taking over. Sehun was never exactly the friendliest person around when it came to other boys interacting with me.It’s not like he had a particular ex of mine that he was being aware of, or that most of the boys in the school were freaks. It was simply because of the fact that he carried a little possessive trait which was sometimes kind of hot, but other times, quite annoying. 

“Come on mister possessive pants, we need to get to the lab and our little moment is going to make us late” I scolded, dragging him to the lab before he could begin to whine about how controlling I was. 

Class soon began and because we entered a bit late, we couldn’t sit in our usual seats, so Sehun had to sit at the far back corner whilst I took a free seat between Baekhyun and Jongdae. Already knowing of the storm about to take place, I asked them slowly to keep their usual jokes and flirting to a minimum. But obviously my warning was useless because who did the pair like annoying more than Sehun? A very jealous Sehun. The class was instructed to start an experiment, so I made my way to the back to grab the equipment as the boys got the instructions. Spotting Sehun at the table, I decided to go talk to him as I could sense him already thinking up ways to murder the boys whilst glaring at them at the front.

“Oppa stop looking at them like that, they’re your friends and they know better not to hit on me” I whispered to him as he gripped the boiling tubes tightly. His only response was to roll his eyes at my reassurance and simply rush to his table. I sighed at his attitude and went back to my table to set up the experiment.

As I poured the mystery liquid into a beaker filled with iron, Baekhyun decided to place his chin on my shoulder as he intently watched my careful actions. My heart began to beat faster, not at the thought of Baekhyun being so close to me, but at the fact that could literally feel Sehun’s glare burning holes in the back of my head.

“Baekhyun what the hell are you doing?” I whispered to him as he moved further up my shoulder with the biggest smirk on his face. I couldn’t exactly move him away because I was in the midst of pouring something potentially toxic, but I did manage to push him back a bit but it only caused him to come closer.

“Y/N ah I can’t see from there!” He whined as I tried to push him away once more

“Why can’t you just stand beside me and look?” I hissed through gritted teeth as Jongdae kept looking over at Sehun and giggled like a school girl every time he spotted him looking.

“Because that special boyfriend of yours will get angry if I stand next to you” He explained with a childlike tone to his voice.

“And you think this is a better option?” I scoffed at his words as I shoved him once more. “Baekhyun I’m telling you to get off of me for your own good. If you don’t move in the next five seconds, I’ll kill you myself before Sehun even gets a chance” I politely warned which caused him to instantly move away, and my eyes instantly travelled to find Sehun’s, not missing the little accomplished smile which took over his face for a mere second or two.

School had finally come to an end and Sehun and I were on our way home. The fact that he hadn’t said a single word since we left school wasn’t at all surprising, but couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of tension between us and I couldn’t stand it. He currently had his arm loosely hung around my shoulders, which was very rare for him because skin ship wasn’t really his thing when he was annoyed. I slowly brought my hand up to intertwine my fingers with his as I looked up at his expressionless face, trying to think of something to say to him.

“Oppa… When are you gonna start talking to me?” I asked dumbly, hoping for some form of reply from him. And all I got was a shrug, but he gave my hand a little squeeze as if to reassure me that he wasn’t annoyed at me. “If you’re not gonna talk to me, I’m just gonna have to walk on my own because I can’t take it. I know you’re not mad at me but st-” I began to rant as I moved his arm away, but his instant reaction was to wrap both arms around my waist and pull me back. 

 "I’m sorry" His voice almost coming out in a chuckle as I continued to struggle in his arms. I huffed at his sudden change, but I soon have into his embrace. 

“Why do you get jealous this easily? Don’t you trust me?” I whispered to him, turning in his arms and linking my hands behind his neck as he tried to avoid my eyes

“I don’t know Y/N… It’s just that I always think… Wouldn’t you rather date someone like Baekhyun who’s so out there and funny? Or someone like Jongdae who-” His rant came to a stop as I leant up and captured his lips into a kiss, more to shut him up than reassure him of the fact that I wouldn’t even think of dating anyone else

“Why are these kinds of things going through your mind Oppa? You know I love you… I’d never leave you for anyone. There’s a reason I’m not with anyone else, I don’t want anyone with the traits you don’t have. I want you Sehun” I finished my little speech with yet another peck to his lips, but this time he kissed me back and held onto me in a way that he never had before. It was as if he was scared of me slipping away from him, but we both knew that was never going to happen…

A/N: I hope the anon who requested liked this, thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you later Loves <3

~Shazz xx


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I binged watched twd from 3-6 & playing catchup with 7. I wasn't sure if they would put richonne together romantically at first even tho I shipped them from 4. Then the weird stuff with jesse happened & I didn't get it & had some doubt for richonne. Then they got together & it was the best! Can I ask how long have you shipped them & when did you know for sure they would be canon? Love your blog btw.

Hello there! Thanks.
This is a great question, because for a while, pre-canon, there were some rough times being a Richonne shipper. S3 there were hardly any of us; S4 Richonne was an underdog ship. Then S5 and 6A were really difficult because of how Rick was written and the Jessie debacle (which was so unnecessary) with the addition of racist arseholes in fandom. Some people, not many, but some, gave up on our OTP ever going canon. It was rough, but I bring it up now because looking back to that time reminds me that our fandom is tough as nails. Even when there were those of us who felt disillusioned and thought our ship was never going canon, we still loved them and supported one another as shipmates. Sorry, I’m getting to answering your question, but I just needed to say that 😊 I’m a From the Fence Richonner; I shipped them as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Never meant to, but blame DG and AL for that hehehe ‘Clear’ had me in my feels because Michonne opening up to Rick about talking to Mike, and Rick flirting with her and thanking her more than once! I knew something was forming between them then, but I was certain they’d be canon when the episode 'After’ aired. I know, they didn’t share an on screen scene or anything, but the symbolism of what happened in that episode made me believe they were going to be together. Michonne alone, reverting back to her old ways; Rick and Carl hurting and trying to keep it together. They were all so broken in that ep. We had the insights into Michonne’s past and saw her talking to Mike (callback to 'Clear’); we had Carl blaming his father; we had Rick trying to be strong. It was heartbreaking to see them like that, so fractured. But what solidified in my mind that they were going to be a family was: 1. The fact that Michonne chose to live when she chose to follow their tracks; she chose Rick and Carl. 2. Rick’s relief when he saw that Michonne had found them; he smiled and laughed, after everything they’d been through with the fall of the prison. It was as if everything would be okay because Michonne was with them. I’m crying right now because I always think back to the interview Andy did where he spoke about that scene and called Michonne their future *sighs* forgive me, I’m getting sentimental. I hope you find an answer in there somewhere hehehe
Thank you!