ship: i feel something between us

Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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Okay so I had a sudden epiphany about Voltron: LD and…I don’t like it.

So in the 80s original version, Sven goes missing and then ends up joining Romelle, and then Keith and Allura get together. A link to VLD is Shiro, Sven’s counterpart went missing at the end of season 2!!. Shiro went missing, like Sven. That leaves room for Keith and Allura to bond and grow closer over the fact that they both lost Shiro. That means that Kallura might happen. It’s a long shot, and I’m terrified it might happen.

Keith and Allura already had that really weird scene where Keith held Allura in his arms before she leapt out of his hold and fUCKING BLUSHED!!!! Maybe, just maybe, it was because she’s never really been touched by a male that way before…but then I think back to when Lance held her. She didn’t blush then. I can understand that maybe it was purely because she felt threatened because she didn’t know them at all…so that point pretty much = 0.

Look at their hands. She’s reaching for his out of comfort and it just suggests that something is happening or is going to happen between the two of them. I want answer @Dreamworks !!!

But no!!!! She fucking burrows her head into his neck and hugs him!!!! I don’t recall her hugging anyone else in the show… I don’t even think she’s hugged Shiro. This has got to suggest towards Keith and Allura following in their 80s counterpart’s footsteps.

If Dreamworks gives us Kallura, which has no deep connections, feelings and emotions tied to it, we’ll be missing out on some other ships. Other ships that have the mutual bond needed to sustain a healthy relationship.

Perhaps a rivalry that actually isn’t a rivalry at all, but a budding relationship that started out on the wrong foot!

Or maybe a brotherly relationship that turns into more??

It could even be the Meme Team™ duo that we’ve loved since forever!

The lesbian ship that we’ve all pined for and that has so much potential…

Probably the most obvious ship - tied with Klance - that literally everybody ships! *sobs a little from the amount of potential that could be wasted*

Our beautiful, pure Hance. Legitimately nothing is wrong with this ship. It’s so amazing and Hunk would treat Keith like the queen he is.

Even this strange ship which I’ve only heard about recently! Seriously though, a little strange but hey - still better than Kallura.

Dreamworks better not screw this show up by making two obviously not infatuated people enter a romantic relationship.

I respect the writers and animators, but something like this? Unforgivable.

I personally ship Klance mainly, but also Pance/Lidge and Shallura from time to time. Although I’m not all too fond of the other ships, I understand why people would ship them together. Except Kallura. Never understood Kallura, never will.

Feel free to add on if you’d like! Sorry for such a long post!!!

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Interviewer: "So back in the Haylor days-" Harry: "The HellNo days?" Interviewer:"Yes, that... you've mentioned before that it was the worst stunt that you had to deal with. Why is that?" Harry: "Well... it was just, a bad time of my life? I didn't enjoy it, like at all. The paps, the rumors, the articles... all of it." (1)

“It also had, a negative impact? On my relationship with Louis. We used to fight and argue quite a lot, not big fights, but like we always had little ones, because you know, we were apart and we were missing each other and we just wanted to be together, you know? And like, no one enjoys seeing their significant other’s face with another person all over the news, right? (2)

Harry then smiles a little… ”..But like, I remember one time, we had an argument over the phone, and Louis was so upset with me that he ended the phone call with “Fuck you, you curly haired cunt” *crowd laughs* and he hung up, and then he sent me a text telling me that he wouldn’t talk to me for two days straight" (3)

“And he actually did! He ignored my messages and my phone calls, he was so upset with me. But then, he called me, and I picked up saying "Hi baby, I’ve missed you-” but he interrupted me, and he was like “We’re getting matching tattoos.” I was like “…okay?” And he was like “You’re gonna get a ship, and I’m gonna get a compass.” And I was like “….okay…..” (4)

“And then, he said something along the lines of… "What we have, this thing between us, is very important to me and… even if you’re so far away, nothing matters, the only thing that matters is us, our relationship. Okay?… I… I’ll always Make This Feel Like Home…” and he did, you know? He always did. No matter where I was, he could always Bring Me Home.“ (5)

the wildest part of this is that it isn’t even an au it really happened

Cheesy PickUp Line Challenge

4,001 of you wonderful souls follow me now 

and I swore to myself I wouldn’t do a challenge with every milestone, but… I’m gonna do one for this.

Below the cut is a list of the cheesiest and somewhat dirty pick-up lines that will serve as prompts for this little celebration.

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I drew this for two reasons!

1) Wanted to present one of Leaf’s ability: to change the shape/color of their leaves at will and also add flowers if they feel like it! They rarely do it cause they don’t see the point. What they CAN’T do is change the emplacement or make the leaves disappear. They’re here FOREVER.

2) I have a follower who told me they ship Leaf and Chrome cause of the drawings I made of them (there’s a few) so that’s why he’s here and blush in reaction to seeing this! For the, uh, headcanon (?) that there’s feelings between them I thought it would work better if Chrome slowly realized it but like, completely refuse, like nope, him having a crush? No way! And get mad whenever Leaf do something cute cause HOW DARE?!

Characters in the game use “she/her” pronouns to talk about Leaf, while I always use “they/them” cause they’re non binary.

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Sometimes I feel so attached when people say OtaYuri is a disgusting/pedo ship. It remains me of so much of the shit I had to hear. Back then I was 16 and my boyfriend 20. Only his parents support us. My parents thought he only wanted to have sex with me. And they told me I had to choose between them or him. This was 10 years ago. We are married and have two beautiful children. I really hope people get their stick out of their butts.

I have no idea which world those people are from that they really think something as usual as people dating with a ¾ years diference is something disgusting. This is literally so normal, you see EVERYDAY. I don’t know why they think yurio is clueless and must be treated like an inocent child just because he is a teenage, he is literaly only 2 years apart from becoming an adult!                                                                                                                But you know what? Those people, they don’t really care about the problem that pedophilia is, if they really did, they would complain about more serious things like the whole loli/shota japanese culture. No, they just want to be mean. This is not even the first time i see something like this happening. In PJO, the 14yrs Nico accepted himself as gay and started dating Will and BAM people started saying it was pedophilia because Will was 19 even though HIS AGE WAS NEVER REVEALED and the own autor said the two of them had almost the same age. Conclusion?People just want a excuse to hate what they dont like.                                                                                                                

I’m happy you choose your husband and I wish all happiness for you and your children <3 And I agree, they need to chill out

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I binged watched twd from 3-6 & playing catchup with 7. I wasn't sure if they would put richonne together romantically at first even tho I shipped them from 4. Then the weird stuff with jesse happened & I didn't get it & had some doubt for richonne. Then they got together & it was the best! Can I ask how long have you shipped them & when did you know for sure they would be canon? Love your blog btw.

Hello there! Thanks.
This is a great question, because for a while, pre-canon, there were some rough times being a Richonne shipper. S3 there were hardly any of us; S4 Richonne was an underdog ship. Then S5 and 6A were really difficult because of how Rick was written and the Jessie debacle (which was so unnecessary) with the addition of racist arseholes in fandom. Some people, not many, but some, gave up on our OTP ever going canon. It was rough, but I bring it up now because looking back to that time reminds me that our fandom is tough as nails. Even when there were those of us who felt disillusioned and thought our ship was never going canon, we still loved them and supported one another as shipmates. Sorry, I’m getting to answering your question, but I just needed to say that 😊 I’m a From the Fence Richonner; I shipped them as soon as they laid eyes on each other. Never meant to, but blame DG and AL for that hehehe ‘Clear’ had me in my feels because Michonne opening up to Rick about talking to Mike, and Rick flirting with her and thanking her more than once! I knew something was forming between them then, but I was certain they’d be canon when the episode 'After’ aired. I know, they didn’t share an on screen scene or anything, but the symbolism of what happened in that episode made me believe they were going to be together. Michonne alone, reverting back to her old ways; Rick and Carl hurting and trying to keep it together. They were all so broken in that ep. We had the insights into Michonne’s past and saw her talking to Mike (callback to 'Clear’); we had Carl blaming his father; we had Rick trying to be strong. It was heartbreaking to see them like that, so fractured. But what solidified in my mind that they were going to be a family was: 1. The fact that Michonne chose to live when she chose to follow their tracks; she chose Rick and Carl. 2. Rick’s relief when he saw that Michonne had found them; he smiled and laughed, after everything they’d been through with the fall of the prison. It was as if everything would be okay because Michonne was with them. I’m crying right now because I always think back to the interview Andy did where he spoke about that scene and called Michonne their future *sighs* forgive me, I’m getting sentimental. I hope you find an answer in there somewhere hehehe
Thank you!

Lost But Together.

Prompt for anon to @bellarkepromptfills: Could someone please write a fic based on the scene from Lost where the Others have Sawyer and Kate in these big cages, and Kate leaves hers and gets into Sawyers and they have sex? But it’s the grounders that have Bellamy and Clarke. (With a possible bonus of a scene that comes when one of the Others nearly executes Saywer in the rain.)

S/o to @endlesslyfangirl-ing for beta’ing this one :) Thank you girl!!

Words: 6.539
Warnings: Violence

Read it on ao3 too!

He has been staring at the ceiling of his cage for so long now. He watches as the sky turns from black to orange as the sun rises above the horizon. Finally, the sky turns to blue as the forest around him came to life.

He has been staring because staring is all he can do while locked in this cage like an animal. He’s hurt, but not badly, just enough to keep him from moving too much.

He is staring and thinking of his friends, his people. The people he left behind because he had to. The people he hopes are okay and not in danger anymore. His mind drifts to Clarke specifically, many times. He wonders if she made it and if she’s holding up alright without him. The image of her running back inside the drop ship can’t seem to leave his mind, its the last time he saw her before he ran for his life, only to get taken by the grounders outside the wall.

He rubs his eyes trying to think of something else, of someone else. His mind automatically goes to his sister, Octavia, who he had let go of during the battle and finally allowed her life to be in the hands of someone else. Specifically, the hands of that grounder she trusted so much. It’s another painful thought and memory.

Before he can let his mind drift to another topic again, he hears footsteps in the distance getting closer, he can hear people talking in a language he can’t understand as well.

“So, I guess it’s my time.” He whispers to himself as he pushes himself into a sitting position on the concrete slab he had been lying on for hours now.

The voices are getting louder with every second that passes and his heart starts beating faster and faster. Why? He doesn’t really know. He had already accepted his fate the moment he was thrown in this cage.

That changes the moment he sees three figures appear behind the bushes that were hiding the path. Two of them are huge men- grounders, judging by their appearance- and the other is someone that is being dragged by the arms between the two men.

His heart stops the moment his eyes catch a glimpse of blonde hair between the two grounders. His legs take him to the metal bars of his cage to get a better look automatically. He wouldn’t be surprised if his mind was playing games with him.

Sadly, it wasn’t a hallucination, she really is there. She’s unconscious and being dragged toward the cages by the two grounders, “Clarke!” Her name comes out of his mouth on impulse. She doesn’t respond in anyway. The only response he only earns is a grin from one of the grounders, while the other lets go of Clarke to open the cage opposite of Bellamy’s.

The grounder grinning at him, holds Clarke by her armpits almost like he is taunting him. Once the cage is open, the other grounder grabs Clarke and together the two grounders lift her up, and take her unconscious body inside the cage, laying her on a concrete slab like his.

“Clarke!” He yells again, his fingers curl around the cold cage bars, shaking them as hard as he can, he knows this is useless but he tries anyway. “What did you do to her?!” He shoots at the two grounders that are now stepping out of the cage, clicking the lock closed behind them. “What did you do to her?!” He yells again, the grounders continue to ignore him as they walk away.

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Hi I liked what you said about the cover “ship argument” and agree it should have been just Sarah or the Scoobies, so sad tony wasn’t there too, but i’m wondering your opinion on how Spuffy fans treat Sarah on twitter, she’s spoken about it before and mentioned it during the reunion. I know it’s not everyone but it seems when she posts anything either with David or pro Bangel a lot of them attack her and can be quite vile and disgusting towards her. She stays respectful but they go in everytime.

Thanks for understanding, and before I answer your question I’ll try to make myself clear again because I feel some people have misunderstood the point I was trying to make.

I wasn’t making a “ship argument”. My saying I didn’t dig the Bangel cover wasn’t a jab at that ship. I definitely acknowledge it was a relevant pairing in the show. I wasn’t implying Spuffy should’ve been on the cover instead. 100% NO. I think to have a ship on the cover was basically missing the point (and a waste of an opportunity) of the show. Buffy was the title character. She made the show. She was the show. She alone will stand. The ships - either one of them - were merely an ingredient of the million things that made the show great. This wasn’t Dawson’s Creek or 90210 or any other teen drama. This was about one girl fighting the forces of darkness, who on occasion happened to indulge in smoochies with a couple of vampires. I wish that girl had stood alone on the cover, that’s all.

Okay, point made. Now to your question.

I think that’s bullshit. I think that’s the worst and darkest side of fandom, one that I don’t want to be part of or condone in any way. I feel ashamed of those people, and I hate that they give a bad name to shippers. I hate that because of them I have to take the blame and be pointed out as part of the “Internet loudmouths and ass-kissers of unpopular, ignored comics“ just because I happen to ship the same ship some moronic internet trolls do.  I think anyone who dares insult or threaten an actor for being outspoken about their shipping preferences is an ill-intentioned douchebag at best, and a worthless piece of human garbage at worst. 

Shipping is personal, by definition. That’s true for us as fans as it is true for the actors as people who have every right to have personal preferences. 

There’s this irrational idea that if an actor supports your ship, they are somehow validating it or making it more canon or more important than the rest. That’s idiotic. Like, I kind of get that people want others to like the same things they do, especially if that person is someone you admire. But shipping should be about how the relationship between two characters makes you feel on a very personal, intimate level. That’s why we ship. We ship because we find something in those two people that makes us feel something very personal, whatever that maybe. We don’t choose ships based on how actors or other people perceived them. So why should be angry about how others feel or not feel about our ships? It’s stupid and senseless and anyone who attacks someone else because of shipping preferences, whether they are an actor or a fellow fan, is a fucking jerk. 

Ship and let ship. 

Just wanted to post a little something.   

It feels like the tag has gotten a little discouraged over the latest episode but don’t feel that way. Things are very much alive and in motion for us; here are a few things to consider:

Blake verbally cracked and strained when bringing up Yang’s name. There is definitely something there. 

Sun has feelings for Blake (its quite known by this point) but when he said he’d do it all again to protect Blake he said Yang would do the same. He also said when “your friends” fight for you, he mentioned himself as a friend. So don’t be discouraged because they used the friend formality. Remember most couples start out as friends as first before it goes deeper. Since Blake and Yang were’t a defined couple yet, referencing them as friends seems like the logical thing to do but we do know there are feelings there. To further my point, when Jaune was asked where he got the gold for his armour in epiosde 1, he referred to Pyrrah as “from a friend”.  I think they use the friend word to guise the relationships so they don’t look forced and that they develop naturally.  Trust me, with everything we’ve seen, things will develop between Blake and Yang once they reunite. Believe it. 

(Also anyone who ships Blacksun comes at me for this, remember I’m not attacking your ship but simply posting something about my own. Be civil and don’t bother trying to start an argument as I auto ignore that. Shipping wars are pointless.) 

Somehow I ship Black Siren with Oliver Queen, Slade Wilson, Zoom and Adrian Chase. And I only just noticed that right now. The “prison” scene between Siren and Oliver showed us a vulnerable side to the character that I think is her true core — she’s a broken woman who sealed herself from feeling her pain in order to be “strong.” The entire Zoom/Siren interaction was just fucking hot from start to finish and there was definitely something going on there. With Slade, I just got so hyped seeing them on the screen together that I was like “I ACCEPT THIS IF THEY WERE A THING” (but he was only pretending). And she called him “Mr. Wilson.” And then with Adrian – when he said that line about “William” being a good name, and looked at Siren and she smiled at him… how does Katie Cassidy manage to have chemistry with literally everyone??? Arrow writers are sleeping on her talent I swear.  

NOTE: SPOILERS. My appreciation of Rivamika

Basically, my analysis of Levi and Mikasa’s relationship and their respective characters. This is what I use for my fanfics/for shipping. 

I think a lot of us have over-analyzed and given rivamika in exchanges that are very well, simply, organic and platonic; in exchanges that can well be attributed to how they interact with those around them in general - not some special rivamika moment we want that’s isolated and solely between them alone. So, here is my appreciation of our Rivamika moments and the search for that something special Levi feels only for Mikasa and vice versa, not as a teammate nor a leader - but as individuals.

1. Levi and Mikasa at Eren’s trial. 
Levi lingered because of Mikasa’s death glare, one Levi initially doesn’t understand because he knows nothing of the Shinganshina trio back then. All he saw was a girl with a look as if she was so ready to skin him alive. (Which she was.) 
_contrary to the view that he found a connection there. 
_However, Levi could’ve met her glare with surprise because - with his popularity as the humanity’s strongest, no one yet - rather, no one would dare look him straight to the eye, let alone openly and intensely glare him to kingdom come. 

2. Levi and Mikasa against the Female Titan. 
With age comes incomparable death (both in our time and in their universe). Mikasa, being young, is rash and, unlike the much older Levi, desperate to keep everyone she loves alive. Levi also wants this but knows the bitter reality of survival. When he sees Mikasa rampaging, he sees his younger self and knows exactly what she felt; even if just a faint, painful recollection. So, our dear Levi, quick to empathize, devices a way to save Eren INSTEAD of the goal - which is to capture the Female Titan. 
_contrary to the view that he did it because there’s something about Mikasa. Rather, he saw himself in Mikasa. He saw everyone he failed to save in Eren. I really think he’s looking out for the Shingnshina Trio by now, to save something from his past he himself failed to do back then. 

_NOTE for RivaMika points. If it weren’t for Levi, Mikasa would be pretty much dead. Even earlier then, I didn’t realize this. I only thought that, if Levi hadn’t shown up, Eren wouldn’t be retrieved. (I wonder if Mikasa realizes this. So far, it seems to me that she doesn’t. More than Eren’s life, she has to acknowledge she also owes hers to Levi. OR is that more telling of her character? - That compared to Eren’s life, she gives zero fucks for her own.) 

<I missed the whole Eren controlling titans parts in the manga because I wanted to save some surprise for the anime. So I won’t be able to note Levi and Mikasa’s characters in those scenes.>

3. Rivamika team up to rescue Eren. (again)
By this point, we know that Mikasa feels remorse for making humanity’s strongest take a break to recover. (We see this when Annie in titan form was trying to escape. Mikasa made sure, in Levi’s stead, she didn’t. + Asking how Levi’s injury was.) As well, her respect and trust for Levi has grown. She no longer questions him and even leads the rally for others to put their trust in Levi.

In his squad, she unconsciously becomes Levi’s right hand woman. She is no longer rash and is able to control her protectiveness over Eren. (We also see this during Jean and Eren’s brawl. Mikasa doesn’t stop them, doesn’t stand in for Eren. Instead, she enjoys herself. By this time, her world is wider. It is not simply herself, Eren and Armin anymore.)

On the other hand, the trust Levi puts on Mikasa is the trust he puts on everyone in his team. He knows each one has their own strengths. And, being the experienced leader he is, is able to put everyone to good use. He and Mikasa, being of the same blood, are just more in tune with each other; have the same wavelengths. 
_Instead of phrasing it that he thinks Mikasa is an incredible fighter through Rivamika goggles, there is nothing more in this because, as team leader, it’s his job to sift through his team’s strengths. 

4. Levi and Mikasa for the serum. 
When Mikasa finds out about Armin’s death and sees the desperate scene unfolding before her; the impossible choice Levi was to make; when she was advancing towards him with her blades out (if I recall correctly) - I honestly, HONEST TO GOD, thought she was going to slice his hands to get the serum to Armin. 

It was fear I saw in Levi’s eyes when he found Mikasa. I didn’t think at all that it was remorse/guilt. 

Mikasa is a woman of action. She has a rank of priorities. And on the top of her list - Eren and Armin. While Eren and Armin entered the legion for humanity’s sake, I believe Mikasa entered because Eren and Armin did. (Her motivation to fight for humanity, I think she only later appreciated upon meeting everyone else.) So, when she sees Armin dead. The serum in the hands of a tortured Levi. And Eren desperately begging for Armin’s life. She knew what she had to do. She had the obvious advantage over the burnt out Levi. It was so easy - to kill Levi, to get the serum, to save Armin. 

But, she didn’t. She recoiled. 

While Eren continued to plead, she lost herself to her sobbing because she, having been exposed to Levi’s motivations (which is humanity’s survival), has acknowledged the harsh reality. Now that I think about it, her character has grown quite a damn LOT. (Total character development right here! From having shunned the world, limiting herself to the trio; she now sees the greater picture.) 

On the other hand, Levi who knows what is necessary for humanity to move forward - does the unthinkable. He goes against this harsh truth and chooses to save the trio; save Armin. I really have no idea what to make of his decision. I have no idea what to make of how he saw Erwin. Oddly enough, while Mikasa acknowledges what is necessary for humanity; Levi seems to have fallen astray? All I know is he thought that, overall, even amid humanity’s battle; Erwin deserved to rest, that they were selfish for even thinking to keep him alive. In this decision, we see that while Levi’s motivations run for humanity’s best interest, his decisions ultimately depend on the sake of his closest relationships - that he’s a softy. (This also happened after he overhears the trio back in the safehouse talk about the ocean.) (But, I really don’t understand his decision. So, that may need some other post/analysis.)  Maybe, Isayama wanted to show how complex his characters could be.


Looking at everything, I can’t isolate scenes that I can safely say are Rivamika, not some team exchange for the battle for humanity whatever, other than these two I concede to there being something more; something just between Levi and Mikasa. Not as fighters, teammates, fellow-Ackermans; but as individuals who may just progress into that vague term I’ve been using - “something more.” 

1. Historia hits Levi. 

There is just no other explanation to this. Even I can’t say this is just a team thing, Mikasa respects him, whatever. 

While everyone else is close to losing their breath, Mikasa is smiling! WHY. WHYYY. No other reason than - She is not afraid of Levi. She knows Levi will not retaliate. She is amused by Historia. AND, she is amused by Leviiiiiiii’s iritated/shocked reaction. (It’s obvious the panel is dedicated to Levi’s reaction - seeing how everyone else is on the edge.) 

Even while reading this part, (when I read, I just glance and move forward), I found her smile odd. Although a Rivamika fan, I just put this aside because I had to finish the manga. But as I look back - I can’t rationalize this smile other than her amusement towards Levi. This is great because she sees Levi more than simply a crass, pushy captain; that there is actually something about him that can make her smile. 

2. How Levi has always spoken to Mikasa. 

He has never been crude to her. There has always been compassion, a gentleness. HE HE HE. HI HI HI. Always. Alwayyssss. (In the carriage scene. In the leg scene. In the Ackerman lineage scene.) 

BONUS. Mikasa is taller than Levi. 
Isayama himself has said (if the YT 107 facts are to be trusted), that Levi has no preference, not even if he prefers the opposite gender. All Isayama said for a fact, is that Levi has always been keen on tall people. 

TO END, (I really don’t know what I’m talking about by this point LOL.) While it’s fun over-analyzing for Rivamika - I stay true to what I said; that there is barely anything on that we can use for shipping rivamika that every other shipper could so easily use; that I don’t really know what I’m shipping (at times I find myself shipping Hange/Levi and Eren/Mikasa then feel guilty.); that I retract my prior posts about Levi and Mikasa’s character developments. 

We may be tempted to say Levi and Mikasa have this great connection in those parts I’ve mentioned, (not that there’s a problem with it because - a shipper’s got to ship), we cannot deny that SNK is a survival/action story; that all those moments are moments of the team and not necessarily rivamika. 

i had a terrible thought…

i ship desus. i ship desus more than amazon ships parcels okay ??? and it is so clear within the context of the show that at the very least, they’re building to some sort of connection between the two. i don’t even care if it’s just platonic, i just want my lil beans to be happy (although i will still ship them like the trash can i am)

but i realised that it’s possible for tptb and us to be right about desus, in the sense that there is something but also nothing at the same time. what if jesus develops a crush on daryl (not too far-fetched, did you see the way he stared at him in the wire scene omg) and daryl not only never reciprocates those feelings, but never realises jesus likes him at all ?????????????? even if jesus’ crush is only implied within the show, it’s completely plausible that this could happen and honestly, i think this would break me more than there never being any chemistry or connection between the two.

this is something that terrifies me and keeps me up at night D:

1) A “healthy relationship between Peter and Malia”… this is the same guy who has tried to murder her Pack members - her Alpha many times. Who threw her across the room when trying to kill her Alpha. Who IS Peter Hale of all people. I mean, would you want someone to have a relationship with their father who was a murderer? Also, I’ve seen quite a lot of Stydia shippers go on about Malia and Peter. Is it because their forces scenes made it so Malia was out of the picture; to further fan service Stydias *cough* the car radio scene *cough* 🤔🤔🤔

2) Notice something: a lot of Stalia shippers have stopped shipping her with Stiles because of that reason - because Stiles played with her feelings/used Malia until the time came when he could jump between Lydia. Also, loving that you’re glorying the fact that Stiles is a piece of shit/fuck boy 👍🏼 cool.

3) Best friend? What do you mean… her best friend is in the desert with those skin changing mother fuckers. Oh, you mean that so called “friend”, who’s actually a reptilian, that gave zero fucks about Malia’s feelings?

Fucking idiot.

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Hi! Just wanted to tell you I totally blame you for this but I used to hate Drarry and now I've been getting sudden Drarry thoughts at random moments and now I kinda want to jump onto the shipdom, could you tell me your reasons to ship it? :)

Oh my, this is quite flattering! I love converting people to Drarry. It’s quite difficult to articulate all the reasons why i love them, but i’ll try for you.

First of all, they have such strong feelings for each other. No matter how much they hate each other, they can never ignore one another. Harry constantly uses Draco as some sort of pedestal. Whenever something happens, he’s checking for Draco’s reaction. He ponders over what Draco would do if he knew, what would he think about him, etc. He’s always paying attention to Draco. There’s two tables between them, yet Harry notices even the most mundane thing like Draco laughing with a friend, or receiving a package.

No one gets under his skin like Draco does, and same goes for Draco. They have such intense tension and passion between themselves and in their interactions. They make each others blood boil, push their buttons like nobody else can. They’re hyper-aware of each other at all times, fixated even. Draco’s even worse when it comes to it, he spends first five years of his Hogwarts life literally begging for Harry’s attention. Every single snide, attack and offense just screams “Look at me!”. Nearly all his actions toward Harry are to get a reaction, to get him to pay attention to Draco. His resentment for Harry’s rejection and his jealousy runs so deep it’s almost what motivates his actions at all times. He never stops talking about Harry, he never stops poking him, it’s as if it’s vital for Harry to acknowledge him.

Harry isn’t better off though, he’s extremely irritated when Draco draws back in sixth year. The fact that Draco’s now paying attention to something other than him disturbs him so much he quite literally gets obsessed with him. He ditches quidditch games, wanders around the castle looking for him, uses the map to track him, sets two house elves to stalk him whenever he can’t and constantly thinks about him. Is Malfoy sick? Is Malfoy evil? What is Malfoy doing? Where is Malfoy going? Who is with Malfoy? Look, Pansy Parkinson’s petting Malfoy’s hair, look there are two girls i’m always seeing around Malfoy. This is Harry’s entire sixth year! He was so used to Draco’s presence that the fact that he doesn’t have that anymore intensifies his feelings by tenfold. 

Even when they’re at different sides of the war, even when they’re in the middle of a battle, even when one has the opportunity to redeem himself and his parents, they can’t let each other die. They can’t not care. Harry can’t not fall on to his knees in despair when he almost kills Draco, Draco can’t identify Harry in manor, Draco can’t not tell Crabbe and Goyle to not kill Harry, Harry can’t let Draco die in fiendfyre. 
It’s not only their interactions though, they fit together so well as two independent characters as well! They’re different enough to balance each other out, but also have enough things in common to be able to bond over.
They are both two boys who are chosen for a cause, being manipulated by things that are bigger than them. They both have strong loyalty to those they love. They’re devoted to their respective houses. They’re both seekers and love quidditch. Both stubborn, both hotheaded, both ambitious, both aren’t afraid to speak their minds. There is a reason a lot of people call them the two sides of the same coin, they’re quite similar when you take a step back! 

Most of all though, they have so much potential! There’s so many opportunities for character growth, forgiveness and personal change. They have so much to learn from each other! They would constantly challenge each other to be the best they can, their competitive strike would work so well together once they’ve manage to work out their differences. Draco would never favor Harry for his fame, he’d always see him as only Harry, he’d never glorify or put him on a pedestal. That’s something Harry would need desperately after the war. Harry would also show Draco the meaning and value of things that aren’t always material. He’d support Draco to work through his ingrained prejudice and help him get to know and understand the objects of his previous distastes better. They’d both understand each other’s traumas and be stronger together. They’re both complex and difficult, they’d get each other.
They’d have fun too though. Imagine the quidditch games, the snark, the banter! All that and the aforementioned tension and passion between them would guarantee for great chemistry. They’d be magnetic, powerful and fierce together. I’ve so much love for them and their love! This ended up being huge, but it isn’t even enough.


The semester is over, and I have a lot of free time until I’m moving to Wales, so consider getting an art commission if you want! I will open 5 slots for now, but I can also put your name on the list for the future should I be busy when you ask for one. If you are interested write me an ask or message me through The rest of the information is under the cut: 

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14 —schei-letzebuerg

14: What popular ship do you not like?

Definitely USUK! I know I am going to get flamed to hell for this but I can’t stand it for a bunch of reasons!

First is the age difference

Now the ages aren’t the biggest deal when it comes to immortal beings, especially when by the same token any nationXhuman relationship is pedophilic, but something about how England was a father figure to america as expressed in the show seems weird to me. Especially the concept of getting screwed by your “son”! Idk if this is just me, but as a rule of thumb if you changed their diapers you shouldn’t sleep with them. Picture source

Next is the historical inaccuracies that USUK fanfiction and fanart is prone to
From America raping England during the revolutionary war, to him jumping at the chance to help England during the first world war. I mean seriously guys? Historically, America was never the center of England’s world, and neither was it the other way around. Though this is prone to happen in all ships, where another nation’s world is dictated by another nation, I find USUK can be the worst about abusing this. The worst of this in my book is a few fics I’ve found that show England rushing to America’s aide during the revolutionary war. Really? 

For the Revolutionary War; America was fricking pissed, and so were his people! I mean, the colonies were angry enough to unite against a common enemy, which in case y’all didn’t know was really difficult. Most Americans, and likely including Alfred, believed in the Boston Massacre without a doubt. Looking at the famous drawing by Paul Revere, its easy to understand just how angry the colonists could be

For the American Civil War; Not only was England still spiteful over the revolution, he also wanted to ensure a weak America. This is just common sense! Wanting to ensure an enemy is weak is page one of the war book, and also the best way for England to ensure his people’s safety. He also never took actual part in the war; probably because the Great British Empire had other things on his mind than his long lost colony? Yeah, probably. 

The US was very hesitant to become involved. As you can see with the cartoon below, it was a messy war! Europe was called a powder keg by the US because of how easy they dissolved into war and became problematic. To the US this was a foreign war, and one they shouldn’t care about. Europe’s problem. As Americans watched their loved ones die, they became spiteful to the whole of Europe in many ways, although the Lusitania does prove there may have been a little something going on between the personifications. From when the Lusitania was sunk, there is now quite a bit of evidence that the explosion from the torpedo was horribly spread by munitions the US was illegally shipping to England source, but still it was the Alimo of WWI as seen in the cartoon above.

Here is actually where I feel USUK is quite possible. Despite how the US drug its feet into becoming involved, Lend Lease with Kennedy’s famous speech about one’s neighbor’s house being on fire, chose sides for the US quite definitely source, but still then, England by far was not the only country helped as seen below. For USUK, despite the grittyness of the war where obviously there was likely no love blooming, there was a lot of US and English joint efforts for the war support. The British even enlisted US movie stars to search for German U2 rockets with the first 3D imaging! That being said, there was no possible way America was with England the whole time of the war. Between the US’ rush to find German Rocket Scientist Werner Von Braun and their plight in the pacific, I sincerely doubt the entire war was fought in France or Africa as some fanficitons would have you believe. 

Next is how most USUK fans treat the Fourth of July celebration.

I have BEEN to the White House’s celebration and fireworks (an example of which is below). I saw Bush in his pink shirt and everything. It is possibly the most american thing to ever american, yet most every fic I’ve seen about the fourth is filled with England crying and america comforting him. England isn’t an overly hormonal teenage girl and america kinda has better things to do like maybe the $675 million dollars to be made on firework sales alone this year? source imo America and England wouldn’t be hung up on this years later, or at least not let it show. They’re both big boys. Also, if you know anything about america politics, you know that Alfred would want to invite a beautiful woman with a nursing degree who is a part time model to any party he went to.

The USA and UK are still very different from each other 
Up until a few years ago, England still had a dedicated board for nobility. His royalty still very much exists, and despite how many young Americans recently have romanticized England’s Royalty, older Americans remember the tragedy that was Princess Dianna and the plight she went through to get her divorce, one of which many Americans sided with her on. Her photo below

Why is america always stereotypicaly dominant and suave? 
The US is very anti homosexuality compared to other nations, and much of this mentality is instilled in the same social group that fills our military. I find it quite hard to believe that the military based personification (based on how hima draws them) of the US would be willing to (in some Doujin and Fanfic cases) bully England into topping him, or at least calmly top without some discussion and communication beforehand. Navy has literally slept with men and told them “no homo” afterwards. There is that much of a bias against homosexuals, and while I’m all for representation I find it strange to just outright ignore the problem. Not only that, but anyone from outside the crazy would of tumblr and fangirls would be very much lost and confused by this. I don’t know about the rest of tumblr, but I try to write to a wider audience. 

Why is England turned into a hormonal preteen girl?
You know, once the UK was cornered by the Germans who had the world’s first rocket aimed right for them. You know what the British did? THEY INVENTED 3D IMAGING AND RADAR TO JUST BARELY NOT DIE! As much as my american heart hates to say it, the British are resourceful and damn near impossible to kill. Despite how they are now basically obsolete in capabilities compared to the other superpowers, the British still turn out technological advancements and pull crazy fucking shit out of their asses. If England himself was pressed against a wall by America, and didn’t want to be there, he would grAB THAT BITCH’S HAND TWIST IT BEHIND HIS BACK AND PIN HIM TO THE FLOOR. Bottoming doesn’t mean the character has to be weak, emotional, and moe. Also, why is he always crying and insecure? I understand you want to be able to relate to the character, but one should be able to put themself in the shoes of an adult man, a warrior, and a political force when writing a hetalia character, and understand that the personality of a teenage girl is not one he would poses, nor one that he cannonly possesses. 

In the end?
Its not so much USUK the concept that makes it my notp, it’s the fans and how they ship it. 


  • Did I get my history wrong? Is there something you want to debate about? Please, reblog this or message me and I’ll be happy to listen and talk!
  • This doens’t encompass ask blogs since there is a vast amount of AUs and different circumstances
  • I’m not telling you to not ship USUK! If you like it them go ahead! I’m just explaining why I don’t like it.
  • APH America is who I was writing about. This doesn’t have to to with Navy, since if I was writing about navy i’d be writing about all the times he has killed England out of spite :p 
Possessive Trait | Oh Sehun

Genre – Fluff

Word Count – 1.2k

Summary – In which you are grouped up with Jongdae and Baekhyun during Chemistry and Sehun can’t help but feel a little neglected *cough* Jealous *cough* when you hang out with the boys 


Originally posted by queenalicerose


As I collected the last few books from my locker, I listened to the familiar sound of my boyfriend’s footsteps softly making their way behind me before I felt his comparatively large hands cover my eyes. Giggling lightly at his little habit of surprising me, even though it was expected as we had the same class at the end of the day. I still thought his gestures were heart warming.

“Guess who” His deep voice playfully sang as he whispered in my ear, causing me to almost burst out in laughter at the thought any other guy daring to touch me like this. I placed my smaller hands on top of his arms as I spoke.

“Hmm… Let’s see, who would have the guts to get this close to me besides my boyfriend” I teased as I pulled his hands away from my eyes, turning in his arms as he circled them around my waist. “Oops never mind it’s just you” I faux sighed causing his eyes to widen at my response, and a small pout taking over his features; almost screaming at me to kiss it away.

“That’s not nice Jagiya, my jealousy isn’t something at should be made fun of ” He shook his head before I quickly pecked his pink lips and pulled away quickly in case of his teenage boy mind taking over. Sehun was never exactly the friendliest person around when it came to other boys interacting with me.It’s not like he had a particular ex of mine that he was being aware of, or that most of the boys in the school were freaks. It was simply because of the fact that he carried a little possessive trait which was sometimes kind of hot, but other times, quite annoying. 

“Come on mister possessive pants, we need to get to the lab and our little moment is going to make us late” I scolded, dragging him to the lab before he could begin to whine about how controlling I was. 

Class soon began and because we entered a bit late, we couldn’t sit in our usual seats, so Sehun had to sit at the far back corner whilst I took a free seat between Baekhyun and Jongdae. Already knowing of the storm about to take place, I asked them slowly to keep their usual jokes and flirting to a minimum. But obviously my warning was useless because who did the pair like annoying more than Sehun? A very jealous Sehun. The class was instructed to start an experiment, so I made my way to the back to grab the equipment as the boys got the instructions. Spotting Sehun at the table, I decided to go talk to him as I could sense him already thinking up ways to murder the boys whilst glaring at them at the front.

“Oppa stop looking at them like that, they’re your friends and they know better not to hit on me” I whispered to him as he gripped the boiling tubes tightly. His only response was to roll his eyes at my reassurance and simply rush to his table. I sighed at his attitude and went back to my table to set up the experiment.

As I poured the mystery liquid into a beaker filled with iron, Baekhyun decided to place his chin on my shoulder as he intently watched my careful actions. My heart began to beat faster, not at the thought of Baekhyun being so close to me, but at the fact that could literally feel Sehun’s glare burning holes in the back of my head.

“Baekhyun what the hell are you doing?” I whispered to him as he moved further up my shoulder with the biggest smirk on his face. I couldn’t exactly move him away because I was in the midst of pouring something potentially toxic, but I did manage to push him back a bit but it only caused him to come closer.

“Y/N ah I can’t see from there!” He whined as I tried to push him away once more

“Why can’t you just stand beside me and look?” I hissed through gritted teeth as Jongdae kept looking over at Sehun and giggled like a school girl every time he spotted him looking.

“Because that special boyfriend of yours will get angry if I stand next to you” He explained with a childlike tone to his voice.

“And you think this is a better option?” I scoffed at his words as I shoved him once more. “Baekhyun I’m telling you to get off of me for your own good. If you don’t move in the next five seconds, I’ll kill you myself before Sehun even gets a chance” I politely warned which caused him to instantly move away, and my eyes instantly travelled to find Sehun’s, not missing the little accomplished smile which took over his face for a mere second or two.

School had finally come to an end and Sehun and I were on our way home. The fact that he hadn’t said a single word since we left school wasn’t at all surprising, but couldn’t help but feel a slight sense of tension between us and I couldn’t stand it. He currently had his arm loosely hung around my shoulders, which was very rare for him because skin ship wasn’t really his thing when he was annoyed. I slowly brought my hand up to intertwine my fingers with his as I looked up at his expressionless face, trying to think of something to say to him.

“Oppa… When are you gonna start talking to me?” I asked dumbly, hoping for some form of reply from him. And all I got was a shrug, but he gave my hand a little squeeze as if to reassure me that he wasn’t annoyed at me. “If you’re not gonna talk to me, I’m just gonna have to walk on my own because I can’t take it. I know you’re not mad at me but st-” I began to rant as I moved his arm away, but his instant reaction was to wrap both arms around my waist and pull me back. 

 "I’m sorry" His voice almost coming out in a chuckle as I continued to struggle in his arms. I huffed at his sudden change, but I soon have into his embrace. 

“Why do you get jealous this easily? Don’t you trust me?” I whispered to him, turning in his arms and linking my hands behind his neck as he tried to avoid my eyes

“I don’t know Y/N… It’s just that I always think… Wouldn’t you rather date someone like Baekhyun who’s so out there and funny? Or someone like Jongdae who-” His rant came to a stop as I leant up and captured his lips into a kiss, more to shut him up than reassure him of the fact that I wouldn’t even think of dating anyone else

“Why are these kinds of things going through your mind Oppa? You know I love you… I’d never leave you for anyone. There’s a reason I’m not with anyone else, I don’t want anyone with the traits you don’t have. I want you Sehun” I finished my little speech with yet another peck to his lips, but this time he kissed me back and held onto me in a way that he never had before. It was as if he was scared of me slipping away from him, but we both knew that was never going to happen…

A/N: I hope the anon who requested liked this, thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you later Loves <3

~Shazz xx


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Not hating, but I am honestly curious why you see potential in rivamika as a ship that would work, because in the anime/manga, most of the time I feel like everything Mikasa does is for Eren (especially in the anime, most of her lines are seriously just some variation of 'Eren'), just as how everything Levi does is for Erwin. And their interactions actually mostly revolve around saving Eren. I can't see them stop thinking of Eren/Erwn long enough to even notice each other tbh.

There’s actually a lot of reasons why, actually. Please note that I’m going to discuss why I think rivamika has potential, but I’m not trying to prove they have any romantic potential because I don’t personally think they do due to the theme and circumstances of the canon story (AUs/UAs are another story). However, there’s quite a lot of evidence that supports the ship. Maybe it won’t be enough to convince you, but it was enough for me and many other rivamika shippers.

Honestly, this fandom (and many others) have paired characters together with much, much less potential so I don’t know why so many people think rivamika doesn’t meet “shipping requirements.” I mean, part of the fun of shipping is being creative and match-making characters you personally think would make a cute couple. Hell, I even ship characters that barely/never interacted before because I think their personalities match up well and I like to imagine the possibilities. This is why I’ll never understand why fans these days have to explain themselves and provide proof, but meh. I got nothing better to do lol. 

I also want to note that I was fascinated by Mikasa and Levi’s relationship/parallels before I started to ship them–that was more of an aftereffect and a way to express my love for them. In other words, I’m capable of being unbiased while discussing their relationship :)

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Seconds Choice: Bellamy Blake imagine

All my life I felt like I wasn’t good enough. I was always the second choice. For everything. It hurt, deep down it really did but I pretended like nothing was going on. 

But now it was my chance to start over. We were sent down to the ground, the nuclear radio active ground to survive. Not to fall in love. I didn’t want to fall in love, but it happened.

I don’t know when or how but it happened. But the series of unfortunate events only got worse when I realized nothing would ever happen. Bellamy Blake, is the leader of our camp, he sleeps with whomever he wants because down here he was like a king. 

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