ship: he closed his eyes at her touch

The Morning After

As promised.

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‘Sequel’ to DTR- here

The first things Jon heard were her soft breathing, the lap of water against the ship, and the cries of a few lone gulls wheeling overhead. 

Awareness came slowly; it had been so long since he’d woken up naked next to a woman. But more than that, there was a part of him that hated to be roused from sleep just yet. He didn’t want to be reminded of his responsibilities; he only wanted her. 

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He held her close, calloused hands running up the smooth skin of her back. She straddled him, skin to skin, gentle lips to lips. It had been so long since he had experienced this closeness, this softness, that he had almost forgotten what it felt like to yearn for another. He thought he couldn’t. That he wasn’t allowed to. 

They were different– Daenerys and Ygritte. So different, and yet the stubbornness and fire that burned within both women was unnervingly similar. Fierce. Kissed by fire. There was nothing he could do but be drawn in, closer and closer until he melted.

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Two Minutes (part 2)

Sooo - a recent discussion with @panickypaladin brought a level of this to my attention that I never would have thought of and frankly - it’s terrible.  Like, heartbreaking terrible.

So of course I had to swing my story to follow that route.  All the thanks to them for this next part.  And to @theprojectava for the original picture of Ryou that lit the fire under me to write anything at all about this in the first place.

part 1 if you need it


He wasn’t Takashi.

He would never be Takashi.

But if Takashi could pilot anything - Ryou was the one that could build it.

They walked around the ship once it was done, closer to it than Takashi had been up until this point.  Ryou though - Ryou had been living inside its guts for the past year and a half.  He’d never been so proud of himself, of something he’d had a hand in creating and Taka was glowing at him, that warm, deep, water-drowning glow that only Taka could glow.  Ryou felt like a helium balloon, floating along next to his twin, feet barely touching the ground, exhausted from far too many months without enough sleep and almost giddy at the same time.  He watched as Taka lifted his hand, laid just the pads of his fingertips against some of the paneling of the vessel, soft and reverent the way they both touched machines and he watched with satisfaction as his brother then stepped forward, laid his whole hand against that sun warmed ceramic, palm flat, soaking in the heat of the giant structure as if he could soak in its personality and essence, eyes closed, entire body going still.  Ryou felt like a proud father or… or a proud older brother as Taka admired the ship without words.

“What her name?” Taka asked finally, in that voice of his that was half dreaming, half awake excitement and Ryou grinned.  Because of course the ship had an official name - but  - Ryou always named his ships private names he never shared, a secret promise between just the two of them, an intimacy that only Taka was allowed into when he piloted one of them. 

“Little Magpie.”

Taka turned his head with a laugh, edges of his eyes wrinkling, and Ryou grinned back.

“Little Magpie,” his twin repeated softly after a moment, looking back at the ship with love.

The ship that would travel to the edge of the solar system, as far as mankind had ever dared reach and then come safely back home.  A bridge across the distance of space.  And the Shirogane brothers were going to make it there.  Together.

Ryou wasn’t the pilot his brother was.  No one was.  But Ryou had a way with machines that was as close to love as human hands could carve and when the twins had joined the Garrison, Taka’s path had gone up and Ryou’s had gone down.  Down into the depths of tangling wires and piping, down into circuits and motherboards and air tubes and compressors, down into the dark depths of ships where welding was a melody and the groan of plastic and ceramic and steel was a deep whale’s song of harmony or warning.  While Taka had been busy knocking every single flight simulation to ribbons because it couldn’t keep up with him, Ryou had been twisting and adjusting and simply creating things that the Garrison had never dreamed for its ships.  They’d both graduated with highest honors.  The averted Venus disaster they both wore woven into the ribbons on their dress uniform’s chest had been Taka’s impossible piloting to get them in and Ryou’s spit and bubble gum save of the giant gas drilling platform’s orbital decompressor.  And, while Ryou hadn’t been along for the Io Miracle, he’d been the one that had just recently installed the changes to the stabilizers in the ship that Taka had piloted in and saved the plunging research station workers with.  The Garrison, the conglomerates that ran the Garrison, knew when they had not one but two geniuses inhouse and, young or not, still untried in so many ways or not, there was no end to the possibilities they provided for the twins. Takashi Shirogane was a rising star - but he was binary, because Ryou rose just as fast on the opposite horizon.  Ryou even had his own team, the pride of a real, honest to God, own team, that answered to no one but him, that he was entirely responsible for, and more projects to chose from for the whole of them than he could ever hope to complete.  The private sector was hungry for him too but -

but Taka was with the Garrison - and Ryou couldn’t imagine leaving his brother behind and going elsewhere.

He couldn’t imagine creating ships his twin wouldn’t make dance like dragonflies on the surface of a stormy pond like love given physical form.

And now they were going to Kerberos.  Taka - and the ship Ryou had helped build just for him.  Just for this mission.  That he’d poured every advance he could think of, every safety feature, every gift of speed and grace and power and strength he could pour into every inch of it, down to the smallest torque of a bolt.  His team wasn’t the only team that had worked on the ship - but Ryou had gone over ever inch of it until he was satisfied.  The shuttle was his ship and his brother was going to take it into the pages of history. It was the greatest gift he could give his twin.  So far.  He had more plans -  but first, Kerberos.  Taka turned eyes that held stars in them already, on him and his smile said it all.  They were laughing when they hugged, twins about to punch their way right through the impossible into forever.

Five months later, Ryou was in the command center when the feed from Little Magpie went dead. 

The ship he’d sent his only brother into space in. 

The ship he’d built to keep their dreams alive. 

The ship he’d told his brother would never fail him.

The entire mission control crew waited a full forty-eight hours - hoping…

But Little Magpie never spoke again.

(part 3)

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11 "no one will ever believe us"


11. “no one will ever believe us”

There’s a corridor where they go to make out.

After a particularly stressful mission, or a painfully close escape, or a brush with death, they convene in the corridor by unspoken agreement. It’s locked most of the time, and no one else knows where it is. It’s a place for secrets.

Shiro’s waiting for her when she pushes through the door and closes it carefully behind her.

“That was close,” he whispers.

He takes her hand and pulls her towards him. Not roughly but… not gently, either. She understands his urgency all too well.

“I thought that Galra ship had ended you for sure,” she breathes.

His arm snakes around her waist. Her hand brushes the short hair at the nape of his neck, and he touches his forehead to hers.

“I thought that blast had taken you out,” he whispers back. There’s a hitch in his throat that crushes her heart.

She pulls away far enough to look him in the eye.

“I’m here,” she murmurs. “I’m alive. We made it.”

He kisses her, desperate and hungry, and she groans in the back of her throat as she parts her lips and feels his tongue brush hers. It’s the only way either of them can believe they’re still alive. They’re surviving out there, but here - in the corridor - here’s where they’re living.

Shiro bites at her lip, and then without warning he lifts her up and wraps her legs around his waist. Her back hits the wall, and she clings to him like a lifeline. His lips move down her neck like a line of fire, and she’s living, at last…

She flings an arm out to steady herself, and hears a crash.

Shiro stops. He looks at her.

“What was that?” he asks. His voice is thick and heavy, and it sends a tingle down her spine.

They both look to where her hand has crashed into a lamp and knocked it off the wall.

“Sometimes I forget how strong I am,” she whispers, and giggles.

Shiro laughs too, and nuzzles into her neck.

“Blame it on Coran?” he murmurs, his lips brushing her skin.

“No one will ever believe us,” she whispers. Not that she cares.

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With the Comma After ‘Dearest’


Five times Jyn and Cassian have to use technology to communicate and one time they don’t.

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Thank you thank you to the amazing @rxbxlcaptain for being the best beta ever.  Love you!!



The transmission signal is received at exactly 0900.  Of course he’s on time.  Jyn doubts the end of the galaxy would stop Cassian Andor from reporting in on time.  One of the droid opens the link and Cassian’s voice is projected through the War Room.

“Captain Cassian Andor, reporting.  Line secure.”

Jyn tries to ignore the way the tightness in her chest releases just a bit when she hears Cassian’s voice.

“Acknowledged,” General Draven answers.  “How goes it, Captain?”

Cassian has been gone three weeks, under cover with Kay in an Imperial mining facility on Kellux.  Communication has been spotty at best, but a report had been scheduled when Jyn returned from her latest mission.  They needed to talk.

“Well, sir.  My cover is secure and I believe the intel will prove valuable.”

Again Jyn does her best to ignore her relief.  

Draven’s eyes slid to Jyn.  “Sergeant Erso has just returned from her mission to Nal Hutta.  She has a report we’d like you to hear.”

There was quiet for a moment, then Cassian’s voice returned.  Jyn reminded herself that she was imagining the slight change in his voice.  Cassian’s voice wouldn’t change for her.  Besides, after the fight they’d had before she left, she doubted he wanted to talk much to her, anyway.

“Sergeant Erso?”

He hadn’t wanted her to go on the mission.  After the relocation to Hoth he had been watching her, as if waiting for something.  It wasn’t until Jyn volunteered for her first solo assignment that she found out why.

“This is an important mission, one that needs to be completed,” he had yelled at her in the middle of one of the newly constructed Eco Base corridors after she had chased him out of the War Room demanding to know why he had argued against her.  The soldiers passing hardly looked up.  They were probably so used to Solo and the Princess screaming at each other in the hallways that it didn’t faze them anymore.  “Mothma promised you your freedom, so if you’re going to leave just go, don’t pretend like you’re taking a mission just to escape.  I know you’re going to leave.  But don’t kirff over the Rebellion while you’re doing it.”

All Jyn could do was stare in shock at Cassian’s retreating back.  She hadn’t seen him since.

“You’ve completed your mission, then?”  

Jyn straightens her back, even though Cassian can’t see her.  “Yes, Captain.  While on Nal Hutta I learned that the Empire is sending an Imperial convoy to inspect the progress on Kellux.  I don’t know who will be on it, but it will be some important brass.  And possibly someone who knows of you as Willix.”

“Understood.”  Cassian’s voice is hard, determined.  Jyn realizes suddenly that she hates not being able to see him.  She can read him so much better when she can see his eyes.  “General Draven, what are my orders, sir?”

“We’re going to have to pull you, Captain.  The intel isn’t worth the loss of an alias.”

As Cassian and Draven discuss his imminent return to base Jyn closes her eyes.  Cassian was coming home.  They had parted on bad terms and Jyn doesn’t know how things will be when he gets back - and of course he’ll bring that infernal droid back with him - but Jyn can’t help the breath that escapes her.  He is coming back alive, and sooner than she had thought.  She wishes that thought didn’t make her quite as happy as it does.

“Sergeant Erso’s mission was a success?” Cassian asks, and Draven glances at her.  

“Yes.  The intel is good.”

“Good,” Cassian’s voice seems oddly strained and Jyn wonders for a moment what he is getting at.

“And there were no,” he pauses for half a second, as if trying to find the right word, “complications?”

The tiniest smile touches Jyn’s lips.  At one point, not so long ago, she would have believed Cassian was asking if she had betrayed them.  But even without seeing his eyes she can hear the concern he is trying so hard to hide.  

“It went off without a hitch,” she tells him, hoping her smile doesn’t color her voice too much.  “Hopefully my next assignment will be a bit more fun.”

She can see the way Draven’s lips purse but she doesn’t particularly care.  Cassian’s voice is notably less strained when he signs off and she has the feeling that when he gets back in a few days they will be alright after all.  She buries the voice deep inside her that wishes they could be something more than alright.           

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Rowan has a nightmare!

Rowan hummed with utter happiness.  The grass beneath him was soft, the sun above him was warm, and Lyria’s form, curled into his side, was like a balm to his soul.  Carding his fingers through her white blonde hair, Rowan pressed a soft kiss to the crown of her head.  She sighed, her warm breath caressing the skin of his neck.  A shiver of pleasure ran down his spine at the feeling.  Brushing her thumb against the thin cotton shirt stretched against Rowan’s chest, Lyria sat up so she could lean over Rowan.  

Rowan smiled up at her, wishing he could freeze time and keep them in this moment, just the way they were, forever.  He’’d give up anything to keep staring into her bright, light green eyes.  “I love you, Rowan,” she pressed her palm to his cheek before leaning down to kiss him.  Knowing Lyria’s nature–soft, shy–Rowan knew she meant for the kiss to be brief and chaste.  That was not his nature, though, so when she began to pull away, Rowan reached up and tangled his fingers into her long, wavy hair at the base of her neck and pulled her down for a proper kiss. Lyria didn’t hesitate to open her mouth to him, immediately submitting to his dominance.  Rowan groaned into her mouth, his hand twitching with the desire to pull on her hair.  Lyria didn’t like such roughness, though, and so he held himself back.  Something wet dropped onto his cheek, distracting Rowan enough to make him pull back.

You didn’t save me, Rowan.”  Lyria whispered, her eyes sad and full of tears.  Blood ran from her nose and ears in streams, flooding down onto Rowan’s face and down her chin and neck.  Rowan was frozen.  He couldn’t move.  He could only watch as more and more blood poured out of her.  “And you can’t save her.

Who?”  He rasped, barely able to form the word.  His brows furrowed.  He didn’t care about anyone else.  Just Lyria.  Only Lyria.  Lyria, his beautiful, kind mate, who he couldn’t help.  Couldn’t save.  He felt helpless and small, like a new born babe.  He couldn’t move, and he couldn’t look away.  But then Lyria began to change.  Her white blonde hair turned golden.  Her green eyes turned blue.  Scars appeared all over her skin, which began to tan and darken before his eyes.  Before he knew it, he was no longer looking at Lyria, he was looking at–

Aelin,” he whimpered, his heart constricted and his chest feeling as if it was caving in on himself.  He needed to move.  He needed to help her.  The blood hadn’t stopped.  It kept pouring from her nose and ears, and soon began to drip from her eyes, mixing in with her tears.  This couldn’t be happening, Rowan thought, not now.  Not after he’d just found her.  His mate, his life, his everything.  His hands shook with his effort to move them.  He needed to touch her, protect her, save her!  Then her scars opened and they, too, began to bleed.

You can’t save me, Rowan,” she told him.  Her eyes, those brilliant blue eyes surrounded by a ringlet of gold, darkened and dimmed as her life began to fade.  She coughed, blood spurted out from her mouth and sprayed his face, but he didn’t even blink.  He breaths were choppy, short.  She couldn’t breath.  Looking up at him through her eyelids, Aelin tried to raise a hand and touch his face.  Rowan felt just the barest hint of her touch on his cheek before her hand fell away, her body too weak to support the movement.  

You can’t save me,” she said again.  She wheezed in one last breath before closing her eyes.  Tension seeped out of her body and she began to fall backwards, away from Rowan.  

No, Rowan thought, no no no no no–

“Aelin!”  Rowan shouted himself awake, bolting upright in his bed aboard the ship.  His green eyes glinted in the darkness as he looked around his cabin for the mate that was no longer by his side.  A cold sweat covered his body, and his muscles spasmed with aftershocks of his nightmare.  Memories flooded his mind.  Maeve kidnapping Aelin.  Meave disappearing with her aboard a ship.  Aelin sacrificing herself for the people she loved.  Realizing Aelin was his mate.  

Rowan growled, deep and low, not caring who he woke up.  He barred his fangs and tore apart anything and everything he could get his hands on in his rage.  Feathers covered the room from torn pillows.  Shards of wood were scattered across the floor.  The ship rocked sharply from side to side as his winds ravaged the skies outside.  Only when there was nothing left to destroy did rest.  His body suddenly gave out on him and he sat in the middle of his room, amidst his carnage.  He wished there was a village nearby he could destroy.  He wished Maeve were here so he could rip out her throat.  After several shaky breathes, however, he scolded himself.  Wishing wouldn’t help him–wouldn’t help Aelin.  He needed to keep his wits about him.  He needed to keep his sanity in tact.  So he repeated the only words of comfort he still had in his head over and over again.  The same words he’d repeated in his mind, like a mantra, ever since arriving on the beach that fateful day to find his wife gone.

He was Rowan Whitethorn Galathynius.

And he would get Aelin back.              


As requested by @soiaf17! Super short, but fluffy.

The ship docked in White Harbor, sliding into its moorings with barely a bump. Immediately a few of the crew members scrambled out to secure it to the dock, but Jon stayed belowdecks, waiting impatiently for Dany to pull on another layer of furs. 

“This is ridiculous,” she muttered. “I’ve already seen snow before.”

“Yes, but that was in a life or death situation. It’s not always as bad as all that. In fact, sometimes it can be very beautiful.”


He rolled his eyes. “Come on. We can debate the particulars later.” 

She grinned, securing the cloak with a direwolf pin. He could barely see her white dress under all of her furs, looking like she was wreathed in ice. Bride of Fire, Queen of Ice. “All right. Show me the snow.” 

“Close your eyes.”

She raised an eyebrow. “And how do I know I won’t walk into a bulkhead or fall off the ship?”

He slipped his hand into hers, getting the same shock of feeling he always got whenever he touched her-even though he wasn’t exactly new to it. “Do you trust me?”

She didn’t answer, but she closed her eyes.

He let her up the stairs carefully, gently-and they both braced themselves when he got the door to the upper decks opened and a wave of cold air hit them. He supposed he should have been used to it by now-after all, he’d only spent a couple of months in the south-but it still chilled him to the bone and he could feel his teeth chatter. “Almost there.” 

He maneuvered her into position and finally said “We’re here.” 

She blinked her eyes open, looking confused for a moment-and then squinted against the harsh light off the snow. White Harbor was covered in it; the buildings were bent double under the weight of it, drowning out the soft light coming out from the windows of pubs, inns, and closed shops. The streets were deserted and the open fields stretched out for miles into the distance, blanketed in snow. It looked almost quaint, like something out of a painting, and he heard her breath catch in amazement. “It’s…beautiful.”

“That it is. Beautiful but lethal.” Like you.

It had begun to snow again, a light dusting falling down from the sky to tangle in her light hair and land light as air on her eyelashes. It made her entire form sparkle as they stood there, blinking in the dim light. Beautiful but deadly, until the spring comes. 

He shook himself out of it. If they weren’t careful, spring would never come. “Come on. I’ve secured us rooms.”


He rolled his eyes. “A room.”

“Lovely.” He took her hand and together they walked down the gangplank, while the snow fell softly around them. 

It feels so nice to be able to write fluff again after all of this angst I’ve been writing recently. I love angst as much as the next person, but it wears a bit after a while. I just have like 19 more prompts and then I’ll be caught up! (see this is why my parents think I haven’t done anything all summer…) 

Send me prompts, send me headcanons, send me asks-anything to feed my trash obsession! 

Prompt Request on Ao3: “So I have this sensual (not sexual) scene in my head and it’s yet to be written.Cassian bathing Jyn. Like maybe she has a close call or was assaulted, something through her off guard and she’s shaken. Cassian tasks her and bathes her. Washing her hair, her skin, whispering sweet nothings in her ear. No sex, just tenderness.”

prompt by summersrage

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Everyone consider this my aftercare to you all from that last chapter of Burn

Cassian was informed of the incident before she landed. Even Draven approved the request to delay her mission debrief until morning, her teammates offering to cover what they knew until she could fill in the gaps.

He was waiting to be there before her feet touched the ground. He caught her in his arms so they wouldn’t have to.

“Welcome home,” he said, arms tight around her.

There was still blood smeared all over her face.

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Bloody Pirate! {Robbie Kay/ Peter Pan Imagine}

Originally posted by taminawang

Peter/ Robbie AU Imagine 

Author: Joi A. Wade

Requested: Yes, 14 with Peter please? I love your writing💕 �, Can I please have 14 with Robbie Kay if you’re still doing them. �

Warning: Swearing, a little bit of ooc(out of character) Robbie 

NOTE: Okay, so his name is Robbie:P Again:P Might make a series, if you guys would like:) 


My eyes opened wide at the word, my blood running cold. In my cabin, I was sleeping peacefully, waiting for our voyage to be over by morning, but apparently now that wasn’t the case. Sitting up quickly, I reached to my left, and grabbed my sword, jumping out of the bed to see what we were up against. 

As secretly as I could, I opened one of the doors to my room, seeing that the fight had already broke out between my father’s men and the outcasts of the sea. 

“Find the captain! The bastard is ours, men!” I couldn’t really see faces thanks to the darkness, but the voice was gruff enough to alarm me that these guys meant business. 

I needed to find my father, he wasn’t exactly in fighting shape for his age, thanks to his sudden illness. This is what the voyage was for anyway, to help find medicine for his critical illness. And of course he couldn’t leave me behind, I was all he had…after my mother died, I was all he had left in that lonely and dull kingdom. I was surely not about to let those filthy pirates take him away from me. 

With God as my witness, I ran as fast as my legs could take me down the wooden hall and down the stairs to my father’s room, dodging the brawls that surrounded me, trying not to be seen by anybody. Thank goodness for my height compared to these men. Suddenly, I felt my gown get caught by something, keeping me from moving forward. Turning my head slightly to see what the problem was, I was met face to face with a young boy. His green eyes reflected from the moonlight that shined down upon us, his long, dirty and matted hair hidden underneath a pirate’s hat, his small frame giving off his young age. He looked no younger than 15, with his baby-like face and pout of a lower lip.

“Don’t scream,” He held up his free hand, his eyes widen in alarm. “I-I’m not…going to hurt you, I promise. Just don’t scream.” I held my breath, but nod my head, showing him that I understand. He takes his sword out of the hem of my gown, slowly putting it on the ground. “Okay. I put my weapon down…now put yours down.”

“No,” I shake my head, holding it up a little higher. “I need to save my father,” I slowly started to back up, not daring to take my eyes off him, in case he were to make a move. 

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” He spoke softly, taking a step closer, his eyes darting to the side for a split second, but I paid no mind to it. “J-Just drop you’re sword, and come with me, love.” 

“You must be straight bonkers if you think I am going anywhere with you!” Every word I spoke I took a few steps back. But, what I didn’t count on was the solid surface that my back came in contact with. With the look on the boy’s face, this was a person he knew. 

“Don’t hurt her, Pintel,” He pleaded, the boy reaching down to pick his sword back up. The said person darkly chuckles behind me, his ranched breath swirling into the air, practically making my eyes water and my nose burn. 

“Oi, I’m not gonna hurt the wee pup,” I felt him touch the back of my head, roughly petting it, while his other held a dagger close to my throat. “I just want her…to drop that sword and uh…come with me onto the ship. I know that the boys aboard would looove to have her as a prize.” I whimpered as I felt the dagger’s tip graze my neck. 

“No!” The boy exclaimed, stopping the man from moving the knife any further into my throat. “I-I’ll take her to the ship, y-you stay and fight.” 

“Now wait a minute, Cabin boy-”

“Her men will notice you right away and surely kill you on the spot. T-They won’t notice me. Plus, I saw her first! That makes her mine!” He rushed over to me, grabbing me by my arm, and harshly yanking me in his direction. “You know the rules.” 

With a drunken huff, he shoved passed the both of us, not before snatching my sword out of my hand, and shoving a finger into the boy’s chest. “Make sure you tie the bitch up, and bring her to the ship.”

After that, he left to join the rest of his men to probably continue fighting. I felt the boy’s hand grip my wrist tightly, lowering himself to my ear. “I’m not going to hurt you. Remember that, yeah?” I slowly nod, my heart palpitating out of my chest. “Good. My name is Robbie, if that makes you more comfortable that you know my name. What’s yours?” 

“Y-Y/n…” I whimpered. “Please let me go…I just want to help my father, he’s sick. H-He can’t fight alone…” 

“O-Of course, I-I just need to-”

“Oi! Cabin boy, we’re leaving. Apparently, the dear ship’s captain isn’t upon this pile of-…” The man who descended down the stairs swirled his arms around as he spoke, stopping abruptly once he saw us. “Well, hello. Who might this be?”

The man held a very lanky figure, dreadlocks accompanied with few accessories and a captain’s hat, similar to Robbie’s. His goatee braided, his face tanned from many years in the sun. Of course I knew who this man was, I would be a fool not to know the number one outcast of the seven seas. “Jack Sparrow…” I whispered in awe.

Originally posted by riddleharry

“Captain. Captain Jack Sparrow, if you please. And who might you be, love?” 

 “This is the captain’s daughter, sir,” Robbie spoke before I could, his voice changed from slightly timid to confident and firm. “I captured her, and was given orders to take her to the ship.” 

“What?! Captured?” I looked up at him in shock, “You said you were going to let me go help my father-”

“Eh! Uh, slight problem with that plan of action, love. Your ‘father’ isn’t upon this vessel anymore, sorry to say.”

“W-what do you mean?” 

“Gone. Vanished. No where to be found. But! We have you, so it is not a total loss. We can use you as bait my dear uh…what is your name?” Before I could answer, the sound of cannons could be heard from above. “Op, well, no time to get familiar,” he looked to his left and his right until he found what he was looking for. Reaching down, he tossed some rope towards Robbie, him catching it with ease. “Tie her up, time to go, we seem to have struck some unneeded behavior.” He trudged his way back up the stairs, leaving us alone again.

“We need to leave, and I need you to cooperate, please,” He started to wrap the rope around my wrist, but I wasn’t going down without a fight.

“N-No, get your hands off me! You lied to me, you were going to let me go!” I struggled, but his grip tightened, making me wince a little in pain. 

“I can’t leave you on this ship, now can I? It’s being under attack, shot at by cannons, and the captain is nowhere to be found! Do you really want to stay?” He explained, struggling to keep me still while he continued to tie my hands up. 

“I’d rather sink on this bloody ship, than go anywhere with a lying pirate-OOH!” I exclaimed, as Robbie hoisted me up and threw me over his shoulder, making his way up the stairs in a hurry. Gosh, for boy his size you would think this kind of gesture would be almost impossible. 

I kicked and screamed with all my might, hoping that someone would come to help me, but they were flushed out by the violent sounds of the blasting cannons, followed by the angry shouts of men. I felt a harsh tap on my bum, making me squeak out in surprise, blush rushing up my neck and into my cheeks.

“How dare you-?!” 

“I’m sorry, but I’m desperate for you to shut up, please!” He responded, his voice cracked slightly at his own boldness. I suddenly felt him start to let me down, but before I could even think about running away, another man gripped onto me tightly. Confusion crossed my mind, but was soon replaced with utter terror as he picked me up and basically THREW me from one ship to the next. My screams echoed through the thick sea air, alarming some of the men on my father’s ship; I was caught by one of the pirates, and was gagged as soon as possible, to silence me. 

“They have the princess! Stop them!” One of them cried, but as the last two pirates, including Robbie, jumped onto the ship…the final cannonball on the pirate’s side was fired. Destroying it, and every being on board, leaving nothing but a floating hell-fire. 

My eyes bulged out of my head, my screams of despair being hushed by the gag in my mouth, as I watched the crew my father and myself grew up with…burn. 

The cheers of the pirates filled the air, as hardy yells and clapping and whistles were passed around, gruff laughter floating like a melody in my head. The pit of my stomach felt empty, but I felt as if I needed to throw up. 

“Well! I think that it is safe to say that the mission wasn’t at all what we had planned for in the end,” Jack spoke out to all the men, them grunting in response. “But, at least we have uhrr….seriously what is your name, love?” He pointed at me, his eyes widening slightly as he saw the tears cascading down my face. “Oh…” Taking a look back at the sinking inferno, then back at me, he bit his finger in realization. “Ohhh..”

“What she crying for?” A member asks, reaching over to touch my face, but I was pulled away by none other than Robbie himself. 

“Do not touch her!” He barked, “She is mine and mine only to touch!” 

This seemed to surprise the lot of them, even myself. He gripped my tied up wrists, looking up at Jack. “W-what shall I do with her, sir?”

Jack shrugs, “Like you said, lad, she is yours and yours only. But, do remember that we need her alive for this voyage. Alive and happy, so I suggest giving her a room. Some privacy, I don’t know. Something nice and…’pretty’. Make the young one feel welcome, right lads?!” He shouts, getting a chorus of whoops and hollers. 

With a short nod, Robbie pushes me a little to get me to walk, making sure to keep a firm hand on my forearm. He leads me towards some steps, looking back for a moment, before pushing me a little harder to make me go faster. 

Once we were at the bottom, he made short greetings to those who swabbed below, directing me way in the far back, to a wooden door. Robbie opened the door, and quickly shut it behind him, pushing a few barrels in front of it to assure us privacy. He walked over to me, going behind me to untie the rope. 

Once freed, I ripped the gag off my mouth, throwing the cloth at him as hard as I could. “You monster! You animal! Damn you the depths!” I cried, as I hit on his chest, his arms, anything I could hit before he blocked my blows. After a few more hits, he grabbed my wrists, holding me as still as he could get me. 

“Shh, Y/n shh…I’m so sorry, okay, I’m sorry,” He hushed, pulling me into his chest, stroking my hair. Far too exhausted to fight anymore, I let him hold me, letting all my frustration pool out of my eyes. 

“Why did you do this to me…those men were my family, how could you…?” I choked out. 

 “I didn’t know they were going to do that-”

“You’ve a split tongue!” I pushed him away from me, huffing and puffing due to my aggressive cry. 

“Honest, I had no clue! Even if I did know, I’d have no say in to stop it! I’m just the cabin boy, and at least I saved you.” He tries reasoning, but I have no will to trust him. 

Seeing the look of hatred upon my face, he gulped loudly, his eyes darting from the floor to me. The puppy look he held slowly started to melt my walls. Someone so young as him couldn’t have a face like his, and hold a good lie. He looked too sweet, too innocent. I couldn’t shake the feeling of trusting him. 

I saw him take a few steps closer to me, cautious in case I snapped at him again. “I promise you this, love…I will get you back to your father, as safely as I can. I do not wish to harm you, you can trust me. I’m not like them.”

“And how should I know that? For all I know you could be EXACTLY like one of them.”

“I kept them from touching you didn’t I? For as long as you’re here, I will protect you, Y/n. You have my word.” He held his hand to his heart, his eyes never faltering from mine. I stare a him for another moment, seeing that he could be trusted. For now. He was the only one to show kindness after all. 

With a heavy sigh, I nod. “Fine. You have my trust. Don’t make me regret it.”

“I-I won’t! I swear.” He smiles brightly, making the corner of my mouth lift up just a tad. 

It was silent between us for another moment or two, as he shifted on his feet, staring back down at the ground. His eyes darted back at me a couple of times, blush forming on his cheeks as a small mischievous grin played on his rosy lips.

“So…wanna make out?” 

“Okay, leave.” I pointed to the door, slightly glaring at him. With a soft chuckle, he made his way to the door again, pushing the barrels out the way. Looking back at me, he held the same look.

“Are you sure?”

“Out!” I stomped my foot, watching him retreat behind the door, closing it behind him. 

With a slight shake of my head and a tired sigh, I sit down upon a mass of covers and sheets they probably called a bed. Looking back at the door, I quickly went over, pushing the barrels back into place, for my own security. After that was finished, I could have sworn I heard a faint ‘Dammit,’ come from behind the door. Scoffing, I shake my head once again.

“Bloody pirate.”

The Price 3/?

Summary: As Killian settles into the Swan’s castle, he finds no comfort in it’s extravagance, and yearns for more creature comforts. The Swan provides Killian with a few unwanted revelations.

tagging @kmomof4 @the-captains-ayebrows and also @jadeddiva and @artielu even though they didn’t ask because I super enjoy it when they scream at me and also I haven’t watched the episode but from what I understand about the last five minutes, I’m guessing all y’all need something to yell about.

Chapter List: One/Two

Chapter Three

Killian has never had a room for himself. In the cottage near the edge of the forest, there’d been no separate spaces, only a cot by the window where he’d curled up to sleep, and on Silver’s ship he’d closed his eyes and rested to the sounds of a few dozen snoring men, often in the same cot as Liam - even aboard The Jewel he’d refused to let the men think there was any sort of favoritism being played (First Mate status notwithstanding) and he’d kept to the berth there, as well.

The room he finds himself in is sprawling, extravagant, and so large he’s quite certain the Jewel would fit right inside of it.

It’s far too much space.

The door he’d closed behind him is sturdy and thick, with a heavy bolt to bar it shut, and a key besides to lock it up. It’s a small comfort to him, when he’s seen the Swan materialize out of nothing - surely there’s no lock that could keep her out, should she feel the need to be anywhere she pleases - and yet, it feels a bit like a promise. Of some small bit of privacy, at least, or an attempt to set boundaries.

Perhaps it was a peace offering, though Killian couldn’t imagine many of the other Chosen had felt as he did in this moment.

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When word of the second Death Star reaches the Alliance, Jyn has a somewhat violent reaction and Cassian does what he can to bring her back from her anger.

When Jyn was stirred from her sleep by the sound of her door opening, she reached for the vibroknife beneath her pillow. It wasn’t until she sat up and oriented herself that she recognize figure shrouded in darkness.

“Sorry,” Cassian said softly, regret in his voice.

Jyn thought that it was because he tried to be quiet and not wake her until he crossed the room to her and sat down. He’d been on a mission for eight days, deep cover on an Imperial-occupied planet. She reached for him without hesitation, stroking his cheek and tangling her fingers in his hair.

“I’m a light sleeper,” she told him, as if he didn’t know.

Cassian simply nodded, glancing away from her. She recognize the look on his face. He looked tired, and not just physically. Like it was emotionally taxing not to tell her whatever was on his mind.

“What is it?” Jyn asked, dread settling in her chest.

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Are you going to leave a path to trace

What’s that? Is it me  writing for yet another fandom? Why yes it is!  This is my first attempt at Six of Crows fic, particularly Kaz/Inej fic.  You should know that I have decided to completely ignore certain Unfortunate Events that occurred in Crooked Kingdom. Because I can.

Song title from Obilvion by Bastille, because Bastille has so many Kaz/Inej  songs.

They go their separate ways. Nina and Matthias leave for Ravka. Before long, Jesper and Wylan follow, seeking another Fabrikator.  By then, Inej had already been gone for months, tales of her achievements already finding their way back to Ketterdam; some of them  borne  by Slavers who are marked by the Sea Wraith, and Kaz  remembers their faces.  Their names marked down, in case is Wraith ever needs the  information.

              Because Kaz, of course, stays in the Barrel.

              He is the Bastard of the Barrel, the leader of the Crows, the Dregs.  He is the nightmare that lives under the bed of the Merchant children.

              He is completely and utterly alone.

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Wonder Woman Movie - Bruce's Ending

NOTE: SPOILER ALERT! This is my personal fanfic of how I would have liked Wonder Woman’s movie to have ended, from the POV of Bruce. If you have not seen the movie, do NOT read!

I repeat: this fanfic will SPOIL Wonder Woman’s ending! He have been warned!


Thank you for bringing him back to me.

The notification for Diana’s email surprised him, mostly because he did not expect her to answer. Being a boss meant delegating and receiving confirmation, but wanting Wonder Woman to be his partner was something that required a bond much sturdier than an employee and a CEO. The briefcase he had delivered to her carried within it something extremely sensitive - the pivotal piece of evidence that revealed her mystery to him, ultimately binding their fates together - and had he been on the receiving end of something so…personal, Bruce would have thought to express gratitude but most likely would have avoided doing so.

And yet, Diana continued to surprise him as she replied with the telling line of, ’Thank you for bringing him back to me’.

He knew to whom she was referring. Being the infamous detective that he was, he had scrounged up all he could about his most powerful (hopeful) ally. There was no record of her necessarily, but he could easily learn about the men in the photo who stood beside her in Belgium, 1918.



The Chief.

And Steve Trevor.

Only one of the men who stood next to a century-younger Amazon had become untraceable after the events in Germany, which led Bruce to believe that he must have been a spy for the British or American forces at the time. Sure, none of the other men led reputable lives afterward, but there were hints of their activity up until their dying days.

Steve Trevor must be the one he ‘brought back’ to Diana.

Sitting at his desk in his lofty office in Gotham, Bruce leaned back in his chair as he pondered just how telling her email had been. In the few moments he had encountered the Amazonian, she had been clever, cool and courageous. She had felt fiery despite being so evidently detached from him as a means to protect herself.

But now, she wrote him a single line that felt as though he had shipped Diana her own heart and personally delivered it in a company van with the hopes of caring for it gently.

The Seven-Year War was when she had first touched down upon ‘Man’s World’, as she had eluded to him back in Smallville. Bruce rubbed a hand over his face as he tried to force his eyes closed and imagined what that must have been like for her. Regardless of any training, that era of disaster was quite possibly the worst time for her to join modern civilization.

Was she once optimistic and ignorantly brave?

Did she too bite off more than she could handle?

Were the horrors of her time in Belgium traumatizing enough to make her wish to return to her previous life?

He couldn’t imagine her smiling too often in Belgium at that time, but it was still mind-boggling to think that she must have been a completely different person back then.

With the men in the picture.

With Steve Trevor.

He highly doubted that the spy had ever thought of Diana as a 'babe in the woods’, as he himself had foolishly done so.

Taking to his keyboard, Bruce typed a short, straightforward reply to the solid yet heartfelt email she had sent him. His strokes on the keys were heavier than necessary as he bluntly asked, 'Have you given anymore thought about us bringing them together?’

It might have seemed cruel to play off of her words, but it made sense: he returned something precious to her, and together, they had the power to band a group of (potential) heroes with the very same intent of preserving peace and protecting the world.

He didn’t want to think of any of them as soldiers, and so he wouldn’t. They’d need to think of a name for themselves though, if they were going to offset a military-esqe perception… Maybe they’d be a Task Force of heroes? A militia? A league–

His computer dinged and Bruce’s imagination was halted. He was much too focused reading and rereading Diana’s hasty answer:

You’ll need to first bring yourself here. You know where to find me.

It was a start. The instant appreciation of her swiftness in accepting the task at hand was enough to make the corner of his lips rise ever so slightly. He could fly out to Paris in less than an hour and finally put his plans into motion.

It seemed he owed Steve Trevor a debt of gratitude for motivating the Amazon to join his cause, and, he assumed, so would the world.

With the push of a button, he endured the obnoxious ring of his office phone two times before a grumpy old voice replied, “Yes?”

“I’m flying out to Paris tonight, just thought you’d like to know.” Unintentionally, he sounded sarcastic by the end.

“Oh, of course,” huffed his butler on the other side of the line, “abandon me and the amount of work required to fix your car in order to carry on with your playboy facade.”

Eager to prove Alfred wrong whenever he got the chance, Bruce childishly bit back, “I am going to meet with my new business partner. Don’t wait up.”

“I never do.” And then the line clicked, indicating the end of the call.

Now, Bruce was shamelessly smirking. Perhaps it was due to his saucy butler behaving just as petulant as he, or perhaps he was egged on by the possibilities ahead of him when Diana agreed to work by his side - no matter the reason, he felt rather bold as he sent a few words in a final email before heading out.

Yes, by the water.

That was a clue as to who he intended to hunt down first, the eagerness urging Bruce to race out the door of Wayne Enterprises and onto a Wayne Aviation private jet. The sooner he arrived, the sooner they could begin preparing for their own battle.


((The ending was the only thing that felt undeveloped to me, so I imagined a WonderBat version of it! Otherwise, the Wonder Woman movie was absolutely wonderful. I also see this as a prequel to my Aquaman Search series of fanfics, so check it out if you’re on a WonderBat high!))

Yondu x Kraglin x OFC, Double Penetration, NSFW

As promised - Kragdu/OFC smut from my Vault! You can read more about Croma in this ancient fic. I do have a fleshed out character for her, but as you’re seeing her from Kraglin’s perspective here, she comes over a little perfect. Eh. :shrug:


They don’t do this often.

It ain’t easy, finding someone willing, discrete, and most of all trusted. Kraglin can count the people Yondu applies that last word to on one hand. Of those, only one fits the other categories, and she… 

Well, she don’t got the requisite equipment.

“I dunno how Croma’s meant to help,” he says. Yondu leads the way to the Knowhere booth, squelching garbage, Celestial mucus and worse under his hobnails. Kraglin lags a pace to his rear, uncertain but unwilling to be left behind. “I mean, if you wanna get –“

Yondu sneers at a passing crowd of Hordesmen. He jabs Kraglin in the gut before his mouth can run away with him, and struts through the ebb and flow of mine-workers like it’s his name on the groundlease rather than Tivan’s. 

“Who else d’you suggest?” he asks, once they’ve cleared the main throng of laborers gathered around the port. “Peter?” Kraglin shudders. “Yeah. Suck it up. Anyway, Cro’s the best for customer confidentiality in the business.”

Kraglin can’t deny it. Her silence is worth more than the weight of her clientele in star-diamonds.

Croma slithers to her feet soon as she sees them. She pads through the gaggle of perfumed whores, a sleek dark panther of a woman, and winds her arms around Yondu’s neck. She knows not to kiss him - but when she spots Kraglin loitering in the entrance way, she breaks away from the captain and treats his mate to a welcoming press of lips.

They’re oh-so-fucking soft. Soft like tissue paper and silk ribbon and the delicate flesh around a nipple. It’s easy to forget that softness, when you’re out trawling in the black, so Kraglin lets his eyes close and savors it for as long as it lasts. 

Croma indulges him, but slips away before he can try for tongue. She sashays back to Yondu, fluid as a dancer.

“What can I do for you boys today?” 

Her black is a different black to the frigid space between the stars. Hers has warm undertones, fire-forged and alive. Her hip, cocked to a jaunty angle, is an obsidian shelf. Yondu rests his hand on it. Wandering up the hourglass curve to tweak her tit, he unfastens a credit chit pouch from his sleeve and slips it into her drapes. 

Those drapes ain’t all that substantial. It’s a miracle of prostitute couture that her payment doesn’t slide straight back out again. Kraglin blinks, trying to figure out the logistics – and checking her out. Because damn, this is one glorious goddess of a woman. He sends up internal prayers to whichever deity let them bag enough cash on their last loot-run to afford her.

Croma, a diva for any paying customer, pouts and strikes a sultry pose. Silk pulls tight over her nipples, and Kraglin flushes from his Mohawk to his boots.

Chuckling, Yondu catches her elbow. He steers her towards the booths – and after playfully bumping him with her hip, she ducks away and takes point. Musky incense-smoke billows behind her, and the Ravagers follow like hunt-hounds hooked on a scent.

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Drabble #12 - kirk x reader

Drabble: I think we need to talk.
Warnings: Injuries
Words: 1145
A/N: I decided to move a little away from the typical story behind “we need to talk” and made it a tad more intense

Your breath halted as the alien stared you dead in the eyes. “Now.” It bellowed with its deep and stagnant voice. You slowly reached for your comm badge and gave it a quick tap.

“(Y/N)!” Jim’s voice brought your eyes nearly to tears as you continued to stare into the tall and bulky alien’s angry eyes.

“Jim…” You tried not to sob, “we need to talk.”

~two hours earlier ~

“Jim it’s fine, I’ll go with the Orions. You shouldn’t even be out in the field.” You stated, shaking your arm from Jim’s gentle grip.

“You know I can’t help it.” He smiled.

“Yes I know.” You leaned up onto your toes to peck his lips quickly before turning on your heel to join the alien group as they guided you out of the room.

You were to help them with some repairs aboard their ship and Jim tried coming along with you. He didn’t trust you by yourself, at least that’s what he said. Really he was worried, you had never been on an alien ship before, but you were the one Scotty sent and so you had to go.

Jim went back to the bridge as you were being beamed aboard the other ship. All was going well aboard the foreign ship and you had plenty help figuring out the mechanics of their ship’s system as you tried to pinpoint the problem. After a few grueling hours of repairing the issue, you were finally ready to leave. You were escorted to their transporter room and said a few goodbyes to the captain and members of their engineering who you helped. Once Scotty confirmed they were ready for you, the familiar white light enveloped you.

Only you didn’t open your eyes to see Scotty or Jim, instead three tall and dark aliens grabbed you. Their skin smelt of sulfur and was as rough as sandpaper. They wore basic armour and their eyes took up a third of their faces.

You tried to hit your comm badge but your wrist was pulled away and snapped in half. To this you screamed and the pain ripped through your arm and into your shoulder and back down a thousand times over. Tears brimmed your eyes as the alien used your broken wrists to pull you along to a dungeon looking cell. You were thrown inside and left to scream and shout. The badge wasn’t working and you had no idea if anyone aboard either ships knew you were kidnapped.

Almost two seconds later an even larger alien appeared and opened the cell to grab you by the throat and stand you up.

“You will listen.” It declared. “We want the warp core.”

“I… I can’t give it to you…” You muttered as you tried to claw your throat loose. He squeezed harder and began suffocating you.

“WE WANT THE WARP CORE.” It yelled with an arrogant air and threw you to the wall.

“You will tell Mr. Kirk and he will give it to us for your head in return.”

“My… My head?” You stuttered with wide eyes.

“You will speak soon.” It decided before locking the door and leaving.

You fell on your side and coughed a little as you massaged your throat and tried not to cry.

What would Jim think if this made you cry? You pushed back the tears and sat up with a new confidence. No crying. They’re probably working on a way to save you now.l, you told yourself.

And so you lay down and waited for what seemed like hours when finally the three aliens returned. They yanked you out and pushed you through a few corridors to a dark room with a single light in the middle. As you stood in the center of the light you took notice to the multitude of aliens stepping out from the shadows and forming a large ring around you.

Your breath halted as the alien stared you dead in the eyes. “Now.” It bellowed with its deep and stagnant voice. You slowly reached for your comm badge and gave it a quick tap.

“(Y/N)!” Jim’s voice brought your eyes nearly to tears as you continued to stare into the tall and bulky alien’s angry eyes.

“Jim…” You tried not to sob, “we need to talk.”

“What do they want…?” Jim answered quietly after a moment.

“The warp core.” You managed.

“In return for you?”

“For my head…..” A few tears rolled down your face as the large alien commander unsheathed a hidden blade about the size and length of your arm.

“What? I want to speak with whoever is in charge!”

The alien began to growl and stepped forward and slwoky started to raise the blade.

“No Jim, please, don’t make them angry!” You pleaded.

“(Y/N) just hold on. Can they hear me?” He asked.

“Yes, all of them.”

“Then listen closely, if you touch a hair on her head there will be no deal. This negotiation should happen in person. Let us board your ship and make a proper deal.” He tried to reason.

“This is not a matter of negotiation. Her head for the warp core.” The alien spoke with such force he shook you.

“No, we want her alive.”

“Jim, help me…” You begged. The blade lifted and you saw the anger on his eyes as he held it up. “Jim no! Please, he’s going to do it! Jim!”

As the blade came slicing through the air for your neck you covered your head with your arms and tried to turn away but when you looked up you weren’t in the dark room anymore. Instead Jim was bounding for you and embraced you with strong arms. He kissed your head and held you tightly as you stood in shock. You looked around and at Jim and at Scotty and Dr. McCoy. They were trying to speak to you and calm you but you were already so calm.

Perhaps they were trying to excite you, because you were too calm. Whatever the reason, Jim lifted you up and began carrying you the medbay.

Suddenly you were listening again, and Bones was talking to you.

“(Y/N) you’re in shock but it’s okay. Lay here you’ll be fine.”

“Bones, my wrist…” You spoke with startling clarity.

“Oh my god…” Jim said as he draped his arm over you and pulled you close.

“I’m fine now,” you said. “I just need to get this fixed… And my throat…”

Bones tilted your chin up and both men grimaced at the marks dotting along your throat and up to your jawline.

“You’re okay now, I’m sorry for letting you go. They intercepted somehow and brought you aboard their ship. I’m so sorry, (Y/N).” Jim broke down and apologized.

You kissed his cheek and leaned into him.

“You have nothing to be sorry about, Jim.”

anonymous asked:

Your fics are so good! So so good! If you're still taking requests maybe Jyn and Cassian are sparring and Jyn pins Cassian and he likes it. He really really likes it.

[Oops Guess who forgot to take off her angst-writing hat]

Cassian’s Tips on Reading Your Opponent:

It’s through fighting that Cassian learns how to read her body.

But there are other applications for his findings.

Jyn has a bad knee. Nothing to cause a handicap, but something she needs to compensate for. Probably from a wrong landing on a too high leap, like a rooftop or small cliff.

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goldcaught  asked:

kc + teen slasher flicks???? that isnt a fandom but im having a scream marathon with my sister i am in the Mood

Okay, so this ended up being longer than 500 words… and it ended up being a mix of slasher flick and supernatural?

Warning: mentions of death (but not KC death), gore, and bashing someone’s head in with a baseball bat.  

              She curled up against the lockers, her fingers buried in her hair.

              They were all dead.

              Bile rose in her throat, and she forced it back down.  She needed to think. She hadn’t sat through all of those terrible slasher films with Tyler for nothing.

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Excerpt form chapter two

If one were to ask anyone on the isle about Captain Hooks only son, Harry Hook, you’re bound to hear a variety of things…

“He’s insane! I once saw him challenge a poster to a staring contest…and WON!”


“He’s a flirt! Personal space isn’t a thing he fully understands…I kinda like it.”

OR even.

“He’s Uma lapdog! Comes scurrying anytime that little shrimp-UGH.”

But only one opinion matters to Dear Harry his Captains…

“He’s my first mate…Are you gonna order or what!?!?”

So we find Harry sitting in Ursula’s fish shop watching his Dear Captain speak in hushed tones to the new girl…he watched as she allowed her to stand close and touch her, she even allowed her to cook in the kitchen!

She rarely lets him go back there!

Jumping up with a growl he kicks his seat over. She’s only been here for two months! She hasn’t earned the right to touch Uma she’s barely earned the right to look at her.

Stalking towards Uma who was scanning one of Gils designs for the ship he doesn’t notice how fast the other crew members were scurrying out of his way. His eyes glued to his Captain… the firelight causing her skin to glitter, her hair seeming to shift between midnight blue and seafoam silver. As she looks up with a raised brow causing him to nearly stumble as she stared directly into his eye’s.

No One looks him in the eyes save for his sister and on the off chance he can warrant his attention…his father.
When he finally grew curious enough to care as to why they’ve said because when they look too closely it’s like falling to madness and while that description made him giggle and was great fun for some time he grew bored of people avoiding his eyes…it didn’t stop him from tormenting but it wasn’t as fun…till he met Uma.

The one who doesn’t-no, won’t look away instead she’ll laughs or scoff. The one who knows the method to his madness, who knows how to rail him back from that edge…or fall over it with him. As he slides to her sides making a point to lean close.The new girl comes out of the kitchen carrying a large dish that smells strongly of spice. Gil rushes over with a wide grin trying to grab the dish. He watches as she sits it beside Uma shooing Gil’s hands away. Offering Uma the first bite…not just offering holding it out as though it was an Auradon delicacy.

Grabbing Uma arm he glares at the new girl. He doesn’t care how useful Uma thinks this girl is! She was taking privileges with Uma that raised his hackles. Glaring he fails to notice that Uma has now moved past amused to…very…agitated.

“Harry!” She shouts yanking her arm. Looking at the silent crowd that was eagerly watching the trio. She looks up into his eyes.“Let’s talk…”

As she leads him into the kitchen he can’t help but send the new girl a grin and a wave. Standing in the cramp kitchen Harry can’t help but stare as Uma pushes out the workers. Like a raging monsoon or perhaps a better description would be a tsunami she sweeps them out all waving arms and cutting glances, before turning to him. A chill goes down his spine as her eyes settle on his.

This was gonna be fun.

She leans against the countertop flicking her hair back with a huff. “What’s got you so deep in your feelings?” She asks staring him down.

He could answer honestly and say that he wants to hook the new girl within an inch of her life…but he doesn’t know how close they were. The safer bet would be to blame Mal or any of the other traitorous VKs.

“I saw that it was close to cotillion time again and couldn’t help but imagine you in one of Gils frocks.” He answers stalking closer he reaches out to touch her hair.pausing as she grabs his wrist her touch causing another chill to take him. Her touch almost felt like a burn as his attention went fully to it. He looked down into her face she was looking at him as though she could read his soul and…found the pieces he was hiding.

“Right…Iridessa-” She began letting go of his wrist . Pausing as he decides to come lean beside as though he couldn’t be away from her side for long. “is helping me figure out how we’re getting off the island. So I need you to be on your best behavior.”

“Why haven’t you brought me in on the deal?” He leans closer catching a whiff of her hair. The scent of sea salt and vanilla making his mouth water for a taste. Raking his hand through his hair he refocuses on her answer.

“When I’m sure that this plan can’t fail…trust me I’ll let you know.”


“Uh, who’s the captain?”

“You are.” He concedes with a smirk.

“You are.”

“First mate.” He moves to her front almost Kneeling to get in her line of site his breath leaving his lungs as her eyes settle on his with a smirk that can only be described as sweet.

“That’s right. Don’t worry I won’t leave you in the dark too long…just long enough to make sure this is legit.” She runs her fingers though his hair on a sigh. “Let’s get back out there. Remember best behavior.”

As she walks away he takes a moment to catch his thoughts before they wander too far into x rated territory. Walking back into the dining hall he see’s Uma sitting next to the new girl….Iridessa. Quietly he moves to slide up to Uma’s side making sure that she sees him. Grabbing a bite off her plate he sees that Uma has a list written in what looked like a foreign script. It would help if he knew how to read…glancing over Uma’s head to see her smirking with a mischievous glint in her eyes as she touched Uma’s arm.

Uma had asked him to be on his best behavior….but she didn’t say anything about Gils

Stop all the Clocks (4/6)

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Because the way home is only half the journey. Emma and Killian post-Underworld.

Killian makes arcs.

Emma realizes this one day and she gets a tingling under her skin telling her to pay attention.

It’s not like she hasn’t noticed the way he moves before. Emma would rather die than inflate the man’s ego any more, but for someone who spent most of his years on sea, Killian moves like a cat on land. He is all lazy, indulgent rolls of the hips and honest swagger when the sun is up and they are holding hands on the stroll to Granny’s. The moment he senses trouble, however, (and she swears he’s got spider-senses or crazy-sea-people-senses because the man sniffs out any sort of storm miles off) the entire line of his body tenses and he unfurls into a predatory stalk. There’s just no other way to describe it. He dances when he duels, and when he’s dancing it’s just as smooth, as pulsing and rhythmic. He’s such a delight that Emma has no shame in admitting that she likes watching his movements, catching them in the corner of her eye.

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