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Haroline was so gross I hope Anne gave Harry a good ol lecture bc that was gross and she couldn't do much since he didn't live at home. If that was my child id slap him but then slap the woman a million times bc she's the adult. Also the fact that to this day that disgusting 30 something year old woman still thinks she was victimized In that relationship and people only said nasty things to her cause they were jealous or something is gross. They called you out cause you are a pedophile

yeah i don’t care who they are and how nice a person is or how mature the younger part of the relationship is 17 years old is still considered a child and a 32 y/o should know better


Erika and I were talking about Harold today and how he’s seems a little down as of late and feel like he’s been so overwhelmed by the paparazzi and everyone trying to actively separate him from One Direction (as in it’s coming off like it’s Harry AND One Direction, not just One Direction as a whole unit) which is clearly frustrating to him as well as everyone else bc they’re not like that. Also just how under the microscope his love life is with any lady he’s seen with and it’s all just made me miss Haroline SO! I started watching Haroline videos and … I’m just…I want this back.

Not even just him and Caroline, I just want really happy, ‘yeah I’m really crushin’ hard and it’s wonderful’ Harry back.

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as someone from the uk, haroline made both harry and caroline household names here. he'd had a bit of fame with x factor, but she was not known at all. sure everyone knows her as 'that woman who went out with harry styles when he was 17' but still, everyone knows here. tbh given that all the twitter flirting started like 2 months after she was announced as xtra factor host, her and olly were the first dup to host it (and sort of weird he was famous, she wasn't), and that she was a little (1)

(2) old to be getting her big presenting break (she wasn’t old, but tv presenting for women is so focused on very young women) that the stunt was likely part of the deal with her getting the job. i kind of think if it had gone badly they would have just fired her and had olly do it himself. she was lucky it worked out the way it did, but i think cowell etc were always going to place harry first and would have dropped her in a heartbeat.

I appreciate your view point on this! I’m from the US, and I wasn’t in the fandom until summer of 2012, so I’ve just been focusing on the numerical impact of the stunt. No matter way you slice it, the stunt did what it was meant to and both parties got a ton of publicity. Thanks for your perspective!