ship: i already have a prince

  • Galra Soldier: My prince, I'm afraid the asteroids will not allow us to follow the Altean castle.
  • Lotor: I’m sorry, but I do not know much about the asteroids. Can you explain something to me?
  • Galra Soldier: Of course, my prince.
  • Lotor: Do the asteroids command this ship?
  • Galra Soldier: Um, I'm afraid I don't understand.
  • Lotor: You said the asteroids would not allow us to follow. Do the asteroids command this ship?
  • Galra Soldier: No, my prince.
  • Lotor: And if I were to have you thrown out into the cold vacuum of space, would the asteroids think twice about smashing into you?
  • Galra Soldier: ...No, my prince.
  • Lotor: Well, then, maybe you should worry less about the asteroids who’ve already made up their mind about killing you, and worry more about me, who’s still mulling it over.

I already see people making connections between the stranger in the weblum and Lotor however??

I’m struggling to believe they are the same person because of the appearance of the spacecraft. This person, whoever they are, has been stuck inside this weblum for A WHILE judging by the vine-like growths hugging their ship to the creature.

Haggar seemed to call on Lotor like he was?? readily available?? I feel like there would have been talk of a missing prince, you know, EMPEROR ZARKON’S SON, but that’s just my opinion. Maybe it is Lotor and nobody really keeps dibs on him, idk. This is just my reasoning on why I think the Galra in the weblum might be a entirely different character.

I am impressed with the number of sidlink fics that have been written on AO3. While I’m not familiar with how quick shipping happens, with the game being out just a week, this feels like a new record. Feels like it happened even quicker than volink.

Now I really want to get to the Zora already and meet the giant fish prince.

Captain Black (Part 2)

Originally posted by void-astrology


Pairing: Sirius Black x Reader

Word Count: 1k (just a short lil fluff)

Warnings: Pirate stuff ;) aka implied smut

A/n: I probably won’t do a part 3 to this. But don’t despair, this isn’t the end of pirate!Sirius my friends, I’m not done with him yet……

“Whey, up she rises!”

You shook your head with a playful smile, taming your hair as you came up onto the deck of the Grand Canis.

“And what’s this? The captain has surely discovered the most important thing to man.” James, the first mate continued on.

“Respectful subordinates?” Sirius mocked his friend.

“Nay, the breasts of woman!”

A roaring laugh elapsed over the shipmates, who were carrying on with their work, some playing a game of dice.

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more manga/anime recs that I forgot to mention before


  • Love Lab: this series is so. absolutely. funny. It’s about a prestigious all-girls middle school, where the showy main character, Riko, gets roped into helping the student council president, Maki, simulate fake dating scenes. Maki, who gives off a very proper, lady-like vibe, is secretly obsessive, boy-crazy, and WEIRD; meanwhile Riko, who gives off a “cool girl” vibe and likes to boast to keep up that image, is actually incredibly naive. While this series does make fun of a lot of tropes in the yuri genre, it doesn’t mock them either. I’d say it’s actually more genre-savvy than anything else. And mild spoilers, but the ending of the anime culminates in the two main characters confessing feelings for each other after mild jealousy and awkwardness over boys. Whether or not it’s romantic or platonic, their relationship and honest feelings for each other are very genuine and has good development despite being a comedy series up until the ending.
    I’ve never read the manga so I don’t know if it’s as good, but I will say the cartoon animates the skits and gags really well and had me rolling on the floor from laughter.
  • Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun (Eng: Monthly GIrls’ Nozaki-kun): I know this is already really popular, but here’s another amazingly hilarious series. Despite it being a comedy anime, this series might have my favorite straight ships. It’s about a high school girl who falls in love with a handsome but really weird manga artist, learning about his job, and all the odd people who are involved with helping him produce manga. The dynamics between all the characters are so hilarious, and the gags in this are also very relatable to artists. They have a character named Kashima, who’s this thick-headed prince-type girl (potentially non-binary/demigirl?) who doesn’t fall into the shitty typical “I want to be treated as my REAL gender~” trope used in so many anime that invalidates androgynous and gender non-conforming people. Again, there’s a comic too, but I’ve never read it. I hear the anime is a very accurate adaptation though!


  • Paradise Kiss: high fashion and high drama! This is an older series by Ai Yazawa that I’ve always loved, about a girl who gets pulled into the world of fashion modeling and starts a passionate affair with the mysterious designer, George. The main girl, Yukari, is actually my favorite character, as she has some incredible character growth that takes her through inspiration and excitement and also ugly parts of her own personality. The ending is very bittersweet but realistic, and I personally came out of it really enjoying Yukari’s self awareness.
    I really love the relationships Yukari develops with the other female characters too. While yes, there are jealous feelings typical of romance stories, she has a very close and healthy friendship with one of the other main girls. There is a trans girl in this story too, who is wonderful but sadly only gets a chapter (at most) dedicated to her. Warnings for one of the side stories, which has very abusive and manipulative undertones. Even though it has a resolution, it always made me uncomfortable. Some of the issues in this series can be chalked up to being a product of its time, but please tread with caution!
  • Collectors: by Nishi Uko, is about two women in a relationship, but unfortunately have clashing interests. Shinobu, a teacher, is an avid reader with an apartment overflowing with classic and contemporary literature. Takako, a businesswoman, is a stylish fashionista who always has to buy the latest trends. Needless to say, their lifestyles don’t always mix well, and they bicker like an old married couple. The framework of the series is short 4-panel comics with very subtle humor, but despite the bickering, they have a good relationship. I really like this series for the humor, sense of realism in their mundane lives, and also the occasional touching moments between the two of them. There are also a pair of fun side characters that add some good diversity to the humor!
  • I’ll Send Her Home On the Last Train: a collection of short wlw stories by Amagakure Gido. Super cute and a little bittersweet, with very memorable characters. It leads with a two-chapter story that doesn’t chalk up the characters’ romance to “platonic feelings,” they legit have a kiss and confess to each other and just overall have a really cute relationship. There’s another story that is kind of vague, but ends with a general polyamorous vibe that I really loved. This author tends to pack a lot of subtle but layered emotion into her stories, so you might have to read through it multiple times to get everything. but the stories all have a really great feeling around them.
    A lot of these stories revolve around high school girls and their experiences, but the author has done another one-shot yuri story (not found in this collection) called “I’m a Fool” that’s about adults, if that’s more your cup of tea!
  • Clover: another collection of short stories, this time by Otsu Hiyori. This collection revolves around four sisters and their different relationships with other girls. The relationships range from platonic to romantic, one of them even lasting beyond high school and into college/adult life with talks of marriage. In general, Otsu Hiyori’s work has a light and carefree feeling to it, but somehow subdued in delivery. They have a mature air about them despite sometimes the characters being very immature, and always have interesting relationships. Clover is my favorite work from her, but I suggest peeking at her other work too!

Ok this might be far-fetched buT
Lotor was seen in some sort of arena, which makes me think it’s possible he’s met Shiro during his gladiator days

Shiro was known as “champion”

it’s also very likely Lotor’s part Altean just like Haggar. Haggar can teleport & do magic

Couple that with Lotor not being known by all Galra apparently, making him a behind-the-scenes kinda character…

WHAT IF Lotor’s responsible for Shiro’s amnesia? What if he told Shiro to go find Voltron, defeat his father, & then come back to him? & that explains why Shiro’s suspiciously disappeared right after Zarkon’s taken out, leaving Haggar to summon Lotor now

It’s the perfect opportunity for him. Both Zarkon & Voltron’s “head” are out of the picture..

Although I know this would require him to have a lot of faith in Shiro’s abilities, so I don’t suspect this would be his ONLY plan. But a plan that happened to work

Shiro was already on a ship that was on its way to the blue lion on Earth anyway. Ulaz was supposed to have done something to Shiro, but decided to free him instead Hmmm

Shiro’s been places & done stuff we don’t yet know. & definitely left some impression for these things to be said to him:

My brain has ever so graciously decided that I need to make an OC to ship with Prince Sidon because LOOK AT THAT MOTHERFUCKER’S FACE! How dare he look so perfectly handsome. How dare.

Already have some base work for said OC done because clearly I don’t have enough characters already and I OBVIOUSLY have no damn self-control when it comes to making more.

I swear the muses have made me their bitch.

Alright so I made a post a few days ago but now I’ve decided to include a graphic with examples 

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  • Send me a character/actor/actress/ship and the particular flag you want. Example: Diana Prince + Bisexual (it doesn’t have to be their canon sexuality)
  • Check out the LGBT+ icons I’ve already done here
  • Check out the rest of my icons here

EDIT 31.5.17: Commissions are currently closed until September. Thank you so much to all those who helped me fund my trip!

Hello again everyone!! The end of my service is fast approaching and I’ve got plans to travel to the US in the summer to be a counselor in a camp and then stay on a bit to visit all of my internet friends and penpals before returning home. Help me turn my life-long dream into reality and commission me? The more I have saved up, the more friends I can visit and meet for the first time ;v;

Details under the cut :)

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Thorns or Kisses

For @highladyofidris

Based on the prompt: Ok so earlier I saw a head canon that Aedion had a crush on Dorian as a child. And I need some Aedion x Dorian content. I don’t care what it is, but it’s my new fave crack ship. Thanks!

A/N: I know this is considered a crack ship, but I am there with you hun. This was written as an HOF au. It will be continued, as I just need to decide which fork of the road I want to follow ;)

- - - - - - -

Aedion was not sure if he wanted to push the crowned prince into the hedge of rose bushes or to kiss him. He had always felt a pull towards the prince and many nights he fantasized what it would be like, if their childhoods had been different. Before the fall of Terrasen he could have loved Dorian.

The hell with it, he had already lost too much, he deserved a sliver of happiness, even if it was just in this single moment. Just a moment before the prince rejected him and in turn crushing his adolescent fantasy.

He pulled the prince close to him, hovering an inch above his lips. His heart nearly jumped out of his skin when Dorian gently pressed his lips to his own. As if to disprove his earlier thoughts, the kiss was soft and gentle. He let the warmth of the kiss, of Dorian’s body fill his cracking soul. It felt right, right enough that the guilt that should have encased him had no room for purchase.

He wasn’t sure how long they had kissed for and honestly he didn’t care, “I’ve wanted to do that for so long.”

- - - - - - -

Dorian was breathless, “Me too, ever since you smiled at me for eating like a princess.”

He looked up at the General, the wolf. His heart felt like it was going to burst out of his chest. He was lost in the brightest turquoise eyes that were ringed with gold, Ashryver eyes. Aedion’s eyes were solemn at the mention of the memory, a time when he was a prince in a great kingdom, long before he became the whore of another. Aedion’s eyes reminded him of another set, they were just like Celaena’s the night she played the pianoforte. He couldn’t breathe. You will always be my enemy.

In a voice so low that no human ears would be able to overhear, “Aedion you have to go, we have to go.”

“Go where?”

He motioned Aedion to follow him, the general complied and followed him to Celeana’s room. In a voice barely audible, “Meet me here at ten tonight, pack light.”

Maven Calore, the Misunderstood prince


I don’t why everyone is hating on Maven. He is honestly the most three-dimensional I have read about in the series. He’s not like this because he wants to, it’s because he had no choice. He had to torture Mare and do all those things to her because they (the other silvers) will kill him as well, some are already siding with Cal. Yes I do ship him with Mare but I don’t except it to happen. (Mare can be an independent woman if she wants too).

Everyone be hating on Maven for betraying Mare, he had NO CHOICE, and if you don’t understand that then idk anymore. At least pity him. All he wanted (maybe) was a life with Mare. In RQ4 he had to torture Mare (in front of the silvers really) because guess again HE HAD NO CHOICE, he never wanted to do any of that because he loves Mare. I guess Mare is a little (maybe a lot?) because she played his feeling because she was so bitter that he betrayed her. And yes I would be bitter too after what he did, but i would hear him out, everything he did has a reason, justifiable even.

Also remember the epilogue of RQ4? Cal may betray Mare as well but she’ll still live love him, because he’s Cal. The perfect prince, the perfect person and Mare can’t find any flaws with him. But he has flaws, he wants the crown, he chooses the crown instead of Mare, and that my friends is a huge flaw. Maven isn’t the only person with problems you know?

This is longer then i thought it would be, I guess i’m angry everyone is defending Cal and Maven’s just the monster, the shadow of the flame. Hey give him props too. If given the chance Maven would probably shower Mare everything she ever wanted and become the perfect husband (boyfriend), maybe better then Cal even. The more I type, the more i would say red queen is some how like beauty and the beast… Mare=beauty + Maven=Beast. Anyone?

All thought Maven is somehow also reminds me of Draco Malfoy… The boy who had no choice, always be led by his parents. But people still like him. How is Draco justifiable while Maven is not? Also Mare as Hermione? The most unlikely couple…

Welp I should stop, this is getting wayyyyy too long. Hopefully this note of mine helps yo get a better perspective of Maven and that he’s not all bad and not the full on monster you think he is. He’s heart you know, he’s still human.

this is too long….

bye! -lia

Dear Sidon x Link shippers

I’m sure a good portion of you legit ship them together for various reasons

but to the rest of you (you know who you are)

just admit it

Link doesn’t love Sidon

YOU do

*loud whispering* just make an oc or self insert already I promise I won’t make fun of you


The Love Triangle (no one asked for because it confuses people af) 

There are no words to describe how much I’d been looking forward to ITVs Victoria. And even less words to describe how much I loved last Sunday’s episode, when the ‘clockwork prince’ was finally delivered. 

But as thrilled as I was by Albert - because I happen to fall instantly for the morally upright, nerdy, principled, progressively thinking,“stiff and awkward”, porridge-hating, truth telling, dork with cut-glass cheekbones and tousled hair who can’t flirt to save a life but then does something so stupidly romantic that you feel almost embarrassed - I do feel sorry for those people who fell right into the trap set by the writers. 

A rudimentary knowledge of British history should make it clear that there is not much sense in shipping Victoria with anyone else but Albert, but ‘sense’ and ‘ship’ rarely go hand in hand, so any ‘Vicbourne’ shippers who have fallen have just as much right to imagine what is not to be, even if it’s only in fanfic - because I think they’ve been the victims of ‘ship baiting’ of the worst sort. 

See, I can relate, even if I’m an A-class V&A shipper until my dying day. I know what it’s like to see writers do stuff with two characters that would by any other measure amount to a ‘possible’ romance arc, only to have it ridiculed and yourself made to feel as if you were delusional. Go to my old Downton posts and you’ll see a pit of wrath and hellfire about this topic. 

So while I massively enjoyed seeing Albert make more and more of an impression on Victoria and I squealed approvingly at all their moments together, it was almost painful to see what is being served to those who have started to root for Lord M (and please let’s all just be cool about ALL the historical inaccuracies of this FICTIONAL depiction of historical figures, because it is only entertainment and once you start to nitpick, all the fun goes out) who is not supposed to be the romantic hero of this play. 

The funny thing is, if Victoria was not historical but rather original fiction, and none of us would have seen Albert coming and knew that this was the ‘real’ romance of the series — I probably would have jumped on the Vicbourne ship as well after three episodes of making it ALL about Victoria and her Lord M, who acted like jealous Mr. Knightley from Emma in the fourth episode, giving his ‘rival’ young Frank Churchill the evil eye, voicing unflattering things about him and clearly choking on his jealousy in every second close-up shot. 

ITV - I know love triangles sell - but I still believe it is unnecessary to construct them if there is absolutely no foundation and it confuses the heck out of viewers. ‘Crack’ shipping is only safe and fun as long as you never get your hopes up so high that you become convinced that ‘it could happen’ and have that delusion crushed for good. I think this might have happened to some viewers last on Sunday, even though they must have seen it coming. 

Ah well, I guess I just wanted to say that I can understand those who had no choice but to go for the ‘bait’ because the we all know you don’t choose the ship, it chooses you. V&A have already been my favourite while I compared them to M&M on Downton Abbey and having an entire series about them is pretty much the dream. 

Also - I just discovered that moustaches are not that unattractive after all. Who would have known? 

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fluffy thunderiron drabble? I went through the ao3 tag but I keep finding smut and I'm really craving some warm and fluffy stuff for them

Thor belly laughed as he decimated another bottle pyramid without even trying.

The carnies were probably going to find a way to murder Thor if he and Tony stayed at the game booths any longer. Tony was busy scrolling through the first batch of pictures he’d taken on his phone that day and was posting the best ones online for everyone to see, while Thor won every game he tried.

Tony’s favorite photo so far was the one of him sneaking a kiss on Thor’s cheek while Thor ate a hot dog. It was just such a typical moment between them, and it made Tony’s chest feel lighter every time he looked at it.

“Tony, I have won the purple bear for you.” Thor hoisted said bear over the booth and held it up for Tony to see. The bear once set on the ground would come up to Tony’s waist, and was large enough that Tony would need both arms to carry it.

Tony beamed. “Great. Now our Bruce won’t be lonely.” Tony patted the green Gorilla plush Thor had won at the previous booth. His name was Bruce for obvious reasons. “Do we have any large purple friends we can name that big guy after?”

“I know quite a few purple people, but you would be unfamiliar with them.”

Tony hummed in thought. “For now, I’m calling him Henry. We’ll think of a better name later.”

Thor nodded enthusiastically. He scooped up Bruce and bundled him next to Henry. “Now, I believe Clint said I would never win this game of darts you two are always going on about. There must be a booth for it somewhere. Let’s find it.”

Thor leaned down and pecked Tony on the forehead.

Tony snickered. “Are you just trying to win all of the best prizes?”

“But Tony,” Thor mock gasped. “I already have you. Are you not the greatest prize of all?”

Tony playfully swatted Thor’s arm. “Nice try Prince Charming. It’s going to take more than a few compliments to make me swoon.”

“Then I shall continue to praise you and win every prize in your name.”

Tony grinned, enjoying the attention and banter. “You go ahead and do that. I’ll be very impressed if you do.”

Still Star-Crossed Episode 1

I just finished watching ep 1 and I completely confused myself.

1. I mistook the prince and Romeo as the same person somehow. So I shipped the Benvolio guy and Rosaline together. And I thought that would be good because the prince/Romeo already had a love interest.

2. Come to find out now the prince isn’t Romeo (I really don’t know how I mixed it up) and he is single. Now the way he is looking at Rosaline I thought the Benvolio& Rosaline ship would have to be out the window because they hate each other. But I have watched stuff were they start off hating each other.

3. When the prince engaged Rosaline to Benvolio I then thought ok he doesn’t love her so the first ship is back on but then we get this flashback and he did love her.

So if Benvolio comes to love Rosaline he won’t tell her besides he knows she likes the prince.

TLC Crew: Cookie Decorating Headcanons

-Scarlet bakes the cookies

-The first batch is eaten without decorating because they are so good!

-Winter’s cookies look amazing, she gives them the time they need to look good

-Iko decorates her cookies in bold colors and sparkles. She may or may not have accidentally put some non-edible sparkles on a few of them but she just keeps them as long as she can because she can’t actually eat them (that makes her sad but she still likes decorating them)

-Jacin is pretty good at decorating, but his cookies are usually pretty plain and simple (he totally gives one to Winter that has cute little heart all over it just because)

-Wolf’s hands are too big to do details so he just spreads one color on and eats his cookies because they are just sooo good!!!

-Cress isn’t good with the piping bags so hers are kind of off but they are still really cute 

-Kai is decent at it, but he really just does easy designs. I can see him making a personalized one for each of his friends just because

-Cinder tries but she just winds with icing all over her and a pretty sloppy design on the cookie

-Thorne’s cookies aren’t much better than Cinder’s…and he may or may not have flung some icing at her since she was already covered in it which resulted in an all out icing war

-By the end of the night everyone is covered in icing and laughing historically because they have all had vayyy too much sugar

More Christmas headcanons for @lunarchroniclescrazymorgan! These are too much fun! I hope you like them ^^

( @arrogant-prince-varg )

“stupid mother, stupid dress culture, stupid shipping delays,” willow muttered to herself as she headed to her first class, one of her basic ones. at least it would be easy. she wouldn’t have to worry about actually paying attention if she already knew everything.

walking inside, she found herself with a dilemma. she vastly preferred sitting alone, not having to deal with the attitudes of other people ( though really, it was more like other people not having to deal with her ) and being able to concentrate on the lesson at hand. there weren’t any isolated seats left, and so she was forced to choose a spot up the back, next to one person, the closest she could get to being alone.

slamming her stuff on the desk a little too forcefully, she checked her watch. “the professor should be here by now…”

Prince of Stride: INFO

After seeing the fandom react after episode one, it has come to my attention that there are many misunderstandings and false information circulating about Prince of Stride. I feel that a few things need to be cleared up before the fandom proceeds into watching future episodes.

This is going to be a very lengthy post and may contain spoilers so please read at your own risk, but it is filled with tons of information and personal thoughts which I hope will clear up a lot of things about the series.

This post is a massive collaborative project between myself and other otome Tumblr users, so many thanks to @redthreadoflove​ (Ito), @azusakun​ (Hoi), @youkas​ (Jo), @yumedesuka​ (Yume), @kairyn​​ (Kairi) and @katcalaveras​​ (Kat) for their help with this post! I could not have done this without their help and guidance. Ito has also written a very good post about PoS which you can read here. Hoi has played the Prince of Stride game on PS Vita, thus her knowledge about the game has been very valuable in the writing of this post.

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