ship: huckleberry quinn

It’s short and I’m not much of a writer, but I just had this scene playing through my head and I had to write it out. 

The image in the mirror reminded her of what She should have been. She looked respectable, like she could work for a big law firm in the city somewhere. The pearls were probably a bit much, but she had to sell the look. This was what she would have looked like if the explosion had never happened. She would have Jesse to go home to, maybe even some kids by now. Quinn Perkins wouldn’t exist, she would still be Lindsay. She could feel a twinge in her chest at the thought. It wasn’t like her life was all-bad now. She loved being a Gladiator in a suit most days, as long as she didn’t stop to think about what she had lost. There were parts of her life now that she wouldn’t want to live without.
She jumped at the sound of her phone on the counter, picking it up and answering it as fast as she could read his name on the screen. She hated the way her heart still jumped at his name.
“What, Huck”
“Why are you yelling at me? I was just going to ask if you’ve got any new info on Jakes girlfriend.”
“His fiancé. I’m working on it, I’m meeting her in a little bit. I made contact, she thinks I’m some girl she went to school with. I told her I got married last month and could help her with planning.”
He didn’t respond but she knew he probably had that tiny smirk he would get from time to time. Most people didn’t notice it but she always did. She used to live for those moments.
He finally spoke “Do you need anything?”
“No, she’s harmless. I can take care of myself, you know that.”
“Yeah. I know.”
“ I need to go, text me if you get any new information?”
He sighed and then there was a short pause. “Yeah.”
The beep signaling the end of the call came almost simultaneously with his response.

It hadn’t taken her long to figure out what Jake was up to, less than an hour of shmoozing his fiancé and she knew exactly what he was using her for. It took Liv even less time to disappear after being told what was going on. Quinn knew she had done a good job, she didn’t necessarily need the affirmation or thanks. Yet here she was in her office, still dressed like an idiot, drinking and wishing there was someone to vent to. She wanted to be able to tell someone about her day without feeling like they didn’t get it. For a long time that was who Huck was to her. He was her someone to tell, her person to trust. After that all went to hell, it went back and forth between having nobody and having Huck. Eventually she had Charlie. Their relationship had been one of convenience to say the least. He cared for her, she knew that, and she cared for him too. She just didn’t love him. She was just never very good at having no one.

The problem with Charlie was that there was always motive behind his actions. She could never fully trust what he was getting at. He proved that when he tricked her into holding a child hostage. She had thought they were babysitting his friend’s kid. She should have known better. Initially when she found out she had been furious. She had been mortified that he manipulated her into thinking he was actually doing something good. Then she just became indifferent. Eventually Charlie caught on. She was never home, even less than usual. She spent nearly every night at work avoiding him. She finally went home and he was gone. It was probably best anyways.

Quinn jumped at the sound of Huck clearing his throat. He was standing in the doorway of her office with a smirk on his face.

“What Huck.” she could usually guess what caused his amusement, this time she wasn’t really sure what had sparked it.

“What are you wearing?” He wasn’t even trying to hide his laughter anymore.

Quinn looked down at her clothes, at the pearls around her neck. “Shit.” She quickly took the pearl necklace off and stood, removing her blazer and searching for something else to wear. “ I was meeting Jake’s fiancé for drinks.” She finally regained eye contact with the man who was now standing just slightly further into her office, still smirking in her direction. She couldn’t help but return a smile “Shut up, Huck.”

He laughed outwardly this time as he sat on her couch, never taking his eyes from her. “Liv said you figured it out?” She fell into the couch beside him and sighed “Yeah, they’re using her bank accounts to filter money into Edison’s campaign.” Huck didn’t seem surprised but continued to look past her. “You’ve been staying around here a lot later recently.” He did this often, he asked a question he already knew the answer to. “Yeah. I have.” She sighed quietly. “So he’s gone?” He looked directly at her now, carefully and intentionally his gaze softened. “Yeah. But unlike the rest of my exes, I’m pretty sure he’s not dead.” It was her turn now to look past him rather than at him. “Well not all of them. I’m still here.” She chuckled sadly and sipped the bottle she had set in her lap. “Yeah. You’re here.” She offered the bottle to Huck who slowly took it from her grasp and smiled before taking a swig. Maybe Huck was still someone she could tell things to.